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Tournament: 83rd British Championship • 213 games (from a possible 341) plus 32 games from subsidiary events
Venue: Nottingham • Dates: 5-16 August 1996 • Download PGN • last updated Monday August 22, 2022 10:58 AM

1996 British Chess Championship, Nottingham, 5–16 August - University of Nottingham 1995« »1997

1996 British Chess Championship Nat'y Elo Rating 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11  Total  B C D E F
1 Chris G Ward ENG 2460m w47+ b45+ w9+ b6+ w4= w3+ b8+ b2- b11+ w10+ b7= 9 11 9 2415 6.16 2.84
2 Jonathan F Parker ENG 2470m b35= w52+ b30+ w16= b10+ w11= b17= w1+ b28= w3+ w6+ 11 2355 7.26 1.24
3 Aaron P Summerscale ENG 2500m w30= b53+ w46+ b20+ w9+ b1- w5+ b4+ w6= b2- w17+ 8 11 8 2385 7.26 0.74
4 John M Emms ENG 2500g b36+ w16= b41+ w31+ b1= w17= b11= w3- b18+ w7= b10+ 11 2339 7.81 -0.31
5 Graham D Lee ENG 2375f b55= w35+ b31- w36+ b23+ w16+ b3- w28- b29+ w25+ b14+ 11 2280 6.93 0.57
6 Matthew D Sadler ENG 2615g b29+ w12+ b25+ w1- b16= w7= b26+ w14+ b3= w28+ b2- 11 2378 8.80 -1.30
7 Mark L Hebden ENG 2530g w22+ b46= w11- w30+ b41+ b6= w37= b17= w9+ b4= w1= 7 11 7 2370 7.81 -0.81
8 Andrew D Martin ENG 2425m b39+ w32+ b16- w40+ b28+ w14= w1- b13- w15= b20+ w11+ 7 11 7 2309 7.26 -0.26
9 Simon T Ansell ENG 2420 b48+ w40+ b1- w25+ b3- w29+ b18+ w11- b7- w35= b28+ 11 2296 7.37 -0.87
10 Graeme N Buckley ENG 2370m w57+ b43= w54+ b28= w2- b24= w40+ b37+ w17+ b1- w4- 10 6 2322 5.70 0.30
11 Charles A Cobb ENG 2260 b59= w61+ b7+ w27= b37+ b2= w4= b9+ w1- w14= b8- 9 5 2439 2.43 2.57
12 Chris R Duncan ENG 2340f w50+ b6- w24= b46+ w17- w23- b22= b57+ w34= b45+ w30+ 11 2280 6.38 0.12
13 Christopher N Dunworth ENG 2335f b31= w49+ b43= w37- b25= w30+ b23+ w8+ b14- w16= b18= 10 6 2274 5.80 0.20
14 Mark Ferguson ENG 2385 w53= b24= w45+ b15= w35+ b8= w20+ b6- w13+ b11= w5- 11 2318 6.49 0.01
15 Harriet V Hunt ENG 2315wm b25- w42+ b59+ w14= b31= w18- b43= w40+ b8= w36+ b16= 9 5 2252 5.31 -0.31
16 Simon J B Knott ENG 2335f w56+ b4= w8+ b2= w6= b5- w19= b35= w39+ b13= w15= 11 2376 4.84 1.66
17 Luke J McShane ENG 2385f b42+ w25- b29+ w18+ b12+ b4= w2= w7= b10- w23+ b3- 11 2340 6.16 0.34
18 Roy J N Phillips ENG 2120 w20- b47+ w33+ b17- w38+ b15+ w9- b34+ w4- b37+ w13= 11 2348 2.31 4.19
19 Matthew J Turner ENG 2425m w46- b22+ w23= b53= w47+ w28= b16= w29= b25- w39+ b35+ 11 2246 8.03 -1.53
20 Richard A Bates ENG 2315 b18+ w38= b58+ w3- b29- w25+ b14- w31+ b27= w8- b40+ 6 10 5 2286 5.40 -0.40
21 Stephen H Berry ENG 2315f w54= b58- w61+ b24- w22= b55+ w53= b25- w51+ b43+ w23= 6 7 3 2195 4.62 -1.62
22 Roland B Cole ENG 2215 b7- w19- b56= w62+ b21= b49= w12= w43+ b32+ w26= b27= 6 10 5 2296 3.90 1.10
23 Donald J Mason ENG 2275 b62= w59= b19= w43+ w5- b12+ w13- b53+ w37+ b17- b21= 6 9 2314 4.05 0.45
24 John Molyneux ENG 2170 b26= w14= b12= w21+ b27= w10= b28- w36= b45= w29+ b31= 6 11 6 2299 3.63 2.37
25 Richard G Pert ENG 2165 w15+ b17+ w6- b9- w13= b20- b41+ w21+ w19+ b5- b26= 6 11 6 2366 2.64 3.36
26 Tim P Wall ENG 2320 w24= b54- w49= b55+ w53+ b31+ w6- b30= w35= b22= w25= 6 11 6 2234 6.82 -0.82
27 Simon K Williams ENG 2350f w43- b50+ w55+ b11= w24= b40= w35= b39= w20= b30= w22= 6 10 6 2229 6.60 -0.60
28 Jonathan G Wilson ENG 2285 b61= w62+ b32+ w10= w8- b19= w24+ b5+ w2= b6- w9- 6 10 2358 4.00 1.50
29 James E Cobb ENG 2260 w6- b56+ w17- b44+ w20+ b9- w57+ b19= w5- b24- w50+ 11 2331 4.40 1.10
