Royal Grammar School, High Wycombe - Ian Cole Photos

RGS/CCF Photos sent in by Ian Cole (RGS 1965-71)

The following photos were sent to me by Ian Cole (RGS 1965-71). We've not been able to identify many people in them yet, so it is over to readers of this website to see how they can do...

1971 RAF Gutersloh
Ian Cole tells me that "this was RAF section camp at RAF Gütersloh, Germany, 14 April 1971." Ian is in the middle row, 2nd from left.


1971 RAF Leuchars
Ian says "Another, summer camp, RAF Leuchars, Scotland, 16 August 1971. Myself, front row, 7th from left (4th from right)."
To that I can add, 6th from the left of the seated officers, Lt. Col. R Pattinson; extreme left, standing, David Basterfield.


1970 RAF Honington
Ian says "Field Day visit to RAF Honington, 9 July 1970."
Ian is back row, 4th from right. I think I can recognise Sidney Wright, back row, extreme left.

Easter camp 1969, RAF Locking, 10 April 1969
Easter camp 1969, RAF Locking, 10 April 1969. Ian is 4th from the left in the back row.
This being more my era, I can pick out a further three: 6th from left, back row, is David Basterfield; 3rd from left, front row, is Roger Butler; 5th from left, front row, is Kevin Jacomb.



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