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Reference Surname Forenames (Nickname) Form Born Died
A43 Yallop Michael B 4A 1944  
A44 Dorsett Graham R J 4A 1943  
A45 Tranter Richard J 4A 1943  
A46 Smith Roland Beresford (obit, May 1966 Wycombiensian) 4A 1944 1966
A47 Rogers Paul (obit, May 1969 Wycombiensian) 4A 1944 1969
B42 Broadley Richard N 4A 1944  
B43 Hume John B 4X 1944  
B44 Clark P J C (Ginger) 4X 1943  
B45 Hulbert Roy G 4X 1944  
B46 Tuffs Alan J 4X 1943  
B47 Thornton David John 4X 1944 2006
B48 Mayo Roger H 4X 1945  
B49 Ford Bernard W 4X 1944  
C46 Pattinson Reginald (Patsy, Moan) (see list of masters)      
C47 White Neville Hall (Blanco) (see list of masters)      
C48 Hollingworth Lewis Tom (Holly, Uncle H) (see list of masters)      
C49 Harvey Peter M (Ferret) (see list of masters)      
C50 Pelmore Denis Rudolf (Drip) (see list of masters)      
C51 Dawes James Swinnerton (Jack) (see list of masters)      
C52 Gaster Adrian (Lonnie) (see list of masters)      
D35 Dury Ian Robins (wikipedia) 5A 1942 2000
D37 Hill J R 5A 1943  
D38 Evans? G 5X 1943  
D39 Cartwright Peter? J 5X 1943  
D40 Woods Robin? E 5X 1944  
D41 Thirlway Martyn R 5X 1943  
D42 Hudson Peter C R 5X 1944  
E54 Hodkinson Harry J 6S2 1940  
E55 Hollingham Michael Anthony (Dennis) 6S2 1940 1990
E56 Swain Thomas Eric 6S2 1940 1982
F51 Castle Raymond W 5A 1943  
F52 Perkins Philip J (Phil) 5A 1943  
F53 Barrett Edward L (Butch) 5A 1942  
F54 Clarke M(ichael?) H 5A 1942  
F55 Palmer Richard C 5A 1943  
F56 Hathaway Roy W J 5A 1943  
F57 Hammett Robin W 5X 1943  
F58 Ashby? Robert (Bob) 5X 1942  
F59 Benyon Michael J 5X 1943  
G50 Hamilton-Eddy David A 5UA 1942  
G51 Riley? Alan J 5Ushell 1942  
G52 Kern? Peter Richard 5Ushell 1942  
G53 Woodhouse Michael R 5Ushell 1942  
G54 Smith Robert D 5Ushell 1941  
G55 Busby Peter William 5Ushell 1941 2000
G56 Scrivener Leslie J 5UA 1941  
H53 McCue Ian Wilkinson 6S2 1939 1980
H55 Blackburn Terence B (Terry) 6S2 1941  
H56 Smith John Owen 6S1 1942  
H57 Chapman Raymond Albert (Sandy) 6S1 1942  
H58 Wrench Kenneth John Vincent (Ken) 6S1 1942  
H59 Maunder Edward A W (Min) 6S1 1942  
H60 Williams Michael K 6S3 1940  
J53 Gravette Nigel C (Gravy) 6S1 1941  
J55 King David A 6S1 1941  
J56 Sagar John Anthony 6S1 1941  
J57 Rendall D Jeremy M 6S1 1941  
J58 Drewett Robin 6S2 1941  
J59 Southam Michael J 6S3 1940  
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