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Tournament: Northern Open • 17 games
Venue: Whitby • Dates: 27 July - 7 August 1970 • Download PGN • Updated 10 July, 2024 0:34 AM

1970 Northern Open, Whitby, 27 July - 7 August

1970 Northern Open
Residence 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11  Total   S.O.S. 
1 Max L Fuller Australia b71+ w39+ b16+ w3= b9= w6+ b2= w8= b33+ w11+ b5+ 9 72
2 Gerald H Bennett Bournemouth w17+ b5- w25+ b37+ w19= b28+ w1= b4+ w8= w9+ b3+ 77
3 Leslie S Tate Morpeth w58+ b4+ w10+ b1= w33- b5= w16+ b32+ w6+ b8+ w2- 8 77½
4 Brian R Eley Rotherham b27+ w3- b62+ w15+ b20+ b33- w10+ w2- b28+ w21+ b8+ 8 71½
5 Jeff Horner Bolton b50+ w2+ b9- w54+ b34= w3= b20+ b33= w27+ b7+ w1- 73½
6 Ludwig Rellstab West Germany b45+ w41+ b15+ b44+ w8= b1- w27+ w9= b3- w34+ b11= 71½
7 Ronald Thomas Middlesbrough w37= b23= w11= b56+ w48= b25+ b34= w15+ b9+ w5- b18+ 67½
8 Baruch H Wood Sutton Coldfield w12+ b26+ b30+ w20+ b6= w9= w33+ b1= b2= w3- w4- 7 79
9 Louis de Veauce Pirbright w42+ b22= w5+ b28+ w1= b8= w24+ b6= w7- b2- w33+ 7 76
10 (Derek) George Ellison Poulton le Fylde b54+ w62+ b3- w39+ b27= w34= b4- w20= b24+ w33= b32+ 7 66
11 Ross Stoutenborough USA b41- w60+ b7= w57+ b24- w65+ w40+ b31+ w17+ b1- w6= 7 65½
12 Harry Lamb Bolton b8- w18= b50= w46+ b39+ w15- w23+ b22= w16= b40+ b34+ 7 65½
13 Guy Rouverol France w36+ w20- b31+ b33- w43+ b37= w19- b61= w23+ b48+ b27+ 7 61½
14 Adrian Picton R Lewis Brighton bye+ w29+ b20- w34- b15- w39+ b54+ b37= w48= w28+ b30+ 7 57
15 Brian A Jones Sheffield w52+ b49+ w6- b4- w14+ b12+ w17= b7- w31+ b27- w35+ 71
16 David Lees Sale w51+ b35+ w1- b23= w44+ w22= b3- w21= b12= b37+ w17= 69½
17 John F Turnock Newcastle-upon-Tyne b2- w50= b18= w45+ w36+ b35+ b15= w55+ b11- w32= b16= 66½
18 Wolfgang Riedel West Germany w40- b12= w17= b31= w63= b53+ w36+ b48= w42+ b29+ w7- 63
19 Kevin J Wicker London b47= w66+ b21= w65+ b2= w27- b13+ w28= b34- w20= b38+ 63
20 Dr. Reinhard Cherubim West Germany w61+ b13+ w14+ b8- w4- b23+ w5- b10= w40= b19= w37= 6  
21 Mike J Conroy Burnley w63+ b44= w19= b48= w35- b45+ w37= b16= w22+ b4- w31= 6  
22 Terence D Crawford Cardiff b34+ w9= w44- b66+ w42+ b16= b32- w12= b21- w55+ w29= 6  
23 Brian H Hare Brighton b57= w7= b41+ w16= b32= w20- b12- w68+ b13- w61+ b46+ 6  
24 Heinrich Jühe West Germany w33= b67+ w28- b50+ w11+ b55+ b9- w29- w10- b42= w44+ 6  
25 J Kindler West Germany b55= w38= b2- w62+ b54+ w7- b29- w39= b46= w49+ b41+ 6  
26 Johannes Cornelius Kuiken Chipstead b60+ w8- b54- w59+ b49= w38+ w31- b42- w44= b51+ w48+ 6  
27 M T O'Connell Maylandsea w4- b52+ b47+ w29+ w10= b19+ b6- w34= b5- w15+ w13- 6  
28 John M Ripley Liverpool b59+ w32= b24+ w9- b30+ w2- w35+ b19= w4- b14- w42+ 6  
29 Svend Ove van Seelen Denmark w70+ b14- w58+ b27- w37- b50+ w25+ b24+ w32= w18- b22= 6  
30 Raymond J Starkie Burnley w48+ b40+ w8- b35= w28- b44+ w55- b65+ w37= b36+ w14- 6  
31 W J A Vellekoop Netherlands b32- b51+ w13- w18= b57+ w42+ b26+ w11- b15- w39+ b21= 6  
32 John N Walker Oxford w31+ b28= w33= b40= w23= b48+ w22+ w3- b29= b17= w10- 6  
33 Timothy S Wickens Guildford b24= w47+ b32= w13+ b3+ w4+ b8- w5= w1- b10= b9- 6  
