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Tournament: 18th Gibraltar Masters • Updated 17 January, 2024 7:06 PM
Venue: Caleta Hotel • Dates: 21-30 Jan 2020 • Download PGN (1,130 games, plus 13 play-off games, excluding most byes, defaults)
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2020 Gibraltar Masters

2020 Gibraltar Masters FED Elo 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10  Total  TPR
1 Andrey Esipenko RUS 2654g 125w1 106b1 42w½ 82b1 44w1 25b1 ½/bye 4w½ 8b½ 2w½ 2809
2 Wang Hao CHN 2758g 134b1 115w½ 75b1 19w1 67b1 ½/bye 20w1 8b½ 4w½ 1b½ 2792
3 Daniil Yuffa RUS 2566g 118w1 93b1 25w0 37b1 6w1 34b½ 18w1 12b½ 27w½ 29w1 2774
4 David Paravyan (1st after play-off) RUS 2629g 83w1 57b1 90w½ 159b1 74w1 8b½ 42w1 1b½ 2b½ 7w½ 2760
5 Maxime Vachier-Lagrave FRA 2770g 109w1 49b½ 39w1 32b½ 26w½ 24w1 13b½ 44b½ 40w1 8w1 2759
6 David Navara CZE 2717g 139b1 33w½ 35b½ 117w1 3b0 64w1 54b1 13w½ 28b1 30w1 2711
7 Mustafa Yilmaz TUR 2607g 92w1 105b1 81w½ 90b½ 70w½ 74b½ 100w1 72b1 25w1 4b½ 2701
8 Parham Maghsoodloo IRI 2674g 141b1 96w1 43b½ 30w1 71b1 4w½ 28b1 2w½ 1w½ 5b0 7 2743
9 Jan Werle NED 2545g 175w1 174b1 31w½ 76b1 34w½ ½/bye 29b½ 17w½ 67b1 16w½ 7 2743
10 Veselin Topalov BUL 2738g 99w1 50b½ 150w1 48b1 25w½ 20b0 68w1 42b½ 44w1 21b½ 7 2710
11 Chopra Aryan IND 2562g 204w1 85b½ 103w1 27b½ 29w½ 111b½ 120w1 23b½ 31w1 25b½ 7 2709
12 Mikhail Kobalia RUS 2609g 151b1 129w1 74b0 89w1 50b1 54w1 ½/bye 3w½ 20b½ 15w½ 7 2684
13 Murali Karthikeyan IND 2606g 137b1 60w1 116b½ 73w½ 66b½ 46w1 5w½ 6b½ 70w1 14b½ 7 2671
14 Michael Adams ENG 2694g 140w1 66b½ 50w½ 59b1 43w½ 69b1 47w½ 45b½ 42w1 13w½ 7 2668
15 Le Quang Liem VIE 2713g 122w1 22b1 32w½ 24b½ 45w½ 26b0 114w1 69b1 48w1 12b½ 7 2667
16 Gawain C B Jones ENG 2679g 127w½ 79b1 63w1 45b½ 51w1 42b0 74w1 43b½ 77w1 9b½ 7 2654
17 Ivan Saric CRO 2655g 177w1 95b½ 66w½ 75b½ 106w1 45b½ 88w1 9b½ 43w1 20b½ 7 2649
18 Krishnan Sasikiran IND 2648g 79w½ 127b1 100w½ 129b1 90w1 ½/bye 3b0 35w½ 49b1 47w1 7 2649
19 Jules Moussard FRA 2600g 130w1 156b1 111w½ 2b0 154w1 72b0 37w½ 103b1 88w1 53b1 7 2647
20 R Praggnanandhaa IND 2602g 113b0 207w1 125b1 97w1 62b1 10w1 2b0 111w+ 12w½ 17w½ 7 2632
21 Bogdan-Daniel Deac ROU 2626g 198b½ 94w½ 104b1 60w1 54b0 75w1 80b½ 50w1 26b1 10w½ 7 2627
22 Tan Zhongyi CHN 2493g 172b1 15w0 151b½ 137w1 147b½ 201w1 ½/bye 78w1 23b½ 76w1 7 2600
23 Daniele Vocaturo ITA 2622g 145b1 75w0 177b0 158w1 181b1 116w1 176b1 11w½ 22w½ 51b1 7 2567
24 Fernando Peralta ARG 2574g 157b1 97w1 52b½ 15w½ 111w½ 5b0 93w1 85b½ 105w1 27b½ 2681
25 Ivan Cheparinov GEO 2686g 104b1 176w1 3b1 78w1 10b½ 1w0 43w½ 47b1 7b0 11w½ 2679
26 Vahap Sanal TUR 2569g 180b1 73w½ 89b½ 162w1 5b½ 15w1 27w½ 31b½ 21w0 75b1 2656
27 Kirill Alekseenko RUS 2704g 148b1 88w1 30b½ 11w½ 69b½ 71w1 26b½ 28w½ 3b½ 24w½ 2654
28 Alan Pichot ARG 2606g 161w½ 124b1 95w1 81b½ 122w1 68b1 8w0 27b½ 6w0 70b1 2619
29 Baskaran Adhiban IND 2654g 87b½ 91w1 115b1 69w½ 11b½ 49w1 9w½ 51b½ 45w1 3b0 2617
