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Player: Peter Campbell Gibbs (born 28 May 1934, died 2 July 2023)
126 games played 1951-2010 • Download PGNpage last edited Monday July 17, 2023 6:07 PM

Tributes to Peter Gibbs on the English Chess ForumObituary, English Federation for Correspondence Chess

37 Peter Gibbs games at chessgames.com

Peter Gibbs Funeral Details (Nuneaton, 4 August 2023)

Obituary posted at the ECF website

1952 British Boys' (Under-18) Champion (jointly with Bernard Cafferty and Peter Sanderson)

File Updated

Date Notes
4 July 2023 87 games played by Peter Gibbs who died recently aged 89.
4 July 2023 Now 119 games, with Peter Gibbs' overseas games included, plus three games sent by Brian Denman and one by Sean Coffey, for which many thanks.
6 July 2023 Six more Peter Gibbs games added, all from the period after 1975 when Peter was still active in correspondence and local Midlands chess, making the running total 126. My thanks to Kevin Thurlow, Neil Graham, Keith Arkell and Gerard Killoran for drawing my attention to games and providing game scores.
17 July 2023 Now 131 games, with contributions from Gerard Killoran and Richard Palliser, for which many thanks. I have added a link to Peter's funeral arrangements and the obituary posted at the ECF website.