Royal Grammar School, High Wycombe

Members of Teaching Staff, from the school's foundation to 1972 (names in bold = headmasters)

Sources: The Early History and Antiquities of Wycombe by John Parker (himself an OW), published by Butler & Son, 1878;
modern 'Grey Books'; school history (LJ Ashford & CM Haworth); pictorial school history (JI Mitchell)
Many thanks to John Havard (RGS 1958-64) for his considerable help in compiling this list.
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(Key: OW = Old Wycombiensian, old boy of the school; GS = Grammar School, acc. = according to)

See also Tony Hare's compilation of memories of RGS masters

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Name Appointed Left School Degree University, Nicknames, etc Born Died
Wrothe, ? (Rev) 1551 ?   Annual salary £8. Royal charter granted in 1562. Officially the school came into being on 25 March 1551 as a result of Sir Edmund Peckham signing over the Hospital of St John to the town to set up and maintain a school (some sources, e.g. Bucks Herald, Saturday 7 July 1906, mention the Rev. Wrothe taking over as master in 1548 but this is not clear). Nothing else known about the first master. Alumni Cantabrigienses has a number of entries for the names Wrath(e) and Wro(a)th(e) during the mid-16th century and he could conceivably have been one of these, or at least related to them.    
Wilkinson, William (Rev) ? (1615?) MA (Date of death given in Bucks Herald, Saturday 7 July 1906, which has further comments: "There is some little confusion in the Accounts of the school during the short and troublous reign of Mary [1553-58], and as that Queen granted the premises to Sir Robert Throgmorton, of Weston Underwood, it may have ceased to exist as a school for some time. There is evidently a "missing link" somewhere, for the first master was appointed in 1548, the school was founded as a "Royal" Grammar School in 1562, and the second master on record died in 1645." Alumni Oxonienses has one promising entry: "Wilkinson, William of Bucks, arm. fil. nat. max. Balliol Coll., matric. entry 4 June, 1602, aged 14. [5]" Another possibility from the same source: "Wilkinson, William s. Gabriel, of Bishop Coborne, Bucks, sacerd. Magdalen Hall, matric. entry 9 June, 1626, aged 14, B.A. 3 Feb., 1629-30, M.A. 25 Oct., 1632; brother of Thomas 1626."   1645
Dobson, Gerard (Rev) 1615? (1646) MA Magdalen College, Oxford. Matric. 1610, BA 1610-11, MA 1613, ord. 1613. Vicar of Wycombe from 1629. ("A notable puritan and continued during the Commonwealth.") An Eton scholar. Taught the poet Edmund Waller (1606-87) whilst master at the school, and was mentioned favourably in John Aubrey's Brief Lives, thus: "[Edmund Waller] had grammar learning from the information of Mr. (Gerard) Dobson, minister of Market Wickham, who taught a private schoole there, and was (he told me) a good schoolmaster, and had been bred at Eaton College schoole." According to Bucks Herald, Saturday 7 July 1906, appointed 1645, but this does not seem feasible. Alumni Oxonienses: "Dobson, Gerard of Berks, pleb. Magdalen Coll., matric. 16 June, 1610, aged 18; B.A. 22 Jan., 1610-11, M.A. 25 Oct., 1613, vicar of High Wycombe, Bucks, 1629. See Foster's Index Ecclesiasticus [not yet searched - JS]." Eton College Register: "Dobson 1606-c. 1608. Gerard ; b. in co. Berks ; commensal at the 3rd table for one month, then K.S. ; probably entered at Magdalen College Oxford 1608 ; matric. from there 16 June 1610 aged 18 ; B.A. 22 Jan. 1610/11 ; M.A. 25 Oct. 1615 ; master of the Grammar School at High Wycombe co. Bucks ; vicar of High Wycombe 1629-46 ; mar. 28 Apr. 1614 at St. Stephen’s Walbrook London Margaret Edmonds of Chesham co. Bucks. Eton Commensals ; Foster ; Aubrey Lives ii. 173 ed. Clark." 1592  
Wyatt, Henry (Rev) 1646 1661 MA Rector of Bradenham (from 1660). Alumni Oxonienses: "Wyat, Henry (Wiat) born in Worcester, s. Richard, of Witney, Oxon, pleb. Magdalen Coll., matric. 2 Dec., 1636, aged 16, B.A. 31 Oct., 1639, M.A. 7 July, 1642; perhaps rector of Bradenham, Bucks, 1660. See Foster's Index Eccl." 1620 1661
Humphrey, Philip 1661 1671? BA "Mr. Philip Humphrey, the late Master, having died very poor, his successor (Mr. Lardner) was bound, on his election by the Common Council, to pay to his Widow Katherine, ten pounds, in the course of the next two years, "provided she does not turne Quaker in the mean time, or otherwise become a Sectary, and not observe and obey the Liturgy of the Church of England." Humphrey was the school's first headmaster not to be a clergyman, according to the list of headmasters given in the Bucks Herald, Saturday 7 July 1906. Alumni Oxonienses: "Humphrey, Philip (Humfry) s. Edward, of Wickham, Bucks, pleb. Magdalen Hall, matric. 22 March, 1660-1, aged 18, B.A. 25 Oct., 1662." Phillip Humphry [sic] married Catarin [sic], High Wycombe, Nov 1662 (Phillimore Marriage Register, 1531-1913).   1671?
Lardner, William (Rev) 1671 1673 MA Corpus Christi, Oxford. Matric. 28 Mar 1655. BA, 1658. MA, 1661. Rector of Bradenham (1662), 1671. (Rejected in 1660, afterwards conformed, took the Presentation in 1662 - acc. A Concise Description of the Endowed Grammar Schools in England by Nicholas Carlisle). Alumni Oxonienses: "Lardner, William pleb. Corpus Christi Coll., matric. 28 March, 1655, B.A. 20 Oct., 1658, M.A. 4 July, 1661, rector of Bradenham, Bucks, 1662; licenced 18 April, 1671, to marry Rebecca Brett, of St. Paul, Covent Garden, spinster. See London Marriage Licences, ed. Foster; & Foster's Index Ecclesiasticus. [26]" 1640 (or before) 1673
Howe, Joseph (Rev) 1673 1701   Possibly the same person as Josiah Howe, an Oxford don. If so, the following biographical data applies, I have greyed it out as it is purely speculative... Scholar of Trinity College, Oxford, 1632, BA 1634, MA 1638. Fellow of Trinity, 1637. Removed from fellowship in 1648 ('non-appearance'), restored in 1660. Died 28 Aug 1701 in college and buried in college chapel. Acquaintance of John Aubrey. Alumni Oxonienses: "Howe, Josias s. Thomas, of Grendon, Bucks, sacerd. Trinity Coll., matric. 19 July, 1633, aged 19; scholar 1632, B.A. 18 June, 1634, fellow 1637-48 and 1660-1701, M.A. 21 Feb., 1637-8, created B.D. 10 July, 1646; "a very great cavalier and loyalist, and a most ingenious man;" died fellow of his college, 28 Aug., 1701. See Fasti, ii. 96; Gutch, i. 534; D.N.B.; and Burrows, 552. [20]" 1612? 1701?
Loveday, Joseph 1701 1707 BA Gloucester Hall, Oxford (Bucks Herald, Saturday 7 July 1906, wrongly gives Christ Church, Oxford). Matric. 1698, BA 1702). Seems not to have been ordained at the time of being headmaster (Bucks Herald, Saturday 7 July 1906), but later Rector of Taplow (1723-42) and Hedsor (1715-42). Alumni Oxonienses: "Loveday, Joseph s. James, of Bradenham, Berks, pleb. Gloucester Hall, matric. 24 Nov., 1698, aged 19; B.A. 1702, rector of Hedsor, Bucks, 1715, and of Taplow 1723. See Foster's Index Eccl. [21]" 1679 1742
Guise, Samuel (Rev) 1707 1753 MA Gloucester Hall, Oxford. Ord. 1702. MA, 1713. Vicar of Wycombe (1711-53) and also vicar of Thame from 1711. Alumni Oxonienses: "Guise, Samuel s. Tho., of Burcester, Oxon, pleb. (fellmonger). Gloucester Hall, matric. 23 Jan., 1697-8, aged 15; B.A. 1701, M.A. 1713; born at Burcester 24 March, 1681; master of the free school Chipping Wycombe, Bucks, 1707, vicar of Tame 1711, chaplain to Philip, Duke of Wharton, 1719. See Rawl. i. 296, xvii. 192: & Foster's Index Ecclesiasticus." Published a work called 'The Shame of His Majesty's Enemies and the Flourishing Condition of the Crown' which was a sermon preached in High Wycombe Parish Church on 1 August 1724. "Being the day on which His Majesty began his happy reign" [?? no king acceded to the throne on this day - JS] By Samuel Guise, A.M. vicar of Chipping Wycombe. (Stamford Mercury, Thursday 27 August 1724.) 1681 1753
Heather jnr, Thomas 1754 1762 MA

Candidate A...

University College, Oxford. From Fawley, Hants. Rector of Oldbury-on-the-Hill, Gloucester, 1727; vicar of Didmarton, Gloucs. ("He was a Marlow gentleman" - Bucks Herald, Saturday 7 July 1906 - and they give him as non-clerical but this seems to be a mistake) Alumni Oxonienses: "Heather, Thomas s. Tho., of Fawley, Hants, cler. University Coll., matric. 18 March, 1709-10, aged 16; B.A. 1713, M.A. 1716, rector of Oldbury-on-the-Hill, co. Gloucester, 1727, vicar of Didmarton, co. Gloucester, 1735, etc. See Foster's Index Eccl."

Candidate B...

Thomas Heather, son of Thos., of Hitchenden [which is more or less Hughenden], Bucks, gent. Magdalen Hall, matriculated 2 Dec, 1746, aged 17. (Alumni Oxonienses) "Thomas Heather of Marlow, another young Oxford man who had entered the University as a student only six years before, was appointed succeed Guise in 1754. The conditions of his appointment were those of 1701. For him the Master's salary was raised to £30 a year... Heather resigned in 1762." (School history, page 23) Note that Sir William Borlase School, Marlow, had three headmasters named Heather at this time: Thomas Heather I (head 1735-59); William Heather (head 1759-1782); and Thomas Heather II (head 1782-1793). Seems likely that the second Thomas Heather was the RGS headmaster - or maybe both were?! Thomas Heather, snr, seems to have died in 1759, so maybe Thos Heather, jnr, took over for a few years.

snr 1694?

jnr 1729

snr 1759

jnr ?

