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20 October 2013: I have published a new feature on the website - the School Honours Board, i.e. a list of those boys who won scholarships and exhibitions to universities. Whilst at the Old Boys Dinner in September, I took photos of the honours boards in the Queen's Hall and have since transcribed them. I have checked them against what appears in the Ashford & Haworth school history, attempting to resolve any conflicting info, and adding full names and a little biographical information (where available). I have covered the years 1907 (when the honours boards start) to 1975 (where my energies give out!). This is very much a work in progress - I have quite a bit of data still to add to what appears there - but if anyone would like to contribute info I shall of course be grateful to receive it.

17 October 2013: Adrian Broadway (RGS 1962-69) sent me three very nice photos to share: the 1963/64 form photo of 3X; a December 1964 photo of 'The Pirates of Penzance'; and the 1964/65 photo of the under-14s rugby XV. Many thanks to Adrian. I have also posted hi-res copies of the photos to view or download on Flickr. If you want to look at these and other photos on Flickr, a good place to start is here.

11 October 2013 - John Havard (RGS 1958-65) has sent me a lot more info relating to RGS masters who taught at the school between 1943 and the early 1970s - I have updated the list. Many thanks to John.

9 September 2013: The OW dinner was held at the school on 7 September 2013. The guest of honour was former housemaster of Uplyme and Head of Classics (from 1974) Neil 'Fenners' Cooper, and a special reunion of former Uplyme boarders was organised by Peter Archer. I took some photos of the occasion and they can be viewed by clicking here. Any help you can give with identifications will be most welcome.

2 August 2013: Peter Davies (RGS 1963-70) sent me some interesting information about his father Mr JCR Davies, who taught at the school between 1959 and 1966 when he sadly died. I have added it to the obituary published in the September 1966 Wycombiensian and posted it here on the website.

1 July 2013: Some sad news - John Gunning tells me that Henry Collins (RGS 1959-66) has died, aged 65. Further info at the forum.

1 July 2013: Peter Archer has sent me three CCF photos. Two are from the parade on Speech Day in 1959, and the other is from a Dartmoor camp in 1962. Many thanks, Peter.

8 June 2013: I have posted a list of RGS Masters, 1943-70 - this is a chronological list of every master on the permanent staff of the school between 1943 and 1970, with date of appointment, date of leaving, subject(s) taught, and in some cases further biographical information and links to other information elsewhere on the web. Though already quite voluminous, this is very much a 'work in progress' and I would be grateful for any additions and amendments which you might have.

22 April 2013: Chris Chadwick (RGS 1953-58) wrote to me to identify himself in the 1958 Senior School photo: CC (Christopher) Chadwick 6M1 (H05). Many thanks, Chris.

20 April 2013: John Havard (RGS 1958-64) is back with some more observations. 1960 Junior School photo: GW (George William) Barrett 3X (A11), JE (John) Havard 3X (C11 - index corrected). 1962 Senior School photo: RM Jones 5UY (F53 confirmed), GW Barrett 5X (D107 confirmed), DW (David) Lewis 4Y (B57 confirmed). 1964 Senior School photo: AD (Anthony) Male (6S1 confirmed), P (Paul) Langston 6M2 (E52 confirmed), EJ Stonham 6C2 (E54 confirmed), RM Jones 6M2 (E60 confirmed), AR Feely 6S2 (D52 confirmed), G Poole 6M1 (D59 confirmed). John Havard also confirms that he was definitely not in the 1964 photo as he was away on a flying course at the time. Many thanks, John.

19 April 2013: David Davies (son of MMD, RGS 1957-64) sent me two photos of one of the school's greatest sporting triumphs - the winning of the 1964 Youll Cup, which is the highly prestigious UK independent schools tennis competition. The school also won in 1963. David was a member of the winning four-man team, and I have included his father Mervyn's report from the 1964 Wycombiensian. Many thanks for this to David.

19 April 2013: David Davies (RGS 1957-64) sent me a scan of the 1958/59 rugby under 13 XV. Many thanks, David.

18 April 2013: More rugby team photos from Bob Davies: 1963/64 Under-12s - 1964/65 Under-13s - 1967-68 2nd XV - 1968-69 2nd XV - 1969-70 1st XV. Many thanks to Bob Davies for the scans. I have included reports from The Wycombiensian with all of them.

18 April 2013: Bob Davies (RGS 1963-70) kindly sent in a photo of the 1966/67 rugby under 15 (Colts) XV. I have appended the team report from the May 1967 Wycombiensian. One name still left to be identified.

19 March 2013: Dudley Taylor (RGS 1957-64) made contact and produced some names, disentangling some previous misidentifications. In the 1958 Junior School photo: DM (Dudley) Taylor 2B (E10). In the 1960 Senior School photo: GAK (Geoff) Stansall 4Y (A08), DM (Dudley) Taylor 4Y (D12), SCR (Sid) Goulborn 4Y (E80). In the 1962 Senior School photo: DM (Dudley) Taylor 5UY (F56). In the 1964 Senior School photo: GAK (Geoff) Stansall. Dudley provides a short, potted history of himself: "I was at RGS from 1957 to 1964.  I retired from private practice as a solicitor last year. I am married with four sons and currently living in Gerrards Cross where I have lived for the last 28 years - trying, unsuccessfully so far, to move." Many thanks, Dudley.

19 March 2013: Finally creaking into action again here - the catch-up took longer than expected. Firstly, a query from Vincent Smith (RGS 1958-65): "With all the talk about the winter of 63, is there any detail on the RGS site about what the school did in such severe conditions and was it closed at all, etc? I was coming up for O-Level mocks at that time but my memory about what happened at that time is very hazy other than the fact I did far too much sledding and probably not enough revising!! Kind regards, Vincent" Anyone remember anything about the winter of 1962/63 at the RGS? If so, why not contribute to this thread on the forum.

15 January 2013: Sad news - Derek Mck Jones (RGS 1959-66) died earlier this month. At the RGS he was an Uplyme boarder and a 1st XV rugby player. John Hume sent me further details plus the funeral arrangements, which I have placed here on the RGS Forum.

15 January 2013: Apologies for the long-time silence here. Unfortunately I was taken ill in early December and have only recently recovered from my medical condition (a kidney stone - thankfully not life-threatening) and the rigours of a family Christmas (for which there is of course no known cure). Since then I have been playing catch-up with a number of work projects. I have received a number of contributions from old boys during this time - for which, many thanks - and I shall be posting them on the website quite soon. Happy new year, everyone. John.