30 Stephen C Ledger ENG 2250 b3= w39+ w2- b7- w49+ b13- b59+ w26= b42+ w27= b12- 10 2348 3.70 0.80
31 Graham Lilley ENG 2185 w13= b34+ w5+ b4- w15= w26- b36= b20- w47= b44+ w24= 11 2319 3.52 1.98
32 John E Littlewood ENG 2275f w51+ b8- w28- b49= w50= b57- w55+ b44+ w22- b47= w52+ 10 2251 5.30 -0.80
33 Sekhar C Sahu IND 2340m b40- w48+ b18- w52+ def - b53- w49- b58+ w46+ b50= w45+ 9 2199 6.21 -1.71
34 David J Tebb ENG 2320 b49= w31- b52= w45+ b43- w42+ b50+ w18- b12= w40= b36= 10 2210 6.50 -1.00
35 Aleksandar Trifunovic ENG 2250 w2= b5- w51+ w58+ b14- w41+ b27= w16= b26= b9= w19- 9 2377 2.97 0.53
36 James E Vigus ENG 2245 w4- b51= w60+ b5- w54= b58+ w31= b24= w53+ b15- w34= 8 3 2276 3.68 -0.68
37 Andrew J Ledger ENG 2415m w45- b57+ w38+ b13+ w11- w43+ b7= w10- b23- w18- b39= 5 10 4 2284 6.80 -2.80
38 John Merriman ENG 2275 w60= b20= b37- w59+ b18- w50- b52= w48- b54+ w42+ b43= 5 8 3 2228 4.56 -1.56
39 A Tyson Mordue ENG 2240 w8- b30- w57= b51+ w58= b54+ w47+ w27= b16- b19- w37= 5 9 2308 3.69 -0.19
40 Nicholas G Pert ENG 2195 w33+ b9- w44+ b8- w46+ w27= b10- b15- w57+ b34= w20- 5 11 5 2333 3.41 1.59
41 John R Richardson ENG 2310 w58= b60+ w4- b54+ w7- b35- w25- b51- w55= b57+ w47+ 5 8 2278 4.32 -0.82
42 Alan P Spice WLS 2210 w17- b15- w47- b61+ w56+ b34- w58+ b49+ w30- b38- w55+ 5 9 3 2262 3.87 -0.87
43 Jonathan A Tait ENG (200) b27+ w10= w13= b23- w34+ b37- w15= b22- b48+ w21- w38= 5 11 5 2311 2275
44 Chris W Baker ENG 2370f b52= w55= b40- w29- b59- w62+ b46+ w32- b49+ w31- b51= 9 4 2197 6.57 -2.57
45 Thomas M Clarke IRL 2230 b37+ w1- b14- b34- w57- b56+ w54+ b50+ w24= w12- b33- 11 2285 4.62 -0.12
46 Peter W Hempson ENG 2235 b19+ w7= b3- w12- b40- b61+ w44- w59= b33- w58+ b49= 8 2 2361 2.64 -0.64
47 Oliver A Jackson ENG 2240 b1- w18- b42+ w48+ b19- w59= b39- w52+ b31= w32= b41- 10 4 2266 4.60 -0.60
48 Mark Lyell ENG 2235 w9- b33- w50= b47- w51- b60+ w61+ b38+ w43- b52- w53+ 7 2267 3.22 -0.72
49 Francis Rayner WLS 2185 w34= b13- b26= w32= b30- w22= b33+ w42- w44- b60+ w46= 10 2287 3.60 -0.10
50 Jack Rudd ENG 2190 b12- w27- b48= w60+ b32= b38+ w34- w45- b59+ w33= b29- 9 2292 3.24 -0.74
51 Matti D Watton ENG (186) b32- w36= b35- w39- b48+ w52- b56+ w41+ b21- b53= w44= 11 2257 2192
52 Darryl Wolstencroft ENG 2200 w44= b2- w34= b33- w55- b51+ w38= b47- w61+ w48+ b32- 9 2303 3.24 -0.74
53 Daniel L Bisby ENG 2205 b14= w3- b62+ w19= b26- w33+ b21= w23- b36- w51= b48- 4 10 2308 3.60 -0.10
54 Andrew N Dyce WLS 2135 b21= w26+ b10- w41- b36= w39- b45- b55= w38- w62+ b56= 4 11 4 2248 3.85 0.15
55 Adam C Hunt ENG 2200 w5= b44= b27- w26- b52+ w21- b32- w54= b41= w59+ b42- 4 10 3 2286 3.80 -0.80
56 David M Moskovic ENG 2185 b16- w29- w22= b57= b42- w45- w51- b60+ b62= w61+ w54= 4 8 2 2203 3.76 -1.76
57 Ben D Savage ENG 2200 b10- w37- b39= w56= b45+ w32+ b29- w12- b40- w41- b61+ 4 10 3 2282 3.90 -0.90
58 Philip Wheldon ENG (188) b41= w21+ w20- b35- b39= w36- b42- w33- w60+ b46- b62+ 4 10 3 2250 2101
59 Simon T Buckley ENG (163j) w11= b23= w15- b38- w44+ b47= w30- b46= w50- b55- w60- 3 10 3 2261 2112
60 Stephen W Dauber ENG (169) b38= w41- b36- b50- w61- w48- b62+ w56- b58- w49- b59+ 8 2208 1957
61 Philip S Fallon ENG (187) w28= b11- b21- w42- b60+ w46- b48- w62+ b52- b56- w57- 10 2216 1920
62 Arpi Shah IND 2035w w23= b28- w53- b22- w63= b44- w60- b61- w56= b54- w58- 7 1 2239 1.68 -0.68
63 John T Swain ENG (173)         b62=             ½ 1 ½

