Royal Grammar School, High Wycombe - Rugby Under 15 (Colts) XV, 1966/67

Back row (left to right): GR (Geoff) Parkins 4S, C (Chris) Smith 4S, NJ (Nick) Miles 4X, JC (Jerry) Cook 4T, PR (Pete) Beasley 4T, JD (Jim) Tomlinson 4T, G (Gordon, "Haggis") Black 4T, ASJ (Tony, "Brutus") Ilott 4S, KV (Kevin) Pickering 4T.
Front row (left to right): CC (Chris) Woodbridge 4A, GL (Graham) Jarman 4S, IAJ (Ivan) Brownrigg 4A, RO (Bob) Davies 4A, RL (Les) Thorne 4T, C (Clive, "Zebedee") Walters 4A, KJ (Kevin) Anderson 4T.

Behind where Nick Miles and Jerry Cook are standing in the back row, you might just be able to see Rev. John Skipp lurking behind the window in School House!

Can you help to identify members of the 1966/67 RGS rugby under 15 (Colts) XV, pictured above? If you think you can, please email me (see below). My thanks to Bob Davies for sending me the photo.

From the May 1967 Wycombiensian:


Played 13; Won 10; Lost 2

The 1966-67 season has, on the whole, been most successful for this team. After a slightly shaky start when fitness and teamwork were suspect, the boys combined splendidly to create a very effective unit.

Apart from Miles, who was a very useful fly-half, the main strength lay in a strong and vigorous pack. Tomlinson and Cook – who was in his first season of rugby – were towers of strength; when he arrived on the scene, Davies, the captain, always made his considerable presence felt too. The four boys named in this paragraph all played regularly for the county U.15 XV.

Strangely enough, the highlights of the season were two of the few games which were not won. Early in the season, the team drew with one drawn from the rest of Buckinghamshire, whilst just before Christmas, an exciting and closely fought game (against Abingdon) was lost in the last few minutes.
Next year Davies and his team will be divided among the senior teams. It will be a pity to see a successful side split up, but if the spirit of teamwork is as keenly maintained, then the School can look forward to some exciting and rewarding rugby in years to come.

R.A.P. Wilson


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