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24 December 2010: Norman Blaby (RGS 1950-58) wrote in to identify some people in the 1958 Senior School photo: JA ("Jack") Dawes 6S3 (E35 confirmed), JN Kitching 6M3 (E45), JJ Portlock 6M4 (C62), GWF (Graham, "Squeak") Ewins 6M3 (C63). Many thanks, Norman - and Xmas greetings to all OWs, everywhere.

19 December 2010: I met an OW I hadn't seen for many years the other day - Peter Burgoyne (RGS 1962-69).

19 December 2010: David Orchard (RGS 1956-63) wrote in to identify some faces. In the 1960 Senior School photo: AF Thomas 5Y (F57). DR (Danny) Ferguson 4X (B53). And in the 1962 Senior School photo: CG ("Rer") Rogers 6T1 (D29), AF Thomas 6B1 (D65), BH Cronin 6S2 (G61), JA ("Tubby") Davies 6T1 (G63). Thanks, David.

17 November 2010: Jeffrey Smith (RGS 1961-68) has identified two more faces. In the 1962 Junior School photo: V Ham 2B (G34). And in the 1967 Senior School photo: RJ (Robert John) Elvery 6S3 (D11). Thanks, Jeffrey.

1 November 2010: John Culley has some more names for us in the 1964 Senior School photo: AGT Rogers 5X (F29), PG Brown 5X (F32), KG (Keith) Turner 5SA (G31), NP Hampton 5UR (H48), TH (Trevor) Griffiths 5SB (F72). Thanks, John.

1 November 2010: I've already mentioned John Comer's excellent book The Old Time but I urge you to visit his website which gives further background on the topic of his book (a Wycombe upbringing of the 1940s and 1950s): http://www.theoldtime.com/

26 October 2010: Roy Jones has two more names from the 1958 Senior School photo: MJ (Martin) Green 6S3 (E40), DA (Dave) Scott-Kiddie 6S3 (C65). Thanks, Roy.

21 October 2010: Roy Jones has had another go at identifying people in the 1958 Senior School photo: BE ("Daisy") Dalton 6M2 (J14), A Grainge 6C3 (E26), MA Hollingham 6S2 (E55), JC (Johnny) Holdbrook 6S2 (H70), NS (Nick) Krohn 6S2 (H71). Roy also thinks that Mr JG Lloyd's nickname was "Jiggle" rather than "Adolf". It was not uncommon for masters to have more than one nickname, of course, and I've heard from other OWs who attest to him being named after the 1930s/1940s 'headmaster' of Germany (more to do with his pencil moustache than his classroom technique, I imagine). Thanks, Roy.

16 October 2010: Alex Gray has been back to me with some amendments to the 1963/64 Form 3Y photo, identifying Ian Hickman and (possibly) DJ Copping. Thanks, Alex.

13 October 2010: John Culley (RGS 1960-67) wrote in with some identifications in the 1964 Middle School photo: MD Garrett 5Y (F55), DH (Duncan) Whitwham 5Y (F71), BA (Barry) Oliver 5UR (H71). Thanks, John.

11 October 2010: Martin King has been doing some detective work. "In the Grey Book list for 1958 there is only one unidentified member of 4X, GD Jones. In the front row of the 1958 Senior photo, numbers 1/A01 to 1/A09 are all 4X, with the exception of 1/A07, who is unidentified. I suggest that this might be GD Jones. In the 1960 senior school photo, numbers 8/B59 to 9/B70 are all 5X, and the same chap is amongst them at 8/B65. In the 1962 senior school photo, he is standing next to a member of 6M2, at 7/H57 (not such good evidence). Do I have a case?" Pretty good, I'd say, but purely circumstantial. Can anyone supply a positive ID?

6 October 2010: Nick Cornford (RGS 1958-65) wrote in with some additions to the 1964 Senior School photo (a.k.a. the "laughing photo"): PJ Setterington 6T1 (D07 confirmed), CJ Forrester 6T1 (C22), PF (Philip) Ray 6T1 (C23). Thanks, Nick.