34 Thomas H Wise Middlesbrough w22- b61+ w63+ b14+ w5= b10= w7= b27= w19+ b6- w12- 6  
35 F Bleker Netherlands b69+ w16- b38+ w30= b21+ w17- b28- b40- w61+ w47+ b15-  
36 John G Cockcroft Leeds b13- w42- b69+ w68+ b17- w60+ b18- w57+ b55+ w30- b40=  
37 S N Jones Prestwick b7= w65+ b55= w2- b29+ w13= b21= w14= b30= w16- b20=  
38 Krautschneider West Germany w64= b25= w35- b63= w61+ b26- w44= b54= b60+ w50+ w19-  
39 Wolfgang Schellhorn West Germany w68+ b1- w43+ b10- w12- b14- w63+ b25= w58+ b31- b55+  
40 Eileen Betsy Tranmer London b18+ w30- b59+ w32= b55- w49+ b11- w35+ b20= w12- w36=  
41 Derek J Banks Bury w11+ b6- w23- b43- w46= b61- w67+ b63+ w45= b52+ w25- 5  
42 Roger D de Coverly Bourne End b9- b36+ 45+d w55= b22- b31- w64+ w26+ b18- w24= b28- 5  
43 Rogier van Egmond Netherlands b66= w57= b39- w41+ b13- w54- b47= w46- b71+ w60+ b53= 5  
44 Michel Faber France b46+ w21= b27+ w6- b16- w30- b38= w60= b26= w45+ b24- 5  
45 Ed H Goodwin Hull w6- bye+ 42-d b17- w56+ w21- b52+ w58= b41= b44- w64+ 5  
46 Gerald P Hildred Hessle w44- b56- w51+ b12- b41= w47= w53= b43+ w25= b64+ w23- 5  
47 Eirikur Karlsson Iceland w19= b33- w27- b67= w64= b46= w43= b53+ w65+ b35- b50= 5  
48 Philip J Meade Cheltenham b30- b68+ w49+ w21= b7= w32- b58+ w18= b14= w13- b26- 5  
49 R de Milliano Netherlands w56+ w15- b48- b58+ w26= b40- w65- b64= w66+ b25- w63+ 5  
50 Mitko E Mitev Sidcup w5- b17= w12= w24- b71+ w29- b57= b56+ w54+ b38- w47= 5  
51 Philip D Porter Marlow b16- w31- b46- bye+ b52= w57= b60- w71+ b62+ w26- b54+ 5  
52 E Schoone Netherlands b15- w27- w53= b64= w51= b56= w45- b70+ b68+ w41- b61+ 5  
53 Dirk Sikkel Netherlands b62- w54- b52= w71+ b60= w18- b46= w47- b67+ b58+ w43= 5  
54 Alan P Ashby Manchester w10- b53+ w26+ b5- w25- b43+ w14- w38= b50- b65+ w51-  
55 Robert G W Elwell London w25= b64+ w37= b42= w40+ w24- b30+ b17- w36- b22- w39-  
56 Conrad J Jowett Bolton b49- w46+ b57= w7- b45- w52= b68- w50- bye+ b66= w69+  
57 Colin F Moore Palmers Green w23= b43= w56= b11- w31- b51= w50= b36- w63= b62= w66+  
58 G Tetteroo Netherlands b3- w71+ b29- w49- b62+ w68+ w48- b45= b39- w53- b70+  
59 David Wise Middlesbrough w28- b70+ w40- b26- w67+ b63= w61- b66= w64- b69+ w62=  
60 B van Dyken Netherlands w26- b11- w61= b70+ w53= b36- w51+ b44= w38- b43- w65= 4  
61 J McCarthy Oxford b20- w34- b60= w69+ b38- w41+ b59+ w13= b35- b23- w52- 4  
62 Roger D W Marsh Marlow w53+ b10- w4- b25- w58- b67= w70= b69+ w51- w57= b59= 4  
63 K Morrison Huthwaite b21- w69+ b63- w38= b18= w59= b39- w41- b57= w68+ b49- 4  
64 Melvin N Sutton Potters Bar b38= w55- b65- w52= b47= w66+ b42- w49= b59+ w46- b45- 4  
65 F Turner Morecambe w67= b37- w64+ b19- w66+ b11- b49+ w30- b47- w54- b60= 4  
66 Charles Hatch Southport w43= b19- w67+ w22- b65- b64- w69+ w59= b49- w56= b57-  
67 David Charles Randall Kirby-in-Ashfield b65= w24- b66- w47= b59- w62= b41- bye+ w53- w70= b68=  
68 Peter Roger Vivian Norwich b39- w48- bye+ b36- w70+ b58- w56+ b23- w52- b63- w67=  
69 G Jackson Whitby w35- b63- w36- b61- bye+ w71+ b66- w62- b70+ w59- b56- 3  
70 A Hathway York b29- w59- b71= w60- b68- bye+ b62= w52- w69- b67= w58-  
71 J D Hair Whitley Bay w1- b58- w70= b53- w50- b69- bye+ b51- w43- withdrew 1½/9  

