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21 November 2009: Harvey Coltman (RGS 1957-64) wrote in to confirm some identifications which had hitherto only been tentative, plus one correction. In the 1958 Junior School photo: GM Smyth 2D (C02) is Geoff (not Graham);

19 November 2009: Jim Scouse has some more names in the 1960 Senior School photo: SCR (Sid) Goulborn 4Y (A08), MR (Michael) Snodin 4Y (H82). A6 (GM Smyth) has had his forename corrected to "Geoff". Thanks, Jim.

19 November 2009: David Gostlow is convinced that E61 in the 1964 Middle School photo is RD (Ron) Hudson 5US (there was another theory that this was DK Cave 5UA - he reverts to "unidentified"). Thanks, David.

18 November 2009: I've just updated my reminiscences of life in 2E (1963/64), adding various photos, both old and new. Hope you enjoy it.

17 November 2009: Via a process of elimination and using circumstantial evidence, I have come to the conclusion that A16 (in the 1958 Junior School photo), D06 (in the 1960 Senior School photo) and F55 (in the 1962 Senior School photo) might be BC Busbridge. I stress the "might" (I may have put two and two together and made five). Please let me know if you think I am right or wrong.

17 November 2009: Jim Scouse has been at work again and brings the following new names, this time in the 1964 Senior (Sixth-Form) photo. As usual, one question mark indicates a tentative identification and two question marks a mere hunch or stab in the dark: J (John) Blamey 6T2 (D25), GM (Geoff) Smyth? 6T2 (D26), EJ (Johnny) Brookes?? (not in Grey Book - C31), GAK (Geoff) Stansall?? 6C1 (C32), RN (Roy) Grove 6M2 (B35), TR (Tim) Porter 6M2 (E40), GR Lange 6M2? (E47), A (Tony) Dobson 6M2? (E48). Thanks, Jim. One name given by Jim previously in the 1960 Senior School photo - GAK (Geoff) Stansall 4Y - should have been F86, not G86. My mistake, sorry. It also means that DM Chandler 4A reverts to "unidentified".

16 November 2009: Jim Scouse (RGS 1957-64), once a leading light of RGS Gilbert & Sullivan productions and now based in Egypt, wrote in with some new names and confirmations. In the 1958 Junior School photo: TR (Tim) Porter (D12 confirmed), RW (Roy) Gravestock 3Y (C15 confirmed), MK (Martin) Jenner 2B (E19 confirmed), RN (Roy) Grove 2C (D29), MR (Michael) Snodin 2A (E28), JR Lange 2C (D32), RM Jones 2C (D35), JS Adamson 2C (D40), J (John) Blamey (D41 - not Jim Hovell, who reverts to 'unidentified' status). Moving on to the 1960 Senior School photo... JG (Jim) Scouse 4Y (D1 confirmed), P (Peter) Booth 4Y (B2 confirmed), TR Porter 4Y (D11 - not MR Snodin, who reverts to 'unidentified'), RM (Robert) Jones 4Y (D14), JR Lange 4Y (D15), HG (Hugh, "Beanpole") Hardman 4Y (G83), DA (David) Lunnon 4Y (G85 "pretty certain"), SH (Herb) Davies 4Y (G87), EJ (Johnny) Brookes 4Y (F85), RN Grove 4Y (F89), J (John) Blamey 4Y (E87). Many thanks for a formidable list of names, Jim. Using the above identifications and comparing other photos, I think I have been able to track down some more faces in the 1962 Senior School photo: GR/JR Lange 5UY (F50), EJ (Johnny) Brookes 5UY (F51), NF (Neil) Johnson? 5UY (F52), RM (Robert) Jones 5UY (F53). Hope those are right.

16 November 2009: Tony Hipgrave (RGS 1960-67) wrote in with two identifications in the 1962 Junior School photo: GS (Graham) Leslie 3A (E21) and AG (Tony) Hipgrave 3X (B50). Thanks, Tony.

16 November 2009: Jim Clarke wrote in again from New Zealand to proffer some more names. In the 1967 Senior School photo, he thinks F26 might be GD (Graeme, "Yogi") Beare 6T1. In the 1964 Junior School photo: EE (Eric) Sloan 3SA (E58), M (Martin) Hannant 3SA (E71). And if Jim is right about Graeme Beare in the 1967 photo, then I'm pretty sure the same guy is E59 in the 1964 Junior School photo when he was in 3SA (Jim and I crossed in the post - he thinks the same thing). Thanks, Jim.

16 November 2009: Dave Parker (RGS 1960-64) wrote in with some identifications in the 1962 Senior School photo: DR (Dave) Parker 4R (A57), SG (Stuart) Newman 4R (A58) and BA (Barry) Oliver 4R (A61). Thanks, Dave.

15 November 2009: Sadly, whilst googling in connection with the unidentified 1964 'two-bugs', I came across an obituary for Eddie Traynor (RGS 1963-64). He died in 2006, aged 54. Read his obituary here. After his brief period at the RGS, he went on to become a distinguished and evidently much-loved Catholic priest in his native Scotland. There is a small photo of him in later life but I can't match it to anyone in the 1964 Junior School photo. Another photo appears here. RIP, Monsignor Eddie.

15 November 2009: As we are now closing in on the last few unidentified faces of the 1964 Junior School photo (15 left to go - you can run but you can't hide), I thought I'd try another tack. Here is a photo of three unidentified boys from the front row of the photo who are almost certainly 'two-bugs'. Of the second-formers listed in the 1963/64 Grey Book, only six are unaccounted for. Click here to try to put names to the three faces of the unidentified two-bugs.

15 November 2009: I've added a tentative name in the 1964 Junior School photo - RJ (Ray) Green 3Y (E61) - purely on the basis of his similarity to the Ray Green identified at F54 in the 1967 Senior School photo. Am I right?

15 November 2009: Derek Prior has come back with some more names. MT Jones (now definitely identified in the 1964 Junior photo as E44 in 3Y) is also at F42 in the 1967 Senior photo (in 6S1). In the 1964 Junior photo: AR (Andy?) Gray 3SB (C01), JA Gill 3Y (E38), PR (Peter) Goodearl 3SA (C18 confirmed), DG (David) Shelley 3A (C54), . Derek has also added first names for the following: Peter Goodearl (C18), Paul Savage (E34), Maurice Cops (E52), Brian Scott (C46), Ken Allwright (C49), Mick (not Martin) Burrows (E73) and Timothy Vobes (D73) - some of these also updated where they appear in the 1967 Senior School photo. In the 1967 Senior School photo: W Theisen 6M1 (G75) Thanks, Derek.

14 November 2009: Ray Wilkinson has identified some more names. In the 1964 Sixth Form photo: PJ (Pete) O'Shea 6B1 (E19) and K (Keith) Stenning 6B1 (E55). In the 1962 Senior photo: P (Pete) Fradley 4X (D142), RS (Ray) Wilkinson 4X (D146). Thanks, Ray.

14 November 2009: Derek Prior has another name, in the 1967 Senior School photo: SAB (Steve) Mitchell 6M1 (G81). Thanks, Derek.

13 November 2009: Three new names from Martin Priestley. In the 1958 Senior School photo: PC Phillips 4A (A41). In the 1960 Senior School photo: GD Sherley 5UA (F32: "another member of the Eddie Cochran hairstyle club" as Martin says), MW (Mick) Thompson 6S2 (H67). Thanks, Martin.

13 November 2009: Arthur Davis has had another look at the 1958 Senior School photo: he is "pretty sure" that B53 is TJ (Trevor) Dell 4X and not PJ Funnell 4X as had previously been tentatively suggested. He confirms the following: RA French 5US (G61: "at Tylers Wood with me"), PJ Thompson 6S1 (E46: "I was in his squad in CCF"), WD Warde 5US (H40), PD Bowen 5Y (F23: "he went up to Oxford in the same year as me , '62"), ME (Mike) Ashburner (H06: "also at Tylers Wood"), TJ Coleman 5 Shell (H01). He thinks Phil Crockett (5UR) is absent from the photo as he would expect to recognise him. Thanks, Arthur.

13 November 2009: Clive Robbins has a new name in the 1962 Junior School photo: RJ (Raymond) Wallington 3X (G59). Thanks, Clive.

13 November 2009: Peter Redican was the first to respond to what I'd like to think was my Boss Tucker-esque exhortation to greater efforts. He has identified the following in the 1960 Junior School photo: NJ (Nick) Gooderham 3S (C13), JA (John) Pope 3S (F35), PC (Paul) Cant 3S (F37), C (Chris) Birch 3S (F56 - previously tentatively identified as PA Throssell). Peter also has two new names for the 1962/63 Rugby 3rd XV: B1 is Chris Sweeting and B4 is Nick Gooderham. Thanks, Peter.

