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Reference Surname Forenames (Nickname) Form Born Died
A54 Horrex Michael R 4A 1944  
A55 Taylor John D 4A 1944  
A56 Priestley Martin Donald H 4A 1944  
A57 Witcher Peter W R 4Z 1944  
A58 Day Colin L 4X 1944  
A59 Funnell Peter J 4X 1944  
B57 Shoosmith Roger R 4X 1944  
B58 Platt? Adam S 4X 1943  
B59 Hailstone Neil F 4S 1943  
B60 Bowler Peter 4S 1943 1981
B61 Wynyard-Wright Michael 4S 1943  
B62 Haslam Redvers (Red) 4S 1943  
B63 Palmer Geoffrey J (Geoff) 4X 1944  
B64 Durham Christopher R 4X 1944  
C60 Clark Harry W (see also list of masters) 6S3 1940  
C61 Ledger? Michael Exton 6S3 1940 1998
C62 Portlock James J (Jimmy) 6M4 1940  
C63 Ewins Graham W F (Squeak) 6M3 1939  
C64 Cunnold Derek Martin (obit) (honours board) 6S3 1940 2009
C65 Scott-Kiddie David Andrew (Dave) 6S3 1940  
C66 Whitby Neil J 4A 1944  
D51 Rumsey Christopher J (Chris) 4Z 1944  
D52 Davis Timothy M (Tim) 4Z 1944  
D53 Thomas Richard G 4Z 1943  
D54 Horeman Edward C (Eddie) 4Z 1944  
D55 O'Reilly J F 4Z 1944  
D56 Rutter Paul M 4Z 1944  
D57 Vivian Anthony John 4Z 1944  
D58 Trick Robert R (Bob, Sparrow) 4X 1944  
D59 Cronin? Brian Harold John B (personal website) 4S 1944  
E67 Walker John D 5Ushell 1942  
E70 Pain Andrew C (Andy) 5Ushell 1942  
E72 Bull Brian J (Beej) 5UA 1941  
E74 Thomas Philip Ivor F (Pif) 5A 1943 1991
F69 Farrell Richard P C 5X 1943  
F72 Swain Christopher 5A 1943  
F73 Dawes John H 5A 1942  
F74 Ireson John 5US 1942  
F75 Hewett Paul J (Biffa) 4Y 1944  
F76 Blakesley John F 4Z 1944  
G67 Kew Barry L 5Ushell 1941  
G68 Brooks Victor N (Vic) 5Ushell 1942  
G69 Gosling Anthony Alan (Tony) 5Ushell 1942 1970
G70 Shelton Richard G J 5Ushell 1942  
H71 Krohn Nicholas Stewart (Nick) 6M2 1941  
H72 May Dudley P 6S2 1941  
H73 Currell John Lewis 6S2 1942  
H74 Bond David H 6S2 1941  
H75 Pratley? Robert L (Bob) 6S1 1941  
H77 Bird Michael S F (Maurice?) 4Y 1944  
H78 Everett Alwyn David (Dave) 4A 1944  
J69 Fountain Andrew W 6S1 1942  
J71 Galloway Peter G P 6S3 1939  
J72 Ashton Christopher Thomas 6S3 1940 2006
J73 Boddy John 6S1 1941  
J75 Mann Edwin G 6S2 1940  
J76 Woodend Peter E 4Y 1944  
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