Column Key:
B = Number of rated opponents
C = Pts vs rated opponents
D = Average rating of opponents (blank if player unrated)
E = Expected score vs rated opponents
F = col. C minus col. E (x by co-efficient K to calculate rating change) or new rating in case of currently unrated players

1996 British Ladies Champion: Harriet V Hunt
1996 British Under-21 Champion: Jonathan F Parker

GM Norm (and title): Chris Ward
IM norms: Charles Cobb, Simon Knott
IM rating threshold achieved (and title): Mark Ferguson

1996 Major Open, Nottingham

1996 Major Open Nat'y  Grade  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11  Total 
1 Ryad Rizouk ALG 223e def - b43+ w107+ W82+ b33+ w2+ b57+ w3+ b9= b10+ w5+
2 Daniel William Gormally ENG 213 b16+ w19+ b41+ w57+ w28= b1- w18+ b12+ b3+ w8+ b9= 9
3 Gavin Wall ENG 210 b50= w91+ b5+ w6+ w32+ b28+ w20+ b1- w2- b26+ w15+
4 Philip Almond ENG 182 w66- b94= w77+ b49= w37- b62= w54+ b40= w56+ b20+ w26+
5 Richard Almond ENG 176 b87= w81+ w3- b72+ b85+ w14+ b8= w11= b39+ w16+ b1-
6 Michael H Barnes ENG 195 w84+ b7= w58+ b3- w67= b56+ w37+ w16+ b8- w42+ b13-
7 Rohan Churm (U18ch) ENG 180j b103+ w6= w26- b107+ b12- w75= b66+ w32+ b28+ w14= b18+
8 Andrew Greet (U18ch) ENG 201j w68+ b29+ w99+ b28- w69+ b26= w5= b13+ w6+ b2- w10=
9 Thomas Hinks-Edwards ENG 205 w37+ b58= w56= b38+ w26= b99+ w28= b23+ w1= b15= w2=
10 Dave Ledger ENG 202 b75= w50+ b38= w22+ b57- w74+ b32+ w41+ b11+ w1- b8=
11 Oliver Rosten (U18ch) ENG 195 w62+ b67= w109= b17+ w55+ b18= w13= b5= w10- b57+ w33+
12 Laurence Webb ENG 203e w54= b46= w37+ b13= w7+ b23= w82+ w2- b29+ b33= w21+
13 Leighton Williams WLS 188 w94+ w39+ b33- w12= b81+ w27+ b11= w8- b41+ b37+ w6=
14 David Wise ENG 196 w73+ b17- w62+ b66+ w99= b5- w71+ b58+ w33= b7= w30+
15 Alan Grant SCO 209 b59+ w30= b22= w16= b19+ w57- b38+ w21+ b18+ w9= b3- 7
16 Ian G Kelly ENG 163 w2- b95+ w110+ b15= w35+ b21+ w26+ b6- w20+ b5- w23= 7
17 Michael Alcock ENG 186                      
18 R Alan Barton ENG 181                      
19 Chris J Beckett ENG 190j                      
20 Philip J Briggs ENG 194                      
21 Tim R Dickinson ENG 184                      
22 Iain A Galloway ENG 187                      
23 D Gibson   196                      
24 Norman Lazonby ENG 188                      
25 Dan E Mayers USA 165                      
26 John Naylor ENG 202                      
27 Robert Noyce ENG 169                      
28 Matthias Pflug FRG 152ej                      
29 D Robers   185                      
30 Richard J Savory ENG 172                      
31 Alec J Toll ENG 174                      
32 David J Whitehead ENG 175                      
33 Robert Willmoth ENG 190                      
34 Jonathan E Beedle ENG 187                       6
35 Chris E Franklin ENG 177                       6
36 David J Garner ENG 163j                       6
37 Tim Hebbes ENG 156j                       6
38 Aiden M Leech ENG 183j                       6
39 Hysni M Pellumbi ENG 213                       6
40 Marc A Shaw ENG 144                       6
41 Martin J Simons ENG 194                       6
42 F Norman Stephenson ENG 183                       6
43 Tobias Stock ENG 164j                       6
44 Ieuan C Ward ENG 170j                       6
45 Chris [A/B?] Baker ENG 177j                      
46 Ian A Debbage ENG 165j                      
47 John A Dodgson ENG 170                      
48 John A Feavyour ENG 163                      
49 Michael Ford SCO 164                      
50 Richard J Gaughan ENG 190                      
