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Reference Surname Forenames (Nickname) Form Born Died
A30 Peters D(erek?) E 4S 1944  
A31 Clare Jeremy N 4S 1944  
A32 Hurst Gary S 4S 1944  
A33 Stossler George W 4A 1944  
A34 Howarth I 4A 1944  
B32 Leech Roger H 4Y 1944  
B33 Collins Donald W 4Y 1944  
B34 Hart Bryan Horace (obit, September 1968 Wycombiensian) 4Y 1944 1968
B35 Hunt Keith D 4Y 1944  
C31 Freeman U M (Mrs)      
C32 Morgan Samuel (Sam) (see list of masters)      
C33 Tucker Edmund Ronald (Boss) (see list of masters)      
C34 Whittington J M (Mrs)      
C35 Jones Emlyn (Chunk) (see list of masters)      
C36 Davies Mervyn Mort (Taffy) (see list of masters)      
C37 Grant George Alexander (Gag, Gaggy) (see list of masters)      
E34 Volkonsky Oleg Valentinovich 6M3 1939  
E35 Dawes James Allan (Jimmy, Jack) 6S3 1939  
E36 Blokland (van Blokland) Peter John 6S2 1941  
E37 Hardstaff Alan L 6S3 1938  
E38 Date Christopher J (Chris) (wikipedia) 6S3 1941  
E39 Jones Roy C 6M2 1940  
E40 Green Martin J 6S3 1939  
E41 Gilbertson Gerard 6M3 1940  
E42 Collett Roger James (honours board) 6C3 1940  
F34 Welch Michael G (Mick) 5Y 1943  
F35 James Graham F 5S 1941  
F36 Evans Simon N M 5Y 1942  
F37 Ping Robert John (now Robert John Kennedy-Ping) 5X 1941  
F38 Stewart Geoffrey (Ian) 5X 1943  
F39 Simmons? Peter D 5A 1941  
F40 Stockwell Ralph Alan Owen 5A 1943  
F42 Smith Malcolm G 5X 1942  
G32 Fox Raymond W (F) 5S 1943  
G33 Nash Graham D 5S 1943 2011
G34 Gillett Michael F 5S 1942  
G35 Rubery David E 5US 1942  
G36 Holtorp Peter J 5US 1941  
G37 Russell Colin J 5UA 1942  
G38 Payne M J 5US 1941  
G39 Burnell John E (Jeb) (see also list of masters) 5US 1942  
G40 Tomes Patrick Thurstan (obit, May 1963 Wycombiensian) 5US 1941 1963
H35 Alabaster James C 5UA 1942  
H36 Styles Alan? (Stan) 5UA 1942  
H37 Darvill Robin E (Weev) 5UA 1941  
H38 Gwynn Alan Thomas (Nell) 5UA 1941  
H39 Stevens David M 5UA 1941  
H40 Warde William D (Willy, Billy) 5US 1943 2010
H41 Lane Anthony G (Tony) 5US 1942  
H43 Goodchild Michael J (Brian) 5UA 1941  
J35 Marchand Hugh G 6M3 1939  
J36 Bunce Brian F C 5UR/6M 1941  
J37 Becket Lawrence Michael 6M2 1940 1980
J38 Nicholls Derek H (Nick) 6S1 1941  
J39 Bramley Hugh Christopher (Chris) 6S2 1940  
J40 Slatter David M 5UR 1940  
J41 Coward Michael D 6S1 1940  
J42 Dakin Stephen Williman 6S2 1940 1972
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