Edwardes, William (Rev) 1762 1771   Appointed Rector and Vicar of St Mary's, Tenby, 1770-1795. "Negligent in the discharge of his [Wycombe] duties". One of three possible candidates in Alumni Oxonienses (assuming he took a degree at Oxford): (1) Edwards, William, s. Thomas, of Whitford, co. Flint, gent. JESUS COLL., matric. 27 Feb.. 1716-7, aged 19. (2) Edwards, William, s. Phil, of 'Mich. Stone y Veddow,' co. Monmouth, cler. JESUS COLL., matric. 23 March, 1723-4, aged 18; B.A. 1797. M.A. 1730; (3) Edwards, Rev. William, s. Timoth., of Aberdaron, co. Carnarvon, gent. HART HALL, matric. 17 Dec., 1730, aged 21; ORIEL COLL. B.A. 1732, M.A. 1741, of Nanhoron, co. Carnarvon, father of Timothy, captain R.N. [26] - the 3rd of these was also at Cambridge: "EDWARDS, WILLIAM. Adm. sizar (age 18) at St Johns', Apr. 17. 1727. s. of Timothy, gent., of Carnarvon. B. at Aberdaron. School, Whitchurch, Salop (Mr Hughes). Matric, 1727. In holy orders. Brother of Richard (1714). (Burke, L.G.)" 1709? 1795
Thomas, Alban (Rev) 1771 1789   Vicar of Hurley. Died 19 Aug 1789. Bur. Hurley Church, Berkshire. Married Sarah Edwards, 15 Jul 1766, in High Wycombe (Sarah died aged 95 at Bishop Ward's College in Salisbury in 1836) when Alban was referred to as 'clerk of Bierton' [village near Aylesbury]. No record for Alban Thomas found in Oxford or Cambridge alumni records. 1737? 1789
James, Daniel (Rev) 1789 1793 BA Jesus College, Oxford. Matric. 1784, BA 1790. Died in Carmarthenshire (the last of three consecutive Welsh headmasters). At his death the school was at a very low ebb: "but for a few private pupils, the building would have been empty" (Ashford & Haworth).   1793
Sproston, William 1793 1841   First layman to hold headmastership in some sources, but not so according to the Bucks Herald, Saturday 7 July 1906. From Wrenbury in Cheshire. Dismissed "for his gross misbehaviour" in 1816 but immediately reinstated. Alderman of High Wycombe, and mayor of High Wycombe in 1809/10 (source). Local agent for future PM Benjamin Disraeli at the time of the 1832 parliamentary election. Tablet to his memory in Wycombe Parish Church (Bucks Herald, Saturday 7 July 1906) 1763? 1841
Finlinson, Joshua (Rev) 1841 1842 BA (headmastership vacant for much of 1841 acc. school history) Queens' College, Cambridge (though a newspaper source gives Kings') Had previously been curate of Leigh, nr Manchester and master of Leigh GS. Went bankrupt in 1843. "FINLINSON, JOSHUA. Adm. pens, at Queens', June 11, 1832. Of Cumberland. Matric. Michs. 1832; B.A. 1838. Ord. deacon, 1839; priest, 1840; P.C. of Earls Heaton, Dewsbury, Yorks., 1841-4. C. of Oldham, Lancs., 1841-3. C. of Leigh, 1844-5. Master of the Grammar School, High Wycombe, Bucks., 1844-9 [dates are wrong - JS]. C. of Edenbridge, Kent, 1850-63. R. of Brockley, Suffolk, 1863-5. Disappears from Crockford, 1868. (Clergy List.)" (Alumni Cantabrigienses) 1807 1876
Fox, Edmund 1843 1852   Previously usher (assistant master) at Kingston College, Hull, and before that at Beverley, Yorkshire. In 1844 he married Emma Robeson Lea, of Claverley, Shropshire. The school history lists him as Edwin Fox but this appears to be an error derived from a faulty entry in an 1878 history of the town. 1801 1859
Poulter, James (Rev) 1852 1879 MA Born 28 July 1803 (Marylebone), son of Thomas Poulter, gent, and Judith. Educ. Trinity College, Dublin; B.A. 1850 and M.A. 1857. Deacon 1847 and Priest 1849, ordained by Bishop of Oxford. Appointed assistant curate of High Wycombe, 18 Sep 1847 (The Times, 21 Sep 1847). Stipend £150 p.a. and house (Source: Crockford's Clerical Directory, 1868- which says that he started at RGS in 1842 but this seems to be a misprint). In 1839 living in Beckington, Somerset, working as schoolmaster. In 1841 living in Timsbury, Chew Magna, Somerset, working as a schoolmaster. Married Mary Elizabeth Clifford, dau. of William Clifford, gent., in Fulham, Middx, 22 July 1842, by which time he was already designated 'schoolmaster' and resident in Walcot, Bath. After retirement lived with son Reginald (q.v.) in Hampstead, London. 1803 1885
Coombes, Edwin 1856 1862?   Appointed usher* to the school, 1856. (* An usher was a sort of apprentice schoolmaster. Paid £70 per annum, acc. school history). Lodged in Easton Street, High Wycombe, 1861, born Iwerne Minster, Dorset. In 1871 he was the curate of Kinson, near Poole, in Dorset, married, with three children aged under 4. In 1881 he was the curate of Canford Magna, Poole, Dorset, married with six children under 14. Later became rector of Sully, Penarth, Glamorgan. Crockfords Clerical Dictionary (1868): "COOMBES, Edwin, Moorlands, Parkstone, Poole.—Dub[lin]. A.B. 1862, A.M. 1865; King’s Coll Lond. 1864; Deac. 1864 and Pr. 1665 by Bp of. Salis. C. of Great Canford, Dorset, 1864." 1827 1887
Ashpitel, Francis (Rev) 1856 ? MA Brasenose College, Oxford. Appointed examiner to the school, 1856. Vicar of Lane End. Rector of Great Hampden (c 1860 - 1870+) Alumni Oxonienses: "Ashpitel, Francis, 3s. William Hurst, of Hackney, Middlesex, arm. Brasenose Coll., matric. 12 March, 1846, aged 18, B.A. 1849, M.A. 1852, vicar of Flitwick, 1880." 1828? 1897
Fagg, Edwin 1860? 1864?   Appointed usher to the school, c.1860. Left for the Albert Memorial College, Framlingham. Attended St Mark's College, Chelsea, c 1861. 1840? 1870
Poulter, Reginald Clifford 1864? 1870? BA Educ. Trinity College, Dublin (source: The Great Schools of England by Howard Staunton (1865)) Son of the headmaster, born 20 Jan 1847 in Bath, Somerset, appointed school usher/second master in 1860s. By 1881 he had become a newspaper agent in London, with his parents living with him in Hampstead in retirement. On 24 July 1872 he married Mary Ann Spencer, dau. of G.B. Watson, esq., D.M., of Loseley Hill, Bucks, at Lacey Green Church. On 19 Feb 1901 he married Evangeline Watson, dau. of late Rev. Thomas Watson, senior chaplain HMS Bombay, at Christ Church, Illawarra, Tasmania. Died 20 Aug 1908 and buried in Lacey Green. 1847 1908
Lane, Sydney Septimus 1870 1872   Appointed school usher. Born Grosmont, Monmouthshire. Lodged in Easton Street, Wycombe, in 1871. In 1872 was a University of London examinee while based at Grosmont, Hereford (giving private tuition) and his age at the time was given as 27. Later taught at Bradford upon Avon, Wiltshire. 1846 1922
Seaborne, Frederick Charles 1872 1891   Appointed school usher. Resigned in 1879 but changed his mind. Still at school in 1891. In 1897 he regularly advertised his services in the South Bucks Standard as a private tutor, from his home in Queen's Road, High Wycombe. South Bucks Standard, Friday 14 May 1897: "... Mr. F. C. Seaborne will join Mr. Leadbetter's staff in the High-street on the 1st of June, when he will have been engaged in teaching for 25 years in Wycombe, 19 of which were spent as second master of the Wycombe Grammar School and the remainder in private tuition. Mr. Seaborne came to Wycombe with excellent credentials from the Rev. Dr. W. S. Wood, headmaster of Oakham Grammar School under whom he had considerable experience as fourth master...." 1845 1911
Peachell, George (Maths) 1879 1905 MA Exhibitioner, St John's College, Cambridge (matric. 1861, BA (36th Wrangler) 1865, MA 1869). Born Gillingham, Kent, educ. King's School, Rochester. Before RGS, was second master at Marylebone GS. Died 3 March 1905. Alumni Cantabrigienses: "PEACHELL, GEORGE JOSEPH. Adm. sizar at St John’s, Oct. 11, 1861. S. of Joseph Robert, rope-maker (and Mary Elizabeth). B. [Apr. 14, 1842], at Deptford, Kent. Bapt. June 12, 1842. [School, Rochester.] Matric. Michs. 1861; B.A. (36th Wrangler) 1865; M.A. 1869. For 26 years Head Master of the Royal Grammar School, High Wycombe, Bucks., 1879-1905. Died Mar. 6, 1905, at High Wycombe. Father of the above*. (Eagle, xxvii. 274; Scott, MSS.; Schoolmasters' Directories; The Times, Mar. 8, 1905.)" * ref to Frederick Harry Peachell (1876-1940) who also became a headmaster, though he had no connection with the RGS, having been educated at Rugby. 1842 1905
Frost, Joseph (second master under Peachell)   1905   Stood in as head from March 1905 to appointment of Arnison the following month but then left. In 1911 was an assistant teacher in Berkhampstead. Not at Oxbridge. From Bourne in Lincolnshire. Boarded at the school with Peachell and his family in 1901. In 1891 he was an assistant teacher at a grammar school in Holker, Cartmel, Ulverston, Lancashire. Freemason. 1870 1929
Bartle, Walter John (All subjects) 1901 1935 BA, BSc Degrees in English and Maths at London University. Prior to RGS, was assistant master at Alresford School, Margate (1895-96) and Yarmouth College (1896-1900). Boarded some pupils at his house, 1 Priory Avenue. Born and died in Norfolk. Headmaster's secretary (1914 Grey Book). Hon. Sec. of Old Wycombiensians, 1913-35. Wife died in 1951. Son was head boy, late 1930s. Obit May 68 Wyc. (Deputy head post 1913?) 1875 1968
Arnison, George Wright (headmaster, 1905-1933) 1905 1933 MA Pembroke College, Cambridge (exhibition, matric. 1894, BA 1897, MA 1901). Born Penrith, 28 Mar 1875. Attended Giggleswick School, where he was captain of the rugby XV and also taught there (1899-1903), second master Bridlington GS (1903-05). Co-founder (with HG Brand) of Old Wycombiensians RUFC (1928). Obit, Sep 1965 Wyc. Alumni Cantabrigienses: "ARNISON, GEORGE WRIGHT. Adm. at Pembroke, Oct. 1894. S. of ----*, deceased. B. Mar. 28, 1875, at Brunswick Square, Penrith, Cumberland. School, Giggleswick. Matric. Michs. 1894; B.A. 1897: M.A. 1901. Assistant Master at Giggleswick, Yorks., 1899-1903. Second Master at Bridlington Grammar School, 1903-5. Head Master of the Royal Grammar School, High Wycombe. Bucks., 1905-35 [error - should be 1933 - JS]. Of High Wycombe. J.P. [Giggleswick Sch. Reg.; Schoolmasters' Directory, 1932-3; Reg. of the Senate, 1937.)" * Arnison's father was also called George, a master draper from Penrith, Cumberland, who died in 1883, and his mother was Sybilla Wright, from Northumberland (died 1900). 1875 1965
Newton, Edward Arthur (Rev) (Science & English) 1905 1906 - Data from the Teacher's Registration Council record, 1/3/1918: Address - Packwood Vicarage, Hockley Heath, Warwickshire. Attainments: University of London Matriculation Certificate. University of London Intermediate Certificate in Science. Associate of the College of Preceptors. Experience: Assistant Master - Devonport High School, 1897-1899; and 1902; Pierremont College, Broadstalrs. 1899; High School, Colomberie, Jersey 1899-1900; Leamington Collegiate School. 1900; Science Master - Ipswich Middle School. 1904; Royal Grammar School, High Wycombe. 1905-1906; Physics and Mathematics Master - Solihull School. 1917-1922; Head Master - Westmoores School, Dorridge, Nr. Birmingham. 1922. Clergyman, 1911, in Kingswood, Bristol, with family. Became Vicar of Packwood in 1915, having previously been rector of Chettle in Dorset from 1906. 1881 1950
Threlfall, Reginald Bracewell (Maths) 1905 1913 MA Queen's College, Oxford. Came from Bridlington with Arnison to be second master. In 1913 went to be headmaster of Ludlow GS, later head (1920-38) of his old school, Heversham GS, Westmorland (born Colne, Lancs). Photo from 1963 at his old school. Editor of the very first Wycombiensian in 1905. Played for Yorkshire at rugby. 1878 1965
Bayfield, Henry (Drawing) 1906 1908 (or after)   Joined in January 1906. Cert., Royal College of Art, London. 1859 1929
Prosser, ? (Agriculture Instructor) ? 1906   Wyc, July 1906, reports that he was replaced as Agriculture Instructor by GE Parham. Probably not a permanent member of staff.    
Parham, George Edward (Agriculture & Land Surveying) 1906 ?   On the County Council staff, so also taught at other schools (e.g. Royal Latin School, Buckingham). Emigrated to Canada in 1933. 1874 1950
Wilson, Thomas Shaw (clay modelling, wood carving - visiting teacher) 1906 1914 (or after) ARCA "already well-known in Wycombe" (headmaster's report, South Bucks Standard - Friday 03 August 1906). Born in Glasgow. Married the widow of a Devon vicar, Olivia Gwendoline Ross (née MacGeorge) in 1932. 1869 1937
Lawson, W R (Science) ? 1907 BA Cambridge University. Replaced by Ernest George Griffiths as science master. (Source: South Bucks Standard - Friday 13 November 1908)    
Wright, Miss H M (Forms 1 and 2) ? 1907   Replaced by Janet Douglas to teach Forms 1 and 2 (South Bucks Standard - Friday 13 November 1908)    
Douglas, Janet (later Mrs Thomas Redington) (Languages) 1907 1919? MA St Andrews. Also taught at the school WW2, 1941-46. Born in Newport, Fifeshire, Scotland. Married an OW, Thomas Hugh Redington, in 1910. TH Redington played for Wycombe Wanderers. Referred to namelessly in John Taylor's reminiscences published in the 2003 Wycombiensian. 1884 1966
Austin, Stanley (Rev) 1907 1909 MA Cambridge University. Retired from teaching to become a journalist in 1909. Ordained 1910. Chaplain in WW1, then commission in RA. Rector of Withersfield, Suffolk. Obit, May 65 Wyc. See also Oct 1936 Wyc. 1882e 1965
Griffiths, Ernest George (Science) 1907 1913 BA, BSc London University (both degrees). In the photo of six masters from 1908 in JI Mitchell's book (p28). CV (to 1920, from Teachers' Registration Council records): Science master - Wallingford GS, 1904; Kendal GS, 1904-07; RGS High Wycombe, 1907-13; Geography master - Guildford GS 1913-14. Science master - New College, Herne Bay, 1914-15; Aldenham School, Herts, 1915. Military Service, 1915-19. Chemistry master - Gravesend County School for Boys, 1920 onwards. (as at 01/04/1920) Lived Roberts Road, HW, with his widowed mother Annie in 1911. 1884 1948
Matthews, Reginald (Geography) 1909 1919 BA London University. Second master from 1913. Head of OTC [CCF] from 1912. Editor of Wycombiensian, 1914. In 1919, appointed head of Southwell Minster Grammar School, Nottinghamshire, where he stayed until retirement (1945). Son Robert killed on active service WW2. Retired to Stanley Crescent, London W11, with visits to family in Hull. Governor of two LCC secondary modern schools, exam invigilator, manager of a church school, 1951. (Apr 51 Wyc, May 59 Wyc, Sep 64 Wyc, p597). (Further info from Public Schools' Record of War Service: "MATTHEWS, Capt. R. Temp. Capt. O.C. Contingent. Lieut. Unattd. List (T.F.) 22/6/12. Temp. Capt. 17/10/18.") 1884 1973
Norton-Fagge, Frederick Walter Langford Grantley 1909 1912 BA Cambridge University. Boer war veteran, established school OTC [CCF]. Left to become headmaster of a government school in Madras, India. Twice mentioned in dispatches, Mesopotamia, WW1. Died of disease on active service, Al Basrah, Persian Gulf. 1881 1916
Crowe, George Lawson 1910? 1911   Capt., Worcestershire Regiment, 1915-20. In 1921 he was a teacher at Hayes County Grammar School for Boys, Bromley, Kent. 1885 1976
