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Reference Surname Forenames (Nickname) Form Born Died
A48 Weston Colin 4A 1943  
A49 Wheate Harold F 4A 1944  
A50 Moseley John S (Bonzo) 4A 1944  
A51 Lawrence Anthony (Tony) 4A 1944  
A52 Briggs? Peter R (Pete) 4A 1944  
A53 Evans John L 4A 1944  
B50 Tomes Simon Christopher 4X 1944  
B51 Cockerham Peter S 4X 1945  
B52 Cooper Robert F 4X 1944  
B53 Dell Trevor J 4X 1944  
B54 Rolfe Brian Michael 4X 1943  
B55 Chorley William R J 4X 1944  
B56 Hedges Robert Ernest Mortimer (wikipedia) 4X 1944  
C53 Lesser Louis Emile (see list of masters)      
C54 Runswick Adrian Lester (Beaky) (see list of masters)      
C55 Nicholas Arthur Leary (Nick) (see list of masters)      
C56 Sladden Cyril Edgar (Dewdrop) (see list of masters)      
C57 Blaby Norman J 6M4 1940  
C58 Aldred Lawson 6M4 1940  
C59 Bone John R 6S3 1940  
D43 Brown Peter R 5A 1943  
D44 Hudson? John 5A 1943  
D48 Spackman David R 5A 1943  
D49 Parker Michael G 5X 1942  
D50 Fisher William T (Willy) 5X 1943  
D51 Rumsey Christopher J (Chris) 4Z 1944  
E58 Miller Kenneth R 6S1 1940  
E59 Middleton Paul 6S1 1942  
E60 Smith Robert C 6S1 1942  
E61 Quirke Barry Anthony John 6S1 1941  
E62 Barkas John Roland (Jim) 6S1 1941  
E63 Deacon David E R 6S2 1940  
E64 Bristow Christopher E 5Ushell 1941  
E66 Humphries Michael D (Humph) 5Ushell 1942  
F60 Emmett Michael R 5X 1943  
F61 White Barry A W 5X 1943  
F62 Hubble David Neil 5X 1943  
F63 Stratford David K 5X 1943  
F64 Iremonger Michael J 5X 1943  
F65 Farmer Colin Harvey (obit, May 1965 Wycombiensian) 5X 1944 1964
F66 Torrens-Burton Barrington Arthur (Barry) 5X 1942  
F67 Colley John M 5X 1943  
F68 Buckley Brian N 5X 1943  
G59 Penfold Ian W 5US 1942  
G60 Sackett Robin D 5US 1941  
G61 French Raymond/Richard? A 5US 1941  
G63 Collinge Graham Miles 5Ushell 1942  
G64 Thompson Michael W (Mike) 5Ushell 1942  
G65 Muston Derek R 5Ushell 1942  
G66 Brand David 5Ushell 1942  
H63 Simmons Robert 6S1 1943  
H64 Wilson Peter J 6S1 1943  
H65 Paine Angus J 6S1 1942  
H66 Pearson Richard M 6S1 1943  
H67 Coulson Michael J 6S2 1941  
H68 Paine Reginald W (Reg) 6S1 1941  
H70 Holdbrook John C (Johnny) 6S2 1941  
J60 Muir Walter? David? 6S3 1940  
J62 Bevis David J 6S2 1940  
J63 Long Trevor W 6S2 1941  
J64 Vickers James A (Jim) 6S2 1941  
J65 Mayo Peter J 6S1 1941  
J67 Pattinson Michael R 6S1 1942  
J68 Herring John Roman Helmer 6S1 1942  
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