30 Denis Kadric BIH 2585g 102w1 72b1 27w½ 8b0 93w1 114b½ 85w½ 118b1 36w1 6b0 2604
31 Alexander Donchenko GER 2647g 183b1 154w1 9b½ 71w0 101b1 73w1 66b½ 26w½ 11b0 80w1 2601
32 Suri Vaibhav IND 2593g 147b1 101w1 15b½ 5w½ 46b½ 117w½ 70b0 87w1 63b1 35w½ 2601
33 Lei Tingjie CHN 2493g 209w1 6b½ 34w0 94b½ 198w1 92b½ ½/bye 117w1 76b½ 67w1 2594
34 S L Narayanan IND 2637g 91b½ 87w1 33b1 116w1 9b½ 3w½ 72w½ 70b½ 51w½ 39b½ 2587
35 Raunak Sadhwani IND 2522m 178w½ 133b1 6w½ 53b½ 160w½ 122b1 36w½ 18b½ 120w1 32b½ 2577
36 Maxim Matlakov RUS 2698g 136b½ 244w1 49b½ 154w½ 55b½ 61w1 35b½ 66w1 30b0 98w1 2568
37 Raja Panjwani CAN 2444m 232b1 56w½ 41b½ 3w0 168b½ 180w1 19b½ 71w1 58w1 38b½ 2567
38 Pouya Idani IRI 2577g 187w1 116b- 83b0 205w1 91b1 97w1 86b½ 55w½ 61b1 37w½ 2551
39 Tal Baron ISR 2529g 207b1 162w½ 5b0 91w½ 83b½ 177w1 182b½ 97w1 85b1 34w½ 2551
40 Emre Can TUR 2600g 119b0 185w1 146b1 182w1 73b½ 86w½ 55b½ 80w1 5b0 66w1 2550
41 Dmitry Kryakvin RUS 2592g 167w1 112b½ 37w½ 72b0 146w½ 203b1 ½/bye 129w1 66b½ 95b1 2545
42 Mikhail Al Antipov RUS 2562g 163b1 182w1 1b½ 52w1 ½/bye 16w1 4b0 10w½ 14b0 55w½ 6 2666
43 Jose Carlos Ibarra Jerez ESP 2548g 179w1 160b1 8w½ ½/bye 14b½ 67w1 25b½ 16w½ 17b0 46w½ 6 2649
44 Pier Luigi Basso ITA 2600g 230w1 107b1 70w1 67w½ 1b0 81b1 ½/bye 5w½ 10b0 50w½ 6 2641
45 Sebastien Maze FRA 2550g 168b1 46w½ 131b1 16w½ 15b½ 17w½ 148b1 14w½ 29b0 59w½ 6 2608
46 Chen Qi B CHN 2432m 234w1 45b½ 77w½ 218b1 32w½ 13b0 ½/bye 98w½ 78b1 43b½ 6 2588
47 Noel Studer SUI 2546g 191b1 86w½ 117b0 121w1 139b1 78w1 14b½ 25w0 72w1 18b0 6 2566
48 Jaime Santos Latasa ESP 2586g 142b½ 166w1 55b1 10w0 116b½ 89w1 ½/bye 96w1 15b0 64w½ 6 2565
49 Gabriel Flom FRA 2510m 245b1 5w½ 36w½ 132b½ 99w1 29b0 149w½ 171b1 18w0 140b1 6 2559
50 Evandro Amorim Barbosa BRA 2501g 214b1 10w½ 14b½ 198w1 12w0 149b½ 92w1 21b0 122w1 44b½ 6 2558
51 D Gukesh IND 2542g 128b½ 114w1 162b½ 148w1 16b0 134w1 117b1 29w½ 34b½ 23w0 6 2540
52 Vassily Ivanchuk UKR 2698g 120w1 164b1 24w½ 42b0 100w½ 57b½ 62w½ 105b0 113b1 112w1 6 2535
53 Leon Luke Mendonca IND 2417m 242b1 69w½ 58b½ 35w½ 77b½ 98w½ 81w1 56b½ 68w+ 19w0 6 2526
54 Johann Hjartarson ISL 2524g 190w1 206b1 78b0 83w1 21w1 12b0 6w0 99b½ 109w½ 120b1 6 2518
55 Raymond Song TPE 2478m 208w½ 178b1 48w0 124b1 36w½ 219b1 40w½ 38b½ 56w½ 42b½ 6 2515
56 Alejandro Ramirez USA 2574g 138w1 37b½ 112w½ 93b½ 103w½ ½/bye 60b1 53w½ 55b½ 62w½ 6 2507
57 Pia Cramling SWE 2470g 224b1 4w0 119b½ 180w1 ½/bye 52w½ 76b½ 113w½ 87b½ 131w1 6 2501
58 Anna Muzychuk UKR 2539g 205w½ 193b1 53w½ 160b½ 132w1 ½/bye 111b0 89w1 37b0 116w1 6 2500
59 Lela Javakhishvili GEO 2463m 170b1 78w0 143b1 14w0 ½/bye 124b1 123w½ 149b½ 118w1 45b½ 6 2497
60 Dominik Horvath AUT 2449m 223w1 13b0 126w1 21b0 102w½ 220b1 56w0 203b1 69w½ 123b1 6 2478
61 Antoaneta Stefanova BUL 2469g 228w1 76b0 102w0 175b1 187w1 36b0 145w1 104b1 38w0 124b1 6 2461
62 Teja S Ravi IND 2464m 152w½ 208b½ 187w1 102b1 20w0 ½/bye 52b½ 114w½ 125b1 56b½ 6 2452
