Royal Grammar School, High Wycombe - Rugby 2nd XV, 1962/63

Back Row: SW (Bill) Bunce (6C3), DM (David) Davies (6S2), D (David) Blythen (6S1), GF (George) Cutler (5UY), IG (Ian) Collins (5USA), PB Spittle (6T2), S Breed (5UY), R (Roger) Forward (6B2)
Front Row: DG (David) Orchard (6S2), DR (David) Andrew (6S1), AN (Nick) Brandes (6S2), RMS Fox (6M3), PRJ (Paul) Lane? (6M1), RW (Doug) Douglas (5USA), MH (Mick) Kefford (5USA).

Can you help to identify members of the 1962/63 RGS rugby 2nd XV, pictured above? If you think you can, please email me. If you click here, you should be able to see reference numbers magically appear against each person in the photo (click here to switch it off again). Then all you have to do is tell me the boy's reference number and whom you think they are. Email

Nicholas Brandes very kindly sent this photo in. He can only recall two people from it: himself (3rd from left, sitting row, identifier A3) and David Orchard (extreme left of sitting row, identifier A1). However, it has been possible to identify some more by analogy with the 1962 3rd XV photo and other photos. And, of course, thanks to the good offices of other OWs sending in names.

The Wycombiensian, May 1963, p447

2nd XV : Played 16, Won 11, Drawn 1, Lost 4, Points for 217, against 94

This year the 2nd XV has enjoyed a remarkably successful season, for not only has it won most of its games, but it has won them in a most enjoyable fashion. With the exception of three games which were lost owing to carelessness rather than to any positive weakness, and the rather unfortunate meeting with Emanuel, when we lost in the gathering dusk, all the games have been won.

This success was due primarily to a very powerful pack which, although often smaller than its opponents, was never decisively beaten in the tight play, and always acquitted itself admirably in the loose. The compact front row, consisting of S. W. Bunce, D. Blythen and R. Forward, always managed to make life unpleasant for their opposite numbers while securing a generous share of the ball. Forward was, moreover, an excellent place-kicker, and during the course of our much curtailed season he scored 77 points. The second row, G. F. Cutler and S. R. Thomas, besides providing the power, also performed well in the line-outs, whilst the back row of S. Breed, R. B. Smith and D. R. Ferguson harassed the opposing backs.

The school three-quarters, although they sometimes appeared weak in defence, nearly always managed to suppress the source of danger in the nick of time, and were never slow to seize an opportunity of attacking. The centres, R. W. Douglas and M. H. Kefford, provided marked contrasts, one relying on strong running to make the break, while the other used more subtle methods. The same can also be said of the wings, for while P. B. Spittle made use of his weight to burst his way through the opposition, R. M. S. Fox relied more on his speed. In spite of these contrasts, the backs combined and defended well, and it is worth noting that, even when beaten, we only lost by penalties and drop goals.

At half-back, M. P. A. Solomon, the captain until Christmas, and P. R. J. Lane played together well, and provided an excellent link between the forwards and the backs. Lane made a fine scrum-half and his short defensive kicks often saved the team, while Solomon always ran well, and proved himself an excellent captain. On his departure at Christmas, and during his absence earlier in the season, G. M. Seale proved an admirable replacement, for not only was he a good stand-off half, but he was also a safe full-back, who was quite capable of launching an attack on his own.

The following were regular members of the team:
Old Colours: M. P. A. Solomon (Captain), S. W. Bunce, G. M. Seale, A. N. Brandes;
New Colours: M. H. Kefford, P. B. Spittle, P. R. J. Lane, R. Forward, D. Blythen, G. F. Cutler, D. R. Ferguson, R. B. Smith, R. W. Douglas, S. Breed, S. R. Thomas.
The following have also played: C. G. Rogers, Jeskins, Sifton.

Nick Brandes tells me he was from Chalfont St Peter, was at the RGS from 1956 to 1963, then went to University College London and now lives in Washington DC.

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