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Tournament: 8th CHESS Festival • 20 games
Venue: Eastbourne • Dates: 12-23 September 1960 • Download PGN • Last Edited: Monday 23 January, 2023 0:40 AM

1960 CHESS Festival (8th), Eastbourne, 12-23 September (12-round swiss)

1960 Eastbourne
CHESS Festival
Residence 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12  Total 
1 Jan Hein Donner Netherlands b8+ w17+ b18+ w3+ b2= w15+ b4+ b5= w7+ b6= w12= w16+ 10
2 Alberic O'Kelly de Galway Belgium w45+ b33+ w4+ b16+ w1= b5= w6+ w15= b13+ b3+ w7= b8+ 10
3 Francisco José Pérez Pérez Spain w34+ b19+ w15+ b1- w9+ b6- w12+ b11= b4+ w2- b16+ b5= 8
4 David E Rumens Harrow b23+ w47+ b2- w12= b10+ w7+ w1- b9+ w3- b14+ w6= b21+ 8
5 Bernard Cafferty Blackburn b25= w21+ b12= w28+ b17+ w2= b18= w1= b15= w8= b13+ w3= 8
6 Owen M Hindle Sutton Coldfield b12= w13+ b10= w26+ b18= w3+ b2- w8= b11+ w1= b4= b7=
7 Michael Macdonald-Ross London w37+ b36+ w9= b29+ w15- b4- w24+ b10+ b1- w19+ b2= w6=
8 Philip J Meade Golders Green w1- b48= w22+ b32+ w16+ b12= w11= b6= w37+ b5= b15+ w2-
9 Ian Christopher Smart Fetcham b44+ w26+ b7= w10+ b3- w18= b13= w4- b20= w17+ b11= w23+
10 Douglas A Betts London w49+ b29+ w6= b9- w4- w23+ w16+ w7- b25+ w13- w18+ b12+
11 Richard A Peek Birmingham b41= w25- b46+ w24+ b27= w17+ b8= w3= w6- b36+ w9= b15+
12 John Dudley Taylor Wakefield w6= b40+ w5= b4= b35+ w8= b3- w20+ b17+ w15= b1= w10- 7
13 Michael J McBain Blackburn w16= b6- w34+ b49+ w36+ b29= w9= b18+ w2- b10+ w5- b22= 7
14 Alfred Joseph Butcher Wolverhampton def- bye+ w36- b23- w20- b49+ w47+ b33+ b43+ w4- b27+ w28+ 7
15 Douglas Eric Arnold Riley Luton b43+ w24+ b3- w41+ b7+ b1- w29+ b2= w5= b12= w8- w11-
16 Alan K May Richmond b13= w20+ b25+ w2- b8- w41+ b10- w21+ w29+ b31+ w3- b1-
17 A J McMinn London w32+ b1- w31+ b36+ w5- b11- w34+ b22+ w12- b9- w30= b29+
18 Leonard S Sunderland Cambridge w48+ b38+ w1- b42+ w6= b9= w5= w13- b19- b22+ b10- b37+
19 (Robert) Colin Kennedy Ireland b27+ w3- b24- w39- b46+ w26+ w25+ b31= w18+ b7- w21- b30+
20 Christopher Baruch Wood Sutton Coldfield w30= b16- w45+ w27- b14+ b42+ w22= b12- w9= b21- w33+ b31+
21 Arnolds Mazitis London w38= b5- w32- b48+ w37+ b34- w33+ b16- b26+ w20+ b19+ w4-
22 John H Pollitt Stockport b24- w46= b8- w40+ b43+ w28+ b20= w17- b27+ w18- b38+ w13=
23 John A Flood Redruth w4- b42- bye+ w14+ b39= b10- b41+ w25- b24+ b29+ w31+ b9-
24 Michael M Broido Wembley w22+ b15- w19+ b11- w30+ w27= b7- b29- w23- b34+ w32+ b26= 6
25 David Graham Wells Bristol w5= b11+ w16- w35- b45+ w39+ b19- b23+ w10- b27- b44= w38+ 6
26 Roger S Scowen Cambridge w31+ b9- w30+ b6- w29- b19- w36+ b32= w21- b42+ w37+ w24= 6
27 E Young New Zealand w19- b32= w48+ b20+ w11= b24= w31= w38- w22- w25+ w14- b36+ 6
28 David Bruce Pennycuick Cambridge w40= b45= w33+ b5- w42= b22- w37- b35+ b46= w41+ w36+ b14- 6
29 Stephen P Broido Cambridge b46+ w10- b47+ w7- b26+ w13= b15- w24+ b16- w23- b43+ w17-
30 Ronald E Rushbrook London b20= w41= b26- w47+ b24- b36- w32- w44+ b48+ w46+ b17= w19-
31 Alwyn K Hobson Chesterfield b26- w44+ b17- w33+ b41= w35+ b27= w19= b38+ w16- b23- w20-
32 Michael I Stewart Heswall b17- w27= b21+ w8- w34= b37- b30+ w26= b36- w35+ b24- w41+
33 Harry Gethin Thorp Matchett Bexhill-on-Sea b39+ w2- b28- b31- w49+ w44+ b21- w14- b40+ w43= b20- w42+
34 Michael John Dymond Portsmouth b3- w35= b13- w46+ b32= w21+ b17- w43- b39+ w24- b41= w44+
35 J A Johnstone Glasgow w36- b34= w38+ b25+ w12- b31- w42- w28- b47+ b32- w40+ w43+
36 Neville B K Gill Isle of Man b35+ w7- b14+ w17- b13- w30+ b26- b47+ w32+ w11- b28- w27- 5
37 Petras Monciunskas Bradford b7- w39- b44+ w43= b21- w32+ b28+ w42+ b8- w38= b26- w18- 5
38 Bryan H Hughes Wallasey b21= w18- b35- w45- bye+ w40+ b44+ b27+ w31- b37= w22- b25- 5
39 Vivian H Woodward Leicester w33- b37+ w42- b19+ w23= b25- b43= w46- w34- b40- bye+ b48+ 5
40 Wilfred Evans Chorleywood b28= w12- b43- b22- w48+ b38- w45+ b41= w33- w39+ b35- bye+ 5
41 Colin J Byrne Liverpool w11= b30= w49+ b15- w31= b16- w23- w40= b42+ b28- w34= b32-
42 A White Bristol b47- w23+ b39+ w18- b28= w20- b35+ b37- w41- w26- w46+ b33-
43 Frederick Michael Akeroyd Whitby w15- b49- w40+ b37= w22- b45+ w39= b34+ w14- b33= w29- b35-
44 Pawel Adam R Mondelski Bridgnorth w9- b31- w37- bye+ b47+ b33- w38- b30- w49+ b48+ w25= b34-
45 R Tailford Surbiton b2- w28= b20- b38+ w25- w43- b40- w48- bye+ b49- w47+ b46+
46 Leonard P Block Wallasey w29- b22= w11- b34- w19- bye+ w49+ b39+ w28= b30- b42- w45- 4
47 Fridolin Jaeck Hale w42+ b4- w29- b30- w44- b48+ b14- w36- w35- bye+ b45- w49+ 4
48 Willington Lucette Wakefield Bexhill-on-Sea b18- w8= b27- w21- b40- w47- bye+ b45+ w30- w44- b49+ w39-
49 H Gosling Whetstone b10- w43+ b41- w13- b33- w14- b46- bye+ b44- w45+ w48- b47- 3

