Royal Grammar School, High Wycombe - Rugby Under 13 XV, 1964/65

Back row (left to right): CC (Chris) Woodbridge 3A, PC (Pete) Ellingham 3SB, C (Chris) Smith 3SA, JD (Jim) Tomlinson 3SB, RO (Bob) Davies 3A, PR (Pete) Beasley 3SB, KV (Kevin) Pickering 3SB, KJ (Kevin) Anderson 3SB, J (John) Woodhouse 3Y.
Sitting row (left to right): CJ (Colin) Chamberlain 3Y, IAJ (Ivan) Brownrigg 3A, RL (Les) Thorne 3SB, NJ (Nick) Miles 3X, GL (Graham) Jarman 3SA, BJ (Brian) Leslie 3A, GR (Geoff) Parkins 3X.
Front row (left to right): GK (Geoff) Biggs 3A, MR (Malcolm) Berry 3A.

My thanks to Bob Davies for sending me the photo.

From The Wycombiensian, May 1965:

The Under 13's season has proved enjoyable, if not successful. The team tended to rely on one or two individuals to score all the tries and do all the tackling - this reluctance to tackle and run straight and hard for the line lost games which could easily have been won.

The forwards played with life and vigour, but they must learn the value of possession in the "loose", which is so important to the three-quarters. Tomlinson was, perhaps, the hardest worker in the pack and he was well supported by Beasley, particularly in the line-out. The front row (Gunning, Chamberlain, Leslie and Woodbridge all played) generally held their own and did well in the scrum. The back row of Biggs, Berry and Davies was more effective in attack rather than in defence, and Davies' three tries against Watford showed great potential ability. Miles and Thorne formed a very mature pair of half-backs but must learn to vary their play to suit conditions. Parkins was an able deputy at scrum-half, and Pickering, Anderson and Ellingham were all strong-running wings. Smith and Woodhouse could develop into very useful centres if they learn to strengthen their defence and passing. Brownrigg proved to be a reliable full-back, with Jarman a capable substitute.

If these boys can maintain their keenness and enthusiasm for the game they should all develop into potential 1st XV players.



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