13 November 2009: I thought you might be interested in how many names we have identified to date in the ten school photos displayed on this website. As of today, the figures are:

in Photo
Total identified
% identified
1958 Senior
1958 Junior
1960 Senior
1960 Junior
1962 Senior
1962 Junior
1964 Senior
1964 Middle
1964 Junior
1967 Senior

... as you can see, we are nearing completion for the 1958 and 1964 junior school photos. Overall, our combined memories have put names to a staggering 3,820 faces from the past - but that still leaves 814 left to do. One big push, gentlemen: I want to hear the sound of all those highly-educated brains taking the strain.

13 November 2009: Derek Prior (RGS 1962-69) has written in with a long list of names. Firstly, in the 1964 Junior School photo: KR (Keith) Barrett 3A (C40), CP (Clive) Whitelock 3A (C43), MJ (Michael) Meager 3Y (E46), CD (Chris) Glithero 3A (C47), MG (Michael) West 3A (C48), WB (Brian) Rudd 3A (C56), CR (Clive) Hardwick 3A (C58), A (Adrian) Harris 3A (C63). Some probables, possibles and corrections: BW (Barry) Smith 3SB "I think is" C32; JL (John?) Piercey 3A "is almost certainly" C37; MT Jones 3Y "I think is" E44; MP Oxlade 3Y (E48) is 'Martin', not 'Michael'; PA (Paul) Tiffany 3Y "is probably" A42; KF (Ken?) Watkins 3Y "is probably" E55; RM (Richard) Zahler 3Y "I'm pretty sure is" E65. Derek thinks that CAJ (Andrew) Costeloe had probably left the school by the time of the photo (he was listed as being in 3Y in the 1963/64 Grey Book). In the 1967 Senior School photo: CE (Colin, "Joe") Capell 6M3 (D09 - Derek is "almost certain" so I'll take that as confirmation), FAW (Frank) Waters 6E (F22), CD (Chris) Glithero 6E (F24), DC (Derek) Prior 6E (F25), KR (Keith) Barrett 6T1 (F29), JR ("Bill") Davies 6E (F36 confirmed), PM (Paul) Buckle 6M1 (G44 confirmed), TR (Tim) Gilson 6M1 (G46 confirmed), J (John) Richardson 5U (E45 - Derek is still keeps touch with him), R Hongskula (5U, E50): his nickname was 'Poy', not 'Roy', RJ (John?) Cowdrey 6M1 (F56 - formerly identified as JB (Jeff) Smith, 6S2, who reverts to "unidentified" status), J (Jonathan) Evans 6M1 (G69 confirmed), BD Baddeley 6S2 (G70: Derek points out that his real first name was 'Brian' - 'Bob' was just a nickname), Herr G Trini (B67, the German assistant). Thanks very much, Derek.

1 November 2009: Roland Denning (RGS 1963-69) and I were in the same class for three years while at the school. He has just written to me about his new book called The Beach Beneath the Pavement (click on the link to read all about it). The website calls it 'a satirical novel of conspiracy and paranoia in London’s dark corners'. Roland also has a personal website where you can learn all about his career as a cameraman and film producer, and about the genesis of his novel. Roland spotted my mention of him on this page and suggested I make up for being too mean to pay 3d to watch his film 'The Patter of Tiny Feet' by buying his book. I may well do that.

30 October 2009: Ian Whitwham (RGS 1956-62) wrote to me to say that "a thin volume of my SecEd columns has just been published - 'AT THE CHALKFACE - GREAT MOMENTS IN EDUCATION' - HOPSCOTCH BOOKS - available on AMAZON. Couple of references to RGS on pages on 122 and 131". The Hopscotch link is here and for the Amazon link, click here. I put up a link to some of Ian's articles at the links page some time ago. You can read some of them online here.

27 October 2009: Here's a notice from Rennie Vickers which might interest some OWs: 49ers - 60 years on, the Diamond Geezers are meeting for lunch at The Polecat, Prestwood at around noon on December 2nd 2009. Interested? Contact Rennie Vickers on

26 October 2009: Alan Rainbow (RGS 1959-66 and brother of Ed who has recently contributed valuable info) wrote to me with a correction and some additions to the 1964 Middle School photo: AJ (Alan) Rainbow 5UR (H50), GA (Gordon) Monaghan 5UR (H49), J Dixon 5UR (H46), AJ Mole 5UR (H45), NA Harley 5UR (H44), JS Reid 5UR (H42 confirmed), GH King 5UR (H41), DRS Fowler 5UR (H57). Thanks, Alan.

26 October 2009: Chris Williams has identified a face in the 1960 Senior School photo and, based on this, I have deduced the same fellow in the 1958 Junior School photo. In the 1958 Junior: RJ Benjamin 2A (E25) - and in the 1960 photo, the same boy when in 4X (A37). Thanks, Chris.

24 October 2009: Peter Rodbourn (RGS 1958-63) wrote in from New South Wales, Australia, to identify himself in two photos: n the 1962 Senior School photo: P (Peter) Rodbourn 5Y (E24) - and in the 1960 Junior School photo (when he was in 3Y) - C03. Thanks, Peter.

18 October 2009: John Havard again, this time filling in some important gaps in the 1960 Junior School photo: CH Sworn 3X (F06), P (Paul) Langston 3X (F07), DG (Dominic) Walker 3X (E03 confirmed), DG (Derek) Essen 3X (E04), CJ (Chris) Day 3X (E05 - not Arpad Turmezei as I had posted previously - see comment at end*), NM Souter? 2E (D06), AJ Knox 3X (D15), EJ Stonham 3X (D17), M Vickers 3X (D18), MR Shone 3SB (C17), PD Bowen 6M1 (B14 confirmed), AD Homer 3Y (E32), AJ Bradley 3X (C19). Thanks, John. (* This case of mistaken identity was entirely the webmaster's fault - I was convinced E05 was Arpad Turmezei, despite the fact that Chris Fewtrell had already suggested that Arpad was at E39 - Chris was right. My apologies!).

17 October 2009: John Havard has been turning his attention to the 1964 Senior (Sixth Form) photo: SI (Stephen) Chorley 6C2 (C02), MVL Turner 6M1 (E09), CH Sworn 6S2 (D42), CJ Day 6M2 (E51), JM Bibby 6S2 (D54 confirmed), DG Essen 6S2 (D55), GW Barrett 6S2 (D56), plus some more tentative identifications: G Poole? 6M1 (D59), P (Paul) Langston? 6M2 (E52), EJ Stonham? 6C2 (E54), RM (Robert) Jones? 6M2 (E60). Thanks again, John.

16 October 2009: Brian Debnam (RGS 1961-67) wrote in to confirm his own identity in two of the photos and give his forename and nickname. In the 1962 Junior School photo: BRA (Brian, "Deb") Debnam 2D (G14) and in the 1964 Middle School photo: BRA (Brian, "Deb") Debnam 4Y (A18). Brian also confirmed the identity of an old friend in the 1962 Junior School photo, TG (Tim) Cowell 2C (A35), and identified SW (Stephen) Coniam 2D (D22). Thanks, Brian.

15 October 2009: Some more from John Havard, from the 1962 Senior School photo: RM Sloss 5UY (G12 - JH now remembers that "we were on the same gliding course at RAF Halton in 1963"), SI Chorley 5X (D117), AT Woods 5X (D119), CP (Chris) English 6S2 (C76 confirmed - JH remembers that "his father, Gerald English, was a distinguished singer & was tenor soloist at the Quater-centenary concert in 1962"). Thanks for the info, John.

15 October 2009: More from John Havard. He tells me he is C22 in the 1960 Junior School photo (when he was in form 3X). Back at the 1962 Senior School photo, John identifies CJT Rogers 6C2 (H35), DM Rea 5A (B34 confirmed), DCJ Pallett 6S3 (H42 confirmed), AJ Bradley 5X (E56), PR Thornton 4X (B60), AR (Alan) Nottingham 5X (E83 and not B61 as previously given). Also, he recognises the face at G12 (section 2) but can't associate with a name in the Grey Book list. Can anyone else help? Thanks, John.

8 October 2009: John Havard (1958-64) wrote in to identify himself in the 1962 Senior School photo: JE (John) Havard 5X (E43). Thanks, John.

1 October 2009: If you've a few moments to spare, why not visit the RGS Photo forum at http://www.rgs.saund.org.uk/bb - Tony Hare and I have just set this up to discuss the old photos we display at our respective sites, or anything else to do with the RGS.

1 October 2009: Ed Rainbow has a couple more names in the 1962 Senior School photo: AJ (Alan, Ed's brother) Rainbow 4R (A54), MJC (Martin) Webb 6T1 (D120). Thanks, Ed.

1 October 2009: Richard Peadon (RGS 1959-64) writes in to identify himself in the 1960 Junior School photo: RJ (Richard James) Peadon 2E (D07). Thanks, Richard.

1 October 2009: Martin King has circumstantial evidence (plus an inkling) that 1/G01 in the 1960 Senior School photo and 8/G74 in the 1962 Senior School photo may be R Watson (5UZ in 1960 and 6M2 in 1962). Can any of Mr Watson's contemporaries corroborate or refute? Thanks, Martin.

