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RGS High Wycombe: Old Boys' Pages

Send me your photos and anything else which might interest others. I will make a whole web page available just for you!

The "49ers" This group, collectively known as "the 49ers" are currently currently working on the 1949 photograph, being led by Rennie Vickers and include Peter Draper, Brian Ransley, David Wiltshire, Terry Williams, Brian Veale, Geoff Pask.

Alan Abercrombie (1948 - 1953)        1950 Under 14s Rugby Team

Tom Baldwin (1950 - 1955)  Photos of CCF, 1951 Speech Day programme, Messiah programme        

Michael Claridge (1952 1958) presents a unique and evocative photographic record of life at Tylers Wood in the Fifties.

John Alan Cox Photos of Colts XV 1951-2, 2nd XV 1953-4, and 1st XV 1955

Roger Davies Photo of the 1951 - 52 Colts Cross Country Team

Trevor Dean sent in this update on his career by means of a link to his CV.

Chris Hall Cross Country Team (What year was this? - Quickly now! - Anyone?)

Dave Higgins Photo of the 1954 Rugby team

Derek Jones (1956 - 1966) Photgraphs of the Primary Glider   

Andrew MacTavish (1948-1956) and (1962-1966)  Photographs and reminiscences of life in the CCF

Tudor Olsen (1948 - 1954) Photos of 1952 - 1953 cricket teams and 1952 Rugby team

Geoff Packman Photos of the 1956 and 1958/9 rugby teams

John Peatey (1968 - 1973) John and his father both performed in G&S operas and the Peatey clan were well represented at RGS.

Geoffrey Perkins (1942 - 1948)  Documents concerning a Visit by Ian Fraser VC 1945, School Concert 1946, Confirmation Service 1948

Brian Ransley (1947 - 1952)  Sporting programme excerpts from the Fifties

Henry Sandon (1939-44) of BBC Antiques Roadshow fame, in correspondence with Ron Wynands

Peter Smith (1941 - 1948) Photo of “The classical sixth RGS ‘48” (supplied post humously by his daughter).

John Sullivan Lots of photos:- School House, Panto, Scout Camp, Junior Colts, School Sports, CCF RAF Summer Camp

Alan Whatley (195? - 195?) Rugby Team photos from 1955 & 1956

Terry Williams 1949-50 Cross Country

David Wiltshire (1943 - 1950) Prefects 1950, Sports Day 1950, Cricket Team 1949      

Ron Wynands (1944 - 1950)  Sports Day 1948 results. Reg Howard memorandum. The RGS V1 bomb.




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