The above crosstable was prepared from the partial crosstable given in CHESS, but also drawing on the more detailed manuscript crosstable created at the tournament by Bernard Cafferty.

Winners in two “all-in” Swiss system lightning events were:
A: F. J. Perez 8; David E Lloyd, David E Rumens 6; A. Y. Green, D. G. Wells, J. H. Pollitt 5½; I. C. Smart, —. Bamford, David J Mabbs, A. Mazitis, A. F. Downham, Michael Macdonald-Ross 5 (and 22 others).
B: F. J. Perez, Bernard Cafferty 6; Michael Macdonald-Ross 5½; Owen M Hindle, A. J. McMinn, Julian T Simpole 4½; A. J. Butcher, M. J. Dymond, R. K. Guy, —. Korhonen, David E Rumens, I. C. Smart 4 (and 12 others).

Winners in the informal all-play-all sections of eight were S. P. Broido, Bernard Cafferty, Alan K May, A. Mazitis, Michael Macdonald-Ross and E. V. Wileman (each twice); J. H. Brown, William F Coles, M. J. Dymond, H. Gosling, B. H. Hughes, P. A. R. Mondelski, R. C. Pentecost, F. J. Perez, H. E. Price, David E Rumens, I. C. Smart, D. G. Wells, Christopher B Wood and V. H. Woodward each once. Among these are names of casual visitors to the Festival. Others who came to watch and stayed to play included Mrs. Green, S. Rety, M. T. Partis, L. Winter, R. Pinner, C. Duffield...


Premier Full Fortnight: A. F. Downham (Cambridge) 9; S. R. Hossell (Taunton), E. V. Wileman (Tamworth) 7½; W.L. Brierley (Beckenham) 7; H. P. James (Bexhill-on-sea) 6½; G. A. Peck (Rugby) 6; R. W. Kermeen (Douglas) 5½; Bertram Goulding Brown (Cambridge) 5; B. R. Flannery (London) 4½; A. G. Stubbs (Eastbourne) 3½; G. D. Self (Brighton) 2½; J. N. Fishlock-Lomax (Brighton) 1½.

