Royal Grammar School, High Wycombe - Rugby 1st XV, 1958/59

Back row, left to right: DG (David) Ashby 6M3 (touch judge), R (Bob) Pratley 6S2, RAO (Ralph) Stockwell 5UA, RJ (Roger) Collett 6C4, SA Leader 6S2, JS (John, "Hoss") Simpson 6B2, KR Miller 6S2, RW (Ron) Tabner? 6M3, WAC (Billy) Knowles 6C4, RFJ (Ray) Quirke 6M1
Front row, left to right: GR (Geoff) Packman 6M1, AW (Arthur) Ralley 6S1, RC (Roy) Jones 6M3, PJ (Philip) Muller 6M3, PJ (John, "Tubby") Blokland 6B3, JR (Jim, Roland) Barkas 6B1, A (Alan) Brinn 6B2.

Anything you would like to say about the 1958/59 rugby 1st XV? Please email me at . I've cribbed some of the names and nicknames from Tony Hare's 1956 school website.

Unfortunately I don't have a copy of the April/May 1958 Wycombiensian so cannot provide the report of the team or the list of fixtures. Can anyone scan it in for me?

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