Melrose, Mark William (Rev) 1910? 1911 MA Oxford University. A CoE vicar in Barnstaple, Devon (1939). Born in Galway, Ireland. "Melrose, Mark William (adm. Sept.), born July 19, 1882. son of Rev. T. W. Melrose, Westward Vicarage. Wigton. W.B. Came from St. John’s School, Leatherhend. Non.-Coll., Oxford, 1901. B.A., 1909. Formerly Asst. Master at Elmhurst School, Croydon, 1903-4; Aldro School, Eastbourne, 1904-8; The Briary, Westgate-on-Sea, 1908-11. Ordained. 1911. C. of Heavitree, 1911. F. of Northmolton with Twit-chen, 1910-21; V. of Witheridge, 1921. Address: Witheridge Vicarage. N. Devon." (Carlisle GS Register 1924) 1882 1961
Brand, Harold George (Deputy Head) (Maths, sport) 1911 1946 MA Queens' College, Cambridge. Teacher training at Cambridge Day Training College, assistant master at East Road School, Cambridge (1905-08). On return from WW1 in 1919 was Second Master (i.e. Deputy Headmaster) under GW Arnison and ER Tucker until 1946 when he retired. Served for a long period on the Western Front, WW1, first as a motor cycle despatch rider and later as a Signals Officer (Lt) in the Royal Engineers. Mentioned in dispatches, 1917. Boarded some pupils in his own house, post-WW1. Co-founder (with GW Arnison) of Old Wycombiensians RUFC (1928), "Brandy", "Brandy Balls". Mentioned playing tennis, 1951 (Sep 51 Wyc). Lived with his daughter Pauline at Parkwood, Woodborough, Notts, in 1955 (Apr 55 Wyc). (Further info from Public Schools' Record of War Service: "BRAND, Lieut. H. G. R.E., Sept. 1914, Motor Cyclist Despatch Rider. France (Ypres) 1915. Gazetted R.E. 2/7/16. France, Oct. 1916, attd. to Royal Naval Division. Beaumont Hamel, Vimy, Passchendaele, March Retreat and Bailleul 1918. Attd. 3rd Cavalry Div. Nov. 1918. Despatches 9/4/17.") 1886 1958
Jones, I W (modern languages) 1911 1913 BA Wales. (Source: advert in South Bucks Standard, 29 Feb 1912)    
Morgan, Idris Aneurin (photo) 1912 1914 BA Wales. 2nd Lt., RGS OTC as of 1914. Captain, 11th Battn., South Wales Borderers, France, WW1. Killed in action, 17 April 1918, aged 28, and buried in Meteren Military Cemetery, France. From Breconshire, son of a farmer. (Further info from Public Schools' Record of War Service: "MORGAN, Capt. I. A. 2nd Lieut, 10th Bn. South Wales Borderers 1/2/15. France 15/7/16. Ypres, Passchendaele. Attd. 2nd Bn. South Wales Border Regt and returned to the "Salient." Killed in action at Courte Croix, Meteren, 17/4/18.") War grave photo and details. Played international hockey for Wales and cricket and hockey for Wycombe. (Source) 1889 1918
Stamps, Walter John (drawing, visiting master) 1912 (before) 1914 (after) ARCA Was a visiting master, employed by the county council. Became head of art (de facto headmaster), Wycombe Technical School, in 1911, later known as headmaster of the School of Art, until 1938. 1876 1964
Andrews, George Frow (Music) 1912? 1912? ARCO Music. Organist & choirmaster, High Wycombe Parish Church. Pupil of Sir Frederick Bridge (1844-1924), organist and composer, and brother-in-law of the RGS headmaster George Peachell. 1872 1929
Fuller, Frank Price (science) 1913 1914 (after) BSc, ARCS London, Royal College of Science, 1907. Replaced Threlfall as senior mathematics master. Went on to be a head of Marling Technical School, Stroud, Gloucestershire, during the 1920s. 1886 1965
Farnell, Edward Nigel (modern languages) 1913 1913? BA Cambridge. Replaced IW Jones (April 1913 Wyc). Seems to have been an assistant master at City of London School as of Oct 1913. Private, Honourable Artillery Company, WW1. 1886 1952
Rigg, Ronald Eustace 1913 (before) 1914 (after) BA London (graduated 1907). Born in Jaffna, Ceylon [Sri Lanka] Previously (1911) taught at Tynemouth. Attended (1901) Truro College. President of RGS chess club in 1913/14. 1884 1949
Thetford, Charles Frederick (science?) 1914 1914 (after) BSc London (physics student, 1911, Norwich) Further info from Public Schools' OTC Record of War Service: "THETFORD, 2nd Lieut. C. F. R.A.M.C. 6/11/15. Transferred to Special Bde. R.E. 18/10/16. France 14/11/16—20/9/18. Arras, Hill 6o, Messines Ridge, Ypres, Dixmude, Somme, Bethune. No. 2 Offr. Cdt. Bn. Cambridge, 18/10/18—8/1/19. Gazetted 5th Bn. Norfolk Regt. (T.F.) 12/3/19.") 1889 1955
Berry, Arthur Montague (Rev) (History and Scripture) 1914 1933 BA Graduated London Univ. with 3rd class hons., History, branch II. Born Lee, Kent, 12/13 Feb 1873. Teaching career prior to RGS: Kimbelton GS (1892-94); Clevelands School, Bedford (1895-96); Kettering GS (1897-1903); Henley RGS (1903-06); State's Intermediate School, Guernsey (1906-14), ordained 1917, curate of Hazlemere 1918, then rector of Horsenden and Ilmer. Vicar of Willen, Newport Pagnell, 1935-65. Four sons: Charles Arthur Francis Berry (1908-89), Oliver Leslie Berry (1919-90, old boy 1930-33 - Oliver Berry's son Montie V Berry also an OW, 1954-56), Montague Victor Berry (b 1921, died on active service in 1941 - sergeant, RAF Volunteer Reserve), Desmond Wilfrid Berry (1926-2004). (Obit May 68 Wyc.) 1873 1967
Hurn, James Arthur (Physics) 1914 1927? BSc Hons. degree in Physics, London University. ARCS (1st class, Physics). Assistant Demonstrator in Physics, Royal College of Science (1912-14). Photo in JI Mitchell book, p48. Born in Llantrisant, Glamorgan. Nickname "Jimmy" (Sep 57 Wyc, p360). Married Florence Page, London 1916, daughter Margaret, born 1921. In 1911, student at "Science College", living Newport, Monmouthshire, born Pontyclun/Llantrisant, S Wales. (1999 OW Newsletter, comments by John F Walter, RGS 1923-27.) In 1921 lived in Priory Avenue with his wife; lodging with them were two other RGS teachers, John Edgar John (and his wife) and Jessie Leckie Herbertson. 1889 1927
Herbertson, Jessie Leckey (English) 1914? 1919?   Mentioned in John Taylor's reminiscences, published in the 2003 Wycombiensian. The dates are simply a guess. In the 1921 census she was lodging with another RGS teacher, James Hurn and his wife at 25 Priory Avenue, High Wycombe. Her occupation was listed as "authoress" but it's possible she was still teaching at the RGS. Born in Glasgow, Lanarkshire. She was a prolific author of children's stories, as was her sister Agnes. 1877 1958
Eliot, Thomas Stearns 1915 1915 Various Celebrated poet TS Eliot spent one term teaching at the RGS. Order of Merit, 1948. Eliot taught French, mathematics, history, geography, drawing and swimming at the school for a stipend of £140 and one meal a day. (Source: Wycombiensian, Sept 1967, page 259) 1888 1965
Jones, Peter Lewis (Maths) 1916 1964 BA BA in Mathematics, Aberystwyth, University College of Wales. "Piljy". Born in Llandefaelog, Carmarthenshire, Wales. Prior to RGS was a supply teacher in Carmarthenshire (1913-14) and a teacher at Retford Grammar School (1915-16). Royal Welsh Fusiliers (not 2nd Lt., Norfolk Regt. Says Artists Rifles in May 1971 Wyc), WW1. Resident assistant housemaster, School House from 1919 to marriage in 1925, when he became Headmaster's secretary and careers master. Hon. Sec. of Old Wycombiensians 1935-. Headmaster of Junior School at Uplyme after WW2 until mid-1950s. Obit in May 1971 Wyc 1892 1970
Hoffmann, Cecil Duncan (applied science) 1917 1918 BA Sidney Sussex, Cambridge, matr. 1900, BA 1903 (applied science, special) 1903. Also studied law (adm. as solicitor 1908, practised law until 1912). Had been a pupil at Giggleswick School (until 1900). Prior to RGS taught at The Wells House, Malvern (1910-15) and The Old Hall School, Wellington (1916). War service (1916-17), pte. 24th Batt., Middlesex Regt, also corp. in 20th Batt., West Yorks, and also Lincoln Regt. After leaving the RGS taught at Bigshotte Rayles School, Wokingham (1918-19), the Ronan's School, West Worthing (1919-20), Malsis Hall, Crosshills, nr Keighley (1920-21), Cordwallis, Camberley (1924-25), St Pirans, Maidenhead (1926-27). Later settled in Margate, Kent. 1880 1964
Grant, George Alexander (Art, Woodwork) 1918 1958 - Art and Manual, "Gag(gy)". Born in Hanslope, Bucks. Served in WW1. Lodged at Woodside Coll, Hazlemere, 1921. Retired in 1958. Sep 1958 Wyc. Ran Hobbies Club. Son Roger was an OW (1932-39). 1892 1980
John, John Edgar (English) 1918 1932 MA, BA MA (Wales), BA (London). Born Llangyfelach, Glamorgan. In 1921 he and his wife lodged with another RGS master, James Arthur Hurn, in Priory Avenue. Attended Swansea GS and UCW at Aberystwyth. Graduated in Classics but taught English. Prior to RGS: taught at Perreader GS, S Wales (1911-12) and Loughton School, Essex (1912-17). Left RGS in 1932 to become Head of Arts Dept, Technical College, Swansea. Still working as accountant in 1962 after giving up teaching in 1957. Edited Wycombiensian. Obit May 68 Wyc, also Sep 66 Wyc. 1889e 1967
Robinson, Frederick Harold (Geography, Economics) 1919 1929 BSc, TD, Dipl.Comm. BSc (London), Dipl.Comm (Durham). Succeeded RW Matthews as Geography master and head of OTC [CCF]. Wrote a book, Economics in Everyday Life. 1929, head of Kinmel School, Abergele, Wales, then assistant master at Portsmouth GS. Held rank of Major in army (gazetted Sep 1939). Major and Second in Command of an Anti-Tank Regt. R.A.T.A. (1939). Temp. 2nd Lt., Durham Light Infantry, 18th Batt., 1914 (244787). Obit, Sep 69 Wyc. 1889 1969
Scotney, John (Science) 1919?   BSc At school in 1920. Married Dorothy Edith Rolls in Wycombe in 1921. In 1939 he was a science master at a school in Huntingdonshire (living at Norman Cross, near Peterborough). John Taylor (RGS 1918-23), in his reminiscences published in the 2003 Wycombiensian, mentions a chemistry teacher named 'Scotby' who was in charge of rugby. This is surely him. 1891 1972
McQueen, James Albert (French, Modern Languages) 1919 1947 Dipl. Lille Univ. Served in RA. "Jammy". Had taught on continent for many years before WW1. Mentioned in dispatches by the Italian C-in-C, 1918. Well-known as a footballer - played for Juventus in 1907, AC Torino in 1908 and was goalkeeper for a Marseilles team which won the French League Championship in 1912 (this is documented, with a photo of him, online). Born in London and brought up in an orphanage after his father had been killed. Retired 1947. (Apr 48 Wyc) Obit, May 1965 Wyc. Five sons were all at the RGS: Leslie James McQueen (RGS 1928-32), schoolmaster in Reading; Stanley V McQueen (RGS 1934-40), headmaster in Perivale; Richard L McQueen (RGS 1937-41), farmer; Edward B H McQueen (RGS 1938-44), rep for furniture company, cricketer; Ian R McQueen (RGS 1940-45), detective, Met Police. 1882 1965
Marti, Alfred (Head of French, Music) 1920 1945 L. ès L. Licencié ès Lettres modernes, Lausanne. From Neuchatel, Switzerland, resident in England by 1909. Served in Swiss Army and taught in English secondary schools, coming from Sutton Valence School to the RGS. Schools taught at prior to RGS: Pontefract King's School (1909-10); Skipton GS (1910-11); Elstow School, Bedford (1915-16); Reading School (1916); Sutton Valence School (1916-20). 1937 Grey Book and teacher registrations council give his RGS starting year as 1920. 1883 1945
Sumpter, Alfred John (PE) 1920s 1930s   Resided at RGS, 1929 (electoral register 1929; photo in JI Mitchell book, p48). Attended Kettering GS as a boy. Cruelly called "Soapy" as he had sustained a mouth injury in WW1 and had a permanent dribble as a result. (OW Newsletter, July 2005) Contracted malaria during WW1 service in East Africa (1917-18, Royal Engineers, Signals - army records). From Rothwell in Northamptonshire, where he resided in 1939 (census). 1896 1967
Caroline Ferguson Wilson 1920s   School Matron Born Dundee, Forfarshire, Resident at school, 1921 census. 1875  
Richards, Arthur ("Dick") (English) 1920 1924 BA London University (degree in English and French. OW 1907-12 - first OW to return as a master. Commissioned, Oxford and Bucks Light Infantry, WW1, service in Salonica. Left 1924 to become head of English, Gravesend County School. Retired 1958. Obit May 66 Wyc. 1892e 1965
Baker, F G (Chemistry) 1921 1923 BA Bristol University. POW in both world wars. Emigrated to South Africa where his last job was as head of secondary school at Umtata Transkei, Cape Colony (retired c. 1962) (May 62 Wyc). Married the sister of OW Norman Harry Theed (1901-71, RGS 1912-19).    
Jeavons, Francis William (Science) 1920s? 1920s?   Served in RN, 1917-18. In 1921, a student of organic chemistry, London. In 1939 was a science master at Westminster City School, living in Sevenoaks (1939 census). Ref'd to as RGS master in Bucks Herald, 18 Feb 1922, page 2 - report of Old Wycombiensians Dinner, but misspelt Jevons. 1899 1990
Cutts, Frederick William 1920s? 1920s?   (ref'd to as RGS master in Bucks Herald, 18 Feb 1922, page 2 - report of Old Wycombiensians Dinner) 1889  
Kelly, John Ernest 1924 1926 MA Oxford, and TD. Taught at Bristol Grammar School, 1926-42. Served with the Royal Artillery and killed in WW2. Rank at death, Major. One of three masters whose names appear on the school's WW2 roll of honour. Died 19 Jan 1942, 88 Field Regt., Singapore. Son of Mr. and Mrs. John Kelly, of Stockport, Lancashire; husband of (Annie) Leonora Kelly (née Morris), of Almondsbury, Gloucestershire (marr. 1929). 1894? 1942
Watt, S A (Physics) 1926e     (Photo in JI Mitchell book, p48) 1900?  
Harris, C G (Chemistry) 1926e     (Photo in JI Mitchell book, p48) 1890?  
Eady, F R 1926e     (Photo in JI Mitchell book, p48) 1890?  
Cook, S 1926e     (Photo in JI Mitchell book, p48) 1900?  
Merren, W J (Physics?) 1927 1927 BA, BSc Oxford. Covered for JA Hurn during his sick absence in 1927 (Apr 1927 Wyc).    
Millington, Edwin Charles (Science, Physics) 1928 1946 MSc, PhD University College, London (previously attended East Ham Technical College), 1st in Physics, 1924. Prior to RGS taught physics and maths at Ealing County School for Boys, W5 (1925-28). Left RGS 1946 to become HMI of Further Ed, London CC, later Senior Inspector. Interested in nautical education, author of books on subject. Obit May 67 Wyc. 1903 1967
Milner, John Charles (Captain) (History) 1928 1937+ MA, LLB Cambridge. Mentioned in the 1999 Old Boys Newsletter. (Listed in the 1936 Grey Book OTC section as Captain J.C. Milner.) Nickname "Tiny". Assistant master, Queen Mary's GS, Walsall, Staff, 1924-28; RGS, from 1928. 1899 1995
Morgan, Samuel (Deputy Head) (Geography) 1930 1973 BSc Leeds, "Sam". Headmaster, 1964/65. Second Master from 1946 until 1973. Born 25 September 1906 in Golfhall, Corstophine, Edinburgh, son of a huntsman of the same name. In 1921 lived in Atherstone, Witherley, Warwickshire. Played soccer for Leeds University, and cricket and hockey for High Wycombe and the county. Later a very keen golfer and member of the Flackwell Heath GC. 1906 1991
Bicknell, Warden Newcomb (English, housemaster) 1930 1944 MA Exhibitioner, Jesus College, Oxford (matric. 1927). Sq Ldr, head of OTC [CCF] until 1944. Head of English, 1932. Left to become head of Tadcaster Grammar School. Ran Tuck Shop, edited The Wyc, coached Rugby, resident master in School House. "J" 1909 1992
Wiles, Leslie Alfred (Dr) (Chemistry) 1931 1935   Head of Chemistry at RGS. OBE in 1965 Honours List. Principal Lecturer, Royal Military College of Science, Shrivenham, in 1965. Keen cricketer (member of HWCC), JP. (May 1965 Wyc) School nickname "Willy" (ref. in July 2006 newsletter) 1908 1995