1 October 2009: Chris Fewtrell has some names for the 1960 Junior School photo: on the already-identified MR Ward 2B (B08), he bestows the nickname "Moon Man" (though that may have been his brother - or were both "moon men"?); PL (Pete) Redican 3S (F36), BC Fitchett (already identified at E37) is named 'Barry'; DW Lewis (already identified at E46) is 'David'; RW (Richard, 'Doug') Douglas 3S (F54); and AH Telford (already identified at F60) is 'Andrew'. Thanks, Chris.

1 October 2009: Keith Rhodes has solved the riddle of the Webb twins in the 1960 Senior School photo: BT (Brian) Webb 5Y (C72). Thanks, Keith. That still leaves a question unanswered: where is MJC (Martin) Webb? Coincidentally, he's just been identified by Ed Rainbow at D120 in the 1962 photo - see above - but not yet in 1960.

1 October 2009: Christine Jacob wrote in to say that she recognises Roger K Hatherly in the 1964 Sixth Form photo: RK (Roger) Hatherly 6M1 (E08). Thanks, Christine.

14 September 2009: Phil Perkins (RGS 1954-59) has identified some faces in the 1958 Senior School photo: RR (Robert) Parsons 5Y (F30 confirmed), PD Simmons 5A (F39 - Phil is "90% certain" this is him), ME Duncan 5A (F47), PJ (Phil) Perkins 5A (F52), RW Castle 5A (F51). Phil adds the following comment: "I beat Ian Dury by a few months by agreeing with dear Mr Tucker that we were not suited .... I then went to 'The Tech' (now John Hampden)." Thanks, Phil (he has a website here).

14 September 2009: Martin King has been busy comparing faces on the photos of different years and making deductions (something which I often do myself). The following are his conclusions. In the 1962 Senior School photo: R Cooper 6S1 (D63), and in the 1960 Senior School photo, LJ Pryce 4Y (D02). Thanks, Martin.

7 September 2009: Ed Rainbow has now found himself in the 1962 Senior School photo: EG (Edwin) Rainbow 6T1 (D108). Thanks, Ed.

6 September 2009: Ed Rainbow (RGS 1961-64) wrote in to identify himself in the 1964 Sixth-Form photo: EG (Edwin, Ed) Rainbow 6S3 (B30). Ed tells me he now lives in Hong Kong. Thanks for the info, Ed.

4 September 2009: Roy Gravestock (RGS 1956-64) has emailed me with some info. Firstly, his cousin AW Gravestock G13 in the 1960 Senior School photo) is "Adrian" (not "Andrew" as it was before). Then he identifies/confirms the following in the same photo: PA (Paul) German 5Y (B09), EJ (Ed) Rolls 5Y (B10), AE (Adrian) Leek 5X (A13), P (Paul) Stenning 5Y (F44), DA (Dave) Hope 5Y (F45).

3 September 2009: Peter Ross (RGS 1962-69) has emailed me to confirm his identify in the 1967 Senior School photo: PM (Peter) Ross 6M1 (C70). He has also identified Terry Monk: TR (Terry) Monk 6M1 (G68 in section 8). Thanks, Peter.

3 September 2009: Andy Wilson has supplied the following names from the 1960 Senior School photo. A question mark indicates "probable" and double question mark "slightly possible" in Andy's terminology: PA (Paul) German 5Y (B09), RJ Martin 5Y (C07??), EJ Rolls 5Y (B10??), P Stenning 5Y (F44??), DA (Dave) Hope 5Y (F45?), GH (Geoff) Rothwell 5Y (C67), A McGlashan 5Y (C69??), BT/MJC Webb (one of twins) 5Y (C72??), KS (Keith) Rhodes 5Y (C73). Andy also passes on the sad news that Geoff Rothwell died in 2002. Thanks for the info, Andy.

17 August 2009: David Lunnon (RGS 1957-64) wrote in, firstly to confirm his own identity in the 1958 Junior School photo at E32, then to identify LJ Pryce 5UY at G43 in the 1962 Senior School photo and confirm Brian Luscombe at 8 / D66 in the 1964 Sixth Form photo. Thanks, David.

13 August 2009: Mick Samways (RGS 1961-68) has identified himself at E42 in the 1962 Junior School photo. Mick is now a prof at Stellenbosch University in South Africa. Thanks for the info, Mick.

13 August 2009: Chris Fewtrell made the following identification in the 1960 Junior School photo: DM (Derek) Jones 2D (B04). Thanks, Chris.

10 August 2009: Michael Horrex (RGS 1955-63) wrote in to identify JM (John) Jarvis 6M2 at D116 in the 1962 Senior School photo. Thanks, Michael.

9 August 2009: A new online forum has now been set up where Old Wycombiensians can discuss the old RGS school photos (and generally reminisce). It is at http://www.rgs.saund.org.uk/bb/ - as you probably know, about nine years ago Tony Hare (RGS 1951-56) set up his website (http://www.rgs.tonyhare.co.uk/) to display old school photos from the 1950s (and later the 1940s and other school memorabilia) and I later followed suit. Tony and I thought it would be a good idea to set up a forum where contributors to these websites could chat with each other openly (or privately – there is a private message facility) about all things RGS to their hearts’ content. Hence, a forum. Tony and I are acting as site administrators, so if you have any questions, queries or suggestions, please get in touch with one of us. If you visit the forum, you will find it has some helpful advice posted on how to register, etc. You can read any of the threads and comments at the forum without having to register, but in order to post comments, you will need to register under your normal name (forename/nickname plus surname, please). This is a pretty straightforward operation which won’t cost you any time or money (any problems, consult us), and we won’t pass your email addresses or details on to anybody else.

6 August 2009: There have been quite a few more identifications made on the two rugby photos sent in by John Comer (see immediately below this entry). Graham Cunnold (RGS 1954-61) and Malcolm Smith (RGS 1954-61) kindly contributed help with this. This process led me to contact John Owen (Jo) Smith (RGS 1953-61) who features in both photos. He identified himself at H56 in the 1958 Senior School photo (he was already identified at E32 on the 1960 Senior School photo). Jo has an interesting website on his career as a writer, playwright, poet, historian, etc, which is well worth a visit.

4 August 2009: John Comer has kindly sent me two rugby photos. The first is of a rugby XV from 1956/57 - aged about 14 (so probably the Junior Colts team) and the second is the same team in 1957/58 (Colts XV?). Some faces have been identified but there are a lot more to find. Thanks, John.

4 August 2009: Tim Wakefield writes in again with a long list of names in the 1960 Junior School photo: FL (Francis) Chaney 2C (A02), GM (Geoff) Smith 2C (B02), RJ (Richard?) Stevens 2D (B03), AJ (Anthony) Prickett 2C (E01), NM (Nick) Daniels 3SB (F26), JW (John) Herman 2E (D27), JF (John) Pearce 2A (D33), MH (Mike) Kefford 3S (F34), SCB (Steve) Tinton 2E (E38), NP (Nigel) Hampton 2C (A38), JT (John) Wright 2B (D43), DW Lewis 2A (E46), RJS Calcutt? 2A (E48), RC (Bob) Curnow 2A (E49), D (Dennis) Wisniewski (from 1961/2 changed name to Marshall) 2A (B43), A (Arthur) Brough 2C (A50). Thanks, Tim.

4 August 2009: Michael Grant (not himself an OW) sent me an interesting email about two OWs, Dave Bowden (RGS 1959-64) and (Anthony) John Jackman (RGS 1960-65). Dave Bowden (5UA) can be seen at G73 in section 8 of the 1964 Middle School photo and Michael is pretty sure that John Jackman (5Y) is at D60 in the same photo. Michael, Dave and John were in a late 1960s band together (called 'Respect'). Michael is keen to make contact with Dave Bowden and John Jackman again. Here are a couple of links where you can read more about 'Respect' in the late 1960s: here and more particularly here. If anyone can help Michael trace Dave or John, please

4 August 2009: John Comer has identified BF (Barry) Cullen 5UR at F05 in the 1960 Senior School photo. Thanks, John.

30 July 2009: Tony Hare has some identifications in the 1958 Senior School photo: DW (Derek) Parkinson 6M2 (J32), SW Dakin 6S2 (J42), GE (Willy) Watson 6S2 (J48), AM (Andrew) Fowler 6S2 (H52), TE Swain 6S2 (E56 confirmed). Thanks, Tony.

30 July 2009: Rocky Prior has more names for the 1958 Senior School photo: PJ Larkin 5S (G09), R Woodland 5S (G10), AJ Edwards 5S (G11), CF Butler 5S (G12), SW Ramsay 5S (G22), MF Gillett 5S (G34). Thanks, Rocky.

28 July 2009: Rocky Prior has just updated me on E31 in the 1958 Senior School photo. He has consulted Roy Jones and they agree that E31 is SC (Steve) Williams of 6C3. Thanks to Rocky and Roy.

28 July 2009: Paul Burgess (RGS 1965-70) wrote in to identify himself in the 1967 Senior School photo: PA (Paul Anthony) Burgess 6T1 (F32). Thanks, Paul. A matter of hours later Martin Turvey (RGS 1961-66) wrote in to tell me the same thing but Paul had beaten him to it. Thanks anyway, Martin.