63 Harshit Raja IND 2482m 211b½ 128w1 16b0 166w1 114b0 151w1 130b½ 162w1 32w0 127b1 6 2437
64 Thomas Roussel-Roozmon CAN 2473g 206w0 202b½ 191w1 179b½ 167w1 6b0 198w½ 79b1 149w1 48b½ 6 2424
65 Elisabeth Paehtz GER 2467m 233b1 67w0 147b0 ½/bye 192w1 130b0 157w½ 204b1 141w1 142b1 6 2391
66 Shardul Gagare IND 2481g 217w1 14w½ 17b½ 171b1 13w½ 76b1 31w½ 36b0 41w½ 40b0 2605
67 Vasif Durarbayli AZE 2625g 203w1 65b1 68w1 44b½ 2w0 43b0 107w1 82b1 9w0 33b0 2565
68 Vasilios Kotronias GRE 2526g 185b1 113w1 67b0 177w1 84b1 28w0 10b0 182w1 53b- 109b½ 2562
69 M R Lalith Babu IND 2558g 126w1 53b½ 85w1 29b½ 27w½ 14w0 112b1 15w0 60b½ 72b½ 2559
70 Zhansaya Abdumalik KAZ 2471m 169b1 84w1 44b0 200w1 7b½ ½/bye 32w1 34w½ 13b0 28w0 2544
71 Gregory Kaidanov USA 2546g 165w1 132b1 76w½ 31b1 8w0 27b0 103w½ 37b0 171w1 93b½ 2540
72 Bela Khotenashvili GEO 2446g 231b1 30w0 168b1 41w1 ½/bye 19w1 34b½ 7w0 47b0 69w½ 2538
73 Rishi Sardana AUS 2437m 194w1 26b½ 243w1 13b½ 40w½ 31b0 82w0 92b1 81w½ 74b½ 2529
74 Leandro Krysa ARG 2522g 202w1 200b1 12w1 111b½ 4b0 7w½ 16b0 131w½ 86b½ 73w½ 2520
75 Nino Batsiashvili GEO 2456g 155w1 23b1 2w0 17w½ ½/bye 21b0 147b½ 153w1 114b1 26w0 2517
76 Maxime Lagarde FRA 2651g 146b1 61w1 71b½ 9w0 96b1 66w0 57w½ 101b1 33w½ 22b0 2514
77 Li Di CHN 2562g 114b½ 142w1 46b½ ½/bye 53w½ 103b½ 132w1 86w1 16b0   2512
78 Maksim Chigaev RUS 2616g 149w1 59b1 54w1 25b0 81w½ 47b0 156w1 22b0 46w0 126b1 2508
79 Sabrina Vega Gutierrez ESP 2364m 18b½ 16w0 211b1 123w½ 98b0 207w1 144b½ 64w0 168b1 159w1 2497
80 Stephen J Gordon ENG 2504g 199w1 111b0 92w0 165b1 153w1 160b1 21w½ 40b0 99w1 31b0 2496
81 Adam Kozak HUN 2523m 222b1 119w1 7b½ 28w½ 78b½ 44w0 53b0 130w1 73b½ 97w½ 2491
82 Marandi Cemil Can Ali TUR 2546g 158b1 131w½ 86b1 1w0 117b0 136w1 73b1 67w0 116b½ 89w½ 2483
83 Mindaugas Beinoras LTU 2355m 4b0 224w1 38w1 54b0 39w½ 135b0 209w1 107b½ 129b1 96w½ 2481
84 M Amin Tabatabaei IRI 2638g 153w1 70b0 152w1 112b1 68w0 85b0 121w1   162b1 110b½ 2479
85 C R G Krishna IND 2436m 213b1 11w½ 69b0 128w½ 207b1 84w1 30b½ 24w½ 39w0 88b½ 2476
86 Johannes Haug NOR 2407m 250w1 47b½ 82w0 152b1 159w1 40b½ 38w½ 77b0 74w½ 100b½ 2475
87 Ritvars Reimanis LAT 2370f 29w½ 34b0 219w½ 186b½ 202w1 150b1 135w1 32b0 57w½ 105b½ 2475
88 Lance Henderson De La Fuente ESP 2492g 186w1 27b0 ½/bye 161w1 118b½ 147w1 17b0 134w1 19b0 85w½ 2473
89 Paolo Ladron De Guevara Pinto ESP 2445m 241w1 243b½ 26w½ 12b0 138w1 48b0 204w1 58b0 119w1 82b½ 2469
90 Luca Moroni jnr ITA 2532g 181w1 171b1 4b½ 7w½ 18b0 148w0 125b0 180w1 136b½ 146w1 2462
91 Dr. Oswald Gschnitzer GER 2361m 34w½ 29b0 209w1 39b½ 38w0 221b1 95w0 191b½ 202w1 164b1 2453
92 Carolina Lujan ARG 2330m 7b0 197w1 80b1 96w½ 115b½ 33w½ 50b0 73w0 170b1 160w1 2451
93 Mathias Womacka GER 2439g 247b1 3w0 158b1 56w½ 30b0 168w1 24b0 137w½ 167b1 71w½ 2438
94 Marta Garcia Martin ESP 2317m ½/bye 21b½ 135w½ 33w½ 176b0 173w1 129b0 199b½ 206w1 156b1 2435