Hutchinson, John Frederick Michael (Classics) 1932 1936 MA Scholar, Brasenose College, Oxford. Born in Egypt. Left in 1936 to take up a post at Ampleforth College, Yorkshire. (Oct 1936 Wyc). Also coached rugby and cricket, assisted with drama and CCF. (Source: Stanley Hoffman recollections: he refers to him as 'R Hutchinson', Old Boys Newsletter 2005.) 160788 Lt., 6th Battn., Green Howards, killed at El Alamein, 24 June 1942, and one of three masters whose name appears on the school's WW2 roll of honour. 1908 1942
Tucker, Edmund Ronald (Head) (Classics) 1933 1964 MA Scholar, Jesus College, Oxford (matric. 1921; Hons. Mods., 1923, Class 2; Lit.Hum., 1925, Class 3) (also BA, London) "Boss". Obit, Sep 1964 Wyc. JP from 1955. 1902 1964
Oliver, James N (Dr) (Physical Education) 1933 1936 BSc, PhD According to Oct 1936 Wyc, left to study at Carnegie Physical Training College, Leeds. Note in May 1965 Wyc Staff New: "DR. J. N. OLIVER (1933-36) was in charge of Physical Education at the R.G.S. before leaving to lecture at Loughborough Physical Training College. Since the war he has specialised in remedial treatment for handicapped children and his treatise on this subject gained him a Ph.D. He is by way of being an authority and has travelled widely in America."
Specialised in remedial treatment for handicapped children, rec'd PhD for his thesis, The interrelations between the various growth characteristics of educationally subnormal boys in residential schools, University of Birmingham, 1962-63. After specialising in Science, he became a lecturer in the Education Department, Birmingham University (1950s-1970s?). (He was listed in 1936 Grey Book OTC section as Lieutenant, (York & Lancaster Regt., S.R.O.) He has been cited as someone whose ground-breaking 1958 study, showing that physical exercise and activities for children with intellectual disabilities had positive effects that also carried over into the classroom, led indirectly to the founding of the Special Olympics.
Aldridge, Stanley Eaborn (English) 1934 1944 MA Downing College, Cambridge. Matric. 1926, BA 1929, MA 1934. Left to become head of English, Falmouth GS, according to one version, but to Senior English Master, Wolstanton GS, Newcastle-under-Lyne, according to the Jun 1945 Wyc. Helped with Junior Training Corps. Born in Coventry. In Cornwall in 1971 (May 1971 Wyc) 1907 1994
Crute, Francis George William (Music) 1930s     Mentioned in the 1999 Old Boys Newsletter. "Teacher of pianoforte & organ. Organist & choirmaster St. George's Camberwell S E" (Royal Society of Musicians) 1903 1953
Sheppard, G W (not officially on staff - games master?) 1930s 1937+   Mentioned in Oct 1936 Wyc in connection with cricket and sports. (Possible - there was a Geoffrey Allan Sheppard (1890-1940) who lived (and died) in Newbury, Berks. Played two county cricket matches for Worcestershire in 1919 - but the Wycombiensian gives the forename initials as GW more than once.)    
Price, Thomas Henry (Chemistry) 1935 1946 BSc BSc (Sp) Hons. 1926, London. Commanded RGS Air Training Corps. Left RGS to become head of Victoria School, Watford, but continued to live in HW. But Apr 47 Wyc says that he "was seconded to the post of Senior Lecturer in Science at the Englefield Green Emergency College." Nickname "Joe" (1999 OW Newsletter). D.O.B. 5 Sept 1905. His wife Olivia was a domestic science teacher and ran a so-called 'British Restaurant' in Wycombe Town Hall during WW2 (Ref. The High Wycombe Society Newsletter, Spring 2011) 1905 1984
Roberts, John Owen (Classics) 1935 1951 BA Jesus College, Oxford (matric. 1931; Hons Mods, Class 2, 1933; Lit Hum, Class 3, 1935), left to become head of Classics and housemaster, Hardye's Dorchester GS. "Johnny". Major in WW2, awarded MC. (But Apr 47 Wyc says he returned from RAF in 1946!?) D.O.B. 4 Jan 1913. 1913 1998
Bailey, (George) Frederick (Music, visiting master) 1935 1945 LRAM Visiting Master. (Not listed in main staff list in Grey Book.) From 1941, musical director of the High Wycombe Musical Entertainment Society. Founded the Bucks Symphony Orchestra and conducted it from 1937. Also taught at Lord Williams' School, Thame, and Sir Wm Borlase's School, Marlow, from 1938. Founded (1933) the South Bucks School of Music, High Wycombe, and amongst his pupils was Paul Roberts (RGS 1960-67) who starred in several RGS G&S productions and later became a distinguished concert pianist. (More biographical info may be found here (page 6).) 1897 1979
Clark, Walter (Maths) 1936 1977 MA Selwyn College, Cambridge (Scholar). BA (Mathematical Tripos Part II), 1931. Senior Optimes in Maths Part II. MA 1935. Commissioned RA, in France, 1939. Resumed as Senior Maths Master, 1945. "Bulldog", "Wally". Deputy headmaster 1964/65. Retired from f/t teaching 1974 but continued to teach p/t until 1977. 1909 1989
Eastman, Charles Edward Cooper (History) 1936 1942 BA Also taught at the RGS before going up to Oxford (i.e. up to 1933), as a PE specialist. St Catherine's Society [College], Oxford (matric. 1933). Hons. degree in PPE. Married in summer of 1936. Head of OTC [CCF]. Left whilst on military service, WW2. Commissioned in the King's Own Scottish Borderers, 1942, eventually Lt. Col., Intelligence Corps. "Sissy". Dir. of training at Stewart & Lloyds, 1964. Later with Road Transport Training Board, governor of Piper's Croner School, and 20 years on the University of Oxford Appointments Board. 1909 1984
Haworth, Christopher Matthew (Classics) 1936 1975 MA Foundation Scholar, St John's College, Cambridge. Matriculated 1931; Classical Tripos (Class 2 in Part I, 1933; followed by Class 1 in Part II, 1934); BA in 1934, and MA in 1938. Born 31 December 1911 (together with his twin sister Elizabeth Mary), in Disley, Cheshire, where his father was vicar. Played rugby and cricket. Co-author, 1962, with Leslie Joseph Ashford, of the RGS School History; previously he had been co-author (with Percy Cooper Sands) of the history of Pocklington School. Served with Indian Army during war - Lieutenant, Northumberland Fusiliers. Returned from RAOC to resume as Senior Classics Master, 1945. Master in charge of rugby from 1947 to 1958. Nickname "Kit" or "Poop". Died after a short illness, 17 August 1975. (Further genealogical data - search for 'christopher matthew' on the page) 1911 1975
Pattinson, Reginald (Science, Maths) 1936 1977 MA Hons. degree in Nat.Sci., Pembroke College, Cambridge. Golf for university, athletics colours for college. Rrepresented England in the Walker Cup, golf, 1949. "Patsy", "Moan". Married Jean Taylor, 1939. Housemaster, Tylers Wood, for 25 years. Head of CCF. Commissioned in RA, in France with BEF from 1939, rose to Lt. Col., 1st Indian Survey Regt., RA. Resumed at RGS 1945. Succeeded Sam Morgan as deputy headmaster in 1973 (in conjunction with Mike Moffatt). Attended Bemrose School, Derby, where ERT had taught. In WW2, Dunkirk, Burma & India (School History, p105). Sons IRH (1962-69) and MR (1953-60) attended the school. 1913 1977
Polmear, Nicholas (Modern Languages) 1936 1939 MA, DipEd Hons. degree, modern languages, King's College, London. MA in Education (1935). Senior modern languages master at RGS, 1936. Before RGS taught for a year at Westminster City School and for four years (1932-36) at Guisborough Grammar School, Yorkshire. Assistant Secretary for Higher Education, Bucks County Education Authority, 1945. Chief Education Officer, Canterbury (1962). (Oct 1936 Wyc, Jun 45 Wyc). ARP Warden during war. Hon. MA, University of Kent, 1982, at the same time as OW Stanley Hoffman. 1910 1995
Hood, Thomas Eggleton (Biology) 1937 1955 BSc London. "Cruiser", "Tom". Left to teach at Torquay GS. Capt, RASC, WW2, resumed 1945. 1914 1999
Davies, Mervyn Mort (Mod. Languages) 1937 1979 BA University College of Swansea, Wales. "Taffy". Housemaster, Uplyme. Head of German, 1960. Ran tennis team. Hon. Sec. of old boys' club from 1962 to 1979. Captain, Intelligence Corps, WW2. 1914 2005
Aitchison, James Eric (sports) 1937 1944 Dipl. Carn. (Carnegie?). Killed at Anzio, 4 February 1944, WW2, and one of three masters whose name appears on the school's WW2 roll of honour. Capt., Royal Artillery. From Cumberland. County rugby player, rock climber. (School History, p104) 1915 1944
Toovey, Harold Sydney (student teacher, VI Form) 1937 1937   Listed as a student teacher in the list of pupils in the sixth form for 1937. OW 1931-? 1920 2006
Cave, Arthur Cyril (History) 1938 1947 BA London. Not listed in 1943 or 1944 Grey Books. Married Margaret Thompson, 1939 (Sept 1939 Wyc). Returned from N.F.S. (? - Jun 1945 Wyc) to resume as Senior History Master, 1945. Left in 1947, seconded from Buckinghamshire as Senior Lecturer in History at the Harrogate Emergency Training College. (Apr 48 Wyc) 1910 1983
Griffiths, R C 1939 1939 BA One term as temp. master, 1939. "congratulations... on gaining a high position in the examination for appointment to the Executive Branch of the Home Civil Service. He has been given a post at the Admiralty." (Sep 1939 Wyc)    
Stevens, John H (English) 1939 1946 BA Cambridge, Peterhouse, high hons. degree, English and French. Accomplished musician. Left almost immediately after appointment to RGS to serve as Lt with RN during WW2, resumed 1945. In 1946 "returned to Peterhouse, Cambridge to study medicine." (Apr 47 Wyc). D.o.b. 17 Jan 1914 (source 1939 census). 1914  
Thomas, Harry Rees (Economics, History) 1939 1951 MA St Edmund Hall, Oxford (matric. 1934; BA, PPE, 1936). Previously BA in History, Swansea, Wales. Not listed in Grey Books, 1943-45 - in RA but returned in 1946. "Represented Swansea University at cricket, gained a half-blue for swimming at Oxford and played association football for his college." Master-in-charge, tennis. Left to teach at Tottenham County School (Sep 51 Wyc) 1914 1992
Land, Frank William (Dr) (Mathematics) 1939 1945 (bef) PhD, MSc London, King's College, 1st in Maths (1931), MSc (1932). "Armitage-Smith Prizeman at Birkbeck College in 1936 and took his Ph.D. in 1937. He has been Lecturer in Mathematics at the College of St. Mark and St. John, and Birkbeck College, London. He is married and has a small son. His main game is association football." (Sep 1939 Wyc) "Populariser of mathematics and a professor of mathematics at Hull University." (Wikipedia) 1911 1990
Kay, G A (Chemistry?) 1939 1945 (bef) BSc Liverpool, Chemistry. "keen on dramatics and music" (Sep 1939 Wyc)    
Waite, Raymond Haley (Mod.Lang and PT) 1939? ?   Lodging with Nicholas Polmear (q.v.) at the time of the 1939 census. May have been teaching at a different school? D.O.B. 27 Jun 1913. 1913 1991
Milbourn, Frank McLaren (Maths) 1939? ? BSc London University. Lodging at the school, with his wife Winifred, at the time of the 1939 census but may have been attached to an evacuated school (Brentford/Chiswick?). D.O.B. 7 Mar 1902. 1902 1973
Janes, Evelyne Betty (Mrs) / Hemming, E B (Miss) 1940 1945 (bef) - Dartford (teacher training?) . Referred to as Miss E B Hemming (1940 Grey Book) but as 'Mrs Allan Janes' (Apr 48 Wyc) Allan Edward M Janes (1905-87) was, I think, an OW and founded his eponymous law firm in HW in 1931. He married Evelyne Betty Hemming in 1935, Kensington, Middx. 1905 1994
Black, Charlie (Maths) 1940 1946 MA Cambridge. See Richard Rance letter, July 2003 newsletter. After RGS, "joined the staff of a Training College at Cheltenham." (Apr 47 Wyc)    
Seymour, Percy Ambrose (Classics) 1940 1946 MA Jesus College, Oxford (Scholar, matric. 1910, 1st in Greats). See Wikipedia entry. Born in Australia, was a classics fellow of Jesus College, Oxford, 1924-43, where he was tutor to ER Tucker, acc Jun 45 Wyc) and bursar of same 1930-35. Left RGS to become Vice-Master of Ormond College (University of Melbourne) in 1949. Obit, April 1955 Wyc. 1887 1954
Moore, C H (Modern Languages) 1940 1947 PhD, MA London. Returned from Army Education Dept, 1945.    
Somerset, Ernest J (Classics) 1940 1945 MA Hertford College, Oxford (Matric. 1905) 1887 1974
Ross, M D (Miss) (Biology) 1940 1945 BSc London. See Richard Rance letter, July 2003 newsletter.    
Savage, Sydney Albert (English & French) 1940 1944 - Teacher training at St Luke's College, Exeter. Previous to RGS, taught for a while in Yorkshire, then Germaine Street School, Chesham, then to the RGS on recommendation of HMI. See Richard Rance letter, July 2003 newsletter. 1904 1944
Johnson, Horace William (Maths, Woodwork, Engineering Drawing) 1940 1962 - Teacher training at Culham College, Abingdon, Berks (1937-39). Prior to teaching at RGS was assistant master at Mill End Road Senior (Boys) School, High Wycombe (1939-40). OW 1930-37, colours for cricket and later master in charge of cricket as a master. RAF (ACF, Flying Officer), WW2. Tylers Wood tutor, 1947. "Hosh". Left in 1962 to teach at King Edward VI GS, Louth. 1918 1986
Dagnall, John Henry Alan (Modern Languages) 1940 1941 L. ès L. Sorbonne. Service in Egypt & Palestine, WW1 in HAC (gunner). Gazetted as 2nd Lt., RGS OTC, November 1941. (Jun 45 Wyc) 1895 1977
Redington, Janet (Mrs) (Greek, Latin) 1941 1946   See above, under Miss Janet Douglas, 1907. Nickname "Ma Redington". Finally left in 1945 to take up a post at Godstowe School, High Wycombe. 1884 1966
McAvan, Gordon William (Rev) (Scripture, History) 1941 1945 A.K.C. London. OW 1929-37. Warden of St Andrew's School, Mauritius, 1940-58. Canon of St James' Cathedral, Mauritius (1959). War-time curate at West Wycombe Parish Church. OBE (1962) for services to education in Mauritius. Vicar of Cantley, near Doncaster (1963). Left in 1945 to become chaplain at Radley College. 1918 1990
Baker, Adelaide Maud (Miss) (History) 1941 1945 PhD, BA St Hugh's College, Oxford; MA in 1922. PhD (London). (According to the Oxford University Calendar for 1938, was then "Mrs Holt" but this doesn't tally with her marital status at RGS in 1941) 1898? 1991?
Kernick, G (Mrs) (preparatory form) 1941 1945 - N.F.U. (?). Helped with the School Play, the War Savings, the football and cricket teas and in the Boarding House.    
Seal, E (Mrs) (modern languages) 1941 1944 BA Wales.    
Richardson, W (Rev) (Classics) 1941? 1945 (bef) BA "Tutor and Vice-Principal at Ripon Hall, Oxford" (whilst simultaneously teaching at RGS) (Jun 45 Wyc)    
Speakman, Stanley Owen (Mod.Lang., including Spanish) 1942 1945 MA, BLitt St Catherine's Society [College], Oxford. Graduated in 1933 (BA or BLitt?) 1910 1978
Killick, C G (Miss) 1942 1944 BA London. See Richard Rance letter, July 2003 newsletter. "Young and beautiful."    
Turner, N H (Miss) (Physics) 1942 1945 BSc, A.K.C. London. See Richard Rance letter, July 2003 newsletter.    
Hicks, E (Miss or Mrs) 1942 1944 BA Wales.    
Rees, H Bryn (English, History & Economics) 1943 1945 BA Wales. "Taffy". Left to teach at Newland Park Training College, 1945. Master in charge of rugby. Obit, Sept 1964 Wyc. 1904 1964
Hett, Alan Stanley (French) 1943 1964 MA Oriel College, Oxford (matric. 1919, BA 1921). "Crap(py)". Trainee pilot, RFC, WW1, but suffered a crash in 1916. Obit May 1968 Wyc. Absent from RGS in 1947-48, one-year teaching post at Trinity College School, Port Hope, Ontario, Canada. At outbreak of WW2 in 1939 was living in Harrow and working as an English teacher. D.O.B. 14 Feb 1898. 1898 1967