28 July 2009: Ian Freestone (RGS 1965-69, who is now an archaeology prof at Cardiff University) wrote in with some identifications in the 1967 Senior School photo. RJ Worley 6M1 (G61 confirmed), MJ (Mick) Meager 6M1 (G62 confirmed), DC Stevens 6S1 (F39 confirmed), and new names: RJ (Ray) Green 6S1 (F54), IC (Ian) Freestone 6S1 (F55), JB (Jeff) Smith 6S2 (F56?), P (Pete) Lees 6M1 (G45). Thanks, Ian.

28 July 2009: Warwick 'Rocky' Prior (RGS 1954-59, School House boarder) has written in again with some identifications and corrections in the 1958 Senior School photo. Firstly, he tells me that E31 in section 4 is not Mick Southam so that face reverts to 'unidentified' status (except that Rocky thinks he was called 'Steve' and was a boarder). The real Mick Southam was not been found on the 1958 photo yet (but he appears on the 1956 photo at Tony Hare's website). New names: JH Temple 5S (G26?), DR Tomlin 5S (G19), MA Slack 5S (G21), GW Gomm 5S (G05), RWF Fox 5S (G32). The following are tentative: PG Miles 5S (G16?), MG Martin 5S (G18?), MF Craft 5S (G24?). Thanks, Rocky.

21 July 2009: I've just seen some desperately sad news in the July 2009 OW Newsletter. David Mills (RGS 1961-68) has died aged 59. I didn't know him at school but we struck up an entertaining email correspondence in 2005 which continued to this year. I shall miss his help with identifying people in the photos, his encouragement and, even more so, his quirky sense of humour. Here are a few quotes from David's emails: "Your photos have been of great interest particularly as I often use the section with me on as wallpaper. The comments from my younger colleagues seem to imply that the RGS was some sort of posh public school or postwar prison camp. Actually my 12 year old cannot believe that some of the hair styles appear so modern. I am sure I have seen carbon copies of RGS seniors emerging from the illustrious portals of Nottingham Boys High School." Of one OW who better remain nameless: "...I remember his temper tantrums in the canteen when plates went flying, and teachers were permanently scarred and disabled trying to calm him down." Of another OW: "Barry Gwynnett, amongst other things, flies a Russian Aerobatic plane called a YAK, from Haverfordwest, and has logged up 600 hours. He seems to have grown out of duffing people up on the rugby field." Other OWs were gently lampooned: "Paul Jerome Smith still works for The Princes Trust but is more well-known for his esoteric taste in loud heavy metal music,  I'd be surprised if his aural faculties aren't shredded by now. I also had an email from Geoff Arnold, who lives in Seattle, and has a very comprehensive blog. There appears to be an old bearded hillbilly somewhere in the blog, surely not our young Geoff?" David was kind enough to put me in touch with OW David Levin and very gently refuted my ludicrous misconception that he had become the RGS headmaster at some point (there was a headmaster of that name but he wasn't an OW). David's comments on OW's haircuts I have suppressed on the grounds that they may be libellous and I shall also remain silent on the ones whom he alleged to have had fanciable sisters.

Here is a typical bit of David Mills humour... it was sent to me as an Xmas card in 2006...

David's caption for this photo was typically quirky: "May I wish you and your family a very Happy Christmas, and please find attached card. They are mainly farm labourers from my village, Bill, Jethro and Isaac especially do a good job convincingly impersonating women. I'm the Santa in the middle."

Here's a slightly more conventional recent photo of David which he sent me...

RIP, David. We'll miss you. David was also a highly accomplished artist. Some examples of his school art work appears at the OW site and if you navigate to Tony Hare's photo site, you can see his work on G&S programmes.

21 July 2009: Paul Fulton (RGS 1961-68) has written to me with some new identifications and confirmations. He identifies himself in the 1962 Junior School photo (when he would have been known as PTD Fulton 2B (G18). The identification "took me a while as I'm not wearing my specs. Vanity or had I broken them (again!)." He confirms RH (Bob) Leighton 2B at G09 in that photo. He also thinks that G55 is MG (Michael) Miles 2A (and I'm pretty sure he is right). A more tentative ID is AJ (Andrew) Coe 2B (D24). Paul confirms that we have him bang to rights on the 1964 Middle School photo (xx) and the 1967 Senior School photo (xx). Thanks, Paul.

21 July 2009: Phil Baker (RGS 1967-69) wrote to me to identify himself in the 1967 Senior School photo: PJ (Phil) Baker 6T1 (C69). Thanks, Phil.

21 July 2009: Mike Gregory has had another look at the 1960 Junior School photo and come up with the following names: CG (Colin) Williams 3X (E11), AF Lacey 3A (C30), CJ (Chris) Chivers (F33), RJ Meakes 3A (C36?), SD Pearce 3A (C47?), P Jones 3A (E59). Thanks, Mike.

The Old Time by John Comer12 July 2009: John Comer (RGS 1954-61) very kindly sent me a copy of his book The Old Time. It is an autobiography of his youth, encompassing his post-war upbringing in West Wycombe through to the summer of 1961 when he left the RGS for university. It is sensitively written and captures the essential 'otherness' of the 1950s and early 1960s from a distance. In the mid-1950s he moved out of the area for two years and attended a different school, enabling him to draw a fascinating comparison between life at another 1950s grammar school in Canterbury and the 'Ancien Régime' of Tucker/Morgan at the RGS to which he returned for a further four years in 1957. The aforementioned masters and one or two others are vividly portrayed in the book as are several of John's school friends. As well as depicting our old school at some length, the book evokes High Wycombe at the time, particularly the West Wycombe area where John grew up and received his primary schooling. I found it a delightful, nostalgic read and devoured the book in one sitting. It is replete with drama, subtle observation and humour, and I'm sure other OWs will enjoy it. Some will find themselves mentioned in its pages (in some cases, names have been changed to protect the innocent - and guilty). The Old Time by John Comer is available via Amazon, priced £6.99 plus postage. If you buy it via this link, I believe I am right in saying that the RGS will receive a small amount of commission. Also, read what John Comer has to say about his book at the publisher's website.

8 July 2009: Mike Gregory has now cast his eye over the 1960 Junior School photo and contributed a long list of names: DJ (Dennis) Hawes 3SB (E33?), JR Gomm 3A (C37), GP Handley 3A (C38), PV Chaces 3A (C40), JD Critchley 3A (C41), NJ (Nick) Payne 3A (C42), DM (Dave) Rea 3A (C43), JD (John) Morrow 3A (C44), SE (Steve) Kurrein 3A (C45), A Hall 3A (C48), C (Chris) East 3A (C49), JM (Mike) Gregory 3A (C50), CJ Forrester 3A (C51), MJ Browning? 3A (C52), MA Huxley 3A (C53 confirmed), PJ (Pete) Symms 3A (E57), NJ Cornford 3A (E58), AB Britnell 3A (E60), DP Frankland 3A (E61), JM (Bill) Bingham 3S(A) (F55). Thanks, Mike.

30 June 2009: If you page down to the entry for 21 February 2009 sent in by Vincent Smith (by clicking here, you will save a lot of key depressions), you will see that Vincent claimed to have identified a South African master called Gabriel Kroes whom he said "ran PE and sports lessons without mercy" back in 1961/62. He was right. I've just received confirmed of this identification - by Gabriel Kroes jnr! He tells me that his father is "still very much alive and retired in Hermanus, South Africa. His email address is kroesg@metroweb.co.za" - it's OK, Vincent, I've not given him your email address...

29 June 2009: Warwick 'Rocky' Prior has identified two more names in the 1958 Senior School photo: B (Barry) Cullen 5S (G13), FW Riley 5S (G07). Thanks, Warwick.

18 June 2009: Stuart Barry (RGS 1960-66) has written in to identify himself in two photos: in the 1962 Junior School photo - SJ Barry 3X (C47) and in the 1964 Middle School photo - SJ Barry 5X (F16). Thanks, Stuart.

18 June 2009: Martin Priestley (RGS 1955-63) has identified a further boy in the 1958 Senior School photo: RJ (Bob) Casbeard 4A (D09). Thanks, Martin.

18 June 2009: Julian Killingley has some identifications in the 1960 Junior School photo: HJ (Joey) Weiss 2C (A39), WR (Bob) Dill 2C (A46) and he confirms that A47 is indeed himself (JP Killingley 2C). Bob Dill, the son of a USAF colonel who had been posted in High Wycombe, now works as an attorney in Norman, Oklahoma, while his elder brother Glenn (also an OW - he's at D22 in the 1960 Senior School photo) was a helicopter pilot during the Vietnam War and now runs a construction firm in Georgia, USA. Thanks for the info, Julian.

14 June 2009: Tony Hare's website with pre-1958 RGS photos continues to be well worth a visit. In particular he and his contributors have just given the 1947, 1949 and 1952 photos a major make-over. Click here to visit. There is plenty of scope for those who like using their detective skills to identify new faces (possibly by comparison with later photos - I've picked out a few people in these very early photos in this way, despite the fact that they taken before I was born!).

