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Reference Surname Forenames (Nickname) Form Born Died
A21 Cass Richard Martin 3A 1946  
A22 Backhouse Andrew W 3A 1945  
A23 Whitwham Ian R W 3X 1944  
A24 Ellerton John James (Jim) 3A 1944  
A25 Jones Francis A (Frankie) 2C 1945  
A26 Hovell James G (Jim) 2C 1946  
A27 Davies Roger L 2C 1946  
B24 Davies Mervyn Mort (Taffy) (see list of masters)      
B25 Harvey Peter M (Ferret) (see list of masters)      
B26 Hollomon Derek W 6S3 1940  
B27 Jarman Michael (Mike) (honours board) 6S3 1940  
B28 Nuthall Richard James (honours board) 6C3 1940  
B29 Jones Roy C 6M2 1940  
B30 Volkonsky Oleg Valentinovich 6M3 1939  
B31 Friend Lionel G 3A 1945  
C29 Leek Adrian E 3X 1946  
C30 Patterson Rodney I 3X 1944  
C31 Oliver AJ (Andrew) 3X 1945  
C32 Robinson David (Dave) 3X 1945  
C33 Myant Christopher Nicolas (honours board) 3X 1945  
C34 Pratt (now Martin) Anthony M 3X 1946  
C35 Harris John D 3X 1945  
C36 Hine Barrie T 3X 1945  
C37 Ludgate Alan Templeton (honours board) 3X 1945  
C38 Merrington Simon 3X 1945  
D28 Hoskings Peter J 2C 1946  
D29 Grove Robert N (Roy?) 2C 1946  
D30 Hughes John Clifton 2C 1946  
D31 Watts Roger 2C 1946  
D32 Lange J R 2C 1946  
D33 Melsom Nigel D 2C 1946  
D34 Chandler David M (Dave) 2C 1946  
D35 Jones Robert M (honours board) 2C 1946  
D36 Glass Peter M 2C 1944  
D37 Charlton Steven C 2C 1946  
E27 Thomson Edward A 2A 1945  
E28 Snodin Michael Robert 2A 1945  
E29 Coudrill (now Coudrille) Jonathon Xavier (wikipedia) 2A 1945  
E30 Fensom Keith 2A 1945  
E31 Pryce Leslie J (Larry) 2A 1946  
E32 Lunnon David Alan 2A 1945  
E33 Crew David C (Chris) 2A 1946  
E34 Packman Christopher John (Chris) 2A 1945  
F26 Gibson Simon Christopher V 3A 1945 1999
F27 Ray John S 3A 1945  
F28 Pass Colin F 3Y 1944  
F29 Keen Peter G 3A 1944  
F30 McCracken William Stuart 3A 1945  
F31 Newton David A (Dave) 3A 1945  
F32 Carwardine Ronald Thomas (Ron) 3A 1945  
F33 Dingle Alan W (honours board) 3A 1945  
F34 Morralee Michael R (Mike) 3A 1944  
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Royal Grammar School, High Wycombe - Junior School, April 1958 • Section 4
1958 Junior Photo Sections: Section 1Section 2Section 3 • Section 4 • Section 5
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