Cowie, Leonard Wallace (Rev) (Scripture, History) 1943 1945 BA Pembroke College, Oxford (matric. 1938). Left to become Chaplain and Lecturer to St. Mark’s Training College, Chelsea. 1919 2004
Jordan, A L (Mrs) (German, French) 1943 1945 BA Australia.    
Brown, E M L (Miss) (Science) 1943 1946 BSc London. Left "to take up a post in a girls' school." (Apr 47 Wyc) Taught in Portsmouth in the 1970s (Source: May 2003 Newsletter)    
Boddy, Zoe Cecilia Unity (Miss) (PT) 1943 1946 - Educ. Chelsea. Head Girl, Wycombe High School, 1930s. "... whose zest and gaiety in the discharge of her duties with P.T. cannot easily be replaced." (Jun 46 Wyc) Was alleged (by Air Vice-Marshall PS Collins, in the 2009 OW Newsletter) to have been engaged at some point to HW Johnson. Married Thomas Rayner, 1950, and lived at Hicknaham Farm, Littleworth Common. Mentioned in former Home Secretary Alan Johnson's autobiography Please, Mister Postman. See Telegraph article here. 1922 2011
Hartman-Smith, H (Mrs) 1940s 1945 (bef) PhD (Jun 45 Wyc)    
Eagers, Walter William 1940s 1945 (bef) BA (Jun 45 Wyc) 1908 1965
Pollak, Viktor 1940s 1945 (bef) PhD (Jun 45 Wyc) D.O.B. 18 Mar 1884. A medical doctor, with a degree from Prague University in 1908. 1884 1946
Segger, Sydney Walter (prob. taught French) 1940s 1945 (bef) BA Cambridge. Teacher at Dauntsey School, Wiltshire, in 1927. After WW2 moved on to Bournemouth, still at same address in 1967. Author of school French text books. (Jun 45 Wyc) 1902 1967
Barnett, K P 1940s 1945 (bef)   (Jun 45 Wyc)    
Stevens, Denis William 1940s 1945 (bef)   (Jun 45 Wyc) I think this is Denis William Stevens, OW 1933-39, who went on to become a British musicologist (specialising in early music), conductor, professor of music and radio producer. Wikipedia entry. 1922 2004
Thorne, N 1940s 1945 (bef)   Mentioned in the June 1945 Wyc as having been a master at the school during the war but left by time of publication.    
Havers, K (Miss) 1940s 1945 (bef)   (Jun 45 Wyc)    
Newton, E M (Mrs) 1940s 1945 (bef) BA (Jun 45 Wyc)    
Lord, Irene Joyce (Miss) (school secretary) 1940s 1946   Left to become assistant treasurer at Somerville College, Oxford (Apr 47 Wyc - exc that it refers to Somerville as 'Somerfield'). 1919  
Pollard, Grace Georgina Brindley (Miss) (Latin) 1943 1946 BA London. Had been a 'land girl' in the earlier part of the war. Ref here. "Returned to her work at Wycombe Abbey School." (Apr 47 Wyc) "Austere and dignified" (Air Vice Marshall PS Collins, 2009 OW Newsletter) 1899 1995
Tucker, James Axten (Maths) 1944 1950 - Culham. OW 1917-23. "Boswell". "Jim". Came to RGS to teach in 1944 after teaching at Hazlemere C of E School. Became deputy head of Hatters Lane Secondary (Modern) School in 1950. Returned to teach at RGS p/t 1966-77. 1906 1986
Wears-Taylor, Catherine Emma (Mrs, née Polkinhorne) 1944 1945 BA London. 1900 1965
Standing, Alfred George (English) 1944 1948 MA Trinity Hall, Cambridge. Matriculated 1925 (followed by BA 1928, MA 1932). Educated at Elmfield College, Yorkshire. Came in 1944 as Senior English master from Stretford GS. "Left at the end of the Autumn Term to take up an appointment as headmaster of Ashton-in-Makerfield Grammar School in Lancashire." (Feb 49 Wyc) 1907? 1985?
Goulborn, Peggy (Mrs, née Millhouse) 1944 1946 BA Reading. Wife of Sydney Aubrey Goulborn (1917-88, OW 1928-36, Mayor of HW 1968). Mother of OW Sydney Charles Robert Goulborn (RGS 1957-64). Deputy Head, Castlefield Infants' School until 1963, from Sep 1963 taught at Godstowe School, HW (Sep 63 Wyc) 1918 1971
Jenner, D (Miss) (German, P/T) 1944 1946 BA London. Left to teach at the Wycombe High School.    
Shepherd, J (Miss) (English, French & History) 1944 1946 BA London, Royal Holloway College.    
Shepherd, B M (Miss) 1940s 1945 (bef) BA (Jun 45 Wyc)    
Maxwell, Margaret Mary (Miss) 1944 1945 BA St Anne’s College, Oxford (matric. 1941). 1922 2005
Shaw, Edwin William (Rev) (English) 1944 1947 BA, BD London. Also vicar of St Francis' Church, Terriers (1929-62). Taught part-time at the RGS. 1891 1973
Savege, Marion Garland C (Mrs) (French) 1944 1946 BA London, University College. 1913 1991
Rainbow, Bernarr Joseph George (Music) 1944 1952 ARCM, LGSM, LTCL London. "Ben". Organist, Wycombe Parish Church. Note in May 1968 Wyc. Wrote book 'The Land Without Music'. Provided teacher training at College of St Mark and St John, London. Prior to RGS was a private music teacher (1932-40) and in HM Forces (1940-44), also taught at Oakend School, Gerrards Cross (1944-45), at the same time as his first part-time year at RGS. 1914 1998
Edwards, J 1944 1951 BA Wales, University College, Cardiff. "Jimmy". Educated at Pontllanfraith Secondary School. Left to teach at Nantyglo GS.    
Hart, J 1945 1946 MA Glasgow. Educ. Hyndland Secondary School, Glasgow. After RGS, "joined the staff of a Training College at St. Alban’s." (Apr 47 Wyc)    
Hollingworth, Lewis Tom (English) 1945 1971 BA Reading University. "Holly", "Uncle H". Obit Sep 1971 Wyc. Attended Bemrose School, Derby, where ERT had taught. His son Roger Hollingworth was an old boy (1953-61) and later a master, from 1993 to 2002. 1909 1971
Beresford, Harold Beaumont (Modern Languages) 1945 1946 MA Fitzwilliam House [College], Cambridge (June 46 Wyc says BA, London). Came from Surbiton County GS, left at the end of the Easter Term [1946] to take up the post of Senior Modern Language Master at The Holt High School, Liverpool. 1951, left for Australia. PhD, University of KwaZulu, Natal, 1960. Died in New Zealand. 1914 1997
Eldridge, Frederick Stanley J (Modern Lang.) 1945 1957 BA London. Came from Dunstable GS to teach Modern Languages. Left to become head of Mod.Lang., Sudbury GS. "Fred". Still there in 1968. (May 68 Wyc) 1915 1996
Howard, Reginald (English) 1945 1955 BA Leeds. Left to be Head of English at the British School, Istanbul. "Reggie", "Uncle Reg". 1924 1987
Hudson, John (Biology) 1945 1946 MA Oxford. Came from Bishop Wordsworth’s School, Salisbury. (Jun 46 Wyc) Left at end of the Autumn Term 1946 "to take up research work with a manufacturing firm in High Wycombe." (Apr 47 Wyc) 1911 1977
Price, Samuel (Rev. Dr.) (History) 1945 1946 - "Vicar of Hazlemere, who very kindly came in to assist with the teaching of History, was permitted to return to his proper labours at the end of the Easter Term." (Jun 46 Wyc). Vicar of Hazlemere, 1945-1970. 1901 1983
Sheppard, Thomas Vincent (Geography) 1945 1968 MSc London University. "Tus". Retired Xmas 1968. Born in 1908 in Ningpo, China, where his father was a Methodist missionary. Came to the UK with his family in 1920 and attended Ashville College, Harrogate, as a boarder. Thought to have been a merchant seaman for some time in the 1920s. Came to the RGS from the RAF. Previously held teaching posts at Alleyne's GS, Stone, Staffs (1931-32) and King’s Norton Grammar School, Birmingham (1932-1935+). (Jun 46 Wyc) 1908 1986
Emery, Ronald Frank (PT) 1945 1948 - Culham. OW 1927-33. Came from the RAF and previously from Mill End Senior School, to take charge of Physical Training. Left to join his father's business. (Feb 49 Wyc) 1915 1997
Mewse, Ewart (Physics, Head of Science) 1946 1968 MSc, MEd Durham. "Pussy". Sqn. Ldr., RAF (working on radar defences). "Came from the RAF and previously from Rutherford College, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, where he was Senior Science Master, to be Senior Physics Master" (Jun 46 Wyc) Link to his 1934 M.Ed. (Durham University) thesis ("The Relation Between Artistic Ability and Intelligence") 1902 1984
Gilbert, Mark (Modern Languages, head of dept) 1946 1947 MA, BSc (Econ) Downing College, Cambridge. BA 1929, MA 1933, also BSc (Econ) London. Came from RAF and previously Wigan GS to be head of Modern Languages. Left to take up an appointment as Lecturer in Education in Durham University at King’s College, Newcastle upon Tyne. (Apr 48 Wyc) 1907-9?  
Thompson, R W (Spanish) 1946 1948 BA Dublin. (Mod.), B.A. (T.C.D.) Left for a school in Madrid. (Feb 49 Wyc)    
Scott, Herbert (Bert) (Maths) 1946 1982 MA St John's College, Cambridge. Exhibition in Maths from Stourbridge GS. Senior Optimes, 1938. Served in RA, WW2. "Doggie", "Bert". Founded the Uplyme boarding house, in conjunction with Reg Howard. Married the school secretary, Joan Potter, in 1955. (Obit, Jan 2006 OW Newsletter, also article in May 2005 OW Newsletter by Roger File) 1917 2005
Male, Stanley Albert (Classics) 1946 1966 MA Sidney Sussex College, Cambridge. BA 1928 (1st Class in Classical Tripos Part II), MA 1933.. "Sam", "Barshoe". Came from Royal Army Education Corps and previously Harrogate GS. (Apr 47 Wyc) Left to go to Cambridgeshire High School for Boys. Son Anthony D Male was at RGS, 1958-65. 1907 1997
Jones, Gwilym Melville (Maths & Science) 1946 1956 BSc Wales. "Ginger", "Mel". Came to RGS from Royal Aircraft Establishment, Farnborough. Left to become head of Maths, Langley GS. (Obit, Jan 07, p14, but it seems to have errors - confusion over name and dates at school). Also, confusion with the RGS Senior Chemistry Master, (W) G Jones (1949-51, who became Headmaster of Machynlleth Grammar School), see below. His son GD Jones was an OW (1955-62). (Sep 1969 Wyc) 1914 2005
Leggett, Arthur Deeker (Physics, Science) 1946 1976 MA Lincoln College, Oxford (matric. 1931; BA 1934, Physics Class 3). "Alpha". Also BSc (London). RAF during war. Attended Lewisham Grammar School. Before RGS, taught at Repton, Doncaster GS, St Alban's School and Sir John Deane's School, Northwich GS. (Obit, Old Boys Newsletter 2000) 1911 2000
Fowlds, Edgar 1946 1947 MA Clare College, Cambridge. Matriculated 1935 (followed by BA in 1938, MA in 1946.) Left in 1947 to take up an administrative appointment at Chesterfield in the office of the North-East Derbyshire Divisional Executive. Later Deputy Chief Education Officer, Cambridgeshire. 1916 1978
Mellor, Rita (Miss) (school secretary) 1946     In 1951 married Francis William McVeigh (a tax inspector, 1922-2011) in Wycombe. Later lived in Maidenhead, Gloucester and finally Harpenden, Herts. Their son Simon W McVeigh (born 1954) is (as at 2023) an Emeritus Professor of Musicology at Goldsmiths' College, University of London. 1922 2009
Cartwright, W (Modern Languages) 1947 1948 MA Cambridge. Previously at Shrewsbury School (Apr 48 Wyc). Left to teach at Oundle School. (Feb 49 Wyc)    
Hirst, R[obert?] C (Biology) 1947 1949 BSc Manchester. Previously at Friends' Relief Service. (Apr 48 Wyc) Not known where he left for. (Possible candidate - in Ashton-under-Lyne at time of 1939 census, Lance-Corporal, 2/9th Manchester Regiment) 1917?  
Browning, George Gordon (Religious Knowledge, History) 1947 1974 MA Oriel College, Oxford (matric. 1930). "Doc", "Doc Muffin". Before the war he had taught at Ranchi, India, and served with the India army during WW2. Previous to RGS, he had been on the staff of 29 British Brigade Group in India. (Apr 48 Wyc) As well as teaching RE and history, he was QM to the CCF and careers master for many years at RGS. Attended King's School, Gloucester, before Oxford, and later St Augustine's, Canterbury. Crossword expert and bee-keeper. Retired to Iwerne Minster, Dorset. (Obit, Old Boys Newsletter, 2000) His son David attended RGS and went on to his father's college, Oriel. Daughters Pat and Alison went to Wycombe HS. 1910 1999
Kemp, James Herbert (Chemistry) 1947 1949 BA Scholar of St John's, Cambridge. Matriculated, 1931; double first in Natural Sciences (chemistry) - Part I in 1933, Part II in 1934. BA, 1934. Previously to RGS had been in an industrial post. (Apr 48 Wyc) 1912 2006
Jones, Emlyn (Mod. Languages) 1947 1971 BA Cardiff. "Chunk(ie)", "Pa Chunk". Head of Mod.Lang. from 1952. Obit, Sep 1971 Wyc. Previous to RGS, had taught at Cowley GS, St Helens, Lancashire. His wife Phyllis also taught at the RGS, and his son Barri was a pupil. 1905 1971
Cowan, James Patrick (Mod. Languages) 1947 1952 MA St Catharine’s College, Cambridge. From Yorkshire, matriculated 1929 (followed by BA 1932, MA 1946). Head of Modern Languages at RGS, 1947-52. Previously at Bradford Grammar School. Left RGS to become Headmaster of Battersea GS. 1910 1979
Ashford, Leslie Joseph (History) 1947 1960 MA After attending Latymer Upper School, won scholarship to Sidney Sussex College, Cambridge. Matric. 1931, BA 1934 (2/1 in Historical Tripos Part II), MA 1939. Head of History at RGS 1947-60. Previous to RGS, taught at Keighley GS. (Apr 48 Wyc) Left RGS in 1960 to become headmaster of Burnham Grammar School - retired 1975. Co-author, 1962, of the RGS School History (with Christopher Matthew Haworth). Author of history of High Wycombe from its origins to 1880 (Routledge & Paul 1960). Nicknames variously "Joe", "Les", "Bill", "Ash". ("Bill" was a later nickname, from about 1958, when the history department consisted of him and David "Benny" Jones, known together as "Bill and Ben, history men", à la The Flowerpot Men on TV.) 1912 2007
Coventry, Alan Arthur William (Modern Languages) 1947 1954 BA Reading, BA in 1940 and Dipl.Ed. Army in East Africa, six years. "Killer" or "Curly". OW 1929-33. Obit, April 1955 Wyc. Wife Margery and daughter Ruth. 1915 1954
Piner, Lewis Wilfrid/Wilfred (Music) 1947 1957 FRCO, ARCM Royal College of Organists. "Lou", "Pinhead". Obit Sep 1957 Wyc. Previous to RGS, was organist of Holy Trinity, Windsor. (Apr 48 Wyc) Became a full-time teacher at the RGS in 1950. 1909 1957
Owen, E (bursar) 1947     Previously from the High Wycombe Town Clerk’s Office. (Apr 48 Wyc)    
Young, Glyndwr, M.C. (Mod.Lang.) 1948 1952 BA Bristol. Won MC in Burma, 1945. Joined RGS "from the Royal Corps of Signals in which he served in Wingate’s Special Force and in 19th Indian Division". (Feb 49 Wyc) Died aged 92. Left to teach at Dauntsey's, nr Devizes. Head of Hardley County Secondary School from 1959. Head of Gosport County GS in 1969. (May 68 Wyc) 1921(?) 2013
White, Neville Hall (Mod.Lang, espec. Spanish, French; English) 1948 1963 MA St John’s College, Cambridge. Matric. 1941, BA 1947 (2/2 in Spanish), MA 1949. Fl.Lt in RAF, WW2. "Blanco". 2nd i/c, CCF RAF. Master-in-c, Tuck Shop. Head of Languages at SE Berks Coll, Bracknell, 1965, later head of dept, business studies. 1922 1985
Rees, William Aubrey (PT, games) 1949 1955 BA Wales, also Dip. Loughborough. "Aubrey". Head of PT from 1949. Left to become a salesman for BP. 1915 1987
Day, E H (English and History, student teacher) 1949 1949 BA Cambridge.    
Parnaby, John D (English and History, student teacher) 1949 1949 BA Oxford. 1923  
Davies, I (Mrs) (Biology) 1949   BSc Wales.    
Hills, (Arnold) Charles (English) 1949 1977 MA, A.K.C. King's College, London. (A.K.C. stands for 'Associate of King's College'.) Nickname "Min" (earlier "Pinhead", "Dome"). Known as "Charles" to colleagues. Senior English master from 1949, previously at Queen Elizabeth's Hospital, Bristol, and Alderman Newton’s School, Leicester. School librarian, cricket umpire, master-in-charge of Stamp Club, make-up for drama productions, singing bass in choir, playing double bass in orchestra. 1912 1995
Jones, (W) G (Chemistry) 1949 1951 BSc

