Royal Grammar School, High Wycombe - Form 5UY, 12 July 1963

Back row (left to right): RC (Richard, "Benelux") Bonnett, DA (David) Wakefield, AS (Tony, "Fizz") Farmer, H (Howard, "Humphrey") Reynolds, JM (John) Rivers, GF (George) Cutler, PA (Peter, "Fagot") Fountain, JA (John, "Sleepy") Atkins, VS (Vincent) Smith, G (Graham, "Plu") Poole
Middle row (left to right): PM (Phil) Rawkins, JR (Jeffrey) Bacon, PV Andrews, S (Steve) Breed, JN (Julian, "Clogs") McLoughlin, WJ (Bill) Poleykett, JA (John) Trayhorn, DAJ (David, "Membo") Membry, SJ (Steve, "Russ") Russell
Front row (left to right): GJ (Graham) Jellis, D (Derek, "Peke") Saward, AB (Andrew, "Clit") Collett, Mr Gary W Roberts, MK (Michael, "Jonah") Jones, N (Nigel) Leek, JD (John, "Peason") Peadon

The 1962/63 Grey Book lists 35 boys in 5UY but ten are missing from this photo. They are: JA (John) Bradfield, TG ("Jim"?) Carthy, PE (Piers, "Tub") Harley, DJ (David) Hughes, TJ (Timothy, "Tob") O'Brien, JC (John) Pettit, RJ (Robert, "Rebbie") Redrup, P (Peter) Rodbourn, CR (Chris) Sweeting, KM (Kenny) Whitelock.

Vincent Smith very kindly lent me this photo. It is of form 5UY and was taken on 12 July 1963 by Ronald Goodearl, a very well-known local press photographer (read more about Ronald Goodearl here on the Bucks County Council website). To his great credit, Vincent carefully recorded the first initial and surname of all the people in the photo at the time so I think we can take it that the basic identities shown above are correct (though not necessarily the forenames and nicknames which I have added - if they are wrong, it is down to me and/or the Grey Book).

Thanks to Graham Poole, who greatly contributed to the forenames and nicknames of the above.

Email if you have any comments or queries.

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