10 June 2009: I have added further content to my own reminiscences of my first year at the school, which could perhaps be titled Close Encounters of the Hett Kind(!). Click here if you dare...

9 June 2009: Ian Cole's CCF photos, 1969-71 - a slightly later generation of boys in these CCF summer camp photos. Not many faces have been identified so far, but I'm sure most of us will be able to pick out Lt. Col. R Pattinson in one of them. Many thanks to Ian Cole (RGS 1965-71) for sharing these photos with us.

9 June 2009: Dennis Bowler (RGS 1959-64) wrote in to identify himself in the 1964 Middle School photo, when he was in 5UR - he is at H39. Thanks, Dennis.

2 June 2009: Roger Tone has sent me another name in the 1964 Sixth Form photo: NF (Neil) Johnson 6T2 (D30). Roger has also sent me a new scan of part of the 1960 Senior School photo so that I've been able to replace the unsatisfactory part of it on the extreme right. Thanks, Roger. I can't claim a triumph for my 'invisible mending' skills but it is a definite improvement.

1 June 2009: Martin King has identified another face in the 1958 Senior School photo: C (Colin) Hawkins 5Y (F27). Thanks, Martin. As Martin says: "Sobering to think that almost everyone in the 1958 Senior photo is now over 65!". Indeed. And some considerably older. The oldest boy at the school during the 1957/58 academic year was born in August 1938. He and some others would now be over 70.

29 May 2009: Roger Tone (RGS 1958-60) has sent me some names from the 1960 Senior School photo: I Howarth 5UA (F02), CU Moisey? 6B2 (E12), MJ Payne 6B2 (E13), NF (Neil) Johnson 4Y (D13), RA (Roger) Brewer 6S2 (E23), RW (Roger) Tone 6S2 (E24), J (John) Watts 6S2 (E25), RI Rothwell? 6B2 (E26), PJ Marriott 5UZ (G33), AMC Crowe 5UR (G37), PG (Pete) Miles 5UR (G39), CN (Nicholas) Tone 5US (G46), AJ (Anthony) Birch 5Y (F51), RJ (Bob) Lawrance 6S2 (E73), PCR Hudson 6S2 (E75), DN Hubble 6S2 (E76), RGJ (Richard) Shelton 6B2 (E77). Thanks, Roger.
    By the way, Richard Shelton was one of the RGS's most accomplished pupils, having come through the school's excellent biology sixth form and gone on to a very distinguished academic career in Scotland. I see he has now written his memoirs - if you click this link, you can read a review from The Scotsman of his memoirs, entitled The Longshoreman. "Does for marine biology what David Bellamy did for botany", says the review.

29 May 2009: Simon Hall (RGS 1958-65) has written in to identify himself and some friends in the 1960 Junior School photo: SC (Simon) Hall 3A (C32), MAC (Malcolm) Priestley 3A (C33), GL (Geoff) Sims 3A (C34). Thanks, Simon.

24 May 2009: a further identification from Arthur Brough in the 1964 Middle School photo is AC (Alan) Putman 5UA at E48, replacing the previous tentative identification of this person as PK Hudson. Arthur thinks E11 in the same photo might be IA (Ian) Ross 5UY rather than the earlier tentative identification of RD Sexton. We've agreed to put both identifications in place, pending someone else coming forward with confirmation or refutation.

24 May 2009: Norman Birkitt (RGS 1959-63) has written in with a list of names of people in the 1960 Senior School photo: NC (Nick) Fairley? 4S (D16), GE (Glenn) Dill 4S (D22), M (Michael) Searby 4S (D23), MA (Paddy) O'Shea? 4S (D30), CJ (Chris) Mayers? (A54), JS (John) Allsop 4S (A59), DJ (Derek) Sharp 4S (A63). Thanks, Norman.

19 May 2009: David Young (RGS 1962-64) has identified DM (Dudley) Taylor 6M2 at E50 in the 1964 Sixth Form photo. Dudley is now a solicitor in Tring. Thanks for the info, David.

19 May 2009: Arthur Brough (RGS 1959-64) contributes the following names in the 1964 Middle School photo: A (Arthur) Brough 5UG (G11), TJ (Terry) Condra 5UG (G12), RM (Robin) East? 5UG (G14), IC (Ian) Lippiatt? 5SA (G29), AEJ (Anthony) Hanebeck 5UA (E55). Thanks, Arthur.

19 May 2009: D21 in the 1964 Sixth Form photo is DJ (Derek) Sharp 6T2... says Derek Sharp. Thanks, Derek.

18 May 2009: a great new feature, thanks to Tony Wood (RGS 1954-61). He has sent me some photos he took whilst at the school. Well worth a look. Click here to see Tony's photos.

18 May 2009: Peter Redican (RGS 1958-66) has identified NJ Gooderham 6M1 (E30) in the 1964 Sixth Form photo. Thanks, Peter.

16 May 2009: Richard Peadon (RGS 1959-64) has written in with identifications from three different photos. From the 1962 Senior School photo: FL Chaney 4Y (D17), M Agate 4Y (D44), AH Telford 4Y (D46), PD Brown 4Y (B53), BC Fitchett 4X (B69), P (Peter) Harford 4Y (D125), RJ (Richard) Peadon 4Y (B75 confirmed), ID Hentall 4Y (D155). In the 1960 Junior School photo: AF (Sandy) Macdonald 2E (A12), GM Storey 2E (D13), PD Brown 2C (D28), PA (Paul) Beasley 2A (D32), J Bush 2D (E35), BC Fitchett 2E (E37), TJ (Tim) Wakefield 2C (A35), LS Kennedy 2A (E50), GF Harris 2B (A42), JR Saunders 2E (E55), MF Quin 2C (E63), AH Telford 2C (F60), AJ (Tony) Oliver 2D (D48). From the 1964 Middle School photo: AF (Sandy) Macdonald 5X (D20). Thanks, Richard.

15 May 2009: Jon ("Bose") Killingley has written in to supply all the names in the already featured 1961/62 rugby under-13 XV photo. It is now apparent that the photo belongs to the academic year 1961/62 (I wasn't sure whether it was that year or 1960/61 earlier but now I know). Thanks, Jon. It may now be possible to pick out some of the newly-identified rugby players from this photo and find them in the 1962 Junior School photo.

13 May 2009: Paul Grafton (RGS 1960-68) confirms his brother's first name Colin in the 1967 Senior School photo (E1) and identifies PJ (Peter) Wallen 6S3 at D22 in the same photo. Thanks, Paul.

13 May 2009: Steve Bond (RGS 1958-63) has identified himself in the 1960 Junior School photo - SJ Bond 3S (F47). Also, his best mate HR (Henry) Thomson 3S (F48) and PRG Wilson 3S (F53). In the 1962 Senior School photo he tells me that B28 is HR Thomson 5SA and not CR Eastman 5UA. Thanks, Steve.

13 May 2009: Martin Turvey (RGS 1961-66) writes in to confirm the identification of JM (John) Reitz 4SA at B42 in the 1964 Middle School photo, and of himself at B43 in the same photo. Thanks, Martin.

12 May 2009: Tony Wood (RGS 1954-61) has been in touch again, this time with some identifications from the 1958 Senior School photo: AR Williams 5Y (F04), JT Walpole 5Y (F09), DA Walker 5Y (F18), RD Hall 5Y (F21), PG Hancock 5Y (F28), MJ Bedford 5Y (F29), JA Johnson 5Y (F31), JB Simmons 5Y (F32), JH Andrew 5Y (F33), RP Williams 5S (G28), GF James 5S (F35), PIF Thomas 5A (F74). Thanks, Tony.

8 May 2009: Sometimes I like to think it is possible to deduce the identity of someone in the photographs by piecing together various bits of evidence. For example, one as yet unidentified face appears at D44 in the 1960 Senior School photo (between two members of the 5Y form), at D131 in the 1962 Senior School photo, at B48 in the 1964 Sixth Form photo, and (presumably as a form prefect) at B62 in the 1964 Junior School photo. However, he doesn't appear in the 1958 Junior School photo when he might have been expected to be in 3Y (if we assume he was in 5Y in 1959/60). I had a look through the 5Y form list for 1959/60 and discovered that one member of that form was still at the school in 1963/64, had not joined the school until 1958/59 (hence would not be in the 1958 photo) and had not been hitherto identified - T St G Lyster. All circumstantial evidence, of course - can anyone confirm or refute this identification?

8 May 2009: John Newman (1957-65) wrote in to identify himself in the 1958 Junior School photo. He is at E23 and was in form 2A at the time. Thanks, John.

28 April 2009: The 1962/63 rugby 1st XV photo was now been posted. My thanks to Mark Forrester. Chris Antill has identified RH Coward 6S2 in the 1962 Senior School photo at H45. Thanks, Chris.

27 April 2009: Mark Forrester (RGS 1958-63 and rugby 1st XV captain in 1962/63) has sent me scans of the 1960/61 and 1962/63 rugby 1st XVs. I have prepared and posted the 1960/61 photo; the 1962/63 will follow probably tomorrow. Many thanks to Mark for sending these.