95 Diego Rafael Di Berardino BRA 2478m 195b1 17w½ 28b0 157w½ 113b0 163w1 91b1 125w½ 148b1 41w0 2434
96 Renato R Quintiliano Pinto BRA 2471m 220w1 8b0 130w1 92b½ 76w0 146b1 126w1 48b0 124w½ 83b½ 2433
97 Volodar Murzin RUS 2442m 188w1 24b0 165w1 20b0 204w1 38b0 179w1 39b0 130w1 81b½ 2429
98 Alexander G Beliavsky SLO 2529g 133w½ 205b½ 203w½ 153b½ 79w1 53b½ 99w½ 46b½ 156w1 36b0 2428
99 Gupta Sankalp IND 2400m 10b0 245w1 199b½ 184w1 49b0 181w1 98b½ 54w½ 80b0 166w1 2428
100 Natalija Pogonina RUS 2479wg 201b½ 226w1 18b½ 147w½ 52b½ 113w1 7b0 148w½ 131b½ 86w½ 2427
101 Irina Bulmaga ROU 2446m 237w1 32b0 179w½ 202b1 31w0 ½/bye 142b1 76w0 161b½ 151w1 2416
102 Alex Garrido Outon ESP 2287 30b0 212w1 61b1 62w0 60b½ 129w½ 116b0 200w1 117b½ 148w1 2415
103 Alex Astaneh Lopez IRL 2432m 226b½ 201w1 11b0 199w1 56b½ 77w½ 71b½ 19w0 143b½ 161w1 2414
104 Evgenios Ioannidis GRE 2373m 25w0 189b1 21w0 219b0 206w1 178b1 159b1 61w0 106b½ 158w1 2410
105 Valentin Buckels GER 2459m 197b1 7w0 180b½ 118w0 190b½ 158w1 119b1 52w1 24b0 87w½ 2404
106 Olga Girya RUS 2477wg 108b1 1w0 113b1 181w½ 17b0 137w1 118w0 141b½ 104w½ 149b1 2402
107 Ernesto Real De Azua ARG 2456m 225b1 44w0 118b½ 163w½ 119b½ 143w1 67b0 83w½ 177b1 108w½ 2369
108 Irina Utiatskaja RUS 2143wm 106w0 125b0 239w1 187b0 ½/bye 166w½ 175b1 183b1 139w1 107b½ 2356
109 Irine Kharisma Sukandar INA 2402m 5b0 173w½ 128b0 196w1 199b0 244w1 168b1 147w1 54b½ 68w½ 2342
110 Blazimir Kovacevic CRO 2451g 200w0 199b0 226b1 207w0 217w1 165b½ 180b½ 181w1 137b1 84w½ 2271
111 Shakhriyar Mamedyarov AZE 2770g 121b1 80w1 19b½ 74w½ 24b½ 11w½ 58w1 20b-     5 2684
112 Ekaterina Atalik TUR 2450m 235b1 41w½ 56b½ 84w0 163b1 ½/bye 69w0 198b1 123w½ 52b0 5 2483
113 P V Nandhidhaa IND 2312wm 20w1 68b0 106w0 216b1 95w1 100b0 154w1 57b½ 52w0 132b½ 5 2470
114 Victor Plotkin CAN 2267f 77w½ 51b0 188w1 156b1 63w1 30w½ 15b0 62b½ 75w0 121b½ 5 2466
115 Martin Petrov BUL 2504m 219w1 2b½ 29w0 203b1 92w½ 120b0 183w1 122b½ 127w½   5 2463
116 Ori Kobo ISR 2445g 212b1 38w+ 13w½ 34b0 48w½ 23b0 102w1 123b½ 82w½ 58b0 5 2453
117 Nataliya Buksa UKR 2403m 236w1 159b½ 47w1 6b0 82w1 32b½ 51w0 33b0 102w½ 118b½ 5 2437
118 Iozefina Werle NED 2271wg 3b0 213w1 107w½ 105b1 88w½ ½/bye 106b1 30w0 59b0 117w½ 5 2434
119 Anand Pranav IND 2309f 40w1 81b0 57w½ 135b½ 107w½ 154b½ 105w0 219b1 89b0 193w1 5 2431
120 Xander Wemmers NED 2380m 52b0 172w½ 173b½ 244w1 185b1 115w1 11b0 176w1 35b0 54w0 5 2406
121 Raahil Mullick IND 2382c 111w0 221b1 155w½ 47b0 133w1 218b½ 84b0 207w1 150b½ 114w½ 5 2405
122 Lawrence Trent ENG 2383m 15b0 214w1 208b1 176w1 28b0 35w0 200b1 115w½ 50b0 143w½ 5 2402
123 Pavel V Tregubov RUS 2588g 124w½ 161b½ 153w½ 79b½ 183w1 ½/bye 59b½ 116w½ 112b½ 60w0 5 2390
124 Lucas Ranaldi NOR 2296f 123b½ 28w0 231b1 55w0 208b1 59w0 184b1 160w1 96b½ 61w0 5 2389
125 Padmini Rout IND 2369m 1b0 108w1 20w0 221b0 228w1 211b1 90w1 95b½ 62w0 135b½ 5 2382
