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23 December 2008: Mike Gregory has sent me another batch of names, this time in the 1964 Senior School photo: C (Chris) East 6M1 (B03), JR (Rob) Harding 6M1 (B04), JM (Mike) Gregory 6M1 (B05), JJ Roberts 6M1 (C05), MA Huxley? 6T1 (D06), PJ (Peter) Symms 6M1 (D08), PV Chaces 6T1 (D09), NJ (Nick) Payne? 6M1 (B11), NJ Cornford 6T1 (C20), GLA Sims? 6T1 (C36), HJ French 6S1 (C45), MJ Mercer-Deadman? 6S2 (D44), JM Bibby? 6S2 (D54), AS (Tony) Redding 6M1 (A61), JM (John) Bingham 6T1 (B62), CJ (Chris) Chivers 6T1 (B64), CG (Colin) Williams 6M2 (E65). Finally, Mike tells me I had got the forenames of Alan Green and Andrew Green the wrong way round - it should be AD (Andrew) Green 6S1 at 1/B01 and A (Alan) Green 6T2 at 2/D18. Thanks, Mike.

20 December 2008: Dave Cox (RGS 1954-61) has sent another prodigious list of names. Firstly, from the 1958 Senior School photo: RA (Ross) Richards 5X (B07), DM (David) Wilcox 5X (F48), NA (Neville) Morley 5X (F49), PJ (Peter?) Cartwright 5X (D39), MR (Martin) Thirlway 5X (D41), RW (Robin) Hammett 5X (F57), MJ Benyon 5X (F59), MG Parker 5X (D49), WT Fisher? 5X (D50), MR Emmett 5X (F60), BAW White 5X (F61), DN (David) Hubble 5X (F62), BA Torrens-Burton 5X (F66), JM (John) Colley 5X (F67), BN (Brian) Buckley 5X (F68). And in the 1960 Senior School photo: NA (Neville) Morley 6S2 (C04), BA (Brian?) Barratt 6M2 (E47), ME (Mike) Ashburner 6B2 (G64). Many thanks, Dave.

18 December 2008: a few more contributions have stacked up while I have been dealing with such trivialities as paid work and Christmas chores - Richard Steptoe contributes two more names to the 1962 Senior School photo: JG (John) Harvey 5SB (E53), D (Dennis) Marshall 4Y (B82). Thanks, Richard. Mike Gregory had one more name for the the 1962 Senior School photo: JD Critchley 5A (B35). He also some further thoughts about various masters (nicknames and subjects taught): DA Saunders (C17) - known as Das Saunders; HW Johnson (C23) - Mike thought he was Bosh (Bosch ?) Johnson, not Hosh; BCNP Leighton Jones (C37) - also known as Splutters as well as Bilge; IHC Waters (C60) - also known as Hairy Waters; FJ Brand (C67) - known as Liver Lips. His updates on subjects taught by the staff: GG Browning also taught History; RC File also taught English; FEJ Hawkins taught Geography; WB Watmough taught French and German. Thanks for all of that, Mike. Finally (for now), Bob Ashby has identified himself in 1960 Senior School photo: R (Bob) Ashby 6S2 (E06). Thanks, Bob.

13 December 2008: Richard Steptoe (RGS 1958-1963) is a new contributor and has some more names for the 1962 Senior School photo: ME Austin? 4S (A01), C Birch? 5SA (B09), I John? 5SA (D01), PC Cant? 5SA (E08), JD Peadon 5Y (E10), PF Ray 5SA (B10), SJ Bond 5SA (B27), DA Rutherford 5SA (E27), AP Scarlett 5SA (E28), RJ Wareham 5SA (E29), MH (Mick) Kefford? 5SA (E31), NJ Gooderham? 5SA (E32), HJ French 5SA (E40), IE Gray 5SA (B42), PA (Paul) Throssell 5SA (B44), MK Rhodes 6T1 (D141). Many thanks, Richard.

13 December 2008: Yet more names from Mike Gregory, in the 1962 Senior School Photo (as usual, a question mark denotes a tentative suggestion, and two question marks a more speculative one): PJ Symms 5A (B13), NJ Cornford 5A (B14), PJ Setterington? 5A (B15), PG Bushby 5A (B16), JJ Roberts 5A (B17), PV Chaces 5A (B18), A Hall 5A (B19), SE (Steve) Kurrein 5A (B21), MA (Michael) Huxley 5A (B22 confirmed), AB Britnell 5A (B23), GJ Forrester 5A (B25), DM Rea? 5A (B34), JR Gomm?? 5A (F34). Thanks again, Mike.

12 December 2008: More from Mike Gregory, again in the 1962 Senior School photo: C (Chris) East 5A (F01), JD Morrow 5A (B24), AS Farmer 5Y (E21), GP Handley 5A (F31), RJ Redrup 5Y (E38). And three more... NJ (Nick) Payne 5A (F03), GLA (Geoff) Sims 5A (F04), AM Armstrong 5A (F05). Thanks, Mike.

11 December 2008: Mike Gregory (RGS 1958-65) has sent some identifications in the 1962 Senior School photo: JM (Mike) Gregory 5A (B36), AR (Arthur) Daines 5A (F32), RP (Richard) Steptoe 5SA (B37), MW (Michael) Goodman 5SA (B38), CJ (Chris) Chivers 5SA (B39), PG ("Patch") Davis 5UY (F57 - who also appears at B07 in the 1958 Junior School photo and A66 in the 1960 Senior School photo). Thanks, Mike.

8 December 2008: Roger Heygate-Browne (1962-67) has written in to point out that A33 in the 1964 Junior School photo is him (i.e. RCBH Browne 3SA) and not Eddie Traynor (as I had mistakenly thought). He also thinks A34 next to him may be Stephen Lewis (3SA) so I'll provisionally take that to be him. Roger has since identified G (Gerald) Slevin 3SA at C17 in the same photo (section 3). Thanks, Roger. We are back at square one as regards Eddie Traynor 2B, except that Peter Davies tells me his nickname was 'Trumps' Traynor. He wasn't in the 1964 Grey Book so I suppose it is possible he wasn't in the April 1964 photo as he could have left by then.

4 December 2008: Chris Brown wrote in to identify himself in the 1958/59 Under-15 rugby XV photo (when he was in 4Y); he is also C16 in the 1958 Junior School photo (3Y) and F54 in the 1960 Senior School photo (5Y). Thanks, Chris.

30 November 2008: I came upon a great website the other day - http://www.stevedarrington.com/ - which is an online autobiography of Steve Darrington (RGS 1960-67) who has carved out a remarkable career in music as a harmonica and keyboards player and is a festival organiser and musician in Dorset. Steve appears in two of the photos on the website - he's C9 in the 1962 Junior School photo (where he is wearing what he tells me was called a 'Milwaukee neck brace' - Steve was stricken with polio when he was only six years old) and C1 in the 1964 Middle School photo. Steve has played with some huge names in the music world - Mark Knopfler, Lonnie Donegan, Don Everly - and you may also recognise a few other ex-RGS names amongst the musicians he has played with.

29 November 2008: Dave Cox (1954-61) wrote in with some new names from the 1960 Senior School photo recently: RK Dunsterville 6M2 (H05 - not certain), MG Parker 6M2 (H06), BA Torrens-Burton 6M2 (H17 confirmed), AD Throssell 6M2 (H34), MJ Benyon 6M2 (H36), JM (John) Colley 6M2 (H37), MEJ (Mike) Wadsworth 6M2 (H41), CE (Chris) Bristow 6M2 (H42). Thanks, Dave, and apologies for taking so long to locate your email.

25 November 2008: I've been sent some more names for the 1964 Senior School photo: MJ Morser 6B1 (B09), RH Mullick 6T1 (C14), MR Ward 6T1 (C15), DRS (David) Hedgeland 6T1 (C29), PR Thornton 6S1 (C40), DJ Browning 6S1 (C57), DA Low 6S1 (C58), PL (Paul) Sears 6S1 (C59), CM (Chris) Hood 6S1 (C64 confirmed). In the 1962 Senior School photo: IJ Fox 4X (D40 confirmed), PL (Paul) Sears 4X (D54), DN (David) Snodin 4Y (D60 confirmed), HJ (Joey) Weiss 4X (D68), DA Low 4X (D70), MR Ward 4X (D75).

25 November 2008: One of the RGS's most famous old boys was the orchestral conductor Richard Hickox who sadly died on 23 November 2008, aged 60. He was at the school from 1959 to 1966 and won an organ scholarship to Queens' College, Cambridge. He can be found in school photos as follows: 1962 Senior School photo (at B54) • 1964 Middle School (at E31) • Links: his Wikipedia entryGuardian obituarytribute by actress Fiona ShawTimes obituaryIndependent obituaryTelegraph obituary.

25 November 2008: I've just been told that the shed which 2E occupied on the Uplyme site in 1959/60 is still standing to this day! It seems the (relatively luxurious and heated) 'terrapin hut' occupied by 3X/3Y in that era has gone but not the shed. You can see it in the middle of this Google Maps satellite image. 2E was in the left hand end of the shed in the centre. It's in the right place and the size and design are right, including the little entrance lobby.

23 November 2008: some more names from the 1958 Senior School photo contributed or confirmed by Roland Barkas: CJ Melsom 6S3 (C01), GLS (Gerry) Hickey 6S3 (C07, confirmed), DJ or RE Darvill 5UA (E01 - can anyone confirm which one?), TJ Chenery 6M1 (J10), CSJ (Charles Stephen Julian, "Steve", "Pongo") Mardell 6C3 (E25), RC (Robin, "Bill") Hackett 6S2 (J49), NC (Nigel, "Gravy") Gravette 6S1 (J53), JR Bone 6S3 (C59). Thanks, Roland.

23 November 2008: Roland Barkas has kindly provided scans of the 1957/58 and 1958/59 1st XVs. 1957/58 RGS rugby 1st XV and 1958/59 RGS rugby 1st XV. All bar one of the people in them have been identified. Thanks to Roland.

