Royal Grammar School, High Wycombe - Rugby Under 12 XV, 1963/64

Back row (left to right): CJ (Colin) Chamberlain 2C, KV (Kevin) Pickering 2A, C (Chris) Smith 2C, PR (Pete) Beasley 2B, JD (Jim) Tomlinson 2A, RO (Bob) Davies 2A, RW (Robin) Elvery 2A, JG (John) Gunning 2D, GC (Graham) Lunn 2C, PA (Peter) Davis 2E.
Sitting row (left to right): GL (Graham) Jarman 2B, BJ (Brian) Leslie 2D, IAJ (Ivan) Brownrigg 2D, NJ (Nick) Miles 2A, J (John) Woodhouse 2A, KJ (Kevin) Anderson 2B, CC (Chris) Woodbridge 2A.
Front row (left to right): GR (Geoff) Parkins 2D, PJ (Phil) Ham 2C.

My thanks to Bob Davies for sending me the photo.

From The Wycombiensian, May 1964:

Under 12 XV

The new boys began their rugby careers with their usual enthusiasm and a number of boys showed considerable promise for the future. Much time was lost last term through the weather so that by Christmas the players were still in a very ignorant state about the laws, but much progress has been made this term and the standard of play is now most encouraging. A number of matches were played in none of which were the boys disgraced. Thorpe House showed up our lack of practice and were a well-trained side.

Miles, Smith, Pickering and Elvery stood out as good determined runners in the threequarters, while Woodbridge has a good pair of hands and a nice pass at fly-half. Parkins and Orme both showed promise at scrum-half. Lunn, Leslie, Davies, Chamberlain and Gunning were all strong front-row forwards, and when Tomlinson and Davies learn how to use their unusual strength they will be a good second row. There were a number of useful back-row forwards such as Ham, Beasley, Brownrigg, Biggs and Wood, who all tackled well and liked to run with the ball. Jarman showed he can be an adventurous full-back.

A feature of the Under 12's rugby has indeed been their inclination to run with the ball, overcoming their natural reaction to hack it on or kick it into touch. If they continue in this vein and remember that the game is one primarily of running and passing they will not only improve their own play but enjoy the game so much more.

Boys who played in school matches were: Miles, Jarman, Anderson, Woodhouse, Smith (C.), Ellingham, Parkins, Lunn, Leslie, Gunning, Chamberlain, Davis, Tomlinson, Davies, Wood, Brownrigg, Elvery, Biggs, Orme, Berry, Tracey, Kirkwood, Beasley, Darvill, Collins, Cavey.

Results: Lost to Windsor G.S. 0-29; lost to Thorpe House 0-23; beat Warren Field 26-0.


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