5 October 2010: Martin King has been comparing faces from the 1958 and 1960 photos and come up with these identifications in the 1958 Senior School photo: I Howarth 4A (A34), GD Sherley 4A (A35). Thanks, Martin.

4 October 2010: regular contributor Martin King thinks that, in the 1958 Senior School photo, A59 is PJ Funnell 4X. Thanks, Martin.

4 October 2010: Hugh Marchand (RGS 1956-58), now based in Ontario, Canada, writes in to identify himself in the 1958 Senior School photo: HG (Hugh) Marchand 6M3 (J35). Thanks, Hugh.

27 September 2010: Harry Wheate (RGS 1955-60) wrote in with additions and corrections in the 1960 Senior School photo: He says that 1/F05 is not Barry Cullen but PC (Peter) Phillips (5UA). Harry has identified Barry Cullen at 2/F12. He also thinks 8/G74 could be BR Palmer (5US). Thanks, Harry.

7 September 2010: Jim Ellerton (RGS 1957-63) wrote in to identify himself in the 1962 Senior School photo: JJ (John James) Ellerton 6S1 (G84). Jim summarises his career as follows: "ran cross-country, etc, graduated from University of Toronto, Canada (BSc Hon, Geology/Geophysics major), currently live in the USA (Hawaii) and am CEO/Chairman of an AIM Listed company (UK)". Thanks for the info, Jim.

20 August 2010: Peter Colley sent me what he thinks is probably the 1964 cricket 'colts' (but might be the 'junior colts' a year earlier). There are some unidentified faces. Thanks, Peter.

19 August 2010: Not to be outdone by Form 3Y (it is nice to know that form rivalries survive for decades), Derek Prior has kindly sent me the photo of Form 3A for 1963/64. He made a note at the time of all the names. Thanks, Derek.

16 August 2010: I've added the Wycombiensian review of the production to the 1963 Ruddigore page, written by the then newly-arrived Classics master, David Authers. He gives it the thumbs up...

16 August 2010: My thanks to Ian Freestone for helping to confirm various people in the 1963/64 Form 3Y photo. He has added John Swadling to the names identified, who also appears in the 1964 Junior School photo at E54. Thanks, Ian.

16 August 2010: My thanks to Trevor Rackstraw and Alan Rainbow for helping to complete the identification of the 1964/65 Cross Country squad. This led to a further identification in the 1964 Senior School photo: CJ (Chris?) Smith 6T1 (C34).

15 August 2010: Ed Rainbow recognised T St G Lyster at B48 in the 1964 Senior School photo. He also appears at B62 in the 1964 Junior School photo, D131 in the 1962 Senior School photo and D44 in the 1960 Senior School photo. Thanks, Ed.

14 August 2010: Graham Leslie (RGS 1960-67) was written with a long list of names. In the 1962 Junior School photo: SP Payne 3A (F01), DA Palmer 3A (F03), AG (Alastair) Pearson 3A (F04), NA Partridge 3A (F24), AE Fleming 3Y (E29), DL Boobier 3A (B25), LV White 3Y (E43), PAM German 3Y (E44), AK Leslie 3Y (E50 confirmed), HF (Hugh) Mayo 3X (F53). In the 1964 Middle School photo: GG Spittle 5A (H27 confirmed), DA Palmer 5A (D26), AE Fleming 5Y (F40), PAM German 5Y (F54 confirmed). Many thanks to Graham.

13 August 2010: I have posted a list of long-serving masters of the Tucker era, from an appendix at the back of the school history by Messrs Ashford and Haworth.

12 August 2010: Alan Rainbow has sent me photos of the Cross Country teams of 1964/65 and 1965/66 which I have now posted online. Many thanks, Alan.

12 August 2010: I have now posted Alex Gray's cast photo of the 1963 Ruddigore production. I have divided it up and had a go at identifying the people in it. Can anyone complete the set? Many thanks to Alex for sending this.

12 August 2010: Alex Gray (RGS 1962-69) has very kindly sent me the form photo for 3Y in 1963/64. All bar four of the faces have been identified - can anyone complete the picture? Many thanks to Alex, who incidentally has lived in New Zealand since 1970 (a lot of RGS men seem to go there for some reason). Alex also sent me a wonderful cast photo of 'Ruddigore' from December 1963. I shall be putting it up as a feature very shortly.