19 November 2008: Vincent Smith (1958-65) has written in with some identifications of people in the 1964 Senior School photo: AD (Alan) Green 6S1 (B01 - just possible I've got him mixed up with Andy Green 6T2 at D18 - perhaps someone could confirm or refute), PA (Peter) Lambert 6S1 (B02), PM (Phil) Rawkins 6S1 (B06), D (Derek) Saward 6B1 (B07), JHC (John) Heygate-Browne 6S1 (C01), DA (David) Wakefield 6M1 (B12), AB (Andrew) Collett 6T1 (C16), JA (John) Atkins 6T1 (C17), PJ (Peter) Pearson 6T1 (C18), RJ (Robert) Redrup 6B1 (E17), PA (Peter) Fountain 6T1 (E18), DA (David) Rutherford 6S1 (C42), CS (Chris) Nobbs 6S1 (C44), VS (Vincent) Smith 6S1 (C47), DAJ (David) Membry 6S1 (C48), RC (Richard) Bonnett 6S1 (C51), JR (Jeffrey) Bacon 6S1 (C52), LW (Les) Cheriton 6S2 (D43). A prodigious list! Thanks, Vincent.

18 November 2008: Roland (Jim) Barkas (1957-59) has written in to identify some more people in 1958 Senior School photo: WAC (Billy) Knowles 6C3 (C04), DG (Dave) Wooster 5A (D32), RC (Bob) Smith 6S1 (E60), JR (Jim, Roland) Barkas 6S1 (E62), SNM (Simon) Evans 5Y (F36), PJ Holtorp 5US (G36), A (Alan) Brinn 6S1 (J51, England rugby international), JA Sagar 6S1 (J56), DJM Rendall 6S1 (J57), AW Fountain 6S1 (J69). Thanks, Roland.

11 November 2008: Peter King has identified some more people in the 1958 Senior School photo: JH (John) Philpott 5X (B09), CRS ("Cirrus", "Peanut") Wood 5US (H19), CS ("Griff") Griffiths 4S (A18 confirmed), RJ (John) Rogers 5S (G29), R (Rob?) King 5S (G30), JA Dawes 6S3 (E35?), FW Riley 5S (G51?), RW Paine 6S1 (H68). Thanks, Peter.

10 November: Peter King has identified DR (Dave) Cooper (6B1) at E63 in the 1964 Senior School photo and at A4 in the 1963/64 4th rugby XV photo. Also, RD (Robin) King (6M2) in the 1964 Senior School photo. Thanks, Peter.

20 October 2008: Julian McLoughlin (1958-66) writes in with a tentative identification of AJ (Tony) Frankland 6M1 at C72 in the 1964 Senior School photo. Thanks, Julian. Can anyone confirm?

10 October 2008: Peter Thomson wrote in to tell me that his brother-in-law HR (Henry) Thomson (6T1) may be found at D10 in section 2 of the 1964 Senior School photo. Thanks, Peter.

10 October 2008: Mike Coles has sighted some more UFOs (unidentified fellow old-boys), this time in the 1960 Senior School photo, and provided me with the names: GA (Geoffrey, "Tubby") Sutton 5UR (F04), DJ ("Fred") Garnett 5UR (G04), PG (Hutch) Hutchinson 5UR (G05), CR Pye 6M1 (H12), P (Peter) Eio 6B2 (E21), RJ Coppock 6M1 (H31), RP (Roy) Bradshaw 6M1 (H32), GR (Geoff) Gunning 6S2 (H52), RD Sackett 6S2 (H56), MD Simons 6M1 (G62), JD Butterworth 6S1 (F80). Turning again to the 1958 Senior School photo, Mike gives us the following, all of whom were in the form called '5 Shell' (the 'Shell' stream was composed of boys who joined the school from other local schools via the '13-Plus' examination): JK (John) Bonnett (B02), RP (Roy) Bradshaw (B04), RH Saunders (B05), RJ Coppock (F01), KG (Keith, "Tich") Hyde (D18), GA (Geoffrey, "Tubby") Sutton (D19), DJ ("Fred") Garnett (D21), JH James (D22), PG (Paul, "Hutch") Hutchinson (D23), DM Rice (D24), JD Butterworth (D25). Many thanks to Mike for this long list of names.

9 October 2008: Some more names for the 1958 Senior School photo, contributed by John D Walker (1955-58): CJ Date 6S3 (E38), P Eio 5U Shell (G42), MR Woodhouse? 5U Shell (G53), RD Smith 5U Shell (G54), PW Busby 5U Shell (G55), MD Humphries 5U Shell (E66), MW Thompson 5U Shell (G64), DR Muston 5U Shell (G65), RGJ Shelton 5U Shell (G70), JD (John) Walker 5U Shell (E67), VN Brooks 5U Shell (G68). Thanks, John.

9 October 2008: Mike Coles (RGS 1956-61) wrote in to identify himself and a friend in the 1958 Senior School photo: MB (then known as Mick) Coles 5 Shell (H03), CR (Chris) Pye 5 Shell (B01). Thanks, Mick.

9 October 2008: David O Brown (RGS 1952-59) has written in with a long list of names of people in the 1958 Senior School photo. They are: DO (David) Brown 6M2 (J12), EF Brooks 6M2 (J13), M (Mick) Gerrard 6M2 (H10), HG (Howard) Barnes 5S (G08), EW (Ed) Burrows 6C2 (E12), AR (Tony) Cooper 5A (D17), PR ("Snowball") Hillyard 6M2 (E15), DJ (David) Saunders 5Shell (B13), PF (Peter) Dunsterville 6M2 (E17), RK (Richard) Dunsterville 5UA (G03), JAN (Tony) Priestley 5UA (H20), TE (Trevor) Dedman 5S (G27), BFC (Brian?) Bunce 5UR/6M1 (J36), LM Becket 6M2 (J37), HC (Chris) Bramley 6S2 (J39), GD (Graham) Nash 5S (G33), MD Coward 6S1 (J41), CJ (Chris) Gee 6S1 (J45), GH (Gordon) Duffell 6S1 (J46), AJ (Alan?) Duggin 6S1 (J47), DJ Craft 6S1 (H47), TB (Terry) Blackburn 6S2 (H55), LJ Scrivener 5UA (G56), DJ Bevis 6S2 (J62), TW Long 6S2 (J63), JA Vickers 6S2 (J64), EG Mann 6S2 (J75), DH Bond 6S2 (H74), IW (Ian) McCue 6S2 (H53), HJ Hodkinson 6S2 (E54), DM Slatter 5UR (J40), JC ("Archie") Bowman 5S (G25), MJ Coulson 6S2 (H67). Thanks, David.

8 October 2008: I have added three rugby team photos to the 'Other Photos' page: the 1957/58 under-13 team, the 1958/59 under-15 team and the 1960/61 3rd XV. Ian Bevan kindly sent these in and has identified the majority of the people, but there are still a couple to be sorted out. Thanks, Ian.

8 October 2008: Ron Hudson (1961-66) wrote in to identify himself in the 1962 Senior School photo. He is RD Hudson 4S (A29). Thanks, Ron.

3 October 2008: Arthur Davis (OW 1955-62) wrote in to identify some more people in the 1962 Senior School photo: AS (Tony) Peck 6S3 (G51), DR (Dave) Tilling 6M2 (D100), RA (Roly) Janes 5Z (D132), RP (Roy) Bradshaw 6M3 (C73). Arthur himself is D77 in the same photo. Thanks, Arthur.

23 September 2008: Clive Robbins wrote in to identify himself on the 1962 Junior School photo: that's him at G58 (he was in 3SA). Thanks, Clive.

22 September 2008: I was sorry to read in the latest issue of the OW Newsletter that Mr DG (Derwent, known as "Simon") Lambert died recently, aged 82. He was head of Biology at the school from 1960 to 1966 and, though I never did Biology myself, I was aware at the time that he was an exceptional teacher by repute and I was in the same class as his son (Simon, but also I think known as Chris). It is quite apparent that Simon Lambert inspired a whole generation of RGS biologists many of whom became very eminent in their own right. I have just found a very interesting biog of OW Michael Ashburner in which he pays fulsome tribute to DG Lambert and mentions other RGS biologists who benefited from his teaching. Condolences to Mr Lambert's family.

22 September 2008: Ray Wilkinson (1958-65) writes in to identify some people from the 1964 Senior School photo: JD (John) Morrow 6M1 (E03), GD (Graham) Ferguson 6M1 (C06), C (Charlie) Smith 6M1 (C07), DG (Dave) Beattie 6M1 (C09), RS (Ray) Wilkinson 6M1 (C10), P (Pete) Fradley 6M1 (E20) and (tentatively) W Pitchford 6M1 (B13). Thanks, Ray.

10 September 2008: Ian Bevan has kindly sent some photos of junior rugby teams from 1957 to 1960 and they will be posted here in a few days time (I'm away from base at the moment). I did find time to add JH Bettinson 3Y (C10) to the 1958 Junior School photo. Thanks, Ian.

2 September 2008: John Pidgeon (1958-65) has identified some more faces in the 1960 Senior School photo: PR (Pete) Briggs 5UA (G08 tentative), DM (David) Wilcox 6S2 (C05), C (Colin) Weston 5UA (F07), PJ (Pete) Capell 5X (B64 definite). Thanks, John.

1 September 2008: Peter King (1956-62) has sent a long list of names in the 1958 Junior School photo - BL (Brian) Fair 3A (A20), AW Backhouse 3A (A22), JJ Ellerton 3A (A24), LG (Lionel) Friend 3A (B31 confirmed), CB (Colin) Taylor 3A (B33), MW Clarke 3A (E43), IJ (Ian) Morris 3A (F24), SCV Gibson 3A (F26), WS McCracken 3A (F30), RT (Ron) Carwardine 3A (F32), AW (Alan) Dingle 3A (F33), PA (Peter) King 3A (F35), P (Pat) Hall 3A (F36), RD (Robin) King 3A (F37), VK Child 3A (F38), DH (Doug) Meek 3A (F39), RB (Roger?) Clark 3A (F41), AD (Andy) Lawson 3X (C27), RM (Tony) Dron 3X (C39), BJ (Brian) Rumble 3X (D25). Thanks, Peter.

