Royal Grammar School, High Wycombe - Rugby 2nd XV, 1968/69

Back row (left to right): WWC (Wendell) Jarvis 6T2, GFD (David) Basterfield 5A, DP (Dave) O'Hanlon 6S3, JC (John) Marcinkiewicz 6G, C (Chris) Smith 6G, KJ (Kevin) Anderson 6T1, KV (Kevin) Pickering 6M1, MJ (Maurice) Cavey 6M2.
Front row (left to right): PC (Pete) Ellingham 6A1, CR (Charles) Brocklehurst 6A2, JED (Jon) Thain 6M2, A (Tony) Whitaker 6A2, RL (Les) Thorne 6G, RO (Bob) Davies 6M1, MJ (Jonathan, "Joe") Brown 6T2.

My thanks to Bob Davies for sending me the photo.

The Wycombiensian, May 1969, p471-472

2nd XV

Played 18, Won 8, Lost 9, Drawn 1.

The 2nd XV has had a mixed season with a depressing start but ending up in triumph. Our rugby developed from poor to good and although we would rather forget our earlier games we can proudly remember our later games where we showed we were capable of co-ordinated and forceful rugby. This season will not be remembered for the points, but it can be remembered for the team spirit which developed fully towards the end.

The forwards were the mainstay of the team with the small yet strong trio of Brown, Howland and Brocklehurst forming a united front row. The second row pushed well and the back row dashed around the field with Jarvis well in the lead.

Thorne played well all season as scrum-half, feeding the ball out to Pickering with whom he formed a good partnership. The backs had a mixed season generally, because of frequent changes caused by first team requirements, but Smith and Cavey stand out for their good and consistent play.

Our thanks go especially to Mr. Samways who sweated it out on the field with us in training sessions and froze on the touchline giving us encouragement.

The following played regularly:-
C. Brocklehurst, P. J. Howland, M. J. Brown, D. P. O'Hanlon, R. O. Davies, J. C. Marcinkiewicz, G. F. D. Basterfield, J. E. D. Thain, W. W. C. Jarvis, A. Whitaker, R. L. Thorne, K. V. Pickering, C. Smith, M. J. Cavey, P. C. Ellingham, K. J. Anderson, I. M. Hutchinson, G. R. Parkins, and A. R. Jackson.



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