126 Bodda Pratyusha IND 2267wm 69b0 242w1 60b0 233w1 182b½ 139w1 96b0 136w½ 134b1 78w0 5 2377
127 Nurgyul Salimova BUL 2372m 16b½ 18w0 172b½ 201w0 224b½ 195w1 205b1 144w1 115b½ 63w0 5 2367
128 Nutakki Priyanka IND 2242wm 51w½ 63b0 109w1 85b½ 171w½ 132b0 136b0 224w½ 200b1 177w1 5 2361
129 Gunay Mammadzada AZE 2455m 215w1 12b0 204w1 18w0 157b½ 102b½ 94w1 41b0 83w0 152b1 5 2358
130 Eric De Haan NED 2308f 19b0 235w1 96b0 208w½ 195b1 65w1 63w½ 81b0 97b0 185w1 5 2357
131 Cyrus Low Zhen Yu SGP 2415m 239w1 82b½ 45w0 178b½ 179w0 191b1 219w1 74b½ 100w½ 57b0 5 2339
132 Bhakti Kulkarni IND 2404m 196b1 71w0 192b1 49w½ 58b0 128w1 77b0 161w½ 158b½ 113w½ 5 2337
133 Tim P Wall ENG 2218f 98b½ 35w0 139b0 197w1 121b0 224w1 177b0 233w1 153b1 136w½ 5 2331
134 Martin Percivaldi DEN 2403m 2w0 219b½ 193w1 155b½ 178w1 51b0 199w1 88b0 126w0 179b1 5 2323
135 Sumiya Bilguun MGL 2486m 244b0 222w1 94b½ 119w½ 151b½ 83w1 87b0 177w½ 146b½ 125w½ 5 2318
136 Erik Hedman SWE 2376m 36w½ 152b0 202w0 225b1 245w1 82b0 128w1 126b½ 90w½ 133b½ 5 2313
137 Deshmukh Divya IND 2322wm 13w0 223b½ 220w1 22b0 209w1 106b0 155w1 93b½ 110w0 189b1 5 2311
138 Llatzer Bru Rullo ESP 2273f 56b0 247w1 154b0 169w1 89b0 200w0 173b1 150w0 219b1 182w1 5 2306
139 Jovanka Houska ENG 2401m 6w0 209b½ 133w1 223b1 47w0 126b0 165w½ 179b1 108b0 180w1 5 2294
140 Daniel Mieles Palau ECU 2374m 14b0 217w1 200b0 173w1 201b0 205w½ 181b½ 185w1 176b1 49w0 5 2294
141 Elena Tomilova RUS 2372wg 8w0 220b½ 178w0 215b½ 189w1 186b1 ½/bye 106w½ 65b0 181w1 5 2289
142 Gabriela Antova BUL 2295f 48w½ 77b0 223w0 241b1 152w½ 194b1 101w0 188b1 182b1 65w0 5 2277
143 Nigel E Povah ENG 2284m 243w0 241b1 59w0 210b½ 223w1 107b0 188w½ 189b1 103w½ 122b½ 5 2271
144 Alexandra Kosteniuk RUS 2504g 184b0 190w1 198b0 192w½ 200b1 ½/bye 79w½ 127b0 157w1 145b½ 5 2269
145 Juan Manuel Bellon Lopez SWE 2348g 23w0 155b0 210w0 229b1 216w1 152b1 61b0 170w½ 184b1 144w½ 5 2234
146 Salome Melia GEO 2368m 76w0 228b1 40w0 189b1 41b½ 96w0 ½/bye 165b1 135w½ 90b0 2387
147 Atousa Pourkashiyan IRI 2305wg 32w0 237b1 65w1 100b½ 22w½ 88b0 75w½ 109b0 164w0 209b1 2375
148 Peter Lombaers NED 2383f 27w0 186b1 206w1 51b0 221w1 90b1 45w0 100b½ 95w0 102b0 2370
149 Natalia Zhukova UKR 2338g 78b0 170w½ 201b½ 172w1 164b1 50w½ 49b½ 59w½ 64b0 106w0 2362
150 Fabien Libiszewski FRA 2522g 173b1 184w½ 10b0 151w½ ½/bye 87w0 ½/bye 138b1 121w½   2356
151 Istvan Borocz HUN 2337m 12w0 215b1 22w½ 150b½ 135w½ 63b0 220w1 156b0 199w1 101b0 2356
152 Olga Dolzhikova NOR 2123wg 62b½ 136w1 84b0 86w0 142b½ 145w0 ½/bye 222b1 203w1 129w0 2351
153 Tatev Abrahamyan USA 2363wg 84b0 169w1 123b½ 98w½ 80b0 ½/bye 202w1 75b0 133w0 199b1 2342
154 Valentina Gunina RUS 2461g 216w1 31b0 138w1 36b½ 19b0 119w½ 113b0 158w0 155w1 167b½ 2326
155 Bagri Advait SGP 2105c 75b0 145w1 121b½ 134w½ 177b½ 182w0 137b0 190w1 154b0 207w1 2325
156 Kevin Paveto ARG 2452m 210b1 19w0 163b½ 114w0 222b1 157w1 78b0 151w1 98b0 94w0 2316
157 Daniel Gomez Anadon AND 2276f 24w0 188b½ 236w1 95b½ 129w½ 156b0 65b½ 159w½ 144b0 211w1 2313