30 August 2008: Greg Griffiths (1963-68) has written in with identifications in the 1967 Senior School photo. He confirms CM (Fred) Feek 6B2 at D25, plus DJO (Dave) Caffall 6B2 (D24) and himself, G (Greg) Griffiths 6B2, at D64. Thanks, Greg.

25 August 2008: Martin King spent a rainy Bank Holiday identifying the following. In the 1958 Senior School photo: GK Balfry 5US (H07), PB Newitt 5US (H08), ME (Michael) Ashburner? 5US (H06), KG Sansom 5Y (F08), RB Hosier 5Y (F10), RP Browne 5US (H21), NH (Norman) Freeman 5Y (F26), AA Perfect 5A (F44), DP May 6S2 (H72), JL Currel 6S2 (H73), C Swain 5A (F72). In the 1960 Senior School photo: RP Browne 6S2 (C02), C Swain 6M1 (H30). From the 1962 Senior School photo: C Swain 6M3 (C08), TM Davis 6S2 (H25). My thanks to Martin.

4 August 2008 (note: corrected on 8 August to show the correct identifiers): Mike Wadsworth (RGS 1953-60, now a university prof) wrote in with some identifications from the 1958 Senior School photo: RI Rothwell 5US (E04), PP (Peter) Icke 5US (E06), RFS (Roger) Vere 5UA (H09), Mr D W (Derek) Broadbridge (C10), RA (Richard) Higgins 6C2 (E22), GR (Geoff) Packman 5UA (H15), DJ (David) Newell 5US (H16), NH (Nigel) Lodge 5UA (H23), MEJ (Michael) Wadsworth 5UA (H26), CJ (Colin) Russell 5UA (G37), DM (David) Stevens 5UA (H39), MG (Michael) Swift 6M2 (J23), JC (Joe) Ashford 6S1 (E47), CE (Christopher) Bristow 5U Shell (E64), RPC Farrell 5X (F69). Thanks, Mike.

28 July 2008: John Gunning wrote in to confirm the identity of C25 in the 1964 Senior School photo as MH (Henry) Collins of 6T1. He also suggests (tentatively) that MH Collins can be found at B78 in the 1962 Senior School photo, when he was in 4X. Thanks, John.

22 July 2008: Peter Sharp (1960-66) wrote in to identify himself, his twin brother and some contemporaries in the 1962 Junior School photo. Here are names: PG (Peter) Sharp 3SA (F38), CD (Chris) Royffe 3SA (G38), DI (David) Clark 3SA (G44), VSR (Vincent, Sam) Wren 3SA (G32), RL (Ray) Szybiak 3A (E25), RM (Richard) Sharp 3A (E03), JR (John) Skinner 3A (E04) and M (Martin) Sansom 3A (E07). Thanks, Peter.

10 July 2008: Like so many before him, Peter Davies (1963-70) stumbled on the website by accident and came across some faces he hadn't seen in 40-odd years. He doesn't tell me whether he found this a positive or negative experience... In the 1967 Senior School photo, Peter was able to confirm Neil ("Nellie") Smith 6M1 at G65. He then went on to provide the forenames of a number of others who had already been identified, as follows: Les Thorne (A04), Graham Wolstenholme (A24), David Pugsley (A34), Philip Aldersley (A35), Sidney Wright (A45), Adrian Gee (A49), Mrs Jane McVey (B49), Chris Woodbridge (E29), Jeremy Luty (G60). He had a tentative stab at identifying two others: he recalls the face at A38 and thinks it could be GD (Graham) Singleton 5Y. And A45 might be ASJ (Tony) Ilott 5S (although he is standing between two chaps from 5T). Finally, here is Peter's teaser (to which I do not know the answer): "do you remember that a bra was attached to the school clock one half term in 1965 or 1966? If so, I know who did it! (And, as it happens, whose bra it was!)". I don't recall bras being standard wear for RGS boys (except perhaps during G&S operatic performances) - so perhaps it belonged to one of the masters?! I do hope Peter enlightens us in due course. Thanks, Peter.

4 July 2008: Roy Hulbert has some more names from the 1960 Senior School photo: confirmed are Paddy Hamilton-Eddy 6C1 (C03), AJ ("Mont") Merrell 6S2 (E19) and JHJ (John) Laundon 5US (G72). New names are MB (Mick) Coles 6M1 (H14), AJ (Alan) Tuffs 6M1 (G58), PAJ (Pete) Findlay 6M1 (G60), A (Andy) Stewart 6M1 (G61). Thanks, Roy.

2 July 2008: Roy Hulbert (1955-62) was 'wasting time on the net' and was surprised to find that he had been 'fingered' by Paddy Hamilton-Eddy in the 1962 Senior School photo. Suitably chastened, he proceeded to 'shop' three of his contemporaries. In the 1962 Senior School photo: AJ ("Olly") Davis 6S3 (D77); and in the 1958 Senior School photo: AJ Davis 4X (B37), AJ ("Mont") Morrell 5X (B08) and BM (Bryan) Williams 5X (B10). Thanks for that. Roy says that he "looks forward to hearing from anyone who would admit to knowing me!".

28 June 2008: DC (Chris) Crew wrote in to identify himself as E33 in the 1958 Junior School photo. Thanks, Chris.

16 June 2008: Robin Stibbon (1964-69) writes in with a couple of identities in the 1967 Senior School photo: A Boreham 6T2 (G19, tentatively) and confirmation that F23 is Cliff (rather than Chris) Marsh 6E. Thanks, Robin.

16 June 2008: Bob Barlow has some amendments, confirmations and additions to the 1962 Senior School photo: F19 is DH (David) Goldsmith of 5US, not C Mayers (of the same form); F78 is definitely FA Jones 5UA; E11 is definitely S Breed 5Y; new names - KM Whitelock 5Y (B01), CR Eastman 5UA (B28). Bob is fairly sure that J Bovingdon 5UA, DJ Stubbs 6M1 (later a teacher at the school), MDH Priestley 6M2 and AF Lacey 5A are not to be found in the photo despite being listed as being at the school during 1961/62. He also queries the absence of Roger Scruton. He was in 6S4 in 1961/62 and I suspect had left the school by the time the photo was taken. Bob has also found some new names in the 1960 Senior School photo: N (Norman) Birkitt 4S (D24), DA Lincoln 4S (D27), RJ Austin 4S (A55), K (Keith) Fensom 4A (A58), CR Eastman 4Y (E86). Thanks, Bob.

11 June 2008: Dave Mills has made the following identifications in the 1964 Middle School photo: I Merchant 4SB (A02), V Bhatnagar 4SB (B09), G Mathieson 4SB (A08), AC Scarlett 4SB (B17), DL Wyatt 4SB (B19), RM (Roger) Eley 4SB (A15), P Hannant 4SB (B25), MJ (Martin) Preston 4SB (A23), DF Hunt 4SB (A25), SJ Hedges 4SB (A36), CG Lawson? 4SA (B48), VD (Vivian) Snell 4Y (A41), D Ibbitson 4SA (B52), MT (Martin) Coysh 4SB (G75), TS (Tim) Wills 4SB (H74). Thanks, Dave.

9 June 2008: Dave Mills wrote in to identify some more people from the 1962 Junior School photo. They are DC (Dave) Mills 2C (G24), PD Hannant 2D (G26), SJ Clark 2A (F33), RT (Ned) Falconer 2D (D19), KC McClean 2C (D13 confirmed), NJ Gilson 3Y (E33), JR Wheel 2A (F36 confirmed), SJ Hedges 2C (D10 confirmed), I Merchant 2C (D09 confirmed), MR Montgomerie 2C (A10 confirmed), PL Pete) Hudson 2C (A05). Thanks, Dave.

5 June 2008: some more names from 4X identified by Patrick Hamilton-Eddy in the 1958 Senior School photo: BW Ford 4X (B49), BM Rolfe 4X (B54), PJ Funnell 4X (tentatively, B53), and he confirms other 4X-ers Roy Hulbert (B45), Geoff Palmer (B63) and Bob Trick (D58). From other forms: PCR (Peter) Hudson 5X (D42), BAJ (Barry) Quirke 6S1 (E61), C (Colin) Weston 4A (A48). Thanks, again, to Patrick.

5 June 2008: Patrick Hamilton-Eddy (1957-63) has written in with more names for the 1958 Senior School photo. They are: A (Andy) Stewart 4X (A01), PD (Patrick) Hamilton-Eddy 4X (D01), AH Day 5Y (F19), RFJ (Ray) Quirke 5UA (G48), CL (Chris) Dupond 4X (B41), DA (David) Hamilton-Eddy 5UA (G50), PJC Clark 4X (B44), AJ Tuffs 4X (B46), SC Tomes 4X (B50), PS Cockerham 4X (B51), WRJ Chorley 4X (B55), RR Shoosmith 4X (B57). Many thanks, Patrick.

4 June 2008: my former form-mate Trevor Toms (1963-69) wrote me a most interesting email about schooldays. Confirming that his brother Stuart (1961-68) is at A4 in section 1 of the 1962 Junior School photo, he told me that Stuart went on to become a guitar maker and has played guitar and other instruments in various bands. Trevor himself has long played in a band with fellow OW Adrian Broadway (1962-69). If you click here, you can watch them perform with the Ian English Boodlum Band - Trevor is the guitarist and ukulele player, while Adrian is the bass player / phono-fiddle / ventriloquist dummy operator. Highly recommended - they are a very accomplished outfit.

4 June 2008: C49 in section 6 of the 1964 Senior/Sixth Form photo is Lewis John Stephen Cox (better known as Steve), 6S1. I have that on the good authority of his wife Stephanie. Steve and Stephanie have three sons who also went to the RGS. Thanks for turning in your old man, Stephanie.

