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Reference Surname Forenames (Nickname) Form Born Died
A28 Marshall? Keith R 2A 1945  
A29 Freeman Freddie J 2A 1945  
A30 Green Andrew (Andy) 2A 1945  
A32 Dunsterville John N W (Dusty) 2A 1945  
A33 Luscombe Brian M 2A 1945  
A34 Bush Richard W (honours board) 2C 1947  
B31 Friend Lionel G 3A 1945  
B32 Ives Douglas (Doug) 3A 1945  
B33 Taylor Colin B 3A 1945  
B34 Rhodes? M K 2A 1945  
B35 Longmuir John G 2C 1946  
B36 Booth Peter 2A 1945  
B37 Griffiths Hugh H 2C 1946  
B38 Musgrave William 2C 1946  
B39 Vernon Colin Arthur 2A 1945 2006
C38 Merrington Simon 3X 1945  
C39 Dron Raymond M (Tony) 3X 1944  
C40 Ferguson Michael R (honours board) 3X 1945  
C41 Ward John R (honours board) 3X 1946  
C42 Cawson David G (Fox) 3X 1945  
C43 Clegg? Roger A (honours board) 3X 1946  
C44 Laskey Ronald A (Ron) (honours board) 3X 1945  
C45 Nunn Roger N 3X 1946  
C46 Harrison Rodney L N 3X 1946  
D37 Charlton Steven C 2C 1946  
D38 Challis Clive P 2C 1946  
D39 Scouse James G (Jim) 2C 1946  
D40 Adamson John S 2C 1946  
D41 Blamey John 2C 1946 1999
D42 Baker Michael George (Mike) 2C 1946  
D43 Peterson Michael R 2C 1946  
D44 Williams John R 2C 1946  
D45 White Neil B 2C 1946  
D46 Owen Timothy P K (Tim) 2C 1946  
E35 Sifton Ian Ashmead 2A 1945 1971
E36 Solomon Michael P A (Sol) 2A 1946  
E37 Brighton Timothy L (Tim) 2A 1946  
E38 Brain Alan R L 2A 1946  
E39 Heeley Derek A 2A 1945  
E40 Avery Nicholas F (Nick) 2A 1946  
E41 Bentley Paul A 2A 1946  
E42 Blythen David (Dave) 2A 1946  
E43 Clarke Michael William 3A 1945 1994
F34 Morralee Michael A (Mike) 3A 1944  
F35 King Peter A 3A 1945  
F36 Hall Patrick (Pat) 3A 1945  
F37 King Robin D 3A 1945  
F38 Child Vernon K 3A 1945  
F39 Meek Douglas Hollis (Doug) 3A 1945 1999
F40 Hodgson S(tephen?) F 3A 1945  
F41 Clark Roger? B 3A 1945  
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Royal Grammar School, High Wycombe - Junior School, April 1958 • Section 5
1958 Junior Photo Sections: Section 1Section 2Section 3Section 4 • Section 5
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