12 August 2010: Michele Baker wrote in to identify her father, Mike Slack, on the 1960 Senior School photo: MA (Mike) Slack 6S1 (H50). Thanks, Michele.

21 July 2010: Roland (Jim) Barkas confirmed the identity of AW (Andrew) Fountain in the 1957/58 rugby colts photo. Thanks, Roland.

12 July 2010: Jeffrey Smith (RGS 1961-68) has written in to identify himself in the 1967 Senior School photo: JB (Jeffrey Bernard) Smith 6S2 (G53). Thanks, Jeffrey.

12 July 2010: John Muckley (RGS 1961-66) wrote in to confirm his identity in two photos. In the 1962 Junior School photo, he is JW (John, "Gus") Muckley 2D at A16, and in the 1964 Middle School photo he was in form 4A at A38. Thanks, John.

06 July 2010: Russell Houchin (RGS 1959-67) has written in with a long list of names in the 1962 Senior School photo: ME (Malcolm) Austin 4S (A01 confirmed), GM (Geoff) Smith? 4S (A03), RJ (Rod) Peck 4S (A04), RJ (Richard) Williams 4S (A08), PJ (Pete) Emery 4S (A11), JR (John) Saunders 4S (A13 - not to be confused with the John Saunders editing this website: we are two separate entities!), DF (Dave) Rose 4S (A14), T (Tim) Widdess 4S (A16), BA (Barry) Hills 4S (A17), PG (Pete) Marsh 4S (A22), PF (Paul) Waller 4S (A23), A (Adrian) Pitfield? 4S (A26), AP Waite? 4S (A32). Moving on to the 1960 Junior School photo, Russell identifies the following: IK (Ian) Parker 2D (A15 confirmed), RJ (Richard) Williams 2D (A16), AJ Rainbow? 2D (A19), AM Dormer? 2D (A23), RF (Russell) Houchin 2D (A24), RF Hudson 2D (A29), PG (Pete) Marsh 2D (D47), RJ (Rod) Peck 2A (D51). Thanks, Russell.

06 June 2010: Philip Slater (RGS 1961-66) writes in to identify himself in the 1964 Senior School photo: JP (Philip) Slater 6S1 (C62). He has also given first names for two other contemporaries in the same photo: Nick Cornford (C20) and Philip Thornton (C40). Thanks, Philip.

03 June 2010: Some sad news, sent in by John Havard - "A few months ago I identified Martin Turner in the Senior School photo of April 1964 (at E09). This evening Farah, his wife, told me that Martin died this morning (3 June), three years after being diagnosed with myeloma. Martin was by profession a psychologist. He also wrote poetry - with two books published, and another on the way. Until March he kept a blog, at www.mvlturner.wordpress.com. I would expect the funeral to be in the Windlesham area. If any of Martin's friends should like to get in touch, I shall endeavour to let them know the arrangements." Martin was at the school from 1963 to 1966. Thank you for sending the message, John.

12 May 2010: Andy (AP) Scarlett (RGS 1961-66) has surrendered himself to the authorities (i.e. me), owning up to being the face at F38 in the 1960 Junior School photo and E28 in the 1962 Senior School photo (other lurkers, please note - you may as well give yourself up now as I shall have you all bang to rights sooner or later). He tells me that "the hair was too long to be in the school for the April 64 photo". Did they really stop boys appearing in photos if they had long hair? I could believe it of Sam Morgan and co at that time (when the Beatles and the Rolling Stones had started to set us all a bad example and we received regular lectures about what was referred to disparagingly by masters as "the bob" - hair down the back of one's neck), but Tony is probably just pulling my leg.

12 May 2010: Nick Simons (RGS 1958-65) wrote in with some names from the 1960 Junior School photo: ME Austin 3SB (F13), AG (Tony?) Brill 3SB (C11), JM (John) Bibby 3X (D26), PF (Paul) Waller 2A (D35?), MJ Bowler 3S (F45, whom Nick remembers as a "good batsman). Thanks, Nick.