4 June 2008: Michael Saunders, who kindly lent me the 1962 Junior School photo, has now contributed this very long list of identifications in it: WG Barnett 2A (G05 confirmed), K Ashby 2B (D05), KJ Hoing 2B (A02), CH (Chris) Bridger 2C (B01), D Dixon 2C (D02 confirmed), PR (Peter) Spratley 2C (B02), SE (Stuart) Toms 2C (A04 confirmed), AC Collins 2D (A07), CA (Colin) Weyer 2D (A06), AD (Andrew) Hamlyn 2E (B06), PJ (Peter) Mayles 2E (C03), JB (John) Morton 2E (C07), BG (Bruce) Wood 2E (C01 confirmed), PG (Paul) Nicholls 3SB (F16), KJV (Kevin) Butler 2B (D06), RM (Roger) Eley 2D (A08 confirmed), JP (John) Quartermaine 2D (A12), JG (Jonathan) Berks 2E (B14 confirmed), TF Edmonds 2E (B12), GR (Graham) Fletcher 2E (B10), TF (Terry) Dean 2E (B09 confirmed), PF (Peter) Lambert 2C (A17), PJ Tappin 2D (A13), JB Smith 2B (G20), JM Brownrigg 2E (B17), BM (Barry) Gwynnett 2E (B20), AJ Kirkpatrick 2E (B22), RD Spear 2E (B23), AL (Alan) Worley 2E (B18), CJ (Chris) Young 2D (A15), BP (Brian) Llewellyn 2B (G19), RP Wills 2C (A19), DL Wyatt 2C (A20), DJO Caffall 2E (B26), SP Mackee 2E (B27), RP Fletcher 3Y (A29), KJ (Kenny) McIntosh 2A (G47), MP Turvey 2A (G53), CM Feek 2B (D17 confirmed), TWG (Tim) Bartlett 2D (D14), NMS (Neil) Hedgeland 2D (A34), SJ (Simon) Owen 2D (A33), DPH (Duncan) Laxen 2A (G46), RJ (Richard) Harris 2B (G61), AR (Alan) Hood 2B (D23 confirmed), RW Abercrombie 2C (A40), JA Dixon 2C (A37), CS (Chris) Smith 2C (A39), GM Stephenson 2C (D26), A (Adrian) Kitchingham 2D (A41) ... Michael refers to the following as "not definites, though in most cases I am fairly sure": TC (Tim) Rivett-Carnac 2A (G01), TR Munden 2A (G07), RH Leighton 2B (G09), D Rance 2B (B03), KR Jones 2E (C04), RM Pearce 2E (B08), G (Geoff) Carter 2B (G15), CW Emery 2B (D07), SJ Hedges 2C (D10), I Merchant 2C (D08), MR Montgomerie 2C (A10), MT Coysh 2D (G11), BRA Debnam 2D (G14), CP Gilson 2D (G13), PG Jones 2D (G10), AC Scarlett 2D (G12), AJ Weiss 2D (D12), PJ Williams (2E) (B11), AT Eckford 2B (G22), JW Muckley 2D (A16), JM (John) Reitz 2A (F30), CJ Castles 2B (G27), D Holmes 2B (A21), BJO (Brian) Kerr 2B(?) (G28), JR Wheel 2A (F36), KC McClean 2C (D13), LJ (Len) Redican 2A (G52), RJ (Rick) Waller 2A (G48), TG Cowell 2C (A35), RA Highfield 2C (D21), RJ Pells 2C (D16), AJ Glynn 3Y (B42), MG Miles 2A (G55), MF Wakefield 2C (A38), DF Hunt 2D (G60). Many thanks to Mike for this compilation of names (and feat of memory).

4 June 2008: Julian Killingley (elder brother of Jonathan, who has contributed names previously) writes in to identify the following: BJB (Bryan) Fox 6C1 (B57) and HJ (Joey) Weiss 6S1 (C63) in the 1964 senior (sixth form) photo. Thanks, Julian. I have also found Bryan Fox in the 1962 Senior photo - D150 in section 9.

2 June 2008: In the 1962 Junior School photo, Peter Colley has identified his twin brother John Colley 3A (B07), JM (Mervyn) Darville 3A (F07), NRM (Nick) Thorne 3A (E16), and BG (Bruce) Wood 2E (C01 - possibly). Thanks, Peter.

2 June 2008: Nick Avery has identified DA Lincoln 5US (F08 in the 1962 Senior School photo). Thanks, Nick.

2 June 2008: With some help from Graham Smith (for which many thanks), I have been able to replace Section 1 of the 1962 Junior School photo with a new scan - all faces are now fully visible.

2 June 2008: More names for the 1958 Senior School photo from Chris Antill: JB (John) Hume 4X (B43) and MG Cresswell 4A (A37). Thanks, Chris.

2 June 2008: I have added a photo of 2E in 1963/64, plus a few memories of being a new boy that year.

2 June 2008: Some more names in the 1964 Middle School photo from David Gostlow. Once again, they are all from form 5US: Tim Widdess (H63), BA (Barry) Hills (H62), RI (Roger) Servantes (E52, confirmed), BM (Barry) Phillips (E42), DF (Dave) Rose (G65), RF (Russell) Houchin (H60, confirmed), DJ (David) Bedwell (E59 - tentative), JD Francis (G67 - tentative). Thanks again, David.

2 June 2008: John Pidgeon tells me that E31 in the 1962 Junior School photo is RJ (Bob) Hosea 3Y. Thanks, John.

2 June 2008: David Gostlow has written to identify some people in the 1964 Middle School photo. All were in form 5US: himself (E37), RC (Bob) Curnow (E36), PF (Paul) Waller (G68), GM (Geoff) Smith (H66), PJ (Pete) Emery (E51), PG (Pete) Marsh (H68). David wrote to me previously in 2005 to say that he lives in Western Australia and his brother Terry Gostlow in South Australia. He visited the school for the first time in 40 years in 2004. Thanks, David.

2 June 2008: Chris Antill has identified C14 in the 1958 Senior School photo as Mr M (Mick) Bridges, who was a physics master at the school from 1956 until he left in 1959 to become head of physics at Hereford School. He also remembers an Australian teacher on secondment for one year teaching History and geography and thinks he is at C53 in the photo. That would be Mr L E Lesser, B.A. (Melbourne), who joined the school in 1957 and went back to Wesley College, Melbourne, in 1958 after a year's stay. Thanks, Chris.
   By process of elimination, that just leaves two masters unidentified in the 1958 photo, ref. nos. C10 (section 2) and C38 (Section 8), and two names on the staff list unaccounted for - Rev. JE Simpson and Mr DW Broadbridge. Would anyone like to hazard an identification?

1 June 2008: Gareth Davies (1959-66) has written in (from Mylor, South Australia) to fill in some blanks on the 1964 Middle School Photo (starting from Section 5): himself 5UY (E35), NM Souter 5UA (E57), AM Dormer 5UA (E53), PJ Leslie 5UA (G72), MB Freeman 5UA (G71), DK Cave 5UA (E61), MB (Michael) Foskett 5UA (E64). Thanks, Gareth.

1 June 2008: Chris Antill has some names for the 1958 Senior School photo: DC Hall 4S (A15), PG Ayres 4S (A16), KR (Kevin) Pugsley 4S (A17), APR (Paddy) Coates 4S (A22) and confirms RW Harding 4S at A29. Chris tells me his own nickname at school was "Scant" or in later years "Uncle" or "Unk". Thanks, Chris. And some more from 1958, added later: RO Searle 4S (A19), AJ (Alan) Oxley 5Y (F15), KJ (Ken) Rennie 5Y (F16), M Wynyard-Wright 4S (B61). Chris tentatively identifies the following: RR (Bob) Trick? 4X (D58), RG Hulbert? 4X (B45), BHJB Cronin? 4S (D59), AS (Adam) Platt? 4S (B58).

1 June 2008: A new photo posted today - the 1962 Junior School Photo, kindly lent to me for scanning by Michael Saunders. The first section is slightly damaged, causing a few faces to be obscured, but I am hoping to have a replacement for it in due course. The photo shows the first two years of the school (the new intake for 1960/61 and 1961/62) plus some prefects (who joined the school as early as 1953) and masters. I have identified a few faces - your additions warmly welcomed.

30 May 2008: Ian Harris (1963-65) wrote in to identify himself in the 1964 junior photo (at A30). Ian emigrated to New Zealand in December 1965 with his family. He tells me he had lunch today in Wellington NZ with Alex Gray - who is at E64 in section 8 of the same photo! He also keeps in touch with Jeff Lord (C55 of section 8) and meets up with him when he travels to the UK. Ian is the final member of 2A from 1963/64 to be identified in the photo. Coincidentally, Trevor Toms (see below) was also in 2A that year and their emails arrived within a couple of hours of each other (spooky).

30 May 2008: thanks to Graham Smith for identifying the following people in the 1964 middle school photo: he confirms Peter Lambert (D04), JB (Jeff) Smith (B14), Larry Jenkins (A09), Stephen Clark (B24), Chris Young (A35) and Alan Hood (A51). He also tentatively identifies TG Cowell 4Y (A40), DR Trent 4Y (A49), G Griffiths 4Y (A50), BRA Debnam 4Y (A18), TM Parr 4Y (B13), CP Gilson 4Y (B12), CJ Castles 4SA (B35). Graham also relates this RGS anecdote: "Finally, a memory of Chris Young that came to me while doing this. We were having English with 'Min' Hills and reading Chaucer out in class. Min was striving for a good Chaucerian accent. Before class Chris told us he was going to volunteer and then use an Irish accent as a joke. He did so, and we hid our hysterics behind books, desk lids etc. At the end of the passage, to our and Chris’s astonishment,  Min congratulated Chris on the best Chaucerian accent he had heard for ages."