27 April 2009: John Laurie (RGS 1960-66) has sent in a long list of identifications from the 1962 Junior School photo: AC Maile 3A (F02), RC (Roy) Day 3A (F05), PH (Toni) Boord 3SB (F08), TH (Trevor) Griffiths 3SB (F09), BC (Brian) Johnston 3SB (F11), PR (Paul) Greeves 3SB (F12), K (Keith) Darvill 3SB (F18), JC (Julian) Capell 3A (E11), PD (Peter) Thomson 3SB (E13), PJ (Paul) Wallen 3SB (E14), JM (John) Karwatzki 3A (E15), SD (Simon) Potter 3A (C08), DT (Davy) Payne 3SB (F20), SR (John) McKechnie 3SB (F21), AL (Tony) Selby 3SB (F23), NR (Nigel) Fish 3SB (F25), TR (Trevor, "Spike") Jones 3A (E20), JK (John) Laurie 3SB (E22), RI (Roger, "Chubb") Andrews 3SB (E23), R (Dick) Bilbo 3SB (F27), A (Alan) Hodgson 3SB (F28), SG (Steve) Barber 3SB (F29), GG (Graham) Spittle 3A (E24), NG (Nigel) Saunders 3X (B33), NP (Neil) Macklin 3Y (E32), GD (Godfrey) Williams 2A (F41), WL Toms 3SA (G35), GE Pattison 3SA (G39), MRS (Mick) Hill 3Y (E40), JE Floyd 3Y (B41), AK Leslie? 3Y (E50), DGN (David) Longley 3X (C48). Thanks, John.

27 April 2009: Rodney Sabine (RGS 1957-66) writes in with names in a number of photos, plus some other information, including the definitive answer to the mystery of all those smirking faces in the 1964 senior school photo. I'll come to that presently but first Rodney's new identifications: 1958 Junior School photo: GM (Geoff*) Smyth 2D (C02), BI (Bruce) Sandeman-Craik 2D (D04), MJ (Michael) Marsden 2B (E09). 1960 Senior School photo: GM (Graham) Smyth 4Y (A06), MJ (Michael) Marsden 4Y (A09), MH (Mike) Mateer 4X (A44), BI (Bruce) Sandeman-Craik 4X (A45). 1962 Senior School photo: GM (Geoff*) Smyth 5UY (G03), CJ Homer 6B1 (D36), MH (Mike) Mateer 6B1 (D41). (* forename corrected 19/11/09 - not 'Graham')
    Regarding the 1964 Sixth Form photo, Rodney provides the following explanation for all the smirking that is going on. "This is the famous 'laughing' photo. A slight drizzle was falling and Tus Sheppard had put up his umbrella. As the camera started to rotate, Tus tried to lower his umbrella but it was stuck. He fought with it and in desperation finally stuffed it down between himself and Mrs Whittington - which is why she's leaning over. If you look at each section, as you move from left to right, more and more boys are laughing." Rodney also claims an RGS record as regards his own school career: "I was in 2D, 5X, 6B1, 6B2, 6B3, 6B4, 6B5: the only boy, I believe, to spend five years in the Biology sixth and leave with A Levels in English and Economics."

27 April 2009: Patrick Coates (RGS 1955-63) has identified himself in the 1962 Senior School photo. He is H75 in section 9 (his entry in the greybook is APR Coates 6S2). Thanks, Patrick.

27 April 2009: John Heygate-Browne (RGS 1960-65) has identified a number of people in the 1962 Senior School Photo: JW (John) Russ 5SB (E44), RJ Matthewson? 5SB (E45), PJC (Peter) Wilson 5SB (D81), NM (Nick) Daniels 5SB (E51), RD (Rodney) Bufton 5SB (E52), RJ ("Dobo") Wright 5SB (D85), B (Barry) Phillpott 5SB (D89), JHCH (John Heygate-) Browne 5SB (D93), MA (Michael) Knight 5Z (D136). Thanks, John.

27 April 2009: Steve Shearsby (RGS 1961-65) has written in to identify some boys in the 1964 Middle School photo: NJF (Nick) Burrows 5UG (H22), SJ (Steve) Shearsby 4SA (B40), IR (Ian) King 4SA (B41). Thanks, Steve.

11 April 2009: I have completed uploading Speech Day scans and information for the years 1957 to 1972 (inclusive). In some cases I have scanned the actual Speech Day programme, in others I have extracted the same (or similar) information from the relevant issue of The Wycombiensian. It is interesting to compare the earnest and respectful style of the 1957 Wycombiensian Speech Day reporter with the facetious tone of his 1972 equivalent. O tempora, o mores...

10 April 2009: I've have launched a new feature - Speech Day programmes. I have copies for 1958-61 and 1965-70 in my possession and will scan them all and post them here. If anyone has programmes for missing years (1962-64) or earlier than 1958, I would be grateful for copies.

10 April 2009: Happy Easter, one and all. Martin King has been making comparisons between Chris Rumsey's 1958 4Z identifications and various faces in the 1960 Senior School photo, coming up with the following: PWR (Peter) Witcher 5UZ (D03), JPL Whittington?? 5UZ (G01), EC (Eddie) Horeman 5UZ (F19), AJ Vivian 5UZ (F20), A (Alan) Payne 5UZ (G20). Moving onto the 1962 Senior School photo, Martin has made the following deductions: EC (Eddie) Horeman 6S2 (G71), PWR (Peter) Witcher 6M2 (G75). Thanks, Martin.

2 April 2009: One more name from Bill Andrews, in the 1962 Senior School photo: RM Overall 5UR (G44). Thanks, Bill.

2 April 2009: Bill Andrews has contributed two more names in the 1960 Senior School photo: WRH (Bill) Andrews 5UY (G31) and DR (Dave) Tilling 5UZ (G30). Thanks, Bill.

2 April 2009: I have appended a number of new pages to the 1958, 1961 and 1962 Grey Book scans so that they can now be used for an alphabetical look-up of names. I have also amended the Grey Book page to give direct access to the indices of names in the featured school photos.

1 April 2009: Another new contributor, Julian Capell (RGS 1960-68), sends in a new name in the 1967 Senior School photo: AL (Anthony Lewis, Tony) Selby 6S3 (C33). Thanks, Julian.

1 April 2009: Chris Rumsey (RGS 1957-61) is a new contributor and he has sent in the following names from the 1958 Senior School photo: DR (David) Tilling 4Z (B18), A (Alan) Payne 4Z (B19), B (Bill) Downing 4Z (B22), J (John) Watts 5US (H22), KG (Keith) Pocock 5UA (G47), RE Woods 5X (D40), CJ (Chris) Rumsey 4Z (D51), TM (Tim) Davis 4Z (D52 confirmed), RG (Richard) Thomas 4Z (D53), EC (Eddie) Horeman 4Z (D54), PM (Paul) Rutter 4Z (D56 confirmed), AJ Vivian 4Z (D57), PWR (Peter) Witcher 4Z (A57), DM (Derek) Cunnold 6S3 (C64), AD Everett 4A (H78). Thanks, Chris. I googled Derek Cunnold and found he is a professor of earth sciences at the Georgia Institute of Technology.

26 March 2009: Vincent Smith has supplied the first list of boys' names for the 1960 Junior School photo. Here goes: CR (Chris) Sweeting 3Y (F01), JN (Julian) McLoughlin 3Y (F02), BJ (Brian) Russell 3X (F08), GJ (Graham) Jellis 3Y (F09), RS (Ray) Wilkinson 3X (E02), KM (Kenny) Whitelock 3Y (E06), DG (Douglas?) Dron 3Y (E07), N (Nigel) Leek 3Y (E08), MK (Michael) Jones (E09), SJ (Steve) Russell 3Y (C02), WJ (Bill) Poleykett 3Y (C04), JC (John) Pettit 3Y (C06), PA (Peter) Fountain 3Y (C07), S (Steve) Breed 3Y (C08), JA (John) Bradfield 3Y (F11), NJF (Nick) Burrows 3Y (F12), D (Derek) Saward 3Y (F18), JR (Jeff) Bacon 3Y (F19), PV Andrews 3Y (F20), LW (Les) Cheriton 3X (E12), AR (Alan) Nottingham 3X (D11), GL (Graham) Pidoux 3X (D14), AR (Tony) Feely 3X (D16), WHN (Bill) Laws 3X (C16), KR Bailes 3SB (C18), AP (Andrew) Potts 2E (A13), DA (David) Wakefield 3Y (F21), JD (John) Peadon 3Y (F22), PM (Phil) Rawkins 3Y (F23), JA (John) Atkins 3Y (F24), JM (John) Rivers 3Y (F25), RC (Richard) Bonnett 3Y (F27), VS (Vincent) Smith 3Y (F28), AD (Tony) Male 3Y (F29), PJ (Peter) Pearson 3Y (F30), H (Howard) Reynolds 3Y (E25), PA (Peter) Lambert 3X (D25), AS (Tony) Farmer 3Y (C23), RJ (Robert) Redrup 3Y (C24), GF (George) Cutler 3Y (C27), MP Hyde 3S (F31), AJH (Andrew) Wands 3A (C29), RS (Robert) Briggs 3A (C31), JE (John) Gillett 3S (F50), GT (Graham) Huggins 2A (E44), CS (Chris) Nobbs 3S (F51), RJB (Rodney) Cox 3A (C46). A prodigious list! Thanks, Vincent.

