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Reference Surname Forenames (Nickname) Form Born Died
A15 Hall David? C 4S 1943  
A16 Ayres Peter? G 4S 1944  
A17 Pugsley Kevin R 4S 1944  
A18 Griffiths Christopher S (Griff) 4S 1944  
A19 Searle R O (Richard?) 4S 1944  
A21 Beavis R G (Richard?) 4S 1943  
B17 Brindley Bernard J 4Z 1944  
B18 Tilling David Roger 4Z 1944  
B19 Payne Alan 4Z 1943  
B20 Walker C J 4Z 1944  
B21 Johnston Ian Alistair 4Z 1944  
B22 Downing B (Bill) 4Z 1944  
B23 Macwhinnie Ian Michael 4Z 1944 2002
B24 Barrett Roger K 4Z 1944  
C16 Perfect Ernest John (Polly) (see list of masters)      
C17 Lloyd J G (Adolf, Jiggle) (see list of masters)      
C18 Bur André Peire/Pierre (Masher) (see list of masters)      
C19 Evely John Page (Jock) (see list of masters)      
C20 Chapman Guy Basil Granville (see list of masters)      
C21 Skipp Arthur John (see list of masters)      
C22 Scott Herbert (Doggy, Bert) (see list of masters)      
D20 Nott Peter C 5shell 1943  
D21 Garnett David J (Fred) 5shell 1943  
D22 James J H 5shell 1943  
D23 Hutchinson Paul G (Hutch) 5shell 1943  
D24 Rice D M 5shell 1943  
D25 Butterworth J D 5shell 1943  
D26 Layton R M (Robert, Eggie) 5shell 1943  
D27 Roman Alan G 4Y 1945  
E18 Sleigh Philip E (Clays) 6C1 1942  
E19 Green Roger P H 6C1 1943  
E20 Mahoney Anthony J 6C1 1942  
E21 Wood Michael B 6C1 1942  
E22 Higgins Richard A 6C2 1941  
E23 Taylor Patrick A (Pat) 6C2 1942  
E24 Thirlway? Timothy Philip 6C3 1941  
E25 Mardell Charles Stephen Julian (Steve, Pongo) 6C3 1939  
F17 Windsor H 5Y 1942  
F18 Walker David A (Goose) 5Y 1944  
F19 Day Alan H 5Y 1943  
F20 Seale John D (Sam) 5Y 1943  
F21 Hall R D 5Y 1943  
F22 Turner Michael F 5Y 1942  
F23 Bowen Paul D 5Y 1943  
F24 Wingrove Gordon E (Squig) 5Y 1943  
G15 Prior Warwick E G (Rocky) 5S 1943  
G16 Miles? Peter G 5S 1943  
G17 Bellingham? Francis C (Frank) 5S 1943  
G18 Martin? M G (Michael?) 5S 1943  
G19 Tomlin David R 5S 1943  
G20 Matthews Brian C 5S 1943  
G21 Slack Michael A 5S 1943  
G22 Ramsay Stuart W 5S 1943  
G23 Barnes Patrick B 5S 1942  
H19 Wood Charles R S (Cirrus, Peanut) 5US 1941  
H20 Priestley John A N (Tony) 5UA 1942  
H21 Browne Robin P 5US 1942  
H22 Watts John 5US 1942  
H23 Lodge Nigel Hillary 5UA 1942  
H24 Watters Arthur R 5UA 1943  
H26 Wadsworth Michael E J 5UA 1942  
H27 Gunning Geoffrey R 5UA 1941  
J17 Tabner? Ronald W 6M2 1941  
J22 Johnson John N 6M2 1940  
J23 Swift Michael G 6M2 1940  
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