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Event: 76th Varsity Match • Venue: RAC, Pall Mall, London • Date: 22 March 1958
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The 76th Varsity Chess Match between Oxford University and Cambridge University was held at the Royal Automobile Club, Pall Mall, London, on 22 March 1958. All game scores from this match are available.

Bd Oxford University 1958 Cambridge University Opening
1b John Maxwell Bailey (Queen's) 0-1 John Dudley Taylor (Caius) Two Knights Def
2w David John Richards (Magdalen) 1-0 Malcolm Frank Collins (Selwyn) Nimzo-Indian
3b William Stanley Deeth (St Peter's Hall) 0-1 Michael Davis (Trinity) French
4w Arthur Hall (Queen's) 0-1 Kenneth William Lloyd (Selwyn) King's Indian Attack
5b Ralph Hollinghurst (Keble, capt) ½-½ Brian Medhurst (Trinity) Sicilian
6w Robert James Ball (Queen's) 0-1 Derek Thomas Anthony Lamport (Pembroke) Sicilian
7b Fernando Maria Garcia-Oldini (Magdalen) 0-1 Robert Colin Kennedy (Queens') French

Sources: Oxford-Cambridge Chess Matches (1873-1987), compiled by Jeremy Gaige, Philadelphia 1987; The Times, 24 March 1958; The Guardian, 24 March 1958; BCM, May 1958, p128; CHESS, 20 April 1958.


[BCM, May 1958, p128] "Cambridge scored a decisive 5½-1½ win over Oxford in their annual encounter, which took place at the Royal Automobile Club, London, W.1, on March 22nd. The detailed results are as follow (Cambridge having White on the odd-numbered boards)" [results] "According to the records this is the seventy-fourth match but doubt has arisen regarding some of the 1939-45 war matches. An investigation by club officers is being carried out to determine exactly which of the war matches were official and should in consequence be included in the series, and which were simply informal events." [board 1 game]

[The Times, 24 March 1958, p5] "UNIVERSITY CHESS MATCH - DECISIVE VICTORY FOR CAMBRIDGE - FROM A CHESS CORRESPONDENT The annual Oxford-Cambridge Universities chess match played at the Royal Automobile Club, W., on Saturday resulted in an unexpectedly decisive victory for Cambridge with five wins to one with one game drawn. It seems uncertain whether this was the seventy-fourth or seventy-sixth match. Between 1873 and 1939 inclusive Cambridge won 29 matches to Oxford's 26 while eight were drawn. The total in 1957 was 75 matches played, Oxford 32 wins, Cambridge 31 wins and 12 matches drawn. Last year’s match was regarded by all as the seventy-third match, and plans were being made to celebrate the 1959 match as a seventy-fifth anniversary. An investigation by club officers is being carried out to determine exactly how many matches have been played." [Followed by all eight match games]

[The Guardian, 24 March 1958, p6] "UNIVERSITY CHESS - Decisive win by Cambridge - By our Chess Correspondent - Cambridge scored a decisive 5½-1½ win against Oxford in the annual university chess match, played in London on Saturday. [Results] Cambridge owed their victory, the biggest by either side for many years, to their superior knowledge of the opening and to the greater soundness of their play. On the top and bottom boards, Taylor and Kennedy obtained opening advantages which they exploited in first-class attacking style. Davis took full advantage of a time pressure blunder by Deeth, and Lloyd was equally convincing in dealing with a premature attack. Cambridge’s only lucky win was on board 6, where Ball outplayed Lamport and won a pawn, but relaxed and allowed his opponent a decisive attack. The complicated draw on board 5 was the most exciting game of all: both players became very short of time, and each in turn failed to make the most of his advantage."

[CHESS, 20 April 1958, p226]: "The Cambridge captain has established with fair certainty that recent statements to the effect that Oxford have not been ahead for sixty years are erroneous. The first two contests after the war, which went 1½-½ in Oxford's favour, had been overlooked. So scores over the series are now level."

Fernando Maria Benito M[anuel] Garcia-Oldini [Camino]: A player of this name was playing chess in Santiago, Chile, in 2003 - rating 2015, club 'Estudio Abogados'. Magdalen College lists 'Garcia-Oldini, Fernando Mario Benito Manuel' as a 'lost member' for 1957 on their website (2004)

(Robert) Colin Kennedy: From the book Swimming with The Devilfish by Des Wilson (Macmillan, 2006), a book about poker players... "A third key figure at En Passant is Colin Kennedy, born outside Belfast and a former Cambridge student. Colin helps run the poker. Colin is one of a small number of chess players who move on to poker and will quietly make a living in cash games for more than forty years. Stewart Reuben is another who has lived comfortably from poker earnings over that time. Now, while all this has been happening, what's been going on at the Vic? Well, in a way it hasn't changed that much. It's still a noisy and colourful place where you can go any evening and play poker. You can still see Colin Kennedy and Stewart Reuben and the rest ... players you would have seen in En Passant over forty years ago. ..."

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