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Tournament: 28th Varsity Match • Venue: British Chess Club, 37 King Street, London • Date: Friday 30 March 1900
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The 28th Varsity Chess Match between Oxford University and Cambridge University was held at British Chess Club, 37 King Street, Covent Garden, London, on Friday 30 March 1900.

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Bd Oxford University   vs   Cambridge University
1w Frederick Soddy (Merton) 0-1 Creassey Edward Cecil Tattersall (Trinity)
2b Arthur Hereford Wykeham George (New) 0-1 Harold Goodlake Softlaw (Trinity Hall)
3w Gerald Edward Harold Ellis (Lincoln) 0-1 Clement Christopher Wiles (St John's)
4b Harold Hilton (Magdalen) 1-0 Eugene Ernest Colman (Trinity)
5w Frederick Augustus Babcock (Wadham) 1-0 (Canon) Ernest William Burnell (Caius)
6b Henry Bartle Compton Arthur (New) 0-1 Joseph Edmund Wright (Trinity)
7w Frederick Waterfield (Christ Church) 0-1 William Scott Ostle (Jesus)

Main sources: Oxford-Cambridge Chess Matches (1873-1987), (compiled by Jeremy Gaige, Philadelphia 1987); Sergeant, Philip W, A Century of Chess (London 1934, referred to in the text as PWS); Ancestry.com; FindMyPast.com; Who Was Who 1897-2007; Wikipedia. All seven games are available in the download.


(1) PW Sergeant gives "H Wilton" and "G Waterfield"
(2) Summary of rules given in BCM: 7 men who must be of not more than 5 years from matriculation and bona fide in residence. Can play no more than 5 times. CU get half blues. Time limit 20/hr.


Saturday 24 March - Combined Universities 4½, Hastings 4½ (played in Hastings)

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