158 Richard Vedder NED 2263f 82w0 250b1 93w0 23b0 215w1 105b0 208w1 154b1 132w½ 104b0 2309
159 Bilel Bellahcene ALG 2536g 192b1 117w½ 184b1 4w0 86b0 ½/bye 104w0 157b½ 187w1 79b0 2307
160 Andres Merario Alarcon ESP 2412m 240b1 43w0 205b1 58w½ 35b½ 80w0 ½/bye 124b0 191w1 92b0 2304
161 Josefine Heinemann GER 2317wg 28b½ 123w½ 164w½ 88b0 186w½ 188b½ 227w1 132b½ 101w½ 103b0 2301
162 Adrian Gschnitzer GER 2388f 248w1 39b½ 51w½ 26b0 219w0 193b1 201w1 63b0 84w0 165b½ 2296
163 Anna Gvanceladze RUS 2270wf 42w0 229b1 156w½ 107b½ 112w0 95b0 211w½ 186b½ 201w1 171b½ 2292
164 Pedro Antonio Gines Esteo ESP 2482m 221w1 52w0 161b½ 167b½ 149w0 204b0 ½/bye 214w1 147b1 91w0 2285
165 Natacha Benmesbah FRA 2258wm 71b0 196w1 97b0 80w0 233b1 110w½ 139b½ 146w0 224b1 162w½ 2285
166 Dina Belenkaya RUS 2304wg 218w½ 48b0 225w1 63b0 220w0 108b½ 221w½ 209b1 174w1 99b0 2283
167 Yair Judkovsky ISR 2305 41b0 231w½ 170b1 164w½ 64b0 169w½ ½/bye 201b1 93w0 154w½ 2282
168 Ravi Rakshitta IND 2267wm 45w0 239b1 72w0 194b1 37w½ 93b0 109w0 221b1 79w0 206b1 2252
169 Andy Baert BEL 2138f 70w0 153b0 240w1 138b0 174w1 167b½ 203w0 187b0 205w1 204b1 2249
170 Johan Sigeman SWE 2119 59w0 149b½ 167w0 191b½ 175w1 187b1 171w0 145b½ 92w0 202b+ 2248
171 Swaminathan Soumya IND 2384wg 227b1 90w0 244b1 66w0 128b½ 199w½ 170b1 49w0 71b0 163w½ 2242
172 Hartmut Bottke GER 2185 22w0 120b½ 127w½ 149b0 188w0 237b1 191w0 223b1 204w½ 203b1 2224
173 Nisha Mohota IND 2201m 150w0 109b½ 120w½ 140b0 232w1 94b0 138w0 235b1 194w½ 210b1 2212
174 Georg Seul GER 2401m 238b1 9w0 181b0 185w0 169b0 223b1 186w½ 211w1 166b0 178w1 2150
175 Ludy Helsio Paulo Sousa NOR 2247c 9b0 238w1 182b0 61w0 170b0 235b1 108w0 231w1 197b½ 213w1 2142
176 Thal Abergel FRA 2478g 189w1 25b0 230w1 122b0 94w1 179b1 23w0 120b0 140w0   4 2345
177 John C Pigott ENG 2370m 17b0 195w1 23w1 68b0 155w½ 39b0 133w1 135b½ 107w0 128b0 4 2327
178 Altan-Ulzii Enkhtuul MGL 2200wg 35b½ 55w0 141b1 131w½ 134b0 104w0 ½/bye 210b½ 183w1 174b0 4 2301
179 Endre Csiki HUN 2263f 43b0 240w1 101b½ 64w½ 131b1 176w0 97b0 139w0 195b1 134w0 4 2294
180 Peter J Sowray ENG 2272f 26w0 194b1 105w½ 57b0 210w1 37b0 110w½ 90b0 186w1 139b0 4 2289
181 Udi Weisbuch ISR 2222f 90b0 227w1 174w1 106b½ 23w0 99b0 140w½ 110b0 220w1 141b0 4 2276
182 Fy Antenaina Rakotomaharo MAD 2433m 229w1 42b0 175w1 40b0 126w½ 155b1 39w½ 68b0 142w0 138b0 4 2268
183 Ehud Shachar ISR 2363m 31w0 216b1 218w0 206b1 123b0 185w1 115b0 108w0 178b0 224w1 4 2255
184 Guijue Zhou CHN 2193wm 144w1 150b½ 159w0 99b0 203w0 210b1 124w0 227b1 145w0 187b½ 4 2234
185 Alex Cherniack USA 2211 68w0 40b0 237w1 174b1 120w0 183b0 194w1 140b0 188w1 130b0 4 2232
186 Sagar Tejaswini IND 2180wm 88b0 148w0 213b1 87w½ 161b½ 141w0 174b½ 163w½ 180b0 228w1 4 2229
187 Teodora Injac SRB 2284wm 38b0 232w1 62b0 108w1 61b0 170w0 190b½ 169w1 159b0 184w½ 4 2217
188 Srivathsav V Raghav IND 2023 97b0 157w½ 114b0 193w½ 172b1 161w½ 143b½ 142w0 185b0 219w1 4 2197
