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Tournament: 107th Varsity Match • Venue: RAC Club, Pall Mall, London • Date: 4 March 1989
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The 107th Varsity Chess Match between Oxford University and Cambridge University was held at the RAC Club, Pall Mall, London on 4 March 1989. The match arbiter was Bob Wade and sponsors were Lloyds Bank (for the final time). Only two game scores available (boards 2 and 6) - can anyone supply other scores?

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Bd Oxford University Fed Rating 1989 Cambridge University Fed Rating
1w James Clifford Howell (Jesus) ENG 2440m 1-0 Graham Kenneth Burgess (Downing) ENG 2350
2b David Robert Norwood (Keble) ENG 2430m 0-1 D Harsha Aturupane (Trinity) SRI 2385f
3w Demetrios Agnos (Hertford) ENG 2370 1-0 Sukh David Singh (Queens') ENG 2225
4b David Douglas Alexander Lawson (Trinity)   2265 ½-½ Jeremy P Sharp (Downing)   (2125)
5w Frank van Hasselt (New) HKG 2205 0-1 Arne Hessenbruch (Darwin) LUX (2280)
6b Paul Mukherjee (Lady Margaret Hall)   (173) 0-1 Peter Andrey Noden Webster (St John's)   (177)
7w Mark Addis (New)   (157) 0-1 Jon David Lee (Trinity)   (188)
8b Anna Jane Jillings (St Hilda's)   (e1600) 0-1 Alison Margaret Franklin (later Bexfield) (Downing)   (136)

Best game prizes went to Aturupane of Cambridge and James Howell of Oxford.

Sources: BCM, May 1989, p208-9 & Yearbook of Chess 1989/90, p65.


1989 Varsity Chess Match, Oxford vs Cambridge
Picture: Alison Franklin (left) playing Anna Jillings. Spectators (left-right) are Harry Golombek, Peter Wells, Ray Keene, Leonard Barden and Henry Mutkin (RAC). Alison Franklin later became Alison Bexfield, and became a top Go player for the university and country. Anna Jillings married Jim Semlyen and became a professional juggler, yoga instructor, councillor and traffic consultant.

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