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RGS High Wycombe Old Boys' Pages

John Sullivan (1950 - 1955)

John sent these photographs showing many aspects of school life.

(There are quite a few to look at and some are rather wide.
Use the scroll bars at the bottom and side of the screen to move around and see everything.

School House staff & pupils, taken between Sept 1950 and Dec 1952.

Back row left-right

Keith Faulkner
Ralph Mann
Peter Crowther
John Colver
Roger Sainsbury
3rd row from front left-right

Richard Todd
Tony Wright
John Smithers
John Small
D. N. 'Bunny' Crowther
Thomas Klemperer
2nd row from front left-right

An unrecalled French exchange student
Dickie Clapton
Miss E.M. Toulson (matron)
Mrs. Tucker (wife of E.R. Tucker, head master)
Reg Howard (housemaster)
Angela? Tucker (daughter of E.R. Tucker, head master)
John Birch (head boy of School House)
Hugh Platt
Peter Varley
Bottom row left-right

Mick Hayward
John Lawson (related in some way to head master)
John Victor Sullivan (myself)
Gerry Hickey
Donald Ketch
Martin Green

School House pantomime in main hall between Sep 1950 - Dec 1952. Possibly 'Androcles and the Lion'

Left to right

John Small
John Sullivan (myself)
Goudy (behind)
John Lawson
Draper (behind)

RGS Scout camp kitchen area. Just S of Bude, Cornwall July 1950 or 1951. Myself lifting pan, Rankin in dell.

Bude scout camp again. Mr. Aldridge's dog, and a sheep which we boys called 'Denthead', because well 'er, it appeared to have a dent in it's head!

Mr. Aldridge, an RGS master, and his wife joined the group to assist Reg Howard with his scout master duties.

Bude scout camp general view.

Bude Scout camp again. - Food Queue

At table Gerry Hickey, In background in hat Mr. Aldridge

Queuing left to right: ?, ? , Roger Sainsbury, ?, Rankin, Richard Todd, ?

Walking away Myself, not feeling well,

Around pot John Lawson, ?, ?, Keith Faulkner

Bude Scout camp. Bude beach.

In background left to right Tapping?, Myself, ?

In foreground clockwise from far left Gerry Hickey?, North, Richard Todd,   Gowan?, John Smithers, Thatcher

Junior Colts 1951-52

Back row left to right Chris Malin?,  Johnny Weston,  'Granny' Westcott,  Andrews

Centre Row left to right  Peter Hares, Chris Rake, Myself, John Glenister,   Maurice Small,  Fred Ede,  Vaughan-Rees

Front row left to right  Rushby,  Aikens,  Alan Harvey,   Jimmy Richardson,  Ashby,  Harding?,  Gerry Hickey

Myself in School Sports June 14th 1955.

Autographed on reverse by Olympic marathon runner Jim Peters, who I met while competing for Bucks in the National Youth Clubs Cros Country Championships at Parliament Hill Fields in London.

CCF RAF Section Summer Camp RAF Thorney Island July 1955

Back row left to right  Mick Barber,  ?, ?, ?, ?, Myself, Alan King, ?, ?, ?

4th row up from front None recalled

3rd row up from front Norman Stokes, Johnny Weston, ?, Edwards?, McIntyre, ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

2nd row up from front ? ? ? ? Lacey, Mr. 'Blanco' White,  Flt Lt 'Pussy' Mewse', Mr. 'Adolph' Lloyd,  P.H.G. 'Windy' Burt, ? ? ?

Front row seated ? ? Mick Hayward

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