30 May 2008: Trevor Toms, an old classmate of mine in the mid-1960s, wrote in to identify CH (Chris) Dainty 6M1 (G52) and FC (Fred) Duckworth 6T1 (F63) in the 1967 senior photo. Thanks, Trevor.

30 May 2008: John Grobelny has added another name to those identified from 5SB in the 1964 Middle School photo: JK (John) Laurie (G41). Thanks, John.

28 May 2008: John Grobelny has contributed some names, all of people in 5SB in the 1964 Middle School photo (sections 6 and 7). The names are: John S Grobelny (G49), Richard? Bilbo (G50), SG Barber (G52), NR Fish (G55), Eric Rush? (G56), Keith Darvill (G58), Andrew Fayle (G60) and MJ Beattie (G61). Thanks, John. Thanks are due also to Graham Smith, who has confirmed his own identity in section 4 of the same photo (at A22).

19 May 2008: Ken Wrench has contributed a name from 1958 Senior School photo - VW (Vaughan) Punton 5US (H33) - plus a number of other first names which I have now included on the photos (and others which I will use when the various people have been identified). Thanks, Ken.

19 May 2008: Yet more names from Martin King for the 1958 Senior School photo: RH Coward 4S (A11), AR Hope 4S (A12), RG Saunders 4S (A14), IA Johnston 4Z (B21), DA Payne 4S (A23), DE Peters 4S (A30), GRJ (Graham) Dorsett 4A (A44), HF Wheate 4A (A49), A Lawrence 4A (A51), NS Hailstone 4S (B59), P Bowler 4S (B60), R Haslam 4S (B62), AS Peck 4X (A02), SA Leader 6S1 (J50), SM Bird 5Shell (H02), PJ (Paul, "Biffa") Hewett 4Y (F75). And the 1960 Senior School photo: CA Fair 5UA (E02), MP Holland 5US (G11), JF O'Reilly 5UZ (G18), TM Davis 5UZ (F22), IA Johnston 5UZ (G29), SM Bird 6M1 (H15), PM Rutter 5UZ (E04). Thanks, Martin.

19 May 2008: Martin King has a few more names for the 1958 Senior School photo: MP Holland 4S (B16), AP Dinsdale 4S (A24), CB (Chris) Antill 4S (A28), NJ Whitby 4A (C66), TM Davis 4Z (D52?), JF O'Reilly 4Z (D55), PM Rutter 4Z (D56?). Thanks, Martin.

16 May 2008: Ken Wrench (1953-60) wrote in to confirm Peter Wilson's earlier tentative identification of Ken's friend RA (Sandy) Chapman in the 1958 Senior School photo (at H57) and the 1960 Senior School photo (at E30). Thanks, Ken.

15 May 2008: Patrick Hamilton-Eddy has further identified RG (Roy) Hulbert 6M3 at G65 in the 1962 Senior School photo. Thanks, Patrick.

14 May 2008: I contacted Gregory Walker to see if he could identify some people from his era. He produced a very long list and here they are. From the 1958 Senior School photo: JM (John) Davies 4X (A05), RL (Bob) Smyth 4X (A08), CL (Colin?) Day 4X (A58), IR Butson 5Shell (B03), DR (David) Cox 5X (B15), Mr A L "Nick" Nicholas (C55 confirmed), NJ (Norman) Blaby 6M4 (C57), GF (Graham) Smith 5UA (E07), BA (Brian) Barratt 5UA (E08), KR (Andrew?) Puddephatt 6M1 (E09), JNB (Jim) Sparks 6M1 (E10), GPM (Gregory) Walker 6M1 (E11), PE (Philip, "Clays") Sleigh 6C1 (E18), E (Eric) Smith 6M1 (E27), P (Peter) Read 6M3 (E33), IM (Ian) Tomes 6S2 (E43), RG (Roger) Hollingworth 6S1 (E48 confirmed), JE (John) Camp 5X (F43 confirmed), JH Dawes 5A (F73 confirmed - son of the music master), DE Rubery 5US (G35), PT (Patrick Thurstan) Tomes 5US (G40), T (Trevor) Taylor 5UA (H04), PM (Philip) Dronfield 6M1 (H11), JR ("Judy") Garland 6M1 (H13), JFR (Jeremy) Janes 6M1 (J07 - not H21 as previously suggested), PJ (Peter) Yates 5UA (H28), JP (John) Baker 6S1 (H48), KJV Wrench 6S1 (H58), EAW (Edward, "Min") Maunder 6S1 (H59), R (Robert) Simmons 6S1 (H63), PJ (Peter) Wilson 6S1 (H64), AJ (Angus) Paine 6S1 (H65), RM (Richard) Pearson 6S1 (H66), PG Shoosmith 5US (J02), AT (Sandy) Stenhouse 6M1 (J04), AE (Alan) Weston 6M1 (J05), JM Hodder 6M1 (J06), B (Bernard, "Boris") Parslow 6M1 (J08), DP (Peter) Davies 6M1 (J27), RH (Roger) Hedley 6M1 (J28), DG (David) Ashby 6M2 (J31 - became an MP), CD (Chris) Waller 6M1 (J33), DA (David) King 6S2 (J55), MR (Michael) Pattinson 6S1 (J67, son of Mr R Pattinson). From the 1958 Junior School photo: DG (Dominic) Walker 2D (C03, Gregory's brother). From the 1960 Senior School photo: JFR (Jeremy) Janes 6M3 (E54, not C02), Herr Steinmeyer (German assistant) (C58), Monsieur C Dreux (French assistant) (C59), DP (Peter) Davies 6M3 (C66), PM (Philip) Dronfield 6M3 (E29), PE (Philip, "Clays") Sleigh 6C3 (E31), B (Bernard, "Boris") Parslow 6M3 (E33), GPM (Gregory) Walker 6M3 (E34), RG (Roger) Hollingworth 6S3 (E44 confirmed), JM Hodder 6M3 (E50), DA (David) Hamilton-Eddy 6M2 (E53), JFR (Jeremy) Janes 6M3 (E54), PJ (Peter) Wilson 6S3 (E55), EAW (Edward, "Min") Maunder 6S3 (E56), R (Robert) Simmons 6S2 (E71), PG Shoosmith? 6S2 (E74), RM (Richard) Pearson 6B3 (F77), AE (Alan) Weston 6M2 (H35), RW (Robin) Hammett 6M2 (H38), DR (David) Cox 6M2 (H39), KJV Wrench 6S3 (H78). Thanks, Gregory.

14 May 2008: I also contacted Peter Wilson and he very kindly gave in to my gentle persuasion to provide the following names. From the 1958 Senior School photo: PJ (Peter) Wilson 6S1 (H64), GPM (Gregory) Walker 6M1 (E11), WR (Dick) Waller 6S1 (J43?), JP Baker 6S1 (H48), RA Chapman 6S1 (H57?), EAW (Edward) Maunder 6S1 (H59), PJ (Peter) Mayo 6S1 (J65), MR (Michael) Pattinson 6S1 (J67), R Simmons 6S1 (H63?), J Boddy 6S1 (J73). From the 1960 Senior School photo: PJ (Peter) Wilson 6S3 (E55), RJ (Robin) Wilson 4X (D75) (Peter and Robin are sons of Mrs D Wilson who taught at the school), DP (Peter) Davies 6M3 (C66), EAW (Edward) Maunder 6S3 (E56), PJ (Peter) Mayo 6S3 (E45), RA Chapman 6S3 (E30?), GPM (Gregory) Walker 6M3 (E34), J Boddy 6S3 (E49?), PM (Philip) Dronfield 6M3 (E29?). Thanks, Peter.

14 May 2008: Patrick Hamilton-Eddy (1957-62) has written to confirm his own identity in the 1962 Senior School photo - PD Hamilton-Eddy 6C3 (H38) - and also identify BW Ford 6M3 (G77). Thanks, Patrick.

13 May 2008: Graham Cunnold has now identified himself and John Barrett in the 1960 senior photo: GH (Graham) Cunnold 6S2 (E62), JE (John) Barrett 6S1 (E63). And, a correction to the previous entry - GH (Graham) Cunnold 5X (F46), JE Barrett 5A (F45).

12 May 2008: Graham Cunnold has identified the following three people in the 1958 senior school photo: himself 5X (F46), JE Barrett 5A (F45) and MG Smith 5X (F42). Thanks, Graham.

8 May 2008: Michael Painting has written in to confirm that it is indeed him at D32 in the 1964 junior school photo. He has also identified Derek (DP) Parsons (3SB) at C10 and Michael (MH) Whittaker (3SB) at C11 in the same photo. He passes on the news that he saw Neil ("Fenners") Cooper and his wife Clare only three days ago and that they were in "rude good health". That's very good to know - Fenners was one of my favourite RGS masters. Thanks for the info, Michael.

7 May 2008: Thanks to Bob Davies who has a go at identifying D36 in the 1964 junior school photo. He thinks he was called Wilson. Unfortunately we have two unidentified Wilsons from that time who were both in 2C - KA Wilson and SRK Wilson. I've a feeling it was SRK Wilson who left around 1966/7 (whereas KA Wilson doesn't appear in the 1964 Grey Book so he may even have left before the April 1964 photo was taken).

