Royal Grammar School, High Wycombe - Form 3A, 1963/64

Derek Prior very kindly sent me this photo. It is of form 3A and was taken in the Summer of 1964. Derek made a note at the time of everyone in the photo and also those who were absent.

Back row: Brian Rudd, Pete Brown, Terry Gostlow, Steve Gamester, Keith Barrett, Neil Smith, Dave Broadbent.
Second row: Clive Whitelock, Andy Turner, Derek Prior, Jeremy Luty, Clive Hardwick, Tim Gilson, John (?) Piercey.
Third row: Howard Norfolk, Graham Peatey, Rob MacDermott, Brian Scott, Michael West.
Front row: Adrian Harris, Roger (?) (Spook) Flitney, France Ellul, Jeff Lord, Chris Glitheroe.

Derek also listed the absentees on the back of the photo:
Ken Allwright, Gregory Angel, Mick Burrows, Peter Lance, Clifton Marsh, JD (First name?) Mowatt, John Richardson, Dave Shelley.

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