14 April 2010: David Andrew has sent me a scan of the 1963/64 rugby 1st XV photo which I have now posted. Many thanks, David. I may add some data to this photo in the next couple of days (am away from home at present, in Gibraltar - the weather's dreadful here!).

11 April 2010: David Andrew (RGS 1958-65) has written in to tell me that he is second from the left in the front row of the 1962/63 2nd XV. Thanks, David.

10 April 2010: John Haley (RGS 1959-66) has some new names and confirmations for the 1960 Junior School photo: JS (John, Steven, "Flog") Robinson 2E (A05 confirmed), GH King 2B (B10?), MJ (Martin John) Boord 3SB (E18), DG (David George) Beattie 2A (B45), RC (Richard) Hill 2A (B46?), IA (Ian) Ross 2B (A49), AC (Alan) Putman 2D (D50), DA (David Alistair) Low 2A (D52). Many thanks, John.

10 April 2010: Robin Stibbon (RGS 1964-69) writes in with some information regarding the 1967 Senior School photo. He confirms that Chris Tipney (5Y) is at A27 in section 5 - both Robin and Chris are (or have been BA pilots) for many years. A new name is EC (Eoin) Gray (5T) whom Robin thinks is E72 in section 9. He remembers living near him in Naphill. Some other sad news: Robin says that Richard Robinson (5A), at E03 in section 1, passed away two years ago after retiring from a long career in town planning. Robin visited him a few months before he died.

8 April 2010: I have posted an interesting message from Roy Hulbert (RGS 1955-62) on the forum about '149', the alternative school magazine (called Scandal) and a forerunner of the radio comedy game Mornington Crescent called Crong - read all about it here.

7 April 2010: Bob Trick (RGS 1956-62) has written in with an interesting bit of information: "Concerning 149 - the guy who really got this going (around 1960-61) through his roneo'd "alternative" school magazine (I've forgotten its name but others will remember) was Fred Garnett. He's on the '58 photo, section 3 at D21 (http://www.rgs.saund.org.uk/1958sensection3.html). Fred was a big mate of one of my closest friends, Roy Hulbert (whom I'm still in touch with) and they both lived in Denham, so got the train together. The early 6th form gang (59-62) used to go around saying "One-Four-Nine", giggling and laughing. I suppose it came out of Goon Show humour, preceding the emerging Beyond The Fringe satirical era." Thanks, Bob. I'm intrigued by the mention of an "alternative" school magazine in the early 1960s. Has anyone else any more information about this. Ideally, it would be great to get hold of a copy, scan it and make it available online (the laws of libel allowing). Any offers?

6 April 2010: Mick Giles (RGS 1960-63) wrote in to identify someone in the 1960 Senior School photo: MS (Mick) Ankers 5A (A34). Thanks, Mick.

2 April 2010: Stuart Toms (RGS 1961-68) wrote in to identify three boys in the 1962 Junior School photo: VD (Viv) Snell 2A (G08?), AM (Andrew) Picton 3A (E17), ML (Malcolm) East 3SA (F46). Stuart (who owns up to the school nickname of "Yogi" and is the brother of a previous contributor Trevor "Smot" Toms) wrote in with a few reminiscences which appear on the RGS School Forum. Thanks, Stuart.

19 March 2010: Martyn Brooks (RGS 1962-64) wrote in to identify himself in the 1964 Senior School photo: MT (Martyn) Brooks 6T2 (D19). He thinks D36 in the same photo might be Christopher Arch (CJ Arch 6S2) and that D35 might be MA (Michael) Ashcroft 6T2 - or, as he is now known, Baron Ashcroft, deputy chairman of the Conservative Party and much in the news of late. Thanks, Martyn.

19 March 2010: Roger Tone has taken another look at the 1960 Senior School photo and listed people he would expect to recognise but did not find in it (having left the school, he thinks, between the publication of the 1959/60 Grey Book and the photo being taken - or alternatively simply being absent on the day of the photo). This seems a worthwhile technique for reducing the likely candidates for the people who do appear in the photo and so I have marked the following names as "probably not in the photo" on the Grey Book list for that year: Coates, APR (5US), Coward, MD (6S3), Edwards, AJ (5UR), Emmett, MR (6S2), Gray, VF (5UA), Hill, JR (5UR), Icke, PP (6S2), Knights, SRM (6S2), Neill, DW (6M1), Pain, AC (6S2), Ralley, AW (6S2), Rubery, DE (6S2), Slack, JD (6S2), Tilley, DH (6S2), White, BAW (6S2). Thanks to Roger for going to the trouble of doing this.

