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24 September - 2 October 2005


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     2005 Manx Monarch Alex Shabalov receives his prize from sponsor Mr Patrick Taylor  Co-winner Alexander Areshchenko
(Left) 2005 Manx Monarch Alex Shabalov receives his prize from sponsor Mr Patrick Taylor; (right) co-winner Alexander Areshchenko


The Monarch Assurance PLC 14th International Chess Tournament takes place at the Ocean Castle and Cherry Orchard Hotels, Port Erin, Isle of Man, from Saturday 24 September to Sunday 2 October 2005. Also sponsored by the Isle of Man Tourism Dept & Port Erin Commissioners. The tournament was opened by Eddie G Lowey, member of the Isle of Man Legislative Council.

The tournament is dedicated to the memory of Richard Furness. This is the official website for the tournament

14th Monarch Assurance Isle of Man Masters, 24 Sept - 2 Oct 2005

Masters • an open 9-round Swiss - 24 September to 2 October 2005
Tony Bridson Memorial • players rated under 2000 - BCF grade 175 or unrated/ungraded.
Dennis Hemsley Tournament • players graded under 130, or unrated/ungraded.
(Both these events are 7 round Swisses 26 September to 2 October)

ACP LogoThe Masters is registered as an Association of Chess Professionals event.

Click here for the list of Monarch Masters entries and tournament information

Play in the Masters takes place in The Ocean Castle Hotel, Port Erin at 1.30pm each day.
Play in the Tony Bridson Memorial and Dennis Hemsley Tournament takes place in the Cherry Orchard Hotel, a few minutes' walk from the Ocean Castle Hotel, at 1.00pm each day.

Tournament Director/Organiser:

Dennis Hemsley

John Saunders


Main Sponsors

Monarch Assurance plc

As well as Monarch Assurance plc, the Tournament is sponsored by The Isle of Man Department of Tourism, and the Port Erin Commissioners.