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Reference Surname Forenames (Nickname) Form Born Died
A09 Iliffe Chaucer Reginald Anthony Grey (obit, May 1968 Wyc'sian) 2D 1945 1968
A11 Wilson Robin J 2D 1946  
A12 Farmer Peter Brownlee (honours board) 2D 1947  
A13 Sabine Charles Rodney (Rodney) (Guardian obit) 2D 1947 2013
A15 Mobbs Michael John (Mike) (honours board) 2D 1946 2009
B09 Crayford Kenneth John F 3Y 1945  
B10 McGlashan? Alistair 3Y 1944  
B11 Date Christopher J (Chris) (wikipedia) (honours board) 6S3 1941  
B12 Muller Philip J 6M2 1940  
B13 Collett Roger James (honours board) 6C3 1940  
B14 Dean Peter J 6S3 1939  
B15 Evely John Page (Jock) (see list of masters)      
B16 Eames Alexander Richard (see list of masters)      
C11 Webb Brian T 3Y 1944  
C12 Rolls Edmund J (Ed) 3Y 1945  
C13 Carritt? Benjamin (Ben) 3Y 1945  
C14 Fone Simon 3Y 1945  
C15 Gravestock Roy W 3Y 1946  
C16 Brown Christopher (Chris) 3Y 1945  
C18 Wilson Andrew (Will) 3Y 1945  
C19 Rhodes? Keith S 3Y 1944  
D10 Pearson Brian A 2D 1946  
D11 Merrington Peter 2D 1946  
D12 Porter Timothy R 2D 1946  
D13 Rogers Graham 2D 1946  
D14 Jones David F 2D 1947  
D15 Goulborn Sydney Charles Robert (Bob) 2D 1946  
D16 Edmunds Ian A (Eddy) 2D 1946  
D17 Seale? Geoffrey M (honours board) 3S 1945  
D18 Mason M J 3Y 1945  
E09 Marsden Michael J 2B 1946  
E10 Taylor Dudley M 2B 1945  
E11 Bennet Clive A 2B 1946  
E12 Butler Charles J (Charlie) 2B 1946  
E13 Dobbie Martin D R 2B 1946  
E14 Richards Brent Andrew (Ashley) 2B 1946  
E15 Moores Peter J 2B 1946  
E16 Dorkings Robin A (Jock) 2B 1946  
E17 Bovingdon Jack 2B 1946  
F08 Dutton Stuart E (Stang) 3S 1945  
F09 Bevan Ian F L (Bev) 3S 1944  
F10 Fewtrell Ronald A (Pixie) 3S 1945  
F11 Allen Clifford R (Cliff, Ziggy) 3S 1944  
F12 Berry Malcolm? 3S 1945  
F13 Norton Dennis Nordin 3S 1945 2006
F14 Austin A J 3S 1946  
F15 Courtney Frederick M 3S 1945  
F16 Fieldsend Michael E 3S 1945  
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Royal Grammar School, High Wycombe - Junior School, April 1958 • Section 2
1958 Junior Photo Sections: Section 1 • Section 2 • Section 3Section 4Section 5
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