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Tournament: Glorney Cup • all 36 games
Venue: Glasgow • Dates: 3-4 August 1965 • Download PGN • Last Edited: Monday 3 May, 2021 12:52 PM

1965 Glorney Cup, Glasgow, 3-4 August 1965

1965 Glorney Cup, Glasgow 1 2 3 4 G/Pts M/Pts
1 Scotland
5 13 6
2 England
5 12 4
3 Wales
4 Ireland 1 1

BCM, September 1965, pps 260-261

The “Glorney Cup” International Junior Team Tournament

By K. J. Bloodworth

The 1965 Glorney Cup matches were held at the new University of Strathclyde, Glasgow, during the first week of August. Playing conditions have never been bettered in the event’s eighteen-year-old history, and all teams expressed appreciation of the excellent arrangements made by the Scottish organizer, Gerald Bonner.

Indicative of the more serious approach to the game that is growing in the British Isles, was the training sessions that both Scottish and English teams engaged in prior to the event. Under the guidance of the President of the Scottish Chess Association, W. A. Fairhurst, the Scottish boys had received special coaching for several weeks, while members of the English team had taken part in a training tournament in London, and the whole team met in Liverpool for a pre-Glorney practice match against a strong Lancashire side gathered together by T. J. Beach. The benefits derived by the players from this help was soon evident, for at Glasgow the interest built up to the final round clash between the English boys and their Scottish hosts. Tension lasted till after the time set for the prize giving when in the last game to finish the English player, T. C. Fox, missed a winning line and the ensuing draw made Scotland outright winners for the first time.

Councillor William Taylor welcomed the participants at the opening ceremony at which Mr. Fairhurst presided. It must have afforded the Scottish president great satisfaction and made his efforts feel well worth while, when he saw Mrs. Bloodworth hand the Glorney Cup to the captain of the Scottish team at the Prize-Giving Ceremony.

Best results prizes went to J. L. Moles (Ireland), A. J. Hughes and A. H. Williams (Wales), T. C. Fox (England), F. McKenna (Scotland), and R. D. Keene (England), Lightning Tournament winner.

The complete absence of incidents bore witness to the admirable control exercised by P. B. Anderson, a veteran of Glorney Cup administration.

The meeting of the International Glorney Cup Committee was one of the most important ever held. The whole future of the event was discussed frankly and far-reaching decisions made.

All four home countries accepted a new rota whereby the event can be staged on the continent every fourth year, and at similar intervals in England with foreign teams competing. This means that Ireland, Scotland, and Wales will act as host country every sixth year. An invitation from the French Chess Federation to play in Paris in 1966 was accepted and the committee decided in favour of the method of games total to arrive at the winning team in future.

The detailed results are as follows—

Round 1.—Wales 1½, Scotland 4½: (1) D. J. Sully 0, G. Hay 1; (2) V. Davies 0, J. Glendinning 1; (3) A. J. Hughes 1, W. P. Watson 0; (4) P. A. Thomas 0, C. W. Pritchett 1; (5) A. H. Williams ½, A. Batchelor (6) ½; R. Wood 0, F. McKenna 1.

England 5, Ireland 1: (1) A. J. Whiteley ½, R. Byrne ½; (2) B. J. Denman ½, J. L. Moles ½; (3) T. C. Fox 1, T. Cafferky 0; (4) P. T. Lee 1, J. McCallion 0; (5) T. A. K. Thomson 1, J. Gibson 0; (6) R. de L. Holmes 1, R. Clarke 0.

Round 2.—England 4½, Wales 1½: (1) A. J. Whiteley 1, D. J. Sully 0; (2) B. J. Denman 0, V. Davies 1; (3) T. C. Fox 1, A. J. Hughes 0; (4) P. T. Lee 1, P. A. Thomas 0; (5) R. de L. Holmes ½, A. H. Williams ½; (6) D. Wise 1, R. Wood 0.

Scotland 5, Ireland 1: (1) J. M. Glendinning 1, R. Byrne 0; (2) W. P. Watson ½, J. L. Moles ½; (3) C. W. Pritchett 1, J. Cafferky 0; (4) R. A. Batchelor 1, J. McCallion 0; (5) F. McKenna 1, J. Gibson 0; (6) I. Jardine ½, P. Henry ½.

Round 3.—Scotland 3½, England 2½: (1) G. Hay ½, A. J. Whiteley ½; (2) J. Glendinning ½, T. C. Fox ½; (3) C. W. Pritchett ½, B. J. Denman ½; (4) R. A. Batchelor 1, P. T. Lee 0; (5) F. McKenna 1, T. A. K. Thomson 0; (6) I. Jardine 0, D. Wise 1.

(1) Scotland 6 (13 game points); (2) England 4 (12); (3) Wales 2 (7½); (4) Ireland 0 (3½).


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