189 Roberto N De Abreu RSA 2154f 176b0 104w0 242b1 146w0 141b0 232b1 193w1 143w0 192b1 137w0 4 2190
190 Job De Lange NED 2211 54b0 144b0 212w1 ½/bye 105w½ 198b0 187w½ 155b0 216w1 194b½ 4 2186
191 Teja Vidic SLO 2252wf 47w0 236b½ 64b0 170w½ 213b1 131w0 172b1 91w½ 160b0 197w½ 4 2174
192 Anastasya Paramzina RUS 2224wg 159w0 248b1 132w0 144b½ 65b0 ½/bye 206w½ 220b½ 189w0 223b1 4 2158
193 Leon Piasetski CAN 2219m ½/bye 58w0 134b0 188b½ 212w1 162w0 189b0 215b1 225w1 119b0 4 2150
194 Michalina Rudzinska POL 2005wf 73b0 180w0 217b1 168w0 197b1 142w0 185b0 241w1 173b½ 190w½ 4 2149
195 Ashley Stewart ENG 2152 95w0 177b0 229w1 230b½ 130w0 127b0 ½/bye 212b1 179w0 227b1 4 2128
196 Wee Zhun Teh MAS 1857 132w0 165b0 228w1 109b0 211w0 216b½ 223w½ 225b0 235w1 220b1 4 2112
197 Khalil Bengherabi ALG 2106f 105w0 92b0 246w½ 133b0 194w0 ½/bye 247b1 242b1 175w½ 191b½ 4 2079
198 Vladimir Sergeev Petrov BUL 2353m 21w½ 218b½ 144w1 50b0 33b0 190w1 64b½ 112w0     2438
199 Lara Janzelj SLO 2195wm 80b0 110w1 99w½ 103b0 109w1 171b½ 134b0 94w½ 151b0 153w0 2289
200 Mireya Represa Perez ESP 2081wf 110b1 74w0 140w1 70b0 144w0 138b1 122w0 102b0 128w0 201b½ 2256
201 Anastasia Chigaeva RUS 2156wf 100w½ 103b0 149w½ 127b1 140w1 22b0 162b0 167w0 163b0 200w½ 2243
202 Sahajasri Cholleti IND 2202wf 74b0 64w½ 136b1 101w0 87b0 231w1 153b0 239w1 91b0 170w- 2242
203 Daniel Barrish RSA 2352f 67b0 233w1 98b½ 115w0 184b1 41w0 169b1 60w0 152b0 172w0 2236
204 Daniel Rangel BRA 2269f 11b0 234w1 129b0 224w1 97b0 164w1 89b0 65w0 172b½ 169w0 2218
205 Maria Florencia Fernandez ARG 2227wm 58b½ 98w½ 160w0 38b0 235w1 140b½ 127w0 206b0 169b0 231w1 2212
206 Gerben Veltkamp NED 2140 64b1 54w0 148b0 183w0 104b0 213w1 192b½ 205w1 94b0 168w0 2205
207 Chukwunonso Oragwu NGR 2220f 39w0 20b0 235w1 110b1 85w0 79b0 225w1 121b0 210w½ 155b0 2204
208 David J Spence ENG 2146 55b½ 62w½ 122w0 130b½ 124w0 ½/bye 158b0 213w½ 239b1   2177
209 Davide Podetti ITA 2187 33b0 139w½ 91b0 231w1 137b0 246w1 83b0 166w0 233b1 147w0 2159
210 Fernando Semprun Martinez ESP 2099 156w0 230b0 145b1 143w½ 180b0 184w0 234b1 178w½ 207b½ 173w0 2135
211 Guido Jansen NED 2162 63w½ 249b0 79w0 ½/bye 196b1 125w0 163b½ 174b0 238w1 157b0 2117
212 Mei-En Emmanuelle Hng SGP 2055wf 116w0 102b0 190b0 250w1 193b0 217w1 214b0 195w0 231b½ 233w1 2065
213 Mitchell R Burke ENG 2001 85w0 118b0 186w0 248b1 191w0 206b0 237w1 208b½ 221w1 175b0 2054
214 Rotimi Ajele NGR 2188 50w0 122b0 247w½ 236b1 230w0 227b0 212w1 164b0   238b1 2045
215 Shalmali Gagare IND 2099wm 129b0 151w0 227b½ 141w½ 158b0 236w½ 226b½ 193w0 237w1 217b½ 2029
216 Joram Seewi GER 2109 154b0 183w0 238b1 113w0 145b0 196w½ 231b½ 226w½ 190b0 240w1 2022
217 Hector Giacomini FRA 2161 66b0 140b0 194w0 234w1 110b0 212b0 241w½ 236b1 227w½ 215w½ 1994
218 Miguel Santos Ruiz ESP 2591g 166b½ 198w½ 183b1 46w0 ½/bye 121w½         3 2367