51 Mark E Kambites ENG 176                      
52 Nicholas S Lee ENG 180j                      
53 Russell P Manning ENG 171j                      
54 Roger D W Marsh ENG 176                      
55 John C Moore ENG 183                      
56 Jonathan B Mutton ENG 165j                      
57 Marcus E Osborne ENG 184                      
58 Edmund C Player ENG 172j                      
59 David Spence ENG 173                      
60 Scott Taylor ENG 154                      
61 Mark A Whitehead ENG 158                      
62 Nathan Alfred ENG 174j                       5
63 Ruth Bates (U18gch) ENG 160jw                       5
64 David E Buckley ENG 152j                       5
65 D Ian Calvert ENG 171                       5
66 Abigail Dyce (U18gch) WLS 150jw                       5
67 Andrew Fish WLS 170                       5
68 David Gold ENG 168j                       5
69 Otto Hardy ENG 170                       5
70 Roger Hardy ENG 146                       5
71 Mandy Haslinger (U18gch) ENG 176jw                       5
72 Emily Howard (U18gch) ENG 163jw                       5
73 R[ichard S] Jones [WLS] 172j                       5
74 Peter A Levermore ENG 168j                       5
75 Richard J D Palliser ENG 177j                       5
76 David Parr ENG 170                       5
77 John W Roe WLS 162                       5
78 E Spence   174                       5
79 David J Casiot ENG 171                      
80 Shyamol Dutta IND 184                      
81 John S Garnett ENG 145                      
82 David T Guy WLS 158                      
83 Edward J Lee ENG 168                      
84 D Lewis   146                      
85 Nicholas D Mitchem ENG 148                      
86 Munroe L Morrison ENG 127                      
87 Andrew J S Slough ENG 159                      
88 Mark S Waltham ENG 136                      
89 George Ward ENG 141                      
90 (§ missing name?)                          
91 (§ missing name?)                          
92 James A R Angus ENG 119                       4
93 Jason H Cast WLS 144                       4
94 Matthew D F Cave ENG 151j                       4
95 James Coleman ENG 146                       4
96 Leigh J Debbage ENG 150                       4
97 John Glover ENG 143                       4
98 S Jones   153j                       4
99 Andrew C Keehner ENG 183                       4
100 Matthew J Lewsey ENG 135j                       4
101 Rachel J Reeves ENG 125w                       4
102 Claude H Sollars MLT 173                       4
103 M White   147                       4
104 Colin R Moore ENG 148                      
105 Malcolm R Whall ENG 141                      
106 David A Knox ENG 193                       3
107 Mel J Young ENG 153                       3
108 Douglas M Forbes ENG 121                      
109 Jomo Pitterson JAM 175                      
110 Stephen Igoe IRL 130                       2
111 A Shah   140                       1
112 Janos J Wagenbach ENG 134                       1

§ the results as given in the 1997 BCF Yearbook show the ranking for the 4½ score group as 79-91 but there are only 11 players named, not 13. The next score group is given as 92-103 and has 12 names (which on the face of it seems correct) - subsequent score groups also seem correct. So I'm making a tentative assumption that the error lies in the fact that two names are missing from the 4½ group. This is important as game references are made in the partial crosstable to players ranked in these lower score groups.