24 March 2009: The 1960 Junior School photo is now live. I haven't added many names yet, other than masters and prefects (they seem to be 1st year sixth-formers - were they form prefects for the 1st and 2nd years in those days?).

24 March 2009: more names from Arpad Turmezei, in the 1962 Senior School photo: PK Hudson 4A (E01), AM Dormer 4A (E03), NM Souter 4A (A04) (later positively ID'd as RJ Peck 4S), JME Grieg-Gran 4A (B03), PH (Phil) Green 4A (B04), MB Freeman 4A (E87). In the 1964 Middle School photo, Arpad identifies PK Hudson 5UA (E48) [but see entry for 24 May 2009 above], JME Grieg-Gran 5UA (E49) and PH (Phil) Green 5UA (E50). Thanks, Arpad.

24 March 2009: Vincent Smith has very kindly lent me two new photos. One is a photo taken of Form 5UY in July 1963. All the names are given because Vincent made a contemporary record of them. The second photo is of the complete 1960 Junior School which I have yet to scan and make ready for the web but should do so within a day or two. I also have some new material from Arpad Turmezei which I shall post shortly. Many thanks to Vincent and Arpad.

24 March 2009: Tim Charnock has written in to identify himself in two photos. He is F10 in the 1962 Junior School photo and F73 in the 1964 Middle School photo. Thanks, Tim.

22 March 2009: Bill Andrews (RGS 1959-63) (click on the link for his personal blog, including RGS reminiscences) has contributed a few names from the 1962 Senior School photo: BI (Bruce Ian) Sandeman-Craik 6M1 (H02), JM (Jim) Skinner 6M1 (H14), WP Howlin 6S3 (tentative: H15 and H68), WRH (Bill) Andrews 6B2 (H44), DA (Dave) Hope 6S1 (D74). Many thanks, Bill.

13 March 2009: Warwick 'Rocky' Prior (RGS 1954-59, School House boarder) has written in to identify himself and a few others in the 1958 Senior School photo: WEG (Warwick, "Rocky") Prior 5S (G15), G (Ian) Stewart 5X (F38), EL Barrett 5A (F53?), RD Sackett 5US (G60). Thanks for that, Warwick (who tells me he supplied a scan of the same photo for display on Tony Hare's website).

12 March 2009: Arpad Turmezei has identified MC Ogden 4A as A63 in the 1962 Senior School photo. Thanks, Arpad.

12 March 2009: Michael Claridge (RGS 1952-58) has identified himself at H49 in the 1958 Senior School photo (MA Claridge 6S1). Thanks, Michael.

10 March 2009: Richard Wombwell has identified two more boys in the 1962 Junior School photo: P Frost 3Y (E35) and DG (David) Bibby 3Y (C46). Thanks, Richard. Whilst I was perusing the photo, it dawned on me that B54 looked a lot like AE (Andrew) Hewett with whom I worked briefly at Equity and Law. I'll chalk him up as a possible.

5 March 2009: Richard Wombwell (RGS 1960-67) has contributed three identifications to the 1962 Junior School photo: AM (Alan) Knaggs 3Y (A24), RS (Richard) Wombwell 3Y (B34), DJ (John) Rundell 3Y (C44). Thanks, Richard.

5 March 2009: Clifton Hughes has identified another face in the 1962 Senior School crowd: KR (Keith) Marshall 6S1 (F86). Thanks, Clifton.

5 March 2009: Occasionally I am called on to 'unidentify' people. Not because they have committed some unspeakable crime or pleaded with me to remain anonymous, but because doubt has been cast on the original identification. In this case, Bob Davies insists that E45 in the 1967 Senior School photo is not Tony Ilott 5S. He tells me that the real Tony was biggish and blond and gloried in the nickname of 'Brutus' (sounds like a golden retriever I once knew). Fair enough. I have taken the appropriate action to reduce E45 to the rank of 'unknown schoolboy' again. Thanks, Bob.

5 March 2009: Arpad Turmezei has made some identifications in the following photos: 1963/64 rugby 2nd XV, 1964/65 rugby 1st XV and 1965/66 rugby 1st XV. As well as the above, he has identified the following in the 1962 Senior School photo: JD (Julian) Francis 4S (A25), DA Gostlow 4S (A34), SCB (Steve) Tinton 4A (A38), MJ (Mike) Holgate 4A (A43), IP (Ian) Butler 5SB (D97), GH (Ian?) King? 4R (A44), PDL (Phil) Brown 4Y (D126). Thanks, Arpad.

5 March 2009: Nick Avery has confirmed two identifications in the 1964 Senior School photo: MA (Mike or Tony) Huxley 6T1 (D06) and MR (Martin) Nield 6S3 (B51). Thanks, Nick.

1 March 2009: St David's Day and what better way to celebrate the patron saint of Wales's day than by remembering one of the many Welsh RGS teachers of the Tucker era. Ian Whitwham remembers the legendary 'Chunk' Jones in this piece on schoolboy humour. By the way, I'm entitled to poke fun at the Welsh because I'm half Welsh myself. Here's another bit of vintage Whitwham on being interviewed for a place at Peterhouse by none other than Kingsley Amis (with a mention of another legendary RGS master, 'Min' Hills).

25 February 2009: One notable OW we have so far failed to pick out of the school photos is Lord (Michael) Ashcroft who was at the school from 1962 to 1964, in forms 6T1 and 6T2. Lord Ashcroft is an entrepreneur, businessman and fund-raiser for the Conservative Party and with an estimated personal wealth of £1.1 billion (if you believe Wikipedia). He was in 6T2 at the time the 1964 Senior School photo was taken and, by comparing the photo with one that appears at his website, I've an inkling that he might be D30 in section 4 of that photo (amongst some other 6T2 guys). Just a hunch... what say you? Any better theories?

25 February 2009: Going through a positive avalanche of recent messages, I notice I missed this name whilst doing recent updates - Geoff Gunning identified IW Penfold 5US at G59 in the 1958 Senior School photo. Thanks, Geoff, and apologies for leaving this so long.

25 February 2009: Ian Butson (RGS 1953-59) sent me a list of people he identified in the 1958 Senior School photo today (he is at B03 himself): T (Tony) Montague 5US (G01), RFG (Richard) Coker 5 Shell (B14), PC (Peter) Nott 5 Shell (D20), GS (Graham) Wood 5US (H29), BK (Brian) Hearn 5US (H31), WM (Michael, "Diggle") Douglas 5US (H32), EW Perkins? 5UR (F52), J (John) Ireson 5US (F74). Also, in the 1962 Senior School photo: he identifies RF (Ray) Darvill 4R (A66). Thanks, Ian.

25 February 2009: Clifton Hughes (1957-64) wrote in to identify two people in the 1962 Senior School photo. He told me that AJ (Tony) Birch 6M1 is H36 and confirms that J (Jonathan) Bush 4Y is B67. Clifton had a special request - he is urgently trying to make contact with Graham T Huggins in connection with the late Richard Hickox's memorial service at St Pauls in a couple of weeks. If anyone can help, could they contact me in the first instance and I will pass them on to Clifton?

25 February 2009: Andrew Dixon (RGS 1958-64) wrote in today with an appreciative message about the website. Andrew was a leading light of the G&S operas during his time at the RGS and now he is a leading lighting director (apologies for that unconvincing pun). Andrew remembers his time at the RGS fondly and managed to put his experience with the RGS stage lighting team (under 'Alpha' Leggatt) to excellent use in his career at the BBC and now as a freelance lighting designer and director. His website (http://www.adlight.co.uk/) makes interesting reading.

25 February 2009: Gareth Davies has been back to identify a few more people in the 1964 Middle School photo: CC (Chris) Haywood 5SA (G02), AP (Tony) Dean 5UG (D30), MF (Mike) Creswell 5UA (E56), D (David??) Bowden 5UA (G73), RF (Ron?) Wood 5UA (G74). Gareth also mentions that Chris Haywood is a successful screen actor in Australia. I found a Wikipedia entry which mentions that Chris Haywood was at the RGS, and also in the IMDB (International Movie Database). I must have seen him in Breaker Morant (great movie). Thanks again, Gareth.

25 February 2009: Derek Jones (RGS 1959-66) was in touch and sent me names for the 1962 Senior School photo: RF (Russell) Houchin 4S (A09), AM (Andy) Chadzynski 4S (A12), RA Marsden 4S (A15), D Bowden 4A (A19), JA Stevens 4X (A28), DM (Derek) Jones 4S (A35), DRS (Dennis) Fowler 4Y (A50), PA (Paul) Beasley 4Y (D151). Thanks, Derek. [n.b. A28 later identified as RJ Stevens 4A.]

