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Player: Stephen H Berry (born 19 March 1951, died 4 January 2019)
398 games played 1970-2018 • Download PGNpage last edited Sunday April 17, 2022 0:17 AM

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Date Notes
16 January 2019 393 games played by Steve Berry, the sad news of whose recent death has prompted me to assemble a collection of his games. I am grateful to Mark Page and Kevin Thurlow for sending me some of their own games played against him. Steve held the FM title and won the Surrey Championship no fewer than 12 times, and was thew current title-holder. Page first uploaded, with 342 games. Thanks to Mark Page and Kevin Thurlow for their contributions.
16 January 2019 Three more games added almost immediately: my thanks to Roger de Coverly for sending three more of his games vs Steve Berry (from Sutton 2009, WECU Exmouth 2012 and WECU Exmouth 2013).
16 January 2019 ... and ten more, from the 2017 and 2018 Beacon Seniors tournaments. Many thanks to Brian Valentine for sending these.
16 January 2019 38 more games sent by Roger de Coverly, for which many thanks.
18 January 2019 1 game, FN Stephenson v Berry, County Match 1976, contributed by Norman Stephenson himself. Thanks, Norman.
19 January 2019 Tim Dickinson kindly shared his game vs Steve from a 2000 county match. Thanks, Tim
23 July 2019 Three more games, kindly contributed by Alan Smith, for which many thanks. The games are: Berry 1-0 Wicker, Forrest Cup 1975; A.A. Smith 0-1 Berry, Manchester Open 1979; and A.A. Smith 1-0 Berry, Lancashire vs Middlesex 1986. Running total now 398 games.