Contested as part of the Major Open: Champions: Rohan Churm (Swindon), Andrew Greet (St Austell), Oliver Rosten (New Malden)

Girls Champions: Ruth Bates (Richmond), Abigail Dyce (Sutton-in-Ashfield), Mandy Haslinger (Formby), Emily Howard (Birkenhead)

Other Sections


1 Dan Mayers (USA) 5/7; 2= Michael Cook (Ipswich), Malcolm Peart (Scarborough) 4½; 4= Roelof Westra, Michael Fox, Peter C Doye, D George Ellison, James Nicolson, Donald Baldwin 4; 10= Fred Appleton, Joseph Soesan 3½; 12= W Crossland, R Ryan 3; 14= H James Draisey, David A S Buckland 2; 16 Frank A Boagey 1


1-2 Nathan Alfred (Beckenham), Mark Roberts (Sevenoaks) 5/47; 3 Philip Pugh (Preston) 4½; 4= Matthew George, Heather Richards, Jessica Ho, Jonathan I Arnott, Alex Edmans 4; 9= J Young, Paul Carpenter, Timothy Kiddell, P Stephens, J Edwards 3½; 14 R Reddy 3; 15= T Cole, John Weatherlake 2½; 17 Nayan Shah 2; 18 Ellen Walker ½.

Girls' Co-Champions Jessica Ho (Maidstone) & Heather Richards (Whitstable)


1 Mark Roberts (Sevenoaks) 5½/7; 2 Adam Fysh-Foskett (Southsea) 5; 3= Jonathan Arnott (Sheffield), Matthew Basey (Nottingham), Melanie Buckley (Bath), Stephen Deall (Southampton), Elise Ford (Ashton-under-Lyne), Nayan Shah (Ashby-de-la-Zouch), Richard Vale (Southwell) 4; 10= Josephine H Badger, Kanwal Bhatia 3½; 12= C Driver, Graeme Kafka, P Stephens 2½; 15 N Kumar 2.

Girls' Co-Champions Melanie Buckley (Bath) & Elise Ford (Ashton-under-Lyne)


1-2 Richard Watts (Stowmarket), Bret Addison (Hartlepool) 5½/7; 3 Danny Gallagher (Bolton) 5; 4= Thomas Dougherty, Oliver Gill 4/2; 6= Josephine H Badger, P Dempsey, Subir A Goradia, T O’Brien, Kemal Ozeren 4; 11= Matthew Basey, Paul Davies, Anthony Eskinazi, N Kumar, D Steele 3½; 16= D Carpenter, I Gallagher, R George, M Georgiou, J Hart 3; 21= Marcus A Coupe, I Moore, R Singh 2; 24 D O’Boyle 1.

Girls' Champion Josephine H Badger (Tunstead)


1 Ross Rattray (Cheam) 5½/7; 2= Paul Davies (Mansfield), Thomas Dougherty (Richmond), Rosalind Kieran (Bexley Village) 5; 5= Richard P Charlton, Subir A Goradia, Alexander Longson, Heather Richards, T Wood 4½; 10 Marcus A Coupe 4; 11= David W Bates, A Blake, RP Charlton (? same name as above), Stephen P Clark, T Day, A Dickinson, Nicholas B Kingston-Smith 3½; 18= RP Charlton (? 3rd time!), Anthony J Eskinazi, R Knight, R Murphy, A Stephens, Sophie Tidman 3; 24= Lee T Dorrington, Amanda J John, J Kent 2½; 27 P B Higgins 1.

Girls Champion Rosalind Kieran (Bexley Village)


1 Christopher Charman (Solihull) 6½/7; 2 Alvin Kissoon (Maidstone) 5½; 3= Adway Chowduri (India), Graham Bates (Solihull) 5; 5-9 Stephen P Clark, Nicholas Frost, Craig Hanley, J Murphy, David Shaw 4/2; 10= Stephen C Bough, Oliver J N Cooley, J Foster, Toby Haslinger, Philip J Peck, Nicholas D Timms, Jack Waller 4; 17= Victoria L Kowalkowski, Chris J A Rawlinson, Laurie Waller 3½; 20= Lorin D'Costa, A Moody, C Morrison, K Nicholas, Sophie Tidman, N Ward 3; 26= Heather L Coupe, Leila Nathoo, A Swersky, John C Tompson, Graham Walker, S Williams 2/2; 32 Emily Manuel 2; 33 Lara J W Maslowska 1.