30 April 2008: Martin King (who kindly lent me the photo) has identified the following in the 1958 senior school photo (where the identification is tentative, I have placed a question mark): Mr DCF Edginton? (C29), DR Walker 4X (A06), RE Elias 4X (A04), RV Scruton 5X (B06), AD Warren 4Y (D10), MW King 4Y (D02), SF Young 4Y (D03), IP Marsden 4Y (D04), PJ Quinn 4Y (D05), PF Mayes 4Y (D06), TR Cann 4Y (D07), MJ Clegg 4Y (D08), A Dunn 5Y (F02), JN Fowler 5Y (F03), RA Keeley 5US (J03), PJ Dean 6S3 (C08), PT Seaton 4S (A10), JA Piercy 4S (A13), L Macready 4X (A09), DJ Maysey 4Y (D11), DR King 4Y (D12), EH Janes 4Y (D13), P Coyne 4Y (D14), RJ Puddephatt 4Y (D15), JM Rees 4Y (D16), RG Beavis 4S (A21), BJ Brindley 4Z (B17), CJ Walker 4Z (B20), IM Macwhinnie? 4Z (B23), RK Barrett 4Z (B24), RM Layton 4Y (D26), AG Roman 4Y (D27), DSH Bedford 4S (A25), JM Barlow 4S (A26), JHJ Laundon 4S (A27), PG Uppard 4Z (B25), PJA Snowden 4Y (B26), JE Steward 4Y (B27), JM Baxter 4Y (B28), BA Fell 4Y (B29), PG Davies 4Y (B30), CP Brown 4Y (B31), JN Clare 4S (A31), RH Leech 4Y (B32), DW Collins 4Y (B33), BH Hart 4Y (B34), KD Hunt 4Y (B35), RJ Collett 6C3 (E42), SH Tyson 4A (A36), RM Moore 4A (A38), CA Fair 4A (A39), DKP Hazell 4A (A40), DCJ Pallett 4X (B36), DW Lovegrove 4X (B38), DS Culley 4X (B39), EA Speight 4X (B40), MB Yallop 4A (A43), RJ Tranter 4A (A45), P Rogers 4A (A47), IR Dury 5A (D35), JS Moseley 4A (A50), JL Evans 4A (A53), RF Cooper 4X (B52), REM Hedges 4X (B56), JRH Herring 6S1 (J68), MR Horrex 4A (A54), MDH Priestley 4A (A56), CR Durham 4X (B64), PJ Hewett 4Y (F75), JF Blakesley 4Z (F76), MSF Bird 4Y (H77), PE Woodend 4Y (J76). A long list! Thanks very much, Martin.

29 April 2008: The 1958 senior school photo is now available to browse. Just the masters and a few others filled in so far. The timing is appropriate as it is exactly 50 years since the photo was taken.

29 April 2008: "At Last! The 1958 Show!"... not to mention the 1962 show. In today's post I received not one but two more school photos - the 1958 seniors (sent by Martin King) and the 1962 juniors (sent by Michael Saunders). I'll be posting them here once I've scanned and prepared them for the web. Many thanks to Martin and Michael for lending them to me.

29 April 2008: Chris Williams has some more names for the 1964 sixth form photo: RT Carwardine 6S3 (D14), MJ (Mick) O'Hanlon 6S3 (B28), RJ Seymour 6S3 (B44), BM Luscombe? 6B2 (D66) and MH (Malcolm) Anderson 6S3 (B25 confirmed). Thanks, Chris.

28 April 2008: On the 1964 sixth form photo, Nigel Melsom confirms JR (Jerry) Knight 6S2 at D57 and identifies AJ (Alistair) Knox 6S2 (D61), SC (Steven) Charlton 6S2 (D65) and himself, ND (Nigel) Melsom 6T2 (D31). Thanks, Nigel.

28 April 2008: I've started putting up rugby photos previously supplied by Jon Killingley and also one just sent by John Jeskins. The photos are of the 1962/63 3rd XV, the 1965/66 1st XV and the 1966/67 1st XV. John Jeskins has also identified the following from the 1962 senior photo (question marks where identifications are tentative): PA German? 6S1 (D23), A McGlashan? 6S1 (D20), RP Ayres 6M1 (H29), RW Gravestock 6S1 (D67), MJ Gibb 6B1 (D69), PS Cockerham? 6M3 (D78), DJ (Dennis) Hawes 5SB (E68). John has identified the following in the 1960 senior photo: GB Mills? 5Y (B12), WD (Willy) Warde 6S2 (E27), TPK Owen? 4S (D31). Thanks to John and Jon. I have a couple more rugby photos to put up. Will do so very soon.

28 April 2008: John Jeskins has identified the last few faces in the 1961/62 rugby 3rd team photo. And John Dunsterville has identified D18 in the 1964 sixth form photo as Andy Green. Thanks to the two Johns.

27 April 2008: Jon Killingley has sent me some photos of rugby teams between 1961 and 1964 which I'm going to put up here over the next few days. The first one up is the 1961 under-13s photo. I've identified a few people - can readers supply me with more names?

25 April 2008: Michael Yorke has contributed some more names of people in the 1964 sixth form photo: AG Brill 6M1 (E02), DM (David) Rea 6M1 (E10), GP (Geoffrey) Handley 6M1 (E11), AJ Tilling 6M1 (E22), PJ Hoskings 6T2 (D22), TR (Tim) Pring 6T2 (D24), AJH (Andrew) Wands 6M1 (E32), DCD (David) Young 6M2 (B29), LJ (Les, Larry) Pryce 6M2 (E35), HG ('Bean') Hardman 6M2 (E39), MR Snodin 6M2 (E41), AJ Bradley 6M2 (B37), MJ (Martin) Perfect 6M2 (E49), AD (Anthony) Homer 6S2 (D46), RM Overall 6M3 (B43), P (Peter) Booth 6M2 (E59), EA (Ed) Thomson 6M2 (B54), GZD (George) Swierczynski 6M2 (E61), RW Bush 6M2 (E62), GL (Graham) Pidoux 6M2 (E66), RM Cowan 6M2 (E67), M (Martin) Vickers 6M2 (B65), NJ (Nick) Roberts 6M2 (B66), HH Griffiths 6M2 (B59). Finally, Michael thinks E01 was called Jones - there are two candidates: RM Jones 6M2 or P Jones 6S1 - any offers? Thanks to Michael for this long list.

25 April 2008: John Pidgeon has had the first stab at identifying people in the 1964 sixth form photo. His finds: himself (that's WJG Pidgeon 6M2) at E56, PRG (Pete) Clark 6M3 (E57), RW Douglas 6S1 (C70), SCR (Sid) Goulborn 6M2 (E42), SP (Simon) Hall 6M1 (E33), MAC (Malcolm) Priestley 6T1 (C37), AHM (Alan) Schmidt 6M2 (B52 - waving to the camera!), DG (Dominic) Walker 6M2 (B53), DRG ('Durg') Weeks 6M2 (E36), M (Mike) Widdess 6S2 (D40), MRD (Michael) Yorke 6M2 (E38). Tentative identification: AD Male 6S1 (C55). Many thanks, John.

24 April 2008: We now have a new photo to look at: the 1964 sixth form photo. I am very grateful to Chris Williams for getting it scanned and sending it to me. I've filled in a few names but there are many more to find. Good hunting...

24 April 2008: The set of scans for the 1963 Grey Book has been extended to include the alphabetical list of pupils. This is in readiness for the last piece of the 1963/64 jigsaw - the sixth form photo - which will be going up here as soon as I can prepare the webpages for it. The 1964 sixth form photo scan was sent to me by Chris Williams - many thanks to him.

21 April 2008: In the 1958 junior school photo, Philip Muller has identified DW (Derek) Holloman 6S3 (B26). Thanks again, Philip.

17 April 2008: OW newsletter editor Ian Clark very kindly put me in touch with Philip Muller (1952-59) who had a letter published in the March 2008 issue of the OW newsletter. Philip confirms that he is B12 in the 1958 junior school photo (there were a number of prefects amongst the juniors) and that the person to his left (B13) is RJ (Roger) Collett 6C3. My thanks to Ian and Philip.

17 April 2008: Tony Wood has had a look at the 1962 school photo and found the following: NH (Norman) Freeman 6B3 (H20), KG (Keith) Sansom 6S3 (H19), RG Thomas 6M2 (H08), IK Cocking 6S3 (H21) and a tentative identification of JM Peach 6S3 (H26). Thanks again, Tony.

16 April 2008: I've decided to 'unidentify' a couple of people in section 1 of the 1962 senior photo. Originally I thought C01 was TE Chandler 6C4 but on reflection I don't think it's him. It might be RT Summerton 6S2 based on a resemblance to G69 in the 1960 senior photo and a cast photo of the 1961 Gondoliers. And I no longer think C08 in the 1962 photo looks like BN Buckley 6C4 and have left him as unidentified. Can anyone shed any light?

16 April 2008: More names in the 1960 photo from Tony Wood: JC (John) Bowman 6S1 (H47), WRJ Chorley 6S1 (G63), IK Cocking 6S1 (H69), PIF ("Pif") Thomas 6S1 (E61), DA ("Goose") Walker 6S1 (E60), MG (Mick) Welch 6S1 (E59), GE Wingrove 6S1 (G56), RA French 6S2 (E22), RD Smith 6S2 (E52), NC ("Gravy") Gravette 6S3 (E48), AE Dingle 6M1 (H26), AG Lane 6S2 (E20), DH Nicholls 6S3 (C10), RG Thomas 5UZ (F21), BD Downing 5UZ (G34), CD Wagstaff 5Y (F46), WR Waller 6S3 (C65). Tony makes tentative identifications of the following: PD Bowen 6M1 (H10), BA Torrens-Burton 6M2 (H17), JM Peach 6S1 (E72), RP Williams 6S1 (H49), AH Day 6M1 (G49), and he confirms JD Seale 6S1 (H22) and R Haslam 5US (G70). Many thanks, Tony.

16 April 2008: Tony Wood (1954-61) has identified the following in the 1960 photo: NH Freeman 6B1 (H72), RB Hosier 6S1 (H73) and himself, AC (Tony) Wood 6S1 (H75). Thanks, Tony.

