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Reference Surname Forenames (Nickname) Form Born Died
A09 Macready Leslie (Les) 4X 1944  
A10 Seaton Peter T 4S 1944  
A11 Coward Robert H 4S 1943  
A12 Hope Alan R 4S 1943  
A13 Piercy Jeremy Alan 4S 1944  
A14 Saunders Rodney Graham 4S 1943  
B08 Merrell Anthony John (Mont) 4X 1943 2000
B09 Philpott John H 5X 1942  
B10 Williams Bryan Melville (obit, Sept 1963 Wycombiensian) 5X 1942 1963
B11 Marshall J B 5X 1942  
B12 Mundy Michael J (Mick) 5shell 1943  
B13 Saunders David J 5shell 1943  
B14 Coker Richard F G 5shell 1943  
B15 Cox David Ronald 5X 1944 1992
B16 Holland Michael P 4S 1944  
C08 Dean Peter J 6S3 1939  
C09 Adams D A (see list of masters)      
C10 Broadbridge Derek W (see list of masters)      
C11 Curry David John (see list of masters)      
C12 Leggett Arthur Deeker (see list of masters)      
C13 Brand Frederick James (see list of masters)      
C14 Bridges Michael (Mick) (see list of masters)      
C15 Hall? Alan H (see list of masters)      
D11 Maysey David J 4Y 1944  
D12 King Donald R 4Y 1943  
D13 Janes Edwin H 4Y 1944  
D14 Coyne P 4Y 1943  
D15 Puddephatt Richard J 4Y 1943  
D16 Rees J M 4Y 1944  
D17 Cooper Anthony R (Tony) 5A 1944  
D18 Hyde Keith G (Tich) 5shell 1943  
D19 Sutton Geoffrey A (Tubby) 5shell 1943  
E09 Puddephatt Keith R 6M1 1941  
E10 Sparks James N B 6M1 1940  
E11 Walker Gregory P M 6M1 1942  
E12 Burrows Edward W (Ed) 6C2 1941  
E15 Hillyard Paul R (Snowball) 6M2 1942  
E17 Dunsterville Peter F 6M2 1941  
F09 Walpole John T 5Y 1943  
F10 Hosier Roger Bertram 5Y 1942 2006
F11 Sadler John F 5S 1943  
F12 Holdship Eric 5Y 1943  
F13 Harding Brian R 5Y 1942  
F14 Boireau Geoffrey Warren (obit, Sept 1967 Wycombiensian) 5Y 1942 1967
F15 Oxley Alan J 5Y 1943  
F16 Rennie Kenneth J (Ken) 5Y 1942  
G07 Riley F(rederick?) W 5S 1943  
G08 Barnes Howard G 5S 1943  
G09 Larkin P J 5S 1942  
G10 Woodland R 5S 1942  
G11 Edwards Anthony J 5S 1942  
G12 Butler Cyril F 5S 1942  
G13 Cullen Barrie F 5S 1943  
G14 Comer John H 5S 1943  
H10 Gerrard Michael (Mick) 6M2 1941 2005
H11 Dronfield Philip M 6M1 1942  
H13 Garland John R (Judy) 6M1 1941  
H15 Packman Geoffrey R 5UA 1942  
H16 Newell David J 5US 1942  
J08 Parslow Bernard (Boris) 6M1 1941  
J09 Abram Michael James 6M1 1941 1998
J10 Chenery Trevor John 6M1 1941  
J12 Brown David O 6M2 1940  
J13 Brooks Edgar F 6M2 1940  
J14 Dalton Bryan E (Daisy) 6M2 1940  
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