16 February 2010: Bob Hitchcock (RGS 1960-67) wrote in with a long list of names. Firstly, in the 1962 Junior School photo: RJ (Russ) Mildon 3X (B30), PS (Paul) Everitt 3X (A25), PE Cook 3X (A26), AC (Alan) Bamford 3X (B31), ACW (Alan) Keen 3SA (G33), RB Kenyon 3X (B32), IJ (Ian) Belsham 3X (A31), JR Woods 3X (A32), SJ (Steve) Hudson 3SA (F42), AR (Tony) Wilson 3X (B48), R (Bob) Hitchcock 3X (B51), MR (Martin) Myant 3X (B53), D (Dave) O'Hanlon 2A (G54), JP (Jeremy) Hartwright 3X (F55), CA Smyth 3X (F56). And in the 1964 Middle School photo: JWEC (Jon) Clark 5X (F05), RJ (Ray) Wallington 5X (F06), R (Bob) Hitchcock 5X (F09), AR (Tony) Wilson 5X (F14), RB Kenyon 5X (F18), IJ (Ian) Belsham 5X (D17), MR (Martin) Myant 5X (D19), CJR (Clive) Robbins 5SA (G20), PE Cook 5X (D21), DA Goodall 5X (D22), SJ (Steve) Hudson 5SA (F22), GE (Graeme) Pattison 5SA (G26), HF (Hugh) Mayo 5X (F28), WL (Bill) Toms 5SA (G28), GD (Godfrey) Williams 4SA (B50). Many thanks, Bob.

16 February 2010: I switched the RGS Forum off temporarily whilst I was working abroad in January but this is to let you know that I have now switched it back on again.

16 February 2010: Some sad news: Peter Charles Lance, who was at the school from 1962 to 1969, has died aged 58. He is survived by Sally, his partner of 30 years, and one son, aged 20. The family would like to invite all who knew him to attend his burial on Sunday 28 February. The ceremony will take place at Chiltern Woodland Burial Park at 12 noon. An announcement will appear in a forthcoming Bucks Free Press inviting as many OWs as wish to attend. If you are still in touch with your classmates or anyone who knew Peter, please pass this message along. If you would like an address to send condolences to, please email (Director of Deveopment at the RGS) so that she may provide you with details. Peter Lance appears in two of the photos on the website - he is at C38 in the 1964 Junior School photo and at G43 in the 1967 Senior School photo. R.I.P.

16 February 2010: Brian Russell (RGS 1958-65) wrote in with some identifications in the 1964 Senior School photo:GP (Gareth) Millward 6S2 (D38), BJ (Brian) Russell 6S2 (D41), AV (Tony) King 6S2 (D58). Brian tells me he has a second copy of the 1964 Senior School photo which he doesn't need (the first one is framed over his study desk). He would like his spare copy to go to a "good home". Any offers? If so, I'll put you in contact with Brian if you email me.

20 January 2010: Ralph Stockwell adds another name to those he recently submitted in the 1958 Senior School photo: DJ Clark 5A (D33). Thanks, Ralph.

08 January 2010: I urge everyone to read what John Comer (RGS 1954-61) has just posted at the Forum. He gives us a brief pen-picture on his life since leaving the RGS 1961, including observations on parenthood, canine cuisine and the joys of walking, before moving on to a plug for his highly recommended autobiography-cum-novel. Click on this link.

06 January 2010: Clifton Hughes has been in touch again, with one new name: SC (Stephen) Williams 6S1 (C46) in the 1964 Senior School photo. Clifton also came up with some forenames of various people. Thanks, Clifton.

03 January 2010: Roland Denning very kindly sent me a form photo of 2A in 1963/64. Between us we have been able to identify everyone in the photo.

