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Tournament: London Quadrangular • 9 games of 12, plus 3 stubs
Venue: Gambit Chess Rooms, Budge Row, London • Dates: 3-11 June 1929 • Download PGN • updated Saturday January 13, 2024 10:32 AM

1929 London Quadrangular, 3-11 June, Gambit Chess Rooms, Budge Row, London EC

1929 London Quadrangular 1 2 3 4  Total 
 1  Fred Dewhirst Yates
10 11 11 5
2 William Winter 01
½½ 11 4
3 Adrián García Conde 00 ½½
4 Mir Sultan Khan 00 00

BCM, July 1929, p253

A very interesting double round quadrangular tournament has been arranged by Miss [Edith] Price at the Gambit, in which the Indian champion, Mir Sultan Kahn [sic], was pitted against A. G. Conde, the Mexican player, and two Englishmen, F. D. Yates and W. Winter. The Indian [who had arrived in England the previous April - JS] plays a strong imaginative game and apparently lacks nothing but experience to raise him to master strength. Prizes were as follows:—1st: £7; 2nd: £3 10s.; 3rd: £2; 4th: £1, with a special prize of 10/- for each win, and 5/- for each draw, and £1 for the most brilliant game.

The Times, 7 June 1929

The tournament at the Gambit Chess Rooms, Budge-row, E.C., has not made very much progress, as M. Sultan Khan, the Indian player, had another engagement on Wednesday [5 June]. He has revealed himself as a player with a distinct grasp of the essentials of the game, and his tussle with F. D. Yates on Monday evening was adjourned in a most interesting position.
The results of the first two rounds are as follows:—First Round.—Conde drew with Winter; Sultan Khan against Yates was adjourned. Second Round.—Sultan Khan beat Conde; Yates against Winter was adjourned.

The Times, 10 June 1929

The tournament at the Gambit Chess Rooms straightened itself out on Saturday, tbanks to the adjourned games being played off. The position is that F. D. Yates and W. Winter are equal with three points each, all the players having two more games to play. Yates has Conde and Winter to play while Winter plays Sultan Khan and Yates, so there is every chance of a close finish.

The further results are as follows:—Third Round. —Yates beat Conde: Winter beat Sultan. Fourth round.—Yates beat Sultan Khan; Conde drew with Winter. The adjourned game from the first round was won by Yates, and the adjourned game from the second round between Winter and Yates was won by Winter.

The Observer, 9 June 1929


A double-round tournament of much interest is now in progress at the Gambit Chess Rooms. The competitors are F. D. Yates, the British champion, M. Sultan Khan, champion of India, A. G. Conde, of Mexico, and W. Winter, of London.

The first public appearance in this country of the Indian champion invests the event with unusual importance, and his meeting with the leading home players is attracting much interest in London chess circles.

Although losing his games to the two British representatives, Sultan Khan's play has made a most favourable impression among the "cognoscenti" and his win against the strong Mexican player in the second round was a masterpiece of end-game strategy.

Details of the tournament are:—
First round.—Yates beat Sultan Khan; Winter drew with Condie.
Second round.—Sultan Khan beat Conde; Winter beat Yates.
Third round.—Winter beat Sultan Khan; Yates beat Conde.
Fourth round.—Winter drew with Conde; Yates beat Sultan Khan.

The leading scores are: F. D. Yates and W. Winter, 3; A. G. Conde and M. Sultan Khan, 1. [followed by score of Sultan Khan-Winter]

Manchester Guardian, 10 June 1929


The adjourned games in the double round tournament at the Gambit Chess Rooms, London, resulted as was generally anticipated. F. D. Yates won his adjourned game from the first round against the Indian champion, M. Sultan Khan, although the ending (rook and two pawns—knight and two pawns) needed very accurate endgame play. In his game from the fourth round against the same opponent Yates had an easier task, being a rook ahead for some pawns when play was resumed.

The game between W, Winter and A. G. Conde resulted in perpetual check after a few moves had been played, and Winter defeated Yates in a minor piece ending, in which the former was two pawns ahead. The complete scores are: F. D. Yates and W. Winter 3, M. Sultan Khan and A. G. Conde 1.

Manchester Guardian, 12 June 1929


In the fifth round of the double round tournament at the Gambit Chess Rooms, Winter and F. D. Yates, who stood at the head of the list, met for the second time. A carefully played queen’s pawn game seemed likely to result in a draw, but eventually Yates forced an entry with a rook on the seventh rank gaining a pawn. The game was adjourned in the 42nd move, Yates being a pawn ahead in a queen ending.

M. Sultan Khan v. A. G. Conde was was carefully played on both sides, developing into an ending with bishops of opposite colour when a draw was agreed. [Score of García Conde - Winter followed]

Manchester Guardian, 13 June 1929

CHESS. F. D. Yates Wins Double-Round Tournament.

The double-round tournament at the Gambit Chess Booms, London, reached its last stage yesterday, when in the sixth round A. G. Conde lost to F. D. Yates and W. Winter beat M. Sultan Khan.

Yates, defending the queen’s gambit against Conde, took the unusual course of taking and keeping the gambit pawn. Although necessarily he had to submit to attack, the pawn proved a winning factor in the end.

Winter obtained the better opening against the Indian champion, and early obtained a winning advantage. The latter, however, put up a stout resistance, and lasted out for seventy moves.

The deciding game between Yates and Winter was won by the former, who thus secures first place. Complete result: F. D. Yates 5; W. Winter, 4; M. Sultan Khan and A. G. Conde 1½ each.

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