14 April 2008: Chris (CK) Williams (1959-64) has identified some people in three of the photos. In the 1962 Senior photo, he confirms SE Hamilton Eddy 6M1 (H01) and PM Wood 6S1 (D02) and goes on to identify PM Glass 6S1 (D06), JH Bettinson (D10), SP (Simon) Hall 5A (F40), ER (Edgar) Piper 6B1 (G48), CK (Chris) Williams 6T1 (H78), RA Arnott 6T1 (D137), RJ Seymour 6T1 (D143). He gives us forenames for John Whitbread (G33) and Malcolm Anderson (D104). In the 1960 senior photo, Chris confirms A Cawson 4X (D70), SE Hamilton-Eddy 4X (D72), AS (Allan) Wickens 4X (A49) and Malcolm Anderson (B52), and identifies RW Gravestock 5Y (F47), RA Arnott 5Y (D43), JH Bettinson 5Y (F59), CK (Chris) Williams 4X (D65), PRG Clark 4X (D69), ER (Edgar) Piper 4X (B51), PM Glass 4X (A51). He provides a forename for John Whitbread (F87). He gives a very tentative identification of NJ Roberts 4X for the partially-obscured person at D86. In the 1958 junior photo, Chris provides a forename for Rodney Sabine 2D (A13) and identifies PM Glass 2C (D36). Many thanks to Chris. In addition, he has kindly offered to provide scans of the 1964 senior school (sixth form) photo so we can all look forward to seeing that soon. Watch this space...

14 April 2008: Further update from Tim Wakefield as regards the 1964 middle school photo: all 5UY - J Clemens confirmed as E15, DW Lewis as E25 and J Bush as E32. He has tentatively identified RJS Calcutt as E28 and RD Sexton as E11. Also Tim's brother Michael - MF Wakefield 4Y - is at E33. Thanks, Tim.

13 April 2008: Some new names for the 1964 middle school photo, from Tim Wakefield. All are from form 5UY: FL Chaney (E01), Tim J Wakefield (E02), MF Quin (E03), P Waldron (E05), D Marshall (E07), JG Lewis (E08), AP Carthy (E13), AH Telford (E14), M Agate (E16), JT Wright (E17), ID Hentall (E18), PG Harford (E19), RJ Peadon (E21), JW Herman (E22), JF Pearce (E24), Lawrence Kennedy (E26), AM Maskell (E29), KF Woodbridge (E30), PD Brown (E33), GT Huggins (E34). Many thanks to Tim.

2 April 2008: John "Dusty" Dunsterville has made the following identifications in the 1958 junior photo: Tony 'Dinger' Bell 2D (D07), J Coudrill 2A (E29), Brian Luscombe 2A (A33). In the 1960 photo, Tony Bell 4S is A64 and Geoff Merchant 4S at D34. Thanks, John.

1 April 2008: Martin King has identified the following in the 1962 photo: PC Drayton 6C2 (H34), MJ Iremonger 6S4 (C72), RR Shoosmith 6S3 (C74), PG Ayres 6B2 (G72), RA Laskey 6B2 (F44), DJ Thornton 6B3 (H41), CL Day 6S3 (H27). Many thanks to Martin.

31 March 2008: Jon Killingley has identified some more names (and made corrections) in the 1964 middle school photo. JP Hartwright 5X is at F26 (not G18); Keith Williams 5X (F11); Nigel Saunders 5X (F07); Jon confirms that he is indeed at G35 ("although I have had happier days!"); Steve Allnutt 5X (F36); Philip Simons 5X (F37); Derek Jones 5US has been corrected to E41 (not F41); G Davies 5SB has been corrected to G59 (not H16); David Bibby 5Y (F59). Many thanks, Jon.

31 March 2008: My brother Neil has identified some of his contemporaries: RC Snelling 4X and 6M1 (D80 in the 1960 photo and F83 in the 1962 photo), plus Terry Ward 4X in the 1960 photo and MK Rhodes 4X, also in the 1960 photo. Thanks, Neil.

28 March 2008: Michael Saunders (who very kindly lent me the 1964 middle school photo in the first place) has produced the following, quite staggering, list of identifications and confirmations: Tim Bartlett 4A (A37), Kevin Butler 4A (A46), JA Dixon 4A (D05), Malcolm Goldring 4A (A19 confirmed), Vaughan (not Vernon) Ham 4A (B21), Richard Hemming 4A (B58), Keith Hoing 4A (F02), Brian Kerr 4A (B07), Adrian Kitchingham 4A (A45), PF Lambert 4A (D04), Duncan Laxen 4A (B28), Brian Llewellyn 4A (B04), KC McClean? 4A (A03), JW Muckley 4A (A38), John Quartermaine 4A (F78 confirmed), Tim Rivett-Carnac 4A (A39), PJ Siddell? (B03), Peter Spratley 4A (B22), PJ Tappin 4A (F01), Colin Weyer (D02), Julian Wheel (B23), RP Wills 4A (H02), Steve Coniam 4X (D44 confirmed), SW David? 4X (B57), Andrew Hamlyn 4X (D15), Neil Hedgeland 4X (D53), Adrian Weiss (D52), Peter Bedwell 4Y (B06 confirmed), Steve Clark? 4Y (B24), AR Hood? 4Y (A51), Chris Hoyle 4Y (D66), PG Jones? 4Y (A12), Dave Morris 4Y (A48), SM Perfect 4Y (B60 confirmed), Graham Smith? 4Y (A22), JB Smith? 4Y (B14), Graham Stephenson? 4Y (A29), RB Stevens 4Y (A47), Rick Waller 4Y (B27 confirmed), CJ Young? 4Y (A35), G Carter 4SA (B47), A Checkley? 4SA (B49), Chris Gardiner? 4SA (B46), D Rance? 4SA (D13), JM (John) Reitz? 4SA (B42), Chris Smith 4SA (D14), MP Turvey? 4SA (B43), KJ Ashby 4SB (A17), DJO Caffall? 4SB (A20), Barry Gwynnett 4SB (A26), ARN Harrison 4SB (A07), Michael Jacomb 4SB (A01 confirmed), David Mills (B18), RM Pearce? 4SB (A44), RJ Pells? 4SB (A16), MJ Preston? 4SB (A33), Peter Richards 4SB (B16 confirmed), PJ Williams? 4SB (A10), Alan Worley 4SB (A06), John R Saunders 5US (E47)...
   ... Michael tells me that JR Saunders is his distant relation, but on his mother's side of the family! And I have to add that he is not the same John Saunders as the John Saunders who is writing this sentence. Confused? Well, sit up straight and pay attention - I'll be testing you on all this at the end of term and there will be a spot of drill (or even a short, sharp visit to Sam) for anyone who fails the test.

28 March 2008: More names from the 1962 photo sent by Trevor Rackstraw, with some help from Dave Blythen: Tim Owen 5US (F28), Tony Bell 5US (F63), Mick Marsden 5UY (F58), Mick O'Shea 5US (F30). Dave Blythen adds Ian Sifton 6S1 (D22), Pete Redican 5SA (E06) and Chris Kirby 5UR (F62), and corrects the identification of F19 to Chris Mayers 5US (not DH Goldsmith).

28 March 2008: Trevor Rackstraw has picked out some more people in the 1962 photo: Andrew Barratt 4R (A59), Simon Rose 5US (F15), Anthony Leeson 4A (E86), Roger Watts 5US (F42), Michael Searby 5US (F22), Harvey Coltman 5UY (G14), Tim Porter 5UY (G13), Colin Vernon 5US (F06), Nigel Fairley 5US (F77), Brent “Ashley” Richards 5US (F47), Derek Sharp 5US (F16), Michael Bowler 5SA (B41). Many thanks, Trevor.

27 March 2008: Trevor Rackstraw identified David Blythen (5US) as F60 in the 1962 photo. And Mervyn Darville has contributed a huge number of names to the 1964 middle school photo: PG Sharp 5SA and RM Sharp 5A (H03 and G05), DG Alsopp 5A (H05), Julian Capell 5A (G08), Joe Capell 5A (G09), M Samson 5A (H07), DG Wilson 5A (H12), RL Heron 5X (F10), AR Wilson? 5X (F14), Trevor Jones 5A (H14), J Clemens? 5UY (E15), AG Hipgrave 5X (F15), D Clark 5A (H15), Mervyn Darville 5A (G16), S Darbyshire 5X (F17), NA Partridge 5A (G17), PS Everitt 5X (D18), ML East 5SA (F19), PA Beasley 5UY (E20), MJ Pickering 5SA (G21), DL Boobier 5A (D23), AM Picton 5A (H23), RT Falconer 4SB (A24), JP Theophilus 4SB (A28), AJ Bowyer 5SA (G24), NRM Thorne 5A (H24), GN Abbnett 5A (C25), DW Lewis 5UY (D25), CA Smyth? 5X (F25), PJ Winfield? 5SA (G25), RL Szybiak 5A (H26), AG Pearson 5A (D27), GG Spittle? 5A (H27), RC Day 5A (D28), SP Payne 5A (D29), JHM Powell? 4Y (B29), PS Wright 5A (D31), Ian Whitelock 5A (D32), SD Potter 5A (D33), AC Maile? 5A (D34), P Gautrey? 5SA (G30), GS Leslie 5A (H30), JM Karwatzki 5A (H31), IS Pattie? 5UG (H32), Jonathan Killingley? 5X (G35), WJ Griffin 5SA (G36), TT McCormick 5SA (G37), DM Jones 5US (F41), CMD Setterington 4Y (A42), CC Koefoed-Nielsen 5SB (G42), RI Andrews? 5SB (G43 - later: now think this is PJ Wallen - ed), RJ Hosea 5Y (F43), PAM German? 5Y (F44), MRS Hill 5Y (F45), JA Guttridge? 5Y (F50), GA Monaghan 5UR (H50), RS Wombwell? 5Y (E64), CM Gwynn? 5Y (F62), PG Nicholls 5SB (G62), RF Houchin? 5US (H60). My thanks to Trevor and Mervyn.

20 March 2008: Peter Colley has written in to identify three people in the 1964 middle school photo: his twin brother John Colley 5A (G15), Mervyn Darville 5A (G16), Bruce Wood 4Y (B10). Many thanks, Peter.

20 March 2008: more names from the new 1964 middle school photo, sent in by David Levin (for which, many thanks): Michael Dutch 4X (D47), Steve Jenner 4X (B53), MR (Mike?) Montgomerie 4X (D43), MG Miles 4X (D37).