Premier First Week: M.J. Reddie (Chelsfield) 4; P. Guillaume (France), G. H. F. Tredinnick (Purley), A. Whyte (St. Leonards-on-Sea) 3½; J. H. Baines (Wednesbury), F. W. Viney (London) 3; R. Jessop (Hornchurch), Edward David Ovenden (Portslade) 2½; J. W. Cash (Cambridge), Daniel Castello (London), Ernest George Exell (Hemel Hempstead), R. E. Mattocks (Kenley) 2; S. J. Leigh (Poole) 1½; A. C. Finney (Stoke-on-Trent) 0.

Premier Second Week: J. V. Dawkins (Coalville) 4; W. F. Coles (Wraysbury), P. C. Hoad (Liverpool) 3½; J. G. Hudson (Hull) 3; W. Lowe (Donnington) 1; G. Higgins (Stalybridge) 0.

Major Full Fortnight: C. Hammersley (Birmingham) 10; S. R. Capsey (Barnet) 9½; E. Croker (Edgware), J. W. Thornley (Manchester) 6½; H. Hoey (Hereford), E. J. Lawman (Eastbourne), Rev.K. S. Procter (London) 5½; Rev. G. M. Hanks (Eastbourne), W. H. Millett (Bristol) 4½; H. E. Druce (Richmond) 3½; F. E. Tanner (Gloucester) 2½; C. Berry (Cambridge) 2.

Major First Week: L. Stephens (West Worthing) 4½; R. W. Shaw (Leicester), E. Starkey (Hull) 3½; A. G. Cox (Cardiff), G. F. Morrish (London), J. A. Speigel (Southend) 3; W. Ross (Studley) 2½; N. Jacobs (Harrow), J. F. Lane (Surbiton) 2; R. Manfield (St. Leonards-on-Sea) 1½; R. Coupe (Preston), N. Finer (Redditch), G. A. Toynton (Hendon) 1.

Major Second Week: J. Dixon (Crewe), H. A. Melvin (Southend-on-Sea), Robert C Pentecost (London) 4; R. M. Ellison (West Bromwich) 3½; H. E. Price (South Africa) 3; B. Beavis (Brighton) 2½; C. Hort (Exeter), J. Morfitt (Rugby), P. King (Kenilworth) 2; Richard Edward Boxall (Streatham) 1½; M. J. Darlow (Sheldon) 1; J. S. Cattersall (Rayleigh) ½.

First Class and Junior Full Fortnight: Rev. H. M. Blackett (Hastings) 8½; W. W. Tatum (Brighton), A. Swift (London) 7½; F. W. Appleby (Bognor Regis), R. L. Constable (Newport-on-Tay) 5; J. H. Brown (Farnborough) 4½; Mrs. R. Hossell (Taunton) 3; C. G. Gill (Isle of Man), G. T. Lyburn (Glasgow) 1½; G. D. James (Eastbourne) ½.

First Class and Junior First Week: G. Maton (Ipswich) 4½; T. R. Gutteridge (Peterborough) 4; F. C. Shorter (London) 3½; W. M. Cunningham (Chessington), L. Robinson (Brighton), D. Rogers (Peterborough) 3; Frank Thomas Comber (Rochester), G. G. Homan (Rochester) 2½; A. R. Cave (Sale), R. J. Sutton (Horam) 2; D. G. Ford (Torquay), L. J. Worsell (Whitstable) 1½; G. Burnett (Worcester), Lady Herbert (London) 1.

First Class Second Week: J. Wheeldon (Chesterfield) 4½; A. D. Fisher (Curbor) 4; Canon E. N. Burnell (Shepton Mallet), R. E. A. Jackson (Bognor Regis), A. Kerry (Ruddington), Patric Kirtlan (Brighton), D. A. Tame (Maidstone) 3; J. H. Brown (Farnborough) 2½; K. Kinsman (Alton), G. A. Toynton (Hendon), G. S. Tranah (Eastbourne) 2; C. G. Gill (Isle of Man), M. J. Walshe (London) 1½; G. H. Canton Watford 0.

Simultaneous displays were given by Donner and Perez in tandem (they didn’t combine well, losing seven games and drawing four out of 27) and by R. G. Wade (P 22, W 13, D 5, L 4).

Eric Croker initiated dozens of people into the horrors of Kriegspiel; newcomers attained a high standard in reconstructions.

Lightning chess was as usual the favourite diversion. There were casual five-minute games by the thousand. For the organised tournaments the “buzz” was more popular. Mr. Mondelski’s transistorised apparatus functioned perfectly throughout.

