Royal Grammar School, High Wycombe - Obituary, JCR Davies (1906-66)

From the September 1966 Wycombiensian:

"The School was greatly shocked to learn that Mr. J. C. R. Davies had collapsed and died on Sunday, 10th July [1966], just three days before the end of Term.

Mr. Davies was born in 1906 in Llanfaircaereinion in Montgomeryshire. He was educated at the University College of Wales, Aberystwyth, where he graduated with First Class Honours in History and Economics. He came to High Wycombe in 1929 to take up his first appointment at the [Wycombe] Technical School.

He had a distinguished record as a Squadron-Leader in the R.A.F. in the Second World War, and after the War he stayed on at the Air Ministry where he was responsible for Policy and Staffing of RA.F. Educational Establishments. For a time, too, he assisted Chester Wilmot, the distinguished Canadian military commentator, in compiling the record of the Normandy Landings in 1944. He kept up his association with the RA.F. by serving as the Buckinghamshire Representative of the RA.F. Benevolent Fund.

Mr. Davies joined the staff of the R.G.S. in September 1959 to teach History. He was a good scholar, and he was successful in conveying to his pupils his own love of History and a respect for academic standards. Typically, he gave generously of his time to other School activities: he helped to run the Hockey XI and he administered the Box Office at School Concerts and Plays with his usual efficiency.

It was, however, his personal qualities, his unfailing and unaffected courtesy, his sincerity and modesty, his concern for the welfare of the School which most endeared him to those who knew him and which will cause them to grieve at his untimely passing. He was a true gentleman, and he will be sadly missed but remembered by his colleagues and former pupils. The School extends its deepest sympathy to his widow, his two daughters and his son, Peter.

[signed] D.G.J. [David G. Jones]


Mr Davies's full name was John Charles Reginald Davies. His son Peter (RGS 1963-70) sent me the following supplementary information in 2013: "The 'R' in his initials stood for Reginald and this was the name he was known by to his family (siblings, nephews/nieces, etc.). To my mother (and his friends and colleagues) he was known as "Dick". I believe that this went back to his university days - something to do with a fictional story about someone called Dick who won a race. At the time my father was a top-quality cross country runner (he certainly didn't pass those genes on to me!) and represented Wales during the 1920s. I still have his Welsh cap."

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