Wales. (Same name, qualification and university as G M Jones above! Death wrongly recorded in the July 2005 OW newsletter - this was 'Mel' Jones - see above. Senior Chemistry Master from 1949 to 1951. Left to become Headmaster of Machynlleth GS.

Room, H (Mod. Lang., student teacher, one-term) 1950 1950 BA Oxford.    
Ainsworth, E (PT, student teacher, one-term) 1950 1950   Newlands [Newland Park] College.    
Evely, John Page (Maths) 1950 1959 BA London (also St. Luke's, Exeter). "Jock". Son Anthony at RGS (1963-68). 1921 1986
Runswick, Adrian Lester (English) 1950 1960 MA Jesus College, Cambridge. (Matriculated-1945; 1947-English Tripos Part I, Class 2/2; 1948-English Tripos Part II, Class 1. BA-1948.) "Beaky". Left to become head of English, University College Sch, Hampstead. Later English lecturer at an RC teacher training college in Leeds (1967) (May 67 Wyc) 1927 2010
Martinie, Monsieur (French assistant) 1951 1951        
Perfect, (Ernest) John (English, Russian) 1951 1986 BA Lincoln College, Oxford (matric. 1946). "Polly". Known to colleagues as 'John'. Son (Martin) at RGS. Obit, Jan 2007 OW newsletter. 1922 2006
Sladden, Cyril Edgar (Chemistry) 1951 1959 MA Christ Church, Oxford (Exhibitioner) (matric. 1909). "Dewdrop". Awarded M.C. and D.S.O., WW1. Prior to RGS, taught at Eton College, became Senior Chemistry Master at RGS, 1951. Living in Evesham, 1968 (house where he was born). (Sladden family history.) 1890 1974
Hayes, M J (Chemistry) 1951 1952 BSc Leeds. Before RGS, taught at Marylebone GS. (Sep 51 Wyc). Left to carry out research work.    
Benson, John Beethom (Classics) 1951 1963 MA Christ’s College, Cambridge (Scholar). Matric. 1946. Double first in classics (BA after Part I in 1948, then Part II in 1949). "Beaky", "Tiny". 1929?  
Lloyd, J G (History) 1951 1958 MA Jesus College, Oxford (Scholar; matric. 1945). "Adolf". In 1962 was in Sutton Coldfield, John Wilmott GS. Sep 62 Wyc.    
Thacker, P W (Classics, one-term) 1951 1951   Classics & cricket, summer term only.    
Engler, - (teaching practice) 1951 1951 BA Reading. Teaching practice.    
Bowden, Mr (bursar) 1951 1953?   Replaced Mr Scattergood as bursar in April 1951 (Mr Scattergood's dates not known)    
Barnes, Donald J (French) 1952 1956 BA Liverpool. "Wally". In 1962 was in Middlesbrough.    
Ingate, David Walter Garwood (Music) 1952 1956 FRCO, ARCM In 1956 took up a new post at Chichester Cathedral. Had been organist of All Saints' Church, High Wycombe, and, between 1957 and 1962, was organist at Beverley Minster and teacher at Beverley Grammar School. (Living, Diss, Norfolk, 2013) 1930  
Morgan, G E (Science) 1952 1955 BSc Bristol. Left to teach Science in Germany.    
Muschamp, George Allen Rodolphe (bursar) 1953 1956 MA Jesus College, Cambridge. MA in engineering (1932). School bursar. Started in the RAF on the day of its foundation (1 April 1918) and served to his retirement in February 1953 as a Group Captain. Chairman of RAF Cycling Association, athletics (one mile), cross country runner, tennis player, bridge player, golfer, mountaineer and photographer. Son, John Edward George Muschamp (1923-45), who attended Haileybury, Lancaster bomber pilot, was killed over the Ruhr in February 1945. 1898 1956
Nicholas, Arthur Leary (Mod. Languages) 1953 1958 BA Jesus College, Oxford (matric. 1947). Army officer, Royal Welch Fusiliers, WW2. In 1946 posted to Malaya as an educational officer. Did his teaching practice at RGS in 1951. "Nick". Qualified as barrister. Left to teach at a comprehensive school in Coventry, later in Leeds. (May 1965 Wyc, May 67 Wyc). 1925 2010
Nightingale, David Trewyn (PE, games) 1953 1961 - Culham. "Tweet" (as a master). OW 1940-45 (when his nickname was "Nifty" - played 1st XV and captain of 1st XI cricket). Head of PT and Naval section CCF. Left to teach PE and mathematics at Scarborough College School (1961-66). Later Estate Manager of Harleyford Manor Estate, near Marlow (1968), director of same (1972). In retirement, member’s committee chairman, Helford Marine Conservation Area, Cornwall. In Memoriam. 1929 2013
Stanley, G B (Student teacher) 1954 1954   Reading University.    
Jacobsen, W (Student teacher) 1954 1954   Reading University.    
Rattray, Thomas K C (Student teacher) 1954 1954   Oxford University. 2nd Lt., Territorial Army, 1953. 1930  
Chapman, Guy Basil Granville (Physics) 1954 1964 BA Christ's College, Cambridge (after attending Epsom College). Matric. 1923. BA 1926 (3rd class, Natural Sciences Part I). Colonial Service, Lagos. Left to be head of Physics "at a large grammar school". Refs to him in Roger Scruton books. Father of Sir Timothy Granville-Chapman (born 1947), former Vice-Chief of the Defence Staff of the British Armed Forces. 1905 1976
Dalton, James Joseph D (Classics) 1954 1955 BA Cambridge. Taught Classics, also helped with athletics. 1925 1996
Simpson, John Edmund (Rev) (Maths) 1954 1959 MA Corpus Christi College, Cambridge. Also BSc (London). Educ. Morpeth GS. Rector of Denham and a former (1935-37) headmaster of Dr Challoner's (Amersham) Grammar School. Head of Heanor Secondary School (1942-45), Vice-Principal, St Paul's Training College, Cheltenham, from 1946. Ordained, 1945, by the Bishop of Derby in Heanor Parish Church. Son of William E Simpson, Morpeth, m. 1930 to Marjorie Violet Erskine Stuart, at Headingley Wesleyan Church, Leeds. Died Basle, Switzerland. 1905 1970
Skipp, (Arthur) John (Rev) (English) 1954 1982 MA Emmanuel College, Cambridge (Exhibitioner 1937-40– see Honours Board in the RGS - 1929-37). Matric. 1937, BA (in English) 1941, MA 1944. Commissioned in the Buffs (East Kent Regt), WW2, left service as Major. Worked with British Institute of Education and Arts Council after the war. Ordained Deacon, 1953, priest, 1954. Prior to joining the staff full-time, did some classics teaching at RGS, going full-time in 1956, teaching English and Latin. School chaplain & housemaster. Known to colleagues as "John". OW. Mayor of High Wycombe, 1970/71. 1918 1987
Wilson, Doris Mary (Mrs) (Maths) 1954 1982 BSc London. "Doris". Attended Wycombe High School. First permanent female member of staff after WW2. Organised box offices for school concerts and plays. Retired to Speen with her husband Clifford. Maiden name Doris Mary Gee, she and Clifford Wilson married in 1942, and their three sons Peter J Wilson (b 1943), Robin J Wilson (b 1946) and Anthony R Wilson (b 1949), attended the RGS. 1919 1999
Hall (English, French, student teacher) 1955 1955        
Palmer (Classics, student teacher) 1955 1955        
Walters, Thomas Charles (Biology) 1955 1959 MA Fitzwilliam House [College], Cambridge. Matriculated 1947 (followed by BA 1949, MA 1954.) In 1966, head of Biology, Borough Road Training College, London. May 66 Wyc.    
Bur, André Peire/Pierre (French) 1955 1962 L-ès-L Paris & Lille. Came from Queen Elizabeth's School, Blackburn. Left to teach at Carisbrooke GS, on the Isle of Wight. Born in Méry-sur-Seine, Aube department, France. 1918 1986
Davies, Alan (English) 1955 1957 BA Corpus Christi College, Oxford (m-1950; BA after finals, 1953; MA 1957). Left to teach at QES Barnet. 1958-62 Kenya. Research at Birmingham University. In 1966, at Edinburgh University, lecturing on applied linguistics. Article on 'Use of English' published by Chatto & Windus. Notes, May 1963, May 1965, May 66 Wycs.    
Morgan, Gareth (Dr) (Classics) 1955 1957 MA Cambridge. Awarded D.Phil (Oxford) in 1956 ("Cretan Poetry Under the Venetians, 1210-1669"). Came "fresh from research in Greece", went to Senior Classics post at Raynes Park. Sep 1957 Wyc. Emigrated to USA in 1966 and became a Professor of Classics and Education at the University of Texas at Austin. In the early 1980s, he began to teach courses in Middle Welsh. (Biogbiog and photo) 1928 1996
Pelmore, Denis Rudolf (Chemistry) 1955 1964 MA Emmanuel College, Cambridge (Scholar). Matriculated, 1933; Natural Sciences, Part 1, in 1935 (Class 1); BA in 1936, after Natural Sciences Part 2 (Class 2/1 in chemistry). Nickname "Drip". Father's name Rudolf Albright Pfleiderer, changed family name by deed poll (1915). Came in 1955 "from the Sudan". After RGS, went to Christ's Hospital, to teach Chemistry. 1914 2010
Booth, M J (Science) 1955 1956 MA Oxford.    
Labratut, André (French assistant) 1955 1956   Played in the Staff vs Old Boys cricket and took a "magnificent" catch - his one and only game of cricket.    
Cawley, Stephen Robert (The Hon.) 1955 1956 MA New College, Oxford. B.A., 1937; B.Sc., 1938. Signals Corps, WW2. "came part-time to teach Science and ease the pressure on the science staff." (Wyc Sep 56) A Liberal politician, he stood for the High Peak (Derbyshire) constituency in 1951, 1955 and 1959. 1915 1995
Jones, J W (Music) 1955 1956   "... student from Reading who came to help Mr Dawes with music while Mr Piner was away."    
Blagden, J (Maths & Physics, Student) 1956 1956 BSc, BA Cape Town (B.Sc.) and Cambridge (B.A.)    
Jarvis, R A (Classics, Student) 1956 1956 BA Reading.    
Paynes, B W (Music, Student) 1956 1956 BA Reading.    
Dawes, James Swinnerton (Music) 1956 1968 MA, Mus.B, ARCO Queens’ College, Cambridge. BA 1931, Mus.B. 1932, MA 1937. "Jack". First taught at Cranleigh, then Leeds GS. RAF, WW2. Prior to joining the RGS, he had been Bucks county music organiser. Went to a 'similar post' at St Joseph's Secondary School, Slough. 1910 1991
Hall, Alan H (PE, games) 1956 1959 Dip. Bognor Regis & Carnegie College. Left to go to Rickmansworth GS as head of PT.    
Bridges, Michael (Physics, Maths) 1956 1959 BSc London. Nickname 'Mick'. Left to become head of Physics at Hereford School. An OW (RGS 1945-52); captain of cricket 1st XI in 1952. 1934  
Edginton, Denis Cecil F (French) 1956 1959 MA Jesus College, Oxford (matric. 1945). Came from Plymouth College in 1956. In Educational Admin, Winchester, 1968. (May 68 Wyc) 1927 2006
Harley, A J (Dr) (Chemistry) 1956 1957 BSc Leeds. Left to teach at Huddersfield New College.    
Wood, Winifred Leyton (Mrs, née Lanagan) (Maths) 1956 1965 MA, PhD Cambridge. "Winnie". Also a J.P. Before RGS worked on ciphers at GCHQ, after RGS lectured at Reading University. Married to Sir Alan Muir Wood (1921-2009), eminent engineer. Three sons at RGS: Paul (b 1947), David (b 1949), Robert (b 1951). 1921 2009
Brown, P D (Music) 1956 1957 BMus, LRAM, ATCL London. (Temporary while LW Piner was ill). Went to teach Music in Bristol.    
Adams, D A (Chemistry) 1957 1958 BSc London. Left to become M-in-C of Chemistry, Magdalen College School, Brackley.    
Broadbridge, Derek Walter (English) 1957 1959 BA New College, Oxford (matric. 1945). Left to become head of English at the Vyners School, Ickenham Grammar School. 1927 1989
Curry, David John (Classics) 1958 1962 MA St Catharine’s College, Cambridge. Matric. 1942, BA 1948 (2/1 in classics). Had been with Nigerian Admin Service until 1957. 1924  
Eames, Alexander Richard (Chemistry) 1957 1961 BA St Peter's Hall [College], Oxford (matric. 1953, BA 1956, Class 1 in Chemistry Part I; Class 2 in Chemistry Part 2, 1957). In 1962 was teaching at Bromsgrove School. 1934  
Gaster, Adrian (Music) 1957 1960 MusB Cambridge, also BA (London). "Lonnie". Left to go to Burnham GS (under LJ Ashford) 1919 1989
Harvey, Peter M (Mod. Languages) 1957 1960 BA London. Nickname "Ferret". Left to go to Long Eaton GS. 1932? 2015c
Lesser, Louis Emile (Geography & History) 1957 1958 BA Melbourne, hons. grad. in History & Economics. After a year, returned to Wesley College, Melbourne, where he had been an old boy. 1911 1979
Brand, Frederick James (Mathematics) 1958 1964 BA British Columbia; also Jesus College, Oxford (matric. 1929, BSc). Left to be head of Maths at Q.Anne's, Caversham. 1905 1995
Owen, P (History - temp, 1 term) 1957 1958        
Wiart, L (French assistant) 1957 1958        
Magraw, K (student, music) 1958 1958        
Biggin, K (student, music) 1958 1958        
Free, D (student, classics) 1958 1958        
Mitchell, R (student, mod.lang.) 1958 1958        
Baker, Douglas George Santley (Geography) 1958 1959 MA Lincoln College, Oxford (matric. 1949). Link is to his Wikipedia page - an England and British Lions rugby international. Left RGS to teach at Oundle. Later emigrated to Australia and taught at Adelaide. 1929 2022
Jones, David Graham (History) 1958 1991 MA Jesus College, Oxford (matric. 1948, BA after Modern History finals (2nd) in 1951). Qualified barrister. "Benny". (Swansea Grammar School). Came from King George V School, Southport, in 1958. Head of History, 1960-91. (The nickname "Ben", later "Benny", originally derived from his early partnership with fellow history teacher LJ Ashford: for a while they were known collectively as "Bill and Ben, history men", à la The Flowerpot Men on TV). Set up Social Service group, managed U15 rugby, public speaking. 1927 2011
Eaton, Michael J (Art) 1958 1988 ATD Southampton. "Mick". OW 1942-49. Qualified at Wycombe Art School and Bournemouth School of Art. Taught at Dartford GS, 1956-58. Head of Art at RGS, 1958-88. (Obit in Old Boys Newsletter, 2006) 1931 2004
Pursey, John W (Classics) 1958 1960 MA Cambridge. Left to go to Blackburn Grammar School. OW 1946-54. Also Wakefield and Darlington schools (making four Queen Elizabeth-founded schools in total). Retired 1995. 1936  
Brown, W T (Geography - student master) 1959 1959        
Sale, R H (Classics - student master) 1959 1959        
Sidgreaves, Carl Demain (Music - student master) 1959 1959   Lancashire Schools Orchestra (1970s), Senior Music Advisor, Avon (from 1983) 1937 1997
Grace, G R (History - student master) 1959 1959        
Spriggs, Desmond W B (Physics - student master) 1959 1959     1936  
Andrews, J K (Chemistry, Science) 1959 1961 BSc London. Left to become head of Chemistry at Henley Grammar School. "Gubbins" (a word he used as a substitute for any piece of laboratory apparatus).    
Baxter, John Neville (Group Capt) (Maths) 1959 1962 - Newland Park. Gazetted Pilot Officer RAF 1929, Gr Capt, 1 Jul 1949. 1910 1979
Davies, John Charles Reginald (History, Geography) 1959 1966 BA Univ. Wales, Aberystwyth, 1st in History and Economics. Obit Sep 1966 Wyc. "Reg" to birth family, "Dick" to own family. School nickname "Seedy". Sq Ldr, RAF, WW2. 1906 1966
Jones, G Rex J (games) 1959 1965 D.L.C. Loughborough. Left at Xmas 1965, went to Birkenhead School. (May 66 Wyc). Lt. (468160) in Birkenhead School CCF from 1965 to 1971 (resigned his commission on 1 April 1972). 1935c  