219 Julia Alboredo BRA 2190wf 115b0 134w½ 87b½ 104w1 162b1 55w0 131b0 119w0 138w0 188b0 3 2205
220 Milan Kandic SRB 2132f 96b0 141w½ 137b0 226w1 166b1 60w0 151b0 192w½ 181b0 196w0 3 2105
221 Elisabeth Hapala AUT 2170wf 164b0 121w0 234b1 125w1 148b0 91w0 166b½ 168w0 213b0 226w½ 3 2101
222 Alan M Byron ENG 2208 81w0 135b0 241w½ 247b1 156w0 225b½ ½/bye 152w0 228b½   3 2095
223 Martyn Hamer ENG 2069 60b0 137w½ 142b1 139w0 143b0 174w0 196b½ 172w0 226b1 192w0 3 2091
224 Belinda Vega Gutierrez ESP 2132wm 57w0 83b0 250w1 204b0 127w½ 133b0 240w1 128b½ 165w0 183b0 3 2086
225 Alfonso Gonzalez Gonzalez ESP 2100 107w0 ½/bye 166b0 136w0 226b1 222w½ 207b0 196w1 193b0   3 2061
226 Robert Herzwurm GER 1979 103w½ 100b0 110w0 220b0 225w0 250b1 215w½ 216b½ 223w0 221b½ 3 2045
227 Kevin Winter ENG 1714 171w0 181b0 215w½ ½/bye 244b½ 214w1 161b0 184w0 217b½ 195w0 3 2044
228 Enrique Osuna Vega ESP 2129c 61b0 146w0 196b0 242w1 125b0 234w½ ½/bye 232b½ 222w½ 186b0 3 1990
229 Juan Guerra Reig AND 1998 182b0 163w0 195b0 145w0 250b½ 240b0 232w0 248w1 234b½ 242w1 3 1921
230 Malcolm Pein ENG 2310m 44b0 210w1 176b0 195w½ 214b1           2303
231 Andy Reeder USA 2064 72w0 167b½ 124w0 209b0 247w1 202b0 216w½ 175b0 212w½ 205b0 2016
232 Niels Skou DEN 2036 37w0 187b0 245b0 238w1 173b0 189w0 229b1 228w½     2013
233 Jesus Arroyo Rodriguez ESP 2125 65w0 203b0 248w1 126b0 165w0 239b½ 238w1 133b0 209w0 212b0 1936
234 Jesus Roman Lopez ESP 1973 46b0 204b0 221w0 217b0 240w1 228b½ 210w0 237b0 229w½ 235b½ 1936
235 Victor-Dumitru Stolniceanu ROU 2074 112w0 130b0 207b0 239w1 205b0 175w0 236b1 173w0 196b0 234w½ 1931
236 Matthew R Wilson ENG 1837 117b0 191w½ 157b0 214w0 237b½ 215b½ 235w0 217w0 240b0 248w1 1922
237 Sergio Huguet HON 2055f 101b0 147w0 185b0 240b½ 236w½ 172w0 213b0 234w1 215b0 241b½ 1908
238 Alan D Gravett GIB 1824 174w0 175b0 216w0 232b0 242b½ 248w1 233b0 240w1 211b0 214w0 1892
239 Paul Obiamiwe NGR 1920 131b0 168w0 108b0 235b0 248w1 233w½ 244b+ 202b0 208w0   1888
240 Sylvia Johnsen NOR 1902wf 160w0 179b0 169b0 237w½ 234b0 229w1 224b0 238b0 236w1 216b0 1881
241 Lolomari Erekosima George NGR 2053c 89b0 143w0 222b½ 142w0 246b0 242w½ 217b½ 194b0   237w½ 2 1930
242 Adeyinka Adewole NGR 1941 53w0 126b0 189w0 228b0 238w½ 241b½ 248b1 197w0   229b0 2 1856
243 Xiangyu Xu CHN 2580g 143b1 89w½ 73b0               2389
244 Svetoslav Mihajlov NOR 2173c 135w1 36b0 171w0 120b0 227w½ 109b0 239w-       2151
245 Kolade Onabogun NGR 2198 49w0 99b0 232w1 ½/bye 136b0           2138
246 Arun Manukonda IND 1959     197b½   241w1 209b0     248b0   1935
247 Sead Kozarcanin CRO 2019 93w0 138b0 214b½ 222w0 231b0 ½/bye 197w0       1 1812
248 Siya Sagar IND 1740 162b0 192w0 233b0 213w0 239b0 238b0 242w0 229b0 246w1 236b0 1 1656
249 Jack Rudd ENG 2331m   211w1                 1 0
250 David W Gostelow ENG 1901 86b0 158w0 224b0 212b0 229w½ 226w0         ½ 1738

64 females out of a possible 250 = 25.6%

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