Scores in Other Tournaments

Premier Fortnight: B. Marshall 9 (out of 12); J. Ferrar 8; G. Wolf 7; Alfred Milner 6; P. B. Scott 5½; G. Harrison 3½; Alex Schofield 3; G. Cummingham (US) retired ill after three rounds and his score was cancelled.

Premier (First Week): P. R. Kemp, Th. Skulason (I) 4; G. Homer 3½; A. K. Swift, L. J. Wheatley 3; T. Fawell, G. I. Ladds, P. Rawcliffe, F. Trethewey 2½; B. H. Coop, Rev. Harcus, R. A. E. Shaw 2; P. D. Hare 1½; W. M. Dixon 0.

Premier (Second Week): O. Hardy 4½; A. K. Swift 4; B. Turner, N. Wilson 3½; Mrs. Rowena Bruce, Peter Cloudsdale, John A Dodgson, D. I. Faulkner, A. Frank, John Nicholas Sheldrick 3; P. L. Condie, G. Courouble, A. R. Holdsworth 2½; G. Glover, S. R. Gough, C. E. Jones, P. Lyons, R. J. Nash, L. J. Wheatley 2; C. Cheetham, G. H. Phillips ½.

First Class (First Week): Stephen R Boniface, E. Chambers 4½; N. Jacobs, B. R. Myers, C. M. Oliver, A. C. Pearson 3½; A. Mercer, W. G. Oliver, J. N. Spencer 3; T. E. Smith, A. W. B. Taylor, G. Wood 2½; Mrs. E. Cunningham (US), S. P. Lucas, R. J. McDonald, H. J. Panman (H); Miss E. Whyte 2; Mrs. P. Jackson, A. Metcalfe 1½; P. R. Hughes, Miss A. Livesey 1; J. G. Wright ½.

First Class (Second Week)
Sect. A: S. J. Everson, N. Jacobs 4½; K. H. Appleby 4; A. Barton 3; A. Metcalfe, A. J. Spencer 2½; C. Hanson, Mrs. P. Jackson 2; Mrs. E. Cunningham, S. P. Lucas 1.
Sect. B: S. Boniface, G. Riding 4; C. M. Oliver 3½; W. G. Oliver, D. A. Smith 3; D. H. Spencer, J. N. Spencer, A. W. Taylor 2½; H. J. Panman, T. F. Sayer 2; Miss A. Livesey, R. J. McDonald 1½; Miss E. Whyte 1; J. G. Wright 0.

Junior (First Week): M. Dear 4½; C. Barry, P. F. Rivett 3½; C. L. Proctor 3; M. G. Tordoff 2½; G. Cooper (US), G. N. Galloway 2.

Junior (Second Week): C. Barry 4; J. Hart, I. W. Osborn 3½; I. W. Smith, M. Spratt, L. A. Tatar 3; M. Dear, I. Jackson, S. Whitehead 2½; M. Berrisford 1½; M. G. Tordoff 1.

Whitby Speciality (First Week): D. Sikkel, R. Stoutenborough 4½; R. de Coverly, A. K. Swift, F. Trethewey 4; A. Hathway 3½; J. Kindler, C. F. Moore, W. Schellhorn, M. N. Sutton, K. Wicker 3; T. Crawford, M. Faber, C. P. Hildred, K. Morrison, D. C. Randall, W. Villekoop 2½; S. Boniface, R. G. Elwell, S. P. Lucas, A. W. Taylor, G. Wood 2; P. R. Rawcliffe 1½; G. N. Galloway, J. D. Hair, P. R. Hughes, Miss E. Whyte 1; G. Cooper 0.