03 January 2010: Harvey Coltman wrote in to confirm a number of people in the 1958 Junior and 1960 Senior photos, plus adding R (Roger) Watts 4S (A61) in the 1960 Senior School photo. Thanks, Harvey.

03 January 2010: Geoff Packman contributes some new names to the 1958 Senior School photo: GR (Geoff) Gunning 5UA (H27 - already shown, but now indicated on Section 4 as well as Section 3), MJ ("Brian") Goodchild 5UA, AC (Andy) Pain 5U Shell (E70). Thanks, Geoff.

03 January 2010: Gareth Davies wrote in to identify himself in the 1960 Junior School photo: GJ Davies 2D (E34), also to confirm CC (Chris) Haywood at A06. The latter is a movie actor, based in Australia - see his Wikipedia entry.

03 January 2010: Alan Rainbow has identified the following in the 1964 Senior School photo: J Joisce 6M1 (E24), MWH Hampton 6T1 (C24), H Davies 6M2 (B56). In the 1964 Middle School photo: A Newman 5UY (G45), SGD Newman 5UR (H58), DK Cave 5UA (H61). Thanks, Alan.

03 January 2010: John Heygate-Browne sent in some new names in the 1964 Senior School photo: MJ Boord 6B1 (D05), W Pitchford 6M1 (B13 confirmed), SA Gorski? 6S1 (C31), RJ Matthewson 6T1 (C38), RD Bufton 6S1 (C56), NJ Roe? 6S1 (C69), MA Hailwood 6S1 (C72), PJC Wilson 6S1 (C73), MA Knight 6S1 (C74), HR Thomas 6S1 (C75). Thanks, John.

03 January 2010: Ralph Stockwell (RGS 1954-61) wrote in with some names for the 1958 Senior School photo: JD ("Sam") Seale 5Y (F20), RJ Ping 5X (F37), MJ Payne 5US (G38), JR Hill 5A (D37), DR Spackman 5A (D48), MH Clarke 5A (F54). Thanks, Ralph.

03 January 2010: Julian ('Jules') Birch (RGS 1961-65) has been in touch to identify himself and a class colleague in the 1964 Middle School photo. Jules (5SA) is G30 in the photo, previously misidentified as Paul Gautrey who can be found instead at G34. Thanks, Jules.

03 January 2010: Warwick 'Rocky' Prior has been looking at the 1958 Senior School photo: DM Elvey 5S (G04), PB Barnes 5S (G23), RE Norcliffe? 5S (G31). Thanks, Rocky.

03 January 2010: Mike Jarman (RGS 1951-58 - known as 'Mick' at the RGS) wrote in with a mini-biography and some names for the 1958 Senior School photo. First, the names: M (Mike/Mick) Jarman 6S3 (E29 confirmed), MJ Southam 6S3 (J59), MK Williams 6S3 (H60), WD Muir 6S3 (J60), L Aldred 6M4 (C58), PGP Galloway 6S3 (J71), CT Ashton 6S3 (J72). " I was at RGS from 1951-1958 when I went on a State Scholarship and Open Exhibition to Jesus College Cambridge to read Natural Sciences (mainly chemistry). I went on to do a PhD in Organic Chemistry there and after 37 years of work, almost all of it at The Institute of Cancer Research in London, I took slightly early retirement in 2001, retiring as Professor of Chemistry." Thanks, Mike.

03 January 2010: David Bedwell (RGS 1959-64) wrote in a couple of days ago. He has identified himself in the 1960 Junior School photo at B41 (he was in 2A) and in the 1962 Senior School photo at A06 (he was in 4S). He is already identified in the 1964 Middle School photo at E59. Elsewhere in the 1964 Middle School photo, he achieves the remarkable feat of distinguishing the Sharp twins - H03 is Richard and G05 is Peter. David also identifies E10 in the 1964 Middle School photo as NI (Nigel) Bray 5UY. Thanks, David.

03 January 2010: Happy new year and apologies for the long silence. I've been very busy with my day job (we had a world-class chess tournament in London for the first time in aeons) and actually I still am pretty busy - but I'm going to try and fit in a few updates shortly. Thank you for your forbearance.