Leighton-Jones, Bernard C N P (History, English) 1959 1970s? BA Wadham College, Oxford (matric. 1955, BA after Modern History finals in 1958). Step-son of ERT's younger brother Bernard Tucker. Left school after Spring Term 1964 to go to Hong Kong (Wyc May 1964) but returned within months. "Bilge". 1935  
Roberts, Gar(r)y W (Chemistry) 1959 1963 BSc, ARCS London. (Not sure about his first name - this may have been a nickname.) In 1971 reported to be in East Asia (Hong Kong?), "very prosperous, living in a four-bedroom flat and driving an M.G.B. G.T." (May 1971 Wyc)    
Rowland, J Gareth (Chemistry) 1959 1964 BSc Wales. Left to be Senior Chemistry Master at Henley.    
Rowlands, Bernard R (Mod. Languages) 1959 1965 BA, F.I.L. Wales. "Chuff". Before coming to the RGS, he had previously taught Mod.Lang. at the Blue Coat School, Liverpool (newspaper marriage record, 1954). Later taught at Handsworth Grammar School. 1926 2020
Waters, Ian H C (German) 1959 1963 MA Jesus College, Cambridge. Matriculated 1954 (followed by BA 1957). "Froggy". OW 1943-51. Left RGS to become head of German at Woolverstone Hall and moved on from there in 1970. 1933  
King, A R (Maths) 1960 ? BA Cambridge.    
Lambert, Derwent Graham (Biology) 1960 1966 MA, F.Z.S. St Catherine’s Society/College, Oxford. "Simon". Left to become HM Inspector of Schools in Cheshire & Lancashire. 1926 2008
Johns, M (English - student master) 1960 1960        
Kemp, Mr (Music - student master) 1960 1960        
Peat, Mr (German - student master) 1960 1960        
Leppard, Mr (Divinity - student master) 1960 1960        
Harris, Mr (French and German - student master) 1960 1960        
Maurice, Mr (History - student master) 1960 1960        
File, Roger C (Economics) 1960 1993 BA Leeds. OW 1945-51. RAF commission, mid-1950s. 1934  
Bassett, Colin Peter (English) 1960 1967 BA The Queen’s College, Oxford (matric. 1957). 1933  
Cooper, (Francis) Neil (Classics) 1960 1996 BA Exeter College, Oxford (matric. 1955). Nickname "Fenners". Head of Classics 1974-96. Uplyme housemaster, 1964-1973. Head of CCF, 1977-95. Master-in-charge, shooting. Awarded M.B.E. (1996). Acting Major, RGS CCF, eventually Lt-Col. Photo, FlickrObituary 1934 2021
Hawkins, Frederick Eric James (Geography) 1960 1964 BA Leeds. OW 1948-56. "Freddie". Played rugby union (fly half) for High Wycombe and later for Wasps RFC where he was captain during the 1964/65 and 1965/66 seasons. Played for Leicestershire & East Midlands vs the All Blacks in 1963 and for the Barbarians in 1964 and 1965. At High Wycombe and Wasps he continued his rugby partnership with fellow OW, England international scrum half Clive Ashby. From the early 1970s owned and ran sports shops in Slough and High Wycombe. Obituary. Obituary (Wasps RFC). 1937 2022
Hillard, Charles Kenneth (Chemistry) 1960 1964 MA Christ Church, Oxford. Matric. 1919, BA 1923 (he took Chemistry Part I, which is not classified, in 1922, but no trace of his having moved to Part II); and MA 1936. Came from Eton College, left to head Chemistry at Wycombe Abbey. 1900 1976
Little, Edward Robin Blythe (Biology) 1960 1967 MA, MInstBiol Corpus Christi College, Cambridge (after Dulwich College). (Matric. 1956, BA 1959, MA 1967). "Erble" (initials). Left to become lecturer at Hull College of Education, before going on to be head of 6th form at Sir Leo Schultz High School in Hull. Later joined HM Schools Inspectorate - Staff Inspector for Hampshire. For many years he ran his own school inspection unit. In 1997 Edward British Executive Service overseas, working in Borneo, following his life-long interest in botany and education. In retirement he continued to work as a chief examiner for Edexel and was author for guides in A-Level studies. (source: Stephen Coniam; also obit, Corpus newletter 2018, page 133) 1937 2017
Mathias, R J (Maths) 1960 1962 BSc Southampton.    
Merrylees, Ian Mackenzie (English) 1960 1967 MA St Andrews & BLitt (Oxford). "Meg Merrylees". Assistant housemaster at Tyler's Wood. Left to go to a comp in Manchester. 1933 2010
Watmough, Derek (Music) 1960 1965 BA Durham. Awarded MBE for services to music, 1992. Obituary, Royal Tunbridge Wells Choral Society - Obituary, Crowborough Choral Society - Obituary, Beacon Academy 1937 2019
Watmough, William Brian (Mod. Lang.) 1960 1963 BA Wales. "Willie", "Bill". Educated in Chester, attended Cherry Grove Boys’ School and Chester City Grammar School. Two years’ National Service, then took his degree at University College, Bangor. Very involved in drama productions, and organising trips overseas, whilst at the RGS. Returned to Chester in 1968, where he was Lecturer in French at Chester College (later University of Chester). Link to an obituary, Chester University Alumni Newsletter. 1934 2013
Perret, B (French assistant) 1960 1961        
Dissinger, D (German assistant) 1960 1961        
Wrench, Frederick David Brian (Chemistry, temp.) 1961 1961 BSc Leeds University. Post-grad teacher training, Christ's College, Cambridge. "Owing to the fact that one of the Chemistry Masters fell ill this term, Mr. D. F. B. [sic] Wrench, the Cambridge University and Harlequins prop-forward, has been staying here and teaching chemistry at School." (Wycombiensian, Sept 1961) Presumably the Summer term? Capped for England at rugby twice in 1964. Cambridge blue, played for Barbarians. (Biog at Harlequins website) 1936 2018
Bamford, D A (Mrs) (Science, P/T) 1961 1962 PhD Cambridge, also BSc (Sydney)    
Ashwell, Roy Thomas (English, Library Admin) 1961 1964 BA London and Exeter. Left RGS to be Senior English Master at Harlow. Previous to teaching, he had been an admin officer in Nigeria and Cameroon. Attended Harrow Wield School. In more recent years, an educational consultant and company director. Has written poetry for 60+ years. Roy Ashwell's website 1927  
Coldham, Michael Wyndham George (Chemistry) 1961 1969 MA, BSc Lincoln College, Oxford (Scholar, matric. 1949). (Post-RGS career not recorded). "Noddy" or "Wayne". 1928 2014
Clark, Harry W (Chemistry, Biology) 1961 2000 BSc London, Queen Mary College. OW 1951-58, Uplyme boarder, captain of tennis, 1st XV rugby. Played rugby for High Wycombe until 1968. 1940  
Hearn, M J (Physics) 1961 1963 BSc Southampton    
Newling, Timothy J (Art) 1961 1965 ATD Reading. "Tim". Left at Xmas 1965. 1937  
Saunders, David A (Mod. Lang.) 1961 1965 BA Trinity College, Cambridge (BA 1960, MA 1968). Stood for election as Labour MP, Peterborough, 1964 general election (not elected). Left to teach at a comprehensive in Coventry, May 1965. 1937  
Picard, J (French assistant) 1961 1962        
Kuschel, G (German assistant) 1961 1962        
Jones, Phyllis M (Mrs) (Mod. Lang.) 1962 1970s? BA Wales. "Ma Chunk". Wife of RGS master Emlyn Jones and mother of OW Barri Jones. Maiden name also Jones (they married in Llanelli in 1935).    
Wilson, Roger A P (Maths) 1962 1967 BSc (Eng) London, Grad. IEE. OW 1951-59. Left to pursue research. 1940  
Williams, John M (games) 1962 1967 Dip. Loughborough College. Emigrated to Australia. (May 68 Wyc) 1941? 2008
MacTavish, Andrew John (English & Latin) 1962 1966 MA Cambridge. OW 1948-55. Nickname "MacT" (later "Big Mac" when he was head at John Hampden). Left in 1966 to teach at Reading School. Later became the headmaster of John Hampden School, High Wycombe (1982-2000). Came out of retirement to be temporary head of Wycombe High School, 2002. Governor of the RGS. Played the part of the would-be 1950s headmaster in the Channel 4 TV reality show That'll Teach 'Em in 2003. 1937  
Gray, C M (Maths) 1962 1966 BSc London. Left to teach at Sir William Borlase School, Marlow.    
Flinders, David J (Mod. Lang.) 1962 1995 MA Emmanuel College, Cambridge (BA 1960, MA 1964). Head of Modern Languages. Tenor singer, pianist. "Polly". 1937  
Parry-Jones, Alun (Classics) 1962 1967 BA Exeter. Later head (1979-99) of Amery Hill Comprehensive School in Alton, Hampshire. (see story and 2019 photo here) 1939  
Farrell, Richard James C (Physics) 1962 1969 BSc, AFRAeS London. Obit May 1970 Wyc. 1912 1969
Watts, C R 1963 1963 BSc London.    
Wilkins, Margaret (Mrs) (asst secretary) 1963 1979        
Authers, David J (Classics) 1963 1967 BA Exeter College, Oxford (matric. 1957). Left to be head of Classics at Hastings Grammar School.Moved to admin, Cornwall County Council, 1971. Assistant secretary, Assistant Masters and Mistresses Association, 1990. 1937  
Duffield, Richard John Lester (Maths) 1963 1966 BA Jesus College, Oxford (matric. 1959). Left to teach, Zaria, Nigeria. "Duffy". Competed in the 1957 British Under 18 Chess Championship, played in Plymouth. 1940  
Jones, Norman Leslie (Mod. Lang.) 1963 1966 BA Brasenose College, Oxford (Scholar, matric. 1958). "Nilj", "(Pedro) Scrooge". Left for H Wycombe College of Technology & Art.    
Phillippo, John (Physics) 1963 1969 BA Nottingham. Left to become head of Physics at Forest GS, Winnersh. 1935?  
Poll, Brian William (Geography, PT) 1963 1968 BA, DLC Bristol. Left to head Geography at Ellesmere. Studied Geography at Bristol and gained teaching diploma at Loughborough College. Specialised in PE at RGS, went on to teach geography at Ellesmere College. House tutor at Tyler's Wood. Played cricket (wicket-keeper) for Bucks and later Cheshire. Wikipedia. 1941 1999
Pollard, Colin R (Mod. Lang.) 1963 1966 BA Bristol. Left to be head of German, Whitley Abbey Comp, Coventry. 1940?  
Selley, Nicholas John (Chemistry) 1963 1965 BA, BSc The Queen’s College, Oxford (matric. 1957). 1938  
Smith, G L (French) 1963 1967 MA Cambridge. "Quackers". Left to be head of French at Welwyn.    
Strickland, Richard Frank Mervyn (Maths) 1963 1966 MA Christ's College, Cambridge. Left to be head of Maths, Lawrence Weston Comp, Bristol. Changed his name (from Frank Mervyn Potter) in 1946. Diploma in Education (2nd class, 2nd division), Bristol University, July 1947 (as Richard Mervyn Strickland, B.A. (Cantab)) 1922 2010
Cockle, Philip Travers (English) 1963 1964 BA Keble College, Oxford (matric. 1959). Temporary master, joined school towards the middle of the Autumn Term, 1963. Appears now to be a translator, based in Paris. 1938  
Masters, Kenneth R (History, temp) 1964 1964   Not in the Grey Book but his departure noted in the Sept 1964 Wyc.. Replaced B Leighton-Jones for a couple of terms, I think. 1937?  
Allister, P J (temp) 1964 1964   Not in the Grey Book but his departure noted in the Sept 1964 Wyc.    
Cuffia, Monsieur (French assistant) 1964 1964   French assistant    
Eigler, Friedrich (German assistant) 1964 1964   German assistant. Wiki. From auto-translated Wiki page: "Director of studies at the Werner von Siemens grammar school in Weißenburg and is an adjunct professor at the Catholic University of Eichstätt-Ingolstadt. He was involved in various ways in public life in the Weißenburg and Eichstätt area as well as in German and international bodies." 1940  
Bushell, Hugh William Done (music, student teacher) 1964 1964   Oxford University. Temporary teacher, one-term (Wyc May 1964) "Hugh William Done Bushell was a double bass player himself and studied at Jesus College, Oxford, and played for ten years with the Salomon orchestra in London. He was on the staff of the Richard Huish college in Taunton, conductor of the Wednesday orchestra and assisted with the National Children's Orchestra. With his violist wife Anna he was a tireless promoter, not only of this orchestra, but especially of introducing music to children in the area. He maintained his energy and drive until his death from chronic lung disease in August 2003, though he had been forced to give up active playing a few years earlier due to the effort required to carry such a large musical instrument around!" Link 1939 2003
Gosling, R (student teacher) 1964 1964   Temporary teacher (Wyc May 1964)    
Harris, K E (student teacher) 1964 1964   Temporary teacher (Wyc May 1964)    
Mant, Jeremy C (student teacher) 1964 1964   Temporary teacher (Wyc May 1964)    
Leigh, Geoffrey N (student teacher) 1964 1964   Temporary teacher (Wyc May 1964)    
Hancock, Ian R (Physics) 1964 1971 BSc, A.K.C. London. "Pitchfork Harry". House tutor of Tyler's Wood. Went to Cheltenham GS. Later was Head of Chemistry/Science at Aylesbury GS.    
Fry, Lewis William (Chemistry) 1964 1968 MA, BSc Keble College, Oxford (matric. 1927). Left school to retire. 1908 1982
Mander, Malcolm Reuben (Chemistry) 1964 1972 MA St John’s College, Oxford (matric. 1953). Head of Chemistry and Science. Left RGS for Brunel University as Schools Liaison Officer and stayed on there after retirement working on a space project. He and wife Wendy were keen golfers at Flackwell Heath GC and he died playing golf there. Son Chris and son-in-law Peter Green attended RGS. 1935 1999
Millican, Keith Dudley (Chemistry) 1964 1968 BSc Graduate of Birmingham Univ. "Spike". Previous to RGS, had taught at King William's College, Isle of Man. Commissioned as pilot officer, RAF, 1964. Left to become head of Chemistry at Norwich school. Later became an accountant. 1939 1990
Ditchburn, J(ames?) L (Biology) 1964 1966 BSc London. Left to be head of Biology, Batley GS. 1941  
Bertaut, John Teagle 1964 1966 BA St John’s College, Oxford (matric. 1960). Left to join Messrs. Ibbs & Tillett, concert promoters. 1941  
Burnell, John E (Maths) 1964 1970 BSc Leeds. OW. "Jeb". Emigrated to Australia and taught at Camberwell GS, Canterbury, Vic. 1942  
Weeks, John C S (Geography) 1964 1968 MA, FRGS St Catharine's College, Cambridge. Left to become head of Prescot Grammar School, Lancashire. 1934  
Copson, Graham Lewis (English, librarian) 1964 1970 MA Lincoln College, Oxford (matric. 1954). "Nospoc". 1933  
Lloyd, Stephen J (English) 1964 1965 BA Pembroke College, Oxford (matric. 1961).    
Bridges, David (History) 1964 1967 BA Jesus College, Oxford (Exhibitioner, matric. 1960). Left to research into education, London Univ. "Dai". Lecturer in Education, Homerton College, Cambridge, 1968-86, Vice Principal in 1986. Professor of Education, University of East Anglia, 1986, dean of the School of Education, Pro Vice Chancellor. Retired 2000. Returned to Homerton College, Cambridge, in 2010 as professorial fellow in education. Emeritus fellow, St Edmund's College, Cambridge. Further biographical details. 1941?  
Horn, Ian M (Classics) 1964 1965 BA Leeds 1940  
Smith, Malcolm Pascoe (Headmaster 1965-1974) 1965 1975 MA Trinity College, Cambridge. Double 1st in French and German. Educated at Manchester Grammar School. After three years in the administrative civil service, he taught at King Edward VI GS, Aston, Birmingham, then Felsted School, then Manchester GS as a master. Headmaster of Woking Grammar School, 1951, then head of Liverpool Institute High School, 1961-65. 1914 1998