Whitby Speciality (Second Week): F. M. Akeroyd 4½; W. Riedel, G. Rouverol, W. Schellhorn 4; D. Faulkner 3½; Derek J Banks, Roger D de Coverly, M. Faber, N. Jacobs, C. F. Moore 3; J. Hart, J. N. Sheldrick, A. W. Raylor 2½; C. Cheetham, T. Crawford, A. Frank, S. P. Lucas, K. Martin 2: G. Courouble 1½; K. Appleby, J. D. Hair, N. Jacobs, Miss E. Whyte, G. Wood 1.

(Letters after names indicate: A— Australia; D—Denmark; F—France; G—West Germany; H—Holland; I—Iceland; US—United States.)

BCM, September 1970, ppn 258-259

The Whitby Congress by W. Ritson Morry

The Whitby Congress, so ably organized by that universally popular local figure Dr. F. B. Akeroyd, broke new records this year. Entries for all sections totalled 230 and no less than 71 of these were for the Northern Open and Junior Championships. Both figures were unprecedented and, considering that they are for an event sandwiched between Southport and the British Championships, they eloquently speak for themselves.

The sun shone on a happy gathering from start to finish in a manner reminiscent of my first congress at nearby Scarborough 40 years ago, and the competitors responded so well to the discipline, which a controller must enforce to ensure smooth working, that one competitor made a donation to the congress funds specifically because the young players had behaved so well. I take this chance to add my own thanks to all of them for making the task of running this event so much easier than it might have been, and to young Michael Barraclough who, despite being a non-chessplayer, learned the work of recording results so speedily that we were able to give a score-board service unrivalled at most events and of exceptional accuracy. It was a striking illustration of the fact that it is not the number of helpers which matters, but their quality and ability to work in complete harmony. Throughout the fortnight there was never a harsh word spoken between the officials. Dr. Akeroyd soothed the contestants and helped in so many other ways, during his periods of "rest" from healing the sick, that one marvelled at his diligence and tact.

The Northern Open Championship included, among its 71 contenders, 21 overseas players from Holland (8), West Germany (7), France (2), Australia, U.S.A., Denmark and Iceland and 16 contenders for the Junior title, the eventual winner of which, R. Stoutenborough, is a U.S. National Master.

The early stages of the sorting process of the Swiss System were helped by the fairly low number of draws, and when Round 4 started only 5 players had clean scores, namely, Dr. Cherubim, Fuller, Rellstab, Tate and Wood. Wins for Wood against Cherubim and for Rellstab against Faber, whilst Fuller and Tate were drawing, reduced the number to two, but there was no change in Round 5, for Rellstab and Wood drew in 16 moves, whilst de Veauce and Fuller did likewise in 31. Only Tate slipped back following his loss to Wickens.

Round 6 saw the end of the first week and the lead still in dispute, for Wood was held to a draw by de Veauce whereas Fuller beat Rellstab and Wickens beat Eley. This left Fuller, Wickens and Wood with 5(6), followed by Bennett, Juhe, O’Connell, Rellstab and de Veauce with 4½. It seemed likely that the experience of Fuller and Wood might be the deciding factor in the contest.

Nevertheless, the second week opened excitingly as Wood ran very close to defeat at the hands of Wickens, who threw away his golden chance in acute time trouble. The strong young Bournemouth player G. H. Bennett held Fuller to a draw. Although Wood now had the sole lead, those who were after his blood must have taken heart from this sign that the last few exacting rounds might find him vulnerable.

In Round 8 the games Fuller (5½) v. Wood (6); and Rellstab (5½) v. de Veauce (5½) were both drawn, but Bennett and Rate won, joining Fuller, Rellstab and de Veauce in second place with 6.

Tate and Fuller overhauled Wood in Round 9 for Bennett held him to a draw whilst they beat Rellstab and de Veauce respectively. There were again three leaders with four ambitious rivals, Bennett, Horner, Thomas and Tate breathing down their necks. At this stage Wood’s luck completely deserted him and Round 10 brought his first defeat at the hands of Tate, who exploited inaccurate play in a difficult opening variation to effect one of the drastic combinative finishes in which he revels. It is hard luck to find that one defeat in 10 games has taken away all hope of first prize, but the last round pairings Tate (8) v. Bennett (7½) and Horner (7½) v. Fuller (8) showed that this must be so since two players must have higher scores than 8, which was now Wood’s ceiling.

Last round nerves inevitably played a vital role and whilst Fuller coolly punished his opponent’s errors, Tate faltered in a good position and allowed Bennett a counter chance which was promptly and gratefully accepted. In a desperate effort to win a high prize Wood again ran into trouble against Eley and thus only finished in a 7-player tie for eighth prize.

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