Girls Champion Victoria L Kowalkowski (Sutton-in-Ashfield)


1-2 Kumardip Chakraborty (India), Nicholas Timms (Ashcott) 6½/7; 3= Matthew King (Cobham), Alvin Kissoon (Maidstone) 5/2; 5 Lorin D'Costa 5; 6= D Atherton, Kenan Boztas, B Collins, Paul D Hufton, Krunal Kahar, Thomas M Kneafsey, J Rennie, P Richards, R Taylor, Peter M Titmas, Alison N W Winston 4½; 17= Richard P Charlton, Toby Haslinger, Marieanne Howard, E Josiah Lutton, A Swersky, B Williams 4; 23= C Dixon, Lydia M Goodwin, David S D Gunn, Oliver J Luen, Nathan J Manley, Timothy Manton, Thomas Nixon, John Sneesby, Liam Varnam 3½; 32= J Buchanan, Catherine L David, Michael W Healey, L Hunt, D Alexander John, Emily Manuel, C Morrison, A Murphy, Chris J A Rawlinson 3; 41= K Davies, Julie Dwek, J Ezra Lutton, Leila Nathoo, L Styles 2½; 46= A Cooper, E Green, A Kelly 2.

Girls Champion Alison N W Winston (Edgware)


1-2 Gawain Jones (York), Kumardip Chakraborty (India) 6/7; 3= David Ho (Maidstone), Krunal Kahar (Cheltenham) 5½; 5= Kenan Boztas, Jonathan M Fish, Simon Jeffares, Thomas Rendle, Murugan Thiruchelvam 5; 10= Ameet Ghasi, Lydia M Goodwin, Kristian K Maton, Peter M Titmas, Lawrence Trent 4½; 15= David C Bareham, Michael Bridger, Timothy K Chase, A Ferguson, M Graham, Amir A M Habibi, Christobell E K Harrington, Michael W Healey, Himanshu Kumar, J Ezra Lutton, K Nicholas, A O’Neill, R Payne, P Richards, A Taylor 4; 30= Vanessa S Aarons, D Armstrong, James Berlin, D Butler, Chetan Deva, Christopher G Hansell, E Josiah Lutton, Timothy Manton, Thomas Nixon, N St John 3½; 40= Simon T Buckley, A Finlay, Jessica Gilbert, Harvinderpal S Landa, M Richards, Stewart Trent 3; 46= Oliver E D Coddington, Sumeet Ghasi, S Higgins, Matthew P Jellett, Ross Keightley, Farah Khalique, D Morrison, D Stephens 2½; 54= Farah F Z Amirabadi, M Grommett, Nicholas P Jellett, M Lebaigue, Heather Walker 2; 59 S Jackson 1½; 60 Balvinder S Grewal 1; 61= Sanjay Bilakhia, Jordan L Sisson ½.

Girls Champion Lydia M Goodwin (High Wycombe)


1 Ameet Ghasi (Birmingham) 6½/7; 2 Robert Payne (Ilford) 6; 3= Adam Eckersley-Waites (Saffron Walden), Sumeet Ghasi (Birmingham), Patrick Reid (Daventry), Thirumurgan Thiruchelvam (New Malden) 5½; 7= Simon T Buckley, Stephen Gordon, C Hall, Himanshu Kumar, J Ezra Lutton, Graham Morris, Thomas Rendle, Heather Walker, S Williams 5; 16= Chetan Devan, A Ferguson, Matthew P Jellett, Stewart Trent 4½; 20= Suzie Blackburn, Daniel J Diamond, Tom Eckersley-Waites, Jessica Gilbert, Lee Gold, Amir A M Habibi, Nicholas P Jellett, D Morrison, Jody Stanger, G Williams 4; 30= Jacob R Abondolo, Sabrina L Chevannes, Chris J Dorrington, C Gambel, James L Hanley, Cory S Hazlehurst, J Martin, K Nicholas, E Roberts, James C J Rudland, Lakshman Ruthirapathy, Matthew Truepenny, R White, Tony A W Winston 3½; 44= R Cooke, Daniel Goldhill, M Goodwin, Pradeep R Gundabolu, S Higgins, Jason W Klimach, E Matthews, T Smith, J Talbot, A Turakhai, S Whytock 3; 55= Francesca Berlin, Matthew J Harborne, Anand Kahar 2½; 58= David S Boston, Tye A Byram, Laura K Hulley, Mervin R Kissoon, J Lee, Claire Morris, Akaash Pathare, Nicola M Rennie, S Taylor, A Wilkinson 2; 68= Sean Brolan, A Noble 1½; 70= Farah F Z Amirabadi, A Cooke 1; 72= K Chakraborty, A Mann 0.