25 February 2009: Arpad Turmezei has sent me the 1963/64 RGS rugby 2nd team - a few names to be identified. Any offers? Thanks, Arpad.

23 February 2009: Arpad Turmezei (RGS 1959-67) has very kindly sent me a scan of the 1964/65 RGS rugby 1st team - I have appended the report of the team from the May 1965 Wycombiensian. Some of the forenames need confirmation - any offers? I have also take the opportunity to update the 1965/66 RGS rugby 1st team photo and add the team report from the May 1966 Wycombiensian.

21 February 2009: Vincent Smith (RGS 1958-65) has written in with a second batch of names, this time from the 1962 Senior School photo: H (Howard) Reynolds 5Y (B05), CR (Chris) Sweeting 5Y (B07), PM (Phil) Rawkins 5Y (E17), JR (Jeff) Bacon 5Y (E18), N (Nigel) Leek 5Y (B11), JA (John) Atkins 5Y (E22), D (Derek) Saward 5Y (B29), PA (Peter) Fountain 5Y (E33), VS (Vincent) Smith 5Y (E34), PJ (Peter) Pescod 5SA (E35), DAJ (David) Membry 5Y (E36), JC (John) Pettit? 5Y (E41). Vincent also claims an obscure teacher identification: "my highlight is a name for the mystery master at C61 [in section 8]. I think he was a South African exchange master who was over for about 6 months and ran PE and sports lessons without mercy!! His name I believe was Gabriel Kroes." Thanks for that, Vincent. Can anyone else remember 'Gabriel sans merci'? The May 1962 Wycombiensian mentions a G. Kroes, esq., M.A. (Stellenbosch) who joined the school within the last school year.

21 February 2009: one OW who has appeared on TV recently is Kim Mould (RGS 1963-67). For the last 25 years or so, Kim has been a mussel fisherman at Bangor on the Menai Strait in North Wales. In fact, he can claim to be Britain's largest mussel producer. Here's a BBC report from a few years ago featuring Kim. I got in touch with Kim via Friends Reunited and he told me he featured in the second episode of the BBC TV series "Coast", about halfway through (click here for another mention). Kim and I were in the same Greek class under teacher David Authers from 1964 to 1967 when Kim left the area and transferred to Colchester Royal Grammar School (so he can claim two RGS's in his career). He went on to the University of Wales at Bangor, which explains what he is doing in North Wales.

12 February 2009: a long hiatus while I was away working in Gibraltar: meanwhile quite a lot of names have been piling up, thanks to several contributors. Firstly, Geoff Gunning sent me a prodigious list of names from the 1958 Senior School photo: WL (Bill) Pender 5UA (E03), AI ("Zom") Barnard 5UA (E05), PH ("Dude") Copper 5UA (G02), CJ Melsom 6S3 (C01, now correctly tagged), MJ (Mick) Mundy 5 Shell (B12), AR Watters 5UA (H24), GR (Geoff) Gunning 5UA (H27), IJ ("Tinole") King 5UA (H30), D Dealey 5UA (H34), DH ("Nick") Nicholls 6S1 (J38), JC Alabaster 5UA (H35), AJ ("Stan") Styles 5UA (H36), RE ("Weev") Darvill 5UA (H37), AT ("Nell") Gwynn 5UA (H38), AG Lane 5US (H41), PL Chandler 5UA (H44), GW Moss 6S2 (J44), RHP ("Arra") Lynch 5U Shell (G45), PR Kern 5U Shell (G52?), DER Deacon 6S2 (E63), P (Paul) Middleton 6S1 (E59), BJ ("Beej") Bull 5UA. Geoff also identifies the following in the 1960 Senior School photo: PW Busby 6S2 (H68), P (Paul) Middleton 6S2 (H79), WT Fisher 6S2 (G81). Thanks, Geoff. By a strange coincidence, around the same time Mike Coles wrote in to identify someone - Geoff Gunning in the 1958 school photo!
   AS (Alan) Thomas wrote in to identify himself as A54 in the 1964 Junior School Photograph. He tells me he was at the RGS for 3 years ('63-'66 - 2D, 3SB, 4SB), until his family emigrated to Australia. He's lived in Perth, Western Australia, ever since, where he is a Database Administrator at a University. Many thanks for that, Alan.
   Russell Houchin (1959-67) is on the trail of people in the 1964 Middle School photo. Here are his findings so far: RJ Peck 5US (H55), RJ Williams 5US (G66), DJ (David) Bedwell 5US (E59 confirmed), JD Francis 5US (G67 confirmed), RJ ("Chopper") Stevens 5US (E40), IK Parker 5US (G69?), RD Hudson 5US (G61? - but Gareth Davies thinks G61 is DK Cave 5UA and I cannot adjudicate).
   Mike Peterson (1957-64) wrote in to identify two of his old friends in the 1964 Senior School photo: MJ (Mike) Marsden 6T2 (D29) and R (Roger) Watts 6T2 (D34). Mike goes on to add: "Mike still lives in Bucks at Hardwick, Nr Aylesbury. He has retired now as far as I am aware. As far as Roger is concerned, I tried to obtain contact details for him and have learnt that he is thought to have perished during the fateful Fastnet Race some years ago when a storm killed many of the participants. I do not have any further information for Roger." Sad news indeed. Many thanks to Mike for passing on this info. I found this photo of the memorial stone put up to those who perished in the 1979 Fastnet race and Roger's name appears among them.
   Finally today we have some photos from a new era - the 1970s. Nick Berendt sent two photos of the hockey 2nd XI from 1972/73 and 1973/74. Can anyone help with the identities of the later photo?

23 January 2009: Martin King has made a few more discoveries. In the 1958 Junior School photo: CN Myant 3X (C33), JD (John) Harris 3X (C35), BT (Barry) Hine 3X (C36). In the 1960 Senior School photo: CN Myant 5X (B11), JD (John) Harris 5X (A12). Thanks, Martin.

3 January 2009: visitors to the website are urged to have a look at the links page from time to time. I often insert there links to web pages which have snippets of information about former RGS pupils and masters. I've just added something I came across about former RGS music master Derek Watmough.

3 January 2009: Michael Oliver (RGS 1963-67) wrote in to identify himself in the 1964 Middle School photo: MG (Michael) Oliver 5SB (G51). He also confirms PJ Winfield 5SA at G25. They were both boarders at Uplyme. Michael moved to Europe after leaving school in 1967, then emigrated to the USA. He now lives in Vancouver, Canada, where he is a sales trainer, author and consultant (visit his website). Thanks, Michael.

3 January 2009: While looking for someone else, I stumbled on another OW on the web - Chris Fewtrell (RGS 1960-66). He's retired from the day job and is now writing "unusual fiction" - that's what it says on his website. There is a photo and it's recognisably him - check it against the 1965/66 rugby photo. Chris has been interviewed about his book on Radio Sheffield and, in the course of the interview, mentions his career as a boarder at RGS. Listen to it here on YouTube - the bit about the RGS is about 4 minutes in. He describes the RGS as "pretty old-fashioned - but very good... it really was the old public school type of place... one of the things that I am proud of is that I stopped corporal punishment when I became a prefect - it seemed so bizarre and cruel. I was not in favour of it so that is my claim to fame." Chris presumably means corporal punishment by prefects - I believe it continued to be meted out by masters for some time after that. Chris became a prefect in 1965 according to the Grey Book.

2 January 2009: Tony Hare (RGS 1951-56), of 1956 School Photo fame, has written in with a few names in the 1958 Senior School photo: JN (John) Johnson 6M2 (J22), R (Robin) Drewett 6S2 (J58). He also confirms that AL (Alan) Hardstaff 6S3 is at E37. Happy new year, Tony.

2 January 2009: Bryn Phillips (RGS 1959-66) wrote in with some new names. Bryn was already identified in the 1964 Middle School photo but wrongly attributed the forename "Barry" - apologies. The new names: BM (Bryn) Phillips 5US (E42), HC (Harvey) Brown 5US (H56), JR (Jim) Danbury 5US (H64), AN (Anthony) Lodge 5US (E58) and he confirms T (Tim) Widdess 5US (H63). Thanks, Bryn (who, like a number of other OWs with whom I have been in contact, is a singer/songwriter - check out http://www.myspace.com/brynmphillips and http://www.woodmanfolk.co.uk/bryn.html)

2 January 2009: Martin King is the first contributor of 2009 - happy new year to him and all readers of the website (and humble apologies to Martin for having missed him off the list of contributors). Martin has put some more names to faces: from the 1958 Senior School photo - IK Cocking 5Y (F06), BR Harding 5Y (F13), H Windsor 5Y (F17), GS Hurst 4A (A32), GW Stossler 4A (A33), RC Palmer 5A (F55), RWJ Hathaway 5A (F56), JD Taylor 4A (A55). From the 1960 Senior School photo: DJ Maysey 5UY (F24), JD Taylor 5UA (F34), B (Ben) Carritt 5Y (F58). From the 1962 Senior School photo: IA Johnston 6S2 (D129), DJ Maysey 6S2 (H70). Thanks, Martin.

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