Youth’s Challenge at Eastbourne (CHESS, October 1960, Vol.26, No.371-2, page 1ff)

Switching our Festival to Eastbourne proved a resounding success.

Playing conditions in the flower-decked Town Hall were superb. The Town Clerk, the Publicity and Catering Departments, even the Borough Surveyor’s men responded to our many demands readily and with impressive efficiency. It is a pleasant thought that we shall be there again next year!

Mr. H. S. Littlechild’s lovely trophy for the Premier Tournament took its place on the rostrum, by no means overshadowed by the Open Championship Cup. Both, we feel, will inspire enthusiastic competition for many years to come.

The “Open” though dominated by the two grand-masters, saw them severely tested by a determined new group of English amateurs, mostly still in their teens. We shall watch their efforts in next year’s Festival with intense interest!

Rd. 1: Accepting a pawn sacrifice, Tailford soon found himself with only a queen for O’Kelly’s rook, two bishops and extra pawn. Donner against Meade, and Perez against Dymond soon won material by attack.

Rd. 2: Donner’s win over McMinn was to be the shortest game of the tournament (see Games). When Kennedy overstepped the time-limit with nine moves still to make, he had no adequate defence to Perez’s mating threats. O’Kelly’s queen’s side attack more than compensated for the pawn he sacrificed in the opening against Matchett.

Rd. 3: A decisive passed pawn on Q7 was the eventual result of O’Kelly’s king’s side attack against Rumens. Riley’s indifferent defence cost him a piece against unusual handling of a Ruy Lopez by Perez. Sunderland went down to Donner but only after a brave fight.

Rd. 4: Perez failed to surprise Donner with a fairly new idea in the Benoni (see Games). O’Kelly soon began to win pawns against May.

Rd. 5: Donner, facing O’Kelly, found his queen on KRI after twenty moves but it soon re-entered the fray, only to be almost immediately exchanged off. There was a slight flavour of inevitability about the draw which came on move 30. Queens also came off quickly in Perez v Smart but here skilful manoeuvring won Perez material.

Rd. 6: Perez obtained an excellent opening against Hindle. In a time-scramble he grabbed a piece but Hindle’s compensating attack proved troublesome and a nervous rook sacrifice just before the adjournment, with his flag just ready to fall, left the Spanish champion quite lost. Wonderfully patient defence by Cafferty in a rook, knight and pawns ending was rewarded when O’Kelly offered him a draw after 73 moves. O’Kelly had tried through two adjournments to capitalise on a pawn won on the 24th move. Riley's apparently clever pawn win was brilliantly refuted by an exchange sacrifice by Donner.

Rd. 7: Rumens’s knight sacrifice caused Donner anxious moments before the attack finally petered out. O’Kelly drastically punished slight inaccuracy in Hindle’s opening (see Games). Taylor held Perez through most of the session but an instructive knight versus bad bishop ending went against him.

Rd. 8: Cafferty tested Donner severely; in time pressure, he missed winning the Dutchman’s queen. A pawn up on adjournment, he offered a draw since Donner’s two bishops offered counter-play. Taking advantage of a slip by O’Kelly in time shortage, Riley won the exchange for a pawn but he was not able to find the win in the ending. Perez, coasting to a win with connected passed pawns, underestimated Peek’s attack. Only a queen sacrifice, forcing perpetual check, saved the Spaniard from being mated.

Rd. 9: Rumens, merciless against English opponents, lost his third game against a foreign master: a sharp encounter, in which Perez saw more deeply. A profound pawn sacrifice by Donner put Macdonald-Ross under pressure which cost a piece.

Rd. 10: Perez against O’Kelly sacrificed a,knight for a powerful attack but missed his way in complications. Hindle, a pawn up with the sounder position, played too safe in offering Donner a draw. The young British players’ draws against the continentals prompted Cafferty to remark “We used to say ’Oh dear, I’ve drawn O’Kelly (or Donner) tomorrow’ but now it’s ‘Good, I’ve drawn a grandmaster!’”.

Rd. 11: More grandmaster concessions! Macdonald-Ross saved himself by a timely counter attack when it seemed O’Kelly’s queen's side operations must overwhelm him. Donner made little headway against Taylor after an early exchange of queens.

Rd. 12: Cafferty and Perez agreed a draw on the brink of a fierce time scramble. The situation had become so complicated, both confessed after the game that they hardly knew what was happening. Donner v May became completely blocked: Donner seized the one sole possibility, by a knight sacrifice, to break through. Meade adopted a curious but only temporarily effective answer to O’Kelly’s Dutch Defence, with pawns at KB3 KN3 and KR3 in front of his castled king.

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