Girls Champion Heather Walker [for some reason the 1997 BCF Yearbook failed to record this detail]


1 Gawain Jones (York) 5½/7; 2= Simon T Buckley (Bath), Daniel J Diamond (London SE22), E Josiah Lutton (Basildon), Thirumurugan Thiruchelvam (New Malden) 5; 6= Amir A M Habibi, C Hall, M Moore 4½; 9= Kathryn Barnes, Samuel J Gilding, Edward H A Goble, Lee Gold, L Hall, C MacDonald, T Sharp, Stewart Trent 4; 17= M Goodwin, Tristan C Granat, James P Heppell, Laura K Hulley, J Rubin 3½; 22= Francesca Berlin, R Cooke, Colleen M Halpin, C Lamb, Jacob P Lourie, E Morris, E Roberts, Lakshman Ruthirapathy, J Schofield, Tejas Shankar, D St John, Peter Storr, A Turakhai 3; 35= J Brown, Balvinder S Grewal, Claire H Morris, A Weston 2½; 39= Soraya F Amirabadi, P Armstrong, Matthew P Dignam, Charles W Heppell, B Norton, Akaash Pathare, A Wadhwa, C Wilcox, S Wilkin 2; 48= Hamid Khalique, B Walker 1½; 50= D Clark, James L Hanley, L Hartshorn 1; 53 A Clark ½; 54 David A Coupe 0.

Girls Champion Kathryn Barnes (Ipswich)


Blackburne Section: 1 Stephen J Connor (Wirral) 7½/11; 2 John R Holland (Holt) 7... 8 players
Staunton Section: 1 Angus S James (Surbiton) 9/11; 2 Andrew Foulds (Chivenor) 8... 11 players


Harry Baines Memorial: 1 Peter J Mercs (Nottinaham) 7/9; 2 Jerry Anstead 6½... 10 players
Open: 1 John T Swain (Nottingham) 4½/5... 22 players
Deloitte & Touche British U-125: 1 Alan D Coupe (Rotherham) 4½/5, 2= J Young , Ian H Hannam, Ramon S Cole (all Nottingham), K Carter (Hastings), P Bloom (Bromley) 4... 40 players. Grading Prizes to Victoria L Kowalkowski, E Church


Harry Baines Memorial: 1 Richard C P Freeman (Toddington) 7/11; 2 Robert Richmond (Aylesbury) 6½; 3= Simon Bibby (Canterbury), Chris Majer (Knebworth) 6.., 27 players. Grading Prizes to C Potter, Janos Wagenbach

Open: 1-5 David J James (Atticus), Michael J Reddie (Dartford), Anton W Stalmans (Hull), John T Swain (Gambit), S White (Bolton) 4... 39 players.

Deloitte & Touche British U-100: 1 Chris J Dunlop (Blackburn) 4½/5; 2= Mark A Monaghan (Coventry), John P Wynne (Doncaster), A Humphreys (Welwyn Garden City), J Timms (Ashcott) 4... 34 players. Slow Starter Prizes to Anthony D Bee, L Hunt, B Nicholas.


Intermediate: 1 Colin R Ramage (Barking) 5/5; 2= J Nicholas Hawkins (Liverpool), Stephen W MacCormack (Middlesbrough), Keith J Palmer (Louth) 4½... 32 players. Grading Prizes to Stephen W MacCormack, K Dailey, Hugh Flockhart, John R Keehner, Chris J Tuffin

Minor: 1 Nigel S Towers (Stratford) 5/5; 2= A Herbert (Bournemouth), Austen E M Carlton (Gambit), Jonathan T Melsom (High Wycombe) 4½... 39 players. Grading Prizes to Paul Bloom, Lawrence Trent, Ewald Kotzian.


1 Geoffrey W Lawton (Birmingham) 5½/6; 2= James Poulton (Fareham), Luke J McShane (London), Peter Gayson (Bradford) 5... 56 players. Grading Prizes to John Boyd, Karl L Forman, R Rennie, Charlton Siddo.


And about time too! We haven’t visited the MCCU area since Coventry in 1970. This year was particularly suitable as it introduced the Centenary of the formation of that Union and the 60th anniversary of the great Nottingham 1936 Tournament. The problem of course is that the Midlands is not perceived as the place to spend a fortnight’s holiday. This, together with the high price for self-catering accommodation, led the Management Board to decide on a budget relying on only 875 entries as opposed to 925 in recent years. The turn-out in the end was 877, a small price to pay for the principle that the congress should visit all parts of Britain.

One advantage of Nottingham over Swansea in 1995 was that the venue at the University was completely air-conditioned. On inspection visits I had not appreciated that, once laid out to our specifications, the playing hall for the British Championship itself would provide the best conditions ever—the players in that event naturally prefer not to play together with all the other contestants. Thus there was slight disappointment for players in other events who had to walk about 20 metres to see the leading players. Their arrangements too were as good as anywhere else.

Another disadvantage was that the campus is sprawling and rather isolated. It is thus awkward for anybody without a car. However this was compensated for by the added safety of children and the fact they could so readily find a green space in which to play games. Hove in 1997 will be precisely the reverse. The players professed themselves well-satisfied with the conditions and we should return in due course, provided we can obtain satisfactory terms from the University.