Maynard, K R (or R K) 1965 1966 BSc Adelaide    
Blyth, Ian A (English) 1965 2003 BA Lincoln College, Oxford (Exhibitioner, matric. 1962). OW 1954-62. Nickname (as master) "Junkie". Master in charge of rowing. Retirement tribute in the Wycombiensian. 1943  
Chuter, Alan Richard (Mod. Lang.) 1965 1988 BA Nottingham. Came from Watford Technical High School to teach French. Managed the Tuck Shop. 1929 2014
Davies, A H (Music) 1965 1967 BA Hull. Left to be head of Music at Carlisle Grammar School.    
Goodenough, John (Economics) 1965 1968 BSc (Econ) London. Left to join police. "Arkle".    
Palmer, Roger W[illiam?] F[rancis?] (Science, Chemistry) 1965 1972 BSc Leicester. "Boozy". Left to teach at Poole Grammar School.    
Mitford, Vidal Bruce (temp) 1966 1966   Taught for one term in 1966, left to go to a school near Launceston (Sept 1966 Wyc). Photo showing him on the staff of Bournemouth School, 1951. 1908 1989
Smith, Dennis (Art) 1966 1986 NDD Studied at Leeds College of Art. Taught pottery and produced drama at RGS. Head of the junior school from 1971. "Big D". 1931 1989
Learmonth, Jack Robert (games) 1966 1985 Dip.P.E. Glasgow. "Jock" 1926 2008
Tucker, James Axten (Maths, part-time) 1966 1977 - Culham. OW. Originally taught at RGS 1944-50, before leaving to be second master at Hatters Lane Secondary School, returned in retirement to teach part-time. Nickname "Mr James". 1906 1986
Brown, Robert W (German) 1966 1973 BA Liverpool. "Shreddie Boy".    
Cropper, E (Maths, part-time) 1966 1971 BSc Manchester. "Ernie".    
Dunn, P A (Mod. Lang.) 1966 1967 BA Durham. Left to pursue research.    
Fromow, Donald A (Mod. Lang.) 1966 1968 BA London 1937  
Gill, N S/T (Maths) 1966 1967 BA Punjab. Left to take a permanent post in Slough.    
Hill, Rosemary (née Buckingham, Mrs) (History) 1966 1968 BA London. Temporary teacher. Mother of two sons at the school. 1925  
Lilley, David William (Biology) 1966 1968 MA Pembroke College, Oxford (matric. 1955). Left to head Biology at Sutton High School.    
Lingard, Jeremy D (Biology) 1966 1973 BSc Luton College of Tech. Left to be Head of Biology, Kington, Herefordshire. "Jez". 1943  
Taylor, Patrick Anthony (Classics) 1966 1971 MA Cambridge. OW 1952-60. "Pat". In charge of hockey. Left for Whitgift School, Croydon. 1942  
Cocksedge, Theresa (née Buckley, Mrs) (matron) 1966 1985     1920 2013
Gunton, Colin Ewart (Classics) 1967 1967 MA Hertford College, Oxford. BA, 1966. Later, MA, Mansfield College, Oxford. Name not in Grey Book, but taught two terms at RGS from Jan 1967. Professor of Christian Doctrine at King's College London from 1984. Minister in United Reform Church from 1972. Wikipedia entry. 1941 2003
Day, J J (English) 1967 1967   Name not in Grey Book (joined Jan 1967 and did two terms). "Jerky".    
Blythe, J P (Maths) 1967 1970 BSc Manchester. Left for Tiverton GS.    
Camp, John E (French) 1967 1968 BA Jesus College, Oxford (Won scholarship in modern languages from RGS in 1960 - see honours board; matric. 1961). OW. Left in 1968 to research Hospital Admin at Brunel University (1968-69). "My career was divided between practice as a barrister and ordained ministry in the Church of England (as well as politics and a quango or two)" (John Camp email to JS, 2015). School Governor 1977-81. Noted campanologist. (OW Newsletter, Dec 07 plus various online sources) Obit published in Oxford University Society of Change Ringers Annual Newsletter - January 2017. 1944 2016
Clark, Ian Raymond (Classics) 1967 2001 BA Bristol. Taught Classics and (later) Maths. Attended Portsmouth Grammar School (until 1955) and then King Edward VI's School, Southampton; open scholarship to read Classics at Bristol University. Came to RGS from Thornbridge School, Sheffield in 1967. Head of Middle School from 1973. Master-in-charge of chess for the entirety of his 34-year RGS career, and also involved in organisation of hockey. Succeeded Reg Pattinson as deputy headmaster in January 1978. Hon. Sec. of Old Wycombiensians' Club from 2001. Retirement tribute (2001). Awarded the British Empire Medal for services to the community in High Wycombe, New Year's Honours, January 2024. 1940  
Holt, Harry R (Classics) 1967 1972 BA Durham. Left to be Head of Classics at Kirk Balk Comprehensive, Barnsley.    
Little, Peter J (History) 1967 1970 BA London. Left to become head of History at Hull Grammar School.    
McVey, Jane Hilary (Mrs, née Walton) (English) 1967 1971 BA London 1939 1996
Rooke, Paul Adrian (Music) 1967 1971 MA Cambridge. Left to go to Hatfield School (1971-77); Director of Music, Hitchin Girls' School (1977-2000); Westcliff High School for Boys (2000-2003). Conducted the Hitchin Symphony Orchestra for 35 years. Obituary. 1945 2019
Stephenson, Roger Deane (Physics) 1967 1968 MSc Missouri. Born in Kansas City, Missouri, died Platteville, Wisconsin. Married Gloria Sue Calahan (who also taught at the RGS) in 1957. Both graduated from the University of Missouri at Columbia. Taught physics, chemistry and mathematics at several colleges, including the University of Wisconsin at Platteville, and high schools including the RGS. Founded P.A.R. Inc. and, later, The RDSoftware Co. Obituary. 1937 2015
Stephenson, Gloria Sue (née Calahan) (English) 1967 1968 MA Missouri. See also above record. Survived her husband, Roger Stephenson, who died in 2015. Attended Kansas State Teachers' College, Emporia, Kansas, 1957. Professor, University of Wisconsin at Platteville (UWP), from the 1980s until her retirement in 2005. In 1981, after teaching in Missouri, Iowa and the RGS, she joined the UWP's Dept of Humanities (English). Director of Women's Studies, 1987-90, chair of the English Department, 1990-94, interim dean of the College of Liberal Arts and Education, 1994-96. Biographical pen picture at the time of her retirement, 2005. 1938  
Stubbs, Derek J (games) 1967 1990 Dip.P.E. Borough Road College. OW (from age 16, after attending Mill End Road School). 1944 1991
White-Taylor, Derek J (German & French) 1967 2002+ BA London 1944  
Clegg, Kenneth L (Maths) 1967 1970 - Newland Park    
Blackwell, Pamela Mary (Miss) (secretary) 1967 1997 - Retirement tribute.   2019
James, Michael P (English) 1968   BA Leeds. Left to be Head of English at Bramhall Comprehensive, Cheshire.    
Moffatt, Michael John (Geography) 1968 1997 MA Exeter College, Oxford (matric. 1957). Came to RGS from Lancaster to be Head of Geography 1968-1973. Deputy Head (initially in conjunction with Reg Pattinson), 1973-1997. (Retirement tribute)    
Knight, Rex Owen (Biology) 1968 1992 BSc London, King's College. Studied Botany, Zoology and Chemistry. Taught at Chislehurst & Sidcup GS before becoming head of Biology at RGS. Member of the Chiltern Society. Wife Judith taught at RGS, and two sons David (1976-82) and Peter (1979-85) attended. 2001 obituary. 1938 2000
Kenningham, David (Head of Physics) 1968 1972 MA Oxford. Went to Kenilworth, Deputy Head, then as Head to Cheney School, Oxford, then Head, Lord Williams, Thame, 1985-1997. In 2002 was retired, working on special projects for Oxfam. Photo here. 1935  
Cook, Malcolm W (Geography) 1968 1995 BA Wales. Hon. Sec. and Hon. Treasurer, Old Wycombiensians Club, 1980-2001. Born in Oldham, university in Aberystwyth. "Mac", "Cookie". 1944  
Garrett, L C (Economics) 1968 1974 BSc (Econ) Wales. Left to become head of economics at Solihull School.    
Heath, Geoffrey William (Spanish, French) 1968 1989 MA, ARCO The Queen’s College, Oxford (matric. 1957). Left to become head of Spanish at Wycombe Abbey School, 1989.    
Hillier, Kenneth A (History, Librarian from 1971) 1968 1976 BA London. Master in charge of tennis at RGS. Left to become head of history at Dauntsey's School, Wiltshire.    
Humphris, Roger William Avenstrup (English) 1968 1969 BA, PhD Lampeter & St David's College, University of Wales, degree in English and Mediaeval literative, after attending Latymer Upper School. Left RGS in 1969 for Norway, to research Icelandic literature. Later, PhD in sociology of education, Oxford Brookes University. After RGS taught at "various university colleges". Associate professor in drama and theatre, Oslo University College. Adviser in education, Namibia and elsewhere in Africa. Settled in Denmark. (Obituary, Old Latymerians, January 2010) 1947 2009
Lane, Brian C (Zoology) 1968 1970 BSc Wales. Left for Loughborough GS. "Arnold".    
McKnight, D (Chemistry) 1968 1973 BSc Liverpool    
Morgan, M J (Chemistry) 1968   BSc Wales    
Samways, John F (Geography) 1968 1981 BA Southampton. Left to join the CoE ministry. Rector of Keynsham, 2000s. (1973 Speech Day programme said he was leaving then - did he return later or stay after all?) 1944  
Holmes, E Geoffrey (Music) 1969 1987 BA, LGSM, LRAM London. Replaced 'Jack Dawes' and came from Warwick School. Master in charge of music, 1969-1987. 1927 2023
Chamberlain, David R (Physics) 1969 1995 BSc Aberystwyth. Ran cricket teams, ref'd rugby, teacher governor.    
Goldthorpe, Stephen Rowallan (English) 1969 1990 BA St Catherine’s College, Oxford (matric. 1965). Ran cricket, works for English Cricket Board. 1947  
Nockels, John S (French) 1969 1971 BA Newcastle. Left for Guisborough Sixth Form College, Yorkshire. 1944  
Westrup, Erik L (PT, Geography) 1969 1971 BEd Nottingham. Emigrated to Australia. 1947  
Waller, John Edwin (Maths) 1970 1975   RN (retired). Ran RN section of CCF. Had been an instructor in the Royal Navy for over 30 years before coming to the RGS. Obituary, 2003 Wycombiensian. 1910 2002
Ward, Brian N (Science) 1970 1972   Left to be Head of Science at Comberton Village College, Cambridgeshire.    
Embrey, Christopher E (Physics) 1970 1973 BSc Bristol 1948  
Gibson, Peter M A (English, IT, Philosophy) 1970 2006 BA London. Masters in Philosophy of Education. School at Kingswood, Bath.    
Oldring, Donald Kennett (Rev) (Divinity, P/T) 1970   B.D. London. Chaplain (with rank of Squadron-Leader), RAF, WW2. Nickname "Buzz" (as in 'Aldrin') 1909 1977
Puritz, Christian Wilhelm (Maths) 1970 2001 BA, PhD Wadham College, Oxford (Scholar, matric. 1959) (Maths, Class 1, 1962; doctorate from Glasgow University in 1971). Maths, table tennis, Christian activities, known for his posters, photographs, etc. May 1971 Wyc and retirement tribute.    
Roebuck, John J O (History) 1970 2006 MA Cambridge. Ran fencing, cross country. School governor (2 years). Head of History from 1991. School at Kingswood, Bath. (Left in 1975 on secondment to study for an Advanced Diploma in Education at Oxford. Returned, when?)    
Taylor, P G (Biology) 1970 1973 BSc London    
Cooper, Margaret Claire (Mrs) (Physics, part-time) 1970 1973 BSc London. (Née Golden. Wife of Francis Neil Cooper, head of Classics from 1975) 1937  
Craddock, M J (English) 1971   BA Oxford. Replaced Mrs Jane McVey around the beginning of 1971 (May 1971 Wyc)    
MacKay, A (student teacher) 1971 1971   May 1971 Wyc    
Watt, Mr (student teacher) 1971 1971   May 1971 Wyc    
Madge, Mr (student teacher) 1971 1971   May 1971 Wyc    
Spalton, Mr (student teacher) 1971 1971   May 1971 Wyc    
Marischen, Fraulein (German assistant) 1971 1971   May 1971 Wyc    
Augeron, Monsieur (French assistant) 1971 1971   May 1971 Wyc    
Gill, M A (Geography, PE) 1971 1973 BA Aberdeen    
Prue, Malcolm J (English) 1971 1974 BA Peterhouse, Cambridge. Ran tennis teams at RGS. Attended Harrow County Grammar School, won an open scholarship in classics to Peterhouse, Cambridge (1967). Left to become second in department at Wellesbourne. 1948  
Lyons, R J (English) 1971   BA London    
Mitchell, John I (English) 1971 1997 MA Aberdeen. School archivist after retirement.    
Steele, A R P (Maths) 1971 1972 BSc New England, NSW. To Trinity School, Croydon.    
Raymond, G (Mod. Languages) 1971   BA London. Ran tennis teams at RGS.    
Durbin, Trevor J (Mod. Languages) 1971   BA Durham    
Gaffin, Neville Samuel (Mod. Languages) 1971   BA Hertford College, Oxford (matric. 1962). (1973 Speech Day programme reported a GL Griffin (mod lang) leaving - was this a misprint for Neville Gaffin?!) 1931  
Wigginton, Barry W (Mod. Languages) 1971   BA Oriel College, Oxford (Exhibitioner, matric. 1964). 1944  
Dunnett, John C (Music) 1971 1974 GRSM London. Left to become head of music at Cardinal Wiseman High School, Greenford. 1946  
Ferris, Peter H G (Classics) 1971 1981 BA London. Rowing coach, member of Choral Society. Left to become head of Classics, King Edward VI School, Southampton. 1935  
Crawshaw, James S (Physics) 1971   BSc Durham 1935  
Ryle, Lawrence Miller (English, temp) 1971   AB Harvard, AM (Berkeley) (replaced AC Hills while he was ill, 1972/73). Also taught at Open University. 1916 2004
Page, Roy M (Maths, headmaster from 2006) 1972 2015 BSc London (University of Portsmouth, 1968-71). PGCE, 1971-72, Univ of Reading, maths. RGS master/headmaster 1972-2015: housemaster, School House (1982); Deputy Headmaster (1999). Senior Deputy Headmaster (2001). Headmaster (2006-2015). (Taught at Merchant Taylor's School, 1975? Returned to RGS, when?) 1950  
Smaje, (Cyril) Peter (Physics, CCF/RAF) 1972 1987 BEd Gazetted Flight Lieutenant, RAF, 6 Nov 1960. RAF navigator. Head of Technology. 1930 1987
Fair, Robert W (Chemistry) 1972 1977 BA, PhD Cambridge, ICI Research at Essex Univ. Orienteering Club and RAF section at RGS. Left to become head of chemistry at Warwick School.    
Dorrance, Richard Christopher (Chemistry) 1972 1980 BSc, PhD East Anglia. To Head of Science at Monk's Walk Comprehensive School, Welwyn GC (1980-83). Educational adviser, Berskhire County Council (1984-89). Assistant Chief Executive, National Curriculum Council (1989-91). Deputy CEO, School Examinations and Assessment Council (1989-91). 1948  
Wilson, Ian J (Classics) 1972 2008 BA Leicester. Teacher training at Nottingham. House tutor, Tyler's Wood, from 1973, and ran it with his wife Judy until it closed in 1984. Ran cross-country, junior cricket, badminton, golf, organised visits to Greece and Italy. Son Matthew attended school 1995-2001.    
Walker, Jeff A (Physics) 1972 2001 MA Balliol College, Oxford. Taught in two London grammar schools before coming to RGS as Head of Physics from 1972. Nickname "Penguin". Retirement tribute. See also Facebook Old Wycombiensians Group for a tribute from Anthony Sendall.   2013
Manwaring, Anthony G (Art) 1972 1985   Studied at Royal College of Art and taught at Oundle. Went to Highgate School as pupil. 1943 1991

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