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Reference Surname Forenames (Nickname) Form Born Died
A16 Busbridge Brian C 2D 1947  
A17 Davies David M 2D 1947  
A18 Coltman Harvey D 2D 1947  
A19 Rackstraw Trevor K 2D 1946  
A20 Fair Brian L 3A 1945  
B17 Adams? D A (see list of masters)      
B18 Perfect Ernest John (Polly) (see list of masters)      
B19 Morgan Samuel A (Sam) (see list of masters)      
B20 Hollingworth Lewis Tom (Holly, Uncle H) (see list of masters)      
B21 Tucker Edmund Ronald (Boss) (see list of masters)      
B22 Browning George Gordon (Doc Muffin) (see list of masters)      
B23 Male Stanley Albert (Sam, Barshoe) (see list of masters)      
C20 Glass David A 3Y 1944  
C21 Stenning Paul 3Y 1944  
C22 Berryman Lawrence Robson 3Y 1943 2006
C23 Fountain Robert 3Y 1944  
C24 Snodin Stephen R 3X 1943  
C25 Goodchild John M 3X 1944  
C26 Bunce Stephen William (Bill) 3X 1945  
C27 Lawson Andrew? D 3X 1944  
C28 Barr Rodney A 3X 1944  
D19 Rothwell Geoffrey Harold 3Y 1945 2003
D20 Birch? Anthony J 3Y 1945  
D21 Cooper? R 3Y 1944  
D22 Rogers? Christopher J T (honours board) 3X 1944  
D23 Drayton Paul C 3X 1944  
D24 Capell Peter J 3X 1945  
D25 Rumble Brian J 3X 1944  
D26 Bowler? Malcolm H 3X 1945  
D27 Harris Michael (Mike) 2C 1946  
E18 Horley David G 2B 1946  
E19 Jenner Martin K 2B 1946  
E20 Weeks David R G 2B 1946  
E21 Austin Robert J (Bob) 2B 1946  
E22 Ham Roy H E (Bone) 2B 1946  
E23 Newman John L 2A 1945  
E24 Doughty Martin J 2A 1946  
E25 Benjamin Roy J 2A 1945  
E26 Warrant? Michael Francis 2A 1945 2004
F17 Rogers Christopher G (Chris, Rer) 3S 1944  
F18 Smith Roger J 3S 1945  
F19 Collar Martin D 3S 1944  
F20 Wright Keith G 3S 1945  
F21 Webb Peter T E 3S 1944  
F22 Harding R Colin 3S 1945  
F23 Burrows Keith E (Keb) 3A 1944  
F24 Morris Ian J 3A 1944  
F25 Smith Julian Edmund 3A 1944 1996
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Royal Grammar School, High Wycombe - Junior School, April 1958 • Section 3
1958 Junior Photo Sections: Section 1Section 2 • Section 3 • Section 4Section 5
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