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Reference Surname Forenames (Nickname) Form Born Died
A35 Sherley Geoffrey D 4A 1944  
A36 Tyson Stephen H 4A 1944  
A37 Cresswell Michael G 4A 1944  
A38 Moore Roger M 4A 1944  
A39 Fair Colin? A 4A 1944  
A40 Hazell Dennis K P 4A 1943  
A41 Phillips Peter C 4A 1944  
B36 Pallett David C J 4X 1944  
B37 Davis Arthur J (Olly) 4X 1943  
B38 Lovegrove Deryck William 4X 1944  
B39 Culley David Spencer 4X 1944  
B40 Speight Edward A (Spud) 4X 1943  
B41 Dupond Christopher L (Chris) 4X 1943  
B42 Broadley Richard N 4X 1944  
C38 (unidentified master)        
C39 Haworth Christopher Matthew (Kit, Poop) (see list of masters)      
C40 Browning George Browning (Doc, Doc Muffin) (see list of masters)      
C41 Ashford Leslie Joseph (Joe, Ash, Les, Bill) (see list of masters)      
C42 Mewse Ewart (Pussy) (see list of masters)      
C43 Walters Thomas Charles (see list of masters)      
C44 Hills Arnold Charles (Min, Pinhead, Dome) (see list of masters)      
C45 Johnson Horace W (Hosh, Bosh) (see list of masters)      
D30 Blyth Ian A (see also list of masters) 5X 1943  
D31 North David M 5X 1943  
D32 Wooster David G 5A 1942  
D33 Clark D J 5A 1942  
D34 Barrett James G (Jim) 5A 1942  
E42 Collett Roger J 6C3 1940  
E43 Tomes Ian M 6S2 1940  
E45 Kitching John N 6M3 1939  
E46 Thompson P J 6S1 1942  
E47 Ashford Joseph C (Joe) 6S1 1941  
E48 Hollingworth Roger G 6S1 1942  
F43 Camp John E (see also list of masters) 5X 1944 2016
F44 Perfect A A 5A 1943  
F45 Barrett John E 5A 1943  
F46 Cunnold Graham H 5X 1943  
F48 Wilcox David M 5X 1943  
F49 Morley Neville A 5X 1943  
F50 Chandler Thomas E (Tom) 5X 1943  
G42 Eio Peter 5Ushell 1942  
G45 Lynch Robert H P (Arra) 5Ushell 1942  
G47 Pocock Keith George 5UA 1942  
G48 Quirke Raymond F J (Ray) 5UA 1941  
G49 Ralley Arthur W 5UA 1942  
H44 Chandler Peter L 5UA 1942  
H47 Craft David J 6S1 1941  
H48 Baker John P 6S1 1942  
H49 Claridge Michael A 6S1 1940  
H50 Wilson Roger A P (see also list of masters) 6S2 1940  
H52 Fowler Andrew M 6S2 1941  
J43 Waller? William Richard (Dick) 6S1 1941  
J44 Moss George W 6S2 1940  
J45 Gee Christopher J (Chris) 6S1 1940  
J46 Duffell Gordon H 6S1 1940  
J47 Duggin Allan John 6S1 1941  
J48 Watson Graham E (Willy) 6S2 1940  
J49 Hackett Robin C (Bill) 6S2 1939  
J50 Leader Stephen A 6S1 1941  
J51 Brinn Alan 6S1 1940  
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