18 March 2008: a few more names contributed by David Levin on the new 1964 middle school photo: Paul Fulton 4X (D35), Bob Leighton 4X (D36), AJ Coe 4X (D42), Steve Coniam? 4X (D44), RW Abercrombie 4X (D48), PG Darling 4X (D62). Thanks, David.

18 March 2008: Bob Davies has been busy sorting out faces on the new 1964 middle school photo. His identifications: Pete Knight 4Y (H01), AJ Bowyer 5SA (G24), A Andersz 5A (H25), CWR Russell 4SA (F38), JM Brownrigg 4SB (A21), Steve Tinton 5UA (E39), MG Miles 4X (D37), Paul Grafton 5SB (F75), JP Quartermaine? 4A (F78), Vernon Ham 4A (B21), Chris Bridger 4A (A30), Norman Stansall 5SB (G57), Mick Holgate 5UA (E38), Dave O'Hanlon 4Y (B15), Dave Holmes 4Y (B02), Paul Efford 4SA (B44), AG Hipgrave 5X (F15). Thanks, Bob.

15 March 2008: A brand new photo was put up today - of the April 1964 middle school, scanned in from an original kindly lent by Mike Saunders. We already had the junior school photo taken at the same time but the new one has the 4th, 5th, and Upper 5th form people (plus a slightly different selection of masters). As regards identities of people, I have so far only put up the names of the masters and a handful of others - you are invited to send in names. Has anyone got the sixth form photo for 1964 (assuming there was one)? It would be good to complete the set of photos.

11 March 2008: John Haley has kindly sent me a long list of identifications from the 1962 photo, mainly from the fourth form: Arthur Brough 4A (E02), Alexander Fleming MacDonald (Sandy) 4X (D05), JG ("Loony") Lewis 4Y (D07), A Newman? 4Y (D11), RC Hill (Charles)? 4Y (D13), Mick Quin 4Y (D19), RD Sexton? 4Y (D21), Gordon Harris 4Y (D24), AP (Charlie?) Carthy 4Y (D26), David George Beattie 4X (D35), John M Haley 4Y (D48), David RS Hedgeland 4X (D50), Chris M Hood 4X (D52), DJ Clutton? 4Y (D56), Chris Nobbs? 5SA (B40), Chris Fox 5SB? (D87), Jonathan J Ireland 4A (A40), Martin J Boord 5SB (D99), David Lewis? 4Y (B57), John Sutherland Reid 4R (A47), RJS ("Sparky") Calcutt? 4Y (B59), Laurie (Kippers) Kennedy 4Y (B66), AP (Dave?) Waldron 4Y (B72), Martin Bevan? 4R (A53), John Pearce 4Y (B74), RJ Peadon? 4Y (B75), Alan Putman 4A (A64), Tim Wakefield? 4Y (D140). Thanks, John.

11 March 2008: Good news - a new photo is on its way. Mike Saunders has very kindly gone to the trouble of finding a 1964 photo of the middle school (presumably forms 4, 5 and 5U) and is lending it to me for scanning and posting here. Does anyone have the equivalent 1964 photo of the sixth form?

11 March 2008: Chris Betteley has written in with some new names in 1967 and a number of confirmations of tentative names from both 1967 and 1964. Here are the new names in 1967: Steve Grigson 5S (A12), Andy Miller 5S (A13), Paul Farnsworth 5S (A15), plus a French assistant (at B15) he thinks was called Francois Bertaut (but the 1967 Grey Book says Mons. C Place). The 1967 confirmations are Pete Woodland 5S (C01), John Twine 5S (C03), R MacDermott 6T1 (F20), RC Butler 5S (E20) and Dave (not Donald) Prentice 5S (E24). In 1964, Chris confirms Pete Woodland 2C (A01), RC Butler 2D (D21) and he gives a "95% confirmation" of Mr KR Masters at B10. Thanks, Chris.

10 March 2008: Bob Barlow has contributed some more names - in 1958, Geoffrey Merchant 2D (C07), P Booth 2A (B36) and (tentatively) Terry Ward 2B (E02) - and in 1962, Paul Throssell 5SA (E26) and Hugh Griffiths 5UA (F79). Thanks, Bob.

7 March 2008: 'Inspector' Bob Barlow has been doing some more detective work and apprehended the following suspects in the 1958 junior photo: DP Grace (E05), PJ Grace (E06), R A Barlow 2B (E04), D Ferguson 2B (E03), Graham Rogers 2D (D13), David Jones 2D (D14), Sid Goulborn 2D (D15), Clive Bennet 2B (E11), Charlie Butler 2B (E12), Martin Dobbie 2B (E13), Martin Doughty 2A (E24), J Bovingdon 2B (E17), D Weeks 2B (E20), Bob Austin 2B (E21), Dave Chandler 2C (D34), E Thomson 2A (E27), Keith Fensom 2A (E30), John Williams 2C (D44), Andy Green 2A (A30), Colin Shapter 2B (B04), B Tranter 2B (C01), Peter Hoskings 2C (D28). Thanks, Bob. And he has now added some more... W. Musgrove 2C (B38), Neil White 2C (D45), Robin Dorkings 2B (E16), Hugh Griffiths 2C (B37), RM Jones? 2C (D35), JG Longmuir 2C (B35), PR McDowell 2B (A05).

5 March 2008: Nigel Melsom has identified himself (D33) in the 1958 junior photo and also Roger Watts (D31). Thanks, Nigel.

5 March 2008: some new names in the 1967 photo from Jim Clarke - JA Clarke 6B1 (C55), KJ McIntosh 6E (D48), RJ Worley 6M1 (G61) [which makes G11 AL Worley 6S2 - I think], M Richardson 6T1 (F65), PA Wagner 6M2J (D59), PM Stokes 6B1 (D57), GR Peatey 5U (E69), PR Goodearl 6M1 (G47).

5 March 2008: click here to see a photo featuring two OWs - that's Adrian Broadway holding the double-bass and Trevor Toms with the banjo.

5 March 2008: Chris Horswell has identified Timothy Gilson (no. C36 in the 1964 photo)

4 March 2008: I have given the 1967 senior photo a make-over so that individuals appear bigger.

3 March 2008: I have given the 1964 pages a make-over so that the individuals appear bigger, and it is easier to see the identification numbers.

3 March 2008: Adrian Broadway has contributed a few more 1964 names... GR Smith 3X (E33), PR Savage 3X (E34), DA Long 3X (E29), J Evans 3SB (C22), REJ Faulkner 3SA (C25), JC Lord 3A (C55). Thanks, Adrian.

3 March 2008: Adrian Broadway has identified a large number of third-formers from 1964: Patrick (not Peter) Inskip 3X (E10), AP (Andrew) Le Messurier 3X (E11), WMC Gerrish 3X (E12), PG Barnes 3X (E09), JM Carter 3X (E14), SD Hoath 3X (E15), JC Avery 3SB (C16), RK Sifton 3X (E25), SR Pettit 3X (E31), AN Wickens 3X (E32), PM Hagger 3Y (E45), SJ Nicholson 3Y (E50), RJ Worley 3Y (E51), DJ Hodges 3X (E36), DC Stevens 3Y (E39), CL McKibben 3SB (C35), MB Gowers 3Y (E62), RA Flitney 3A (C60), MC Massey 3SA (E53), DC Prior 3A (C41). Many thanks to Adrian.

19 February 2008: Graham Tomkinson has identified a goodly number of 5X men from 1962: Barrett GW (D107?), Cheriton LW (E64), Day CJ (D105), Essen DG (D111), Feely AR (D103, not E83), King AV (E76), Millward GP (E59), Russell BJ (E77), Sworn CH (E63), Vickers M (D113), Williams CG (E81). Many thanks to Graham.

18 February 2008: Richard Jones (that's RC Jones 1960-65, not to be confused with Roy Jones, also RC Jones, of 1951-59) made contact to confirm he had been correctly identified in the 1960 photo (section 9, F84; also 1962 section 3, G29). He was interested in contacting Martin Jenner (1957-64). Can anyone help?

17 February 2008: Graham Tomkinson has picked himself out of the 1962 identity parade - E79 (section 9). Thanks, Graham.

04 February 2008: More new names... Martin King has identified the following: in 1958 - MR (Mike) Morralee 04/F34, DA (Dave) Newton 04/F31, Dave Robinson 04/C32 - in 1962 - Les Macready 01/H4, Ben Carritt 04/D53, DJ Stokes 04/D57, JM. (Martin) Baxter 04/D59 (not 05/D69), RM Moore 09/C77. Nick Avery has identified the following: in 1958 - Tim Brighton 05/E37, Alan Brain 05/E38, RM Cowan 01/B02. Many thanks to Martin and Nick. I have also found Alan Brain in the 1960 photo (07/A47).

19 January 2008: Linda Sakin has identified Mike Mercer-Deadman (her brother) in 1962 at 08 / E71 and John Bibby at 09 / E80. Thanks, Linda.

14 January 2008: Andy Wilson wrote in to identify himself in the 1962 photo (section 5, D72). Thanks, Andy.

7 January 2008: A double ration from Martin King today - he's provided some more names for the 1962 photo: Robert Layton, Chris Brown, Chris Durham, Andrew Collett, Martin Baxter, Maurice Bird, Brian Fell, Bernard Brindley, Michael Horrex, Barry Hine, Michael Yallop, Andrew Rogers, Roger Leech, Paul Hewett, Mick Clegg, Robert Harbinson, Roger Clegg, John Rees, Andrew Warren, Jimmy Fowler, John Blakesley, Keith Hunt, Richard Puddephatt, CA Fair and himself.

7 January 2008: Happy new year to all OWs. Martin King has started the 2008 ball rolling with another splendid list of IDs. In the 1960 photo he has identified two Cleggs (including one correction), JN Fowler (who also turns out to be the boy who appears twice in the 1962 photo!), plus Dave Robinson, Bernard Brindley, Michael Yallop, E Holdship, RAO Stockwell, PJC Clark, Roger Keeley, P Bowler, MD Humphries, AA Perfect and Simon Rose.

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