The reduction in numbers was entirely due to fewer children playing. Thus the event should show a small surplus, especially as more people chose to pay the late penalty fees. This provides an unfair administrative burden and these fees should be increased next year.

Chris Ward proved to be a very worthy winner of the Championship, leading from start to finish. It is hoped he will be awarded his GM title on the basis of this event. Jonathan Parker and Aaron Summerscale performed well to finish second and third respectively. Matthew Sadler must have been extremely disappointed with his result. By comparison, Graham Lee was delighted to achieve the same score and become the first player to qualify for a free entry to next year’s Championship since the 7½/11 rule was introduced (all other players achieving that score or better have been IMs or GMs). Charles Cobb and Simon Knott achieved IM norms, whilst Mark Ferguson brought his rating up to 2400 and as a result simply awaits ratification of his title by FIDE.

Ryad Rizouk of Algeria would have been a run-away winner of the Major Open had he not forfeited the first round. As it was, his playing score of 9½/10 from 11 rounds provided a more fiercely contested event.

A considerable amount of effort, particularly by John Robinson, Joe Ashkenazy and Marc Shaw, was put in this year investigating various computer systems for the congress. The fruits of this should become more apparent in the next two years.

There was much more local support for the congress than for many years. Perhaps this is because people have become used to the congress being organised by the same team every year. Local sponsors were found: East Midlands Electricity sponsored prizes for Midlands players; Jessops Department store offered free subsidised entries for Nottingham Juniors; Deloitte & Touche sponsored the new Under-125 and Under-100 Championships and Boots provided a voucher for the best performance by a female. The BCF can never expect to succeed in arranging such local business support. Neil Graham took responsibility for the evening events which included activities as disparate as cricket, football, bridge, Any Questions, Richard Furness’s General Knowledge Quiz, a new Golden Oldies Music Quiz, Crazy Lightning, Bug-house, speed chess and a shop window competition. In addition a local information stand was manned throughout the event. Locals also helped with the weekend tournaments.

Julian Hodgson could not play as the last round clashed with the start of a major event in Holland. Instead he did the Commentaries and also provided professional lectures and coaching at other times. Daniel King filled the gap on the last day.

Other organisers included David Welch, George Smith, Mike O’Hara, Rod McShane, Michael Barnes, David, Paul and Richard Carpenter, Tony Corfe, Ian Cowen, Eric Croker, Victor Cross, Roger Edwards, Brian Hayward, Norman Lazonby, Alex McFarlane, Alan Morrey, Peter Purland, John Swain, John Turnock, Monica Vann, Denis Walker, Andrew Walker, Alec Webster, David Woodruff and Tony Wright. The Richard Boxall Plate for Services to the Congress was awarded to Alec Webster. Lorraine Harding provided her invaluable services at the BCF Office as usual.

After 16 years I am giving up Directorship of the congress and wish my successor every success and hope he or she will derive as much satisfaction from the office as I have. During my Directorship the congress has grown by about 50%, the increase being primarily among juniors. Relatively speaking I have introduced few innovations, the central kernel of a competitive chess congress with something for everyone remains intact.

Stewart Reuben
Director of Congress Chess

Editor's Note: Stewart Reuben has done a truly splendid job organising the annual BCF Congress over the years he has been in control, it has always been a highly successful event and all who have participated must be extremely grateful for his dedication to the task. John Poole.

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Date Notes
5 August 2021 First upload to BritBase. Games are very thin on the ground for this event. ChessBase has only 32. I have initially scraped together 53, plus 2 from the Major Open. I'm hoping BritBase's regular contributors can find a few more. I have transcribed a full crosstable from the 1997 BCF Yearbook, plus a partial crosstable for the Major Open and results for other sections.
7 August 2021 A further 32 games added, kindly submitted by Brian Denman. Two are from the Championship: (1) S.Ledger 1-0 F.Rayner, rd 5; (2) S.Dauber 0-1 F.Rayner, rd 10. The other 30 are from the Major Open. Many thanks to Brian.
8 August 2021 One further game submitted by David McAlister: J.Rudd 0-1 T.Clarke (Rd 8). Thanks, David.
18 August 2021 A major update: the number of games from the British Championship has gone up from 56 to 213 after I input the remaining games from the bulletin, kindly lent by Brian Denman. I noticed that there were more than a few serious errors in the bulletin and have made quite a number of amendments to games, including those which had already been posted here. In the process of examining the games I included a number of annotations. I understand that there was a separate bulletin featuring games from the Major Open. If anyone has this and could lend it to me, I would be very grateful.
4 May 2022 Added a game from the Under-10: P Titmas ½-½ T Rendle. Many thanks to Brian Denman for submitting.