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Alan Whatley

Rugby Teams 1955 & 56

Sent in by Alan Whatley. He has identified some of the players, with assistance from Bob Pratley but could do with some help with the rest. Any suggestions? Also, he didn't know if either teams performed well or not. Do you know?

1955 Was this the Colts 15? - Yes, confirmed by Jim Vickers who also helped with the identifications.
Top row, L to R: 1 Colin Marsden from Iver Heath I think, 2 Ken Miller, (3) Peter Blockland, (4) "Elsie" Eales, 5 Colin Dobson, (6) Dave Higgins, (7) Pete Holtorp, 8 Steve Leader, Carter, Pattinson
F ront row: 1 Owen, (2) James Vickers, (3) Derek Breslin, (4) Phil Muller, (5) Bob Pratley, 6 Alan Whatley, 7 Colin Wilkins from Penn Street

Bob Pratley writes "As I remember we put out some quite successful teams. We usually had close games against Watford Grammar (I particularly remember a big lad called Barney), and also St Benedicts at Ealing, and Emmanuel at Wandsworth. We could usually be relied upon to beat anyone else."

Jim Vickers comments "You asked if the team was very successful. Indeed it was. I remember that during my time with Junior Colts and the Colts we were unbeaten, as the teams for some years. We therefore had an enviable record to maintain. The next year’s team lost the record! (To see the team that lost this record see Geoff Packman's page). As Bob Pratley said, the toughest team was always Watford Grammar and to come away from there with a win was terrific!"


1956: Was this the 2nd 15? Jim Vickers says "I’m sure this is the seconds, since the likes of Muller went straight into the firsts after the colts." Geoff Packman has confirmed this as the seconds and added further names.
Top row: 1 Bob Pratley, 2 Pete Aikens, 3 Steve Mardell, 4 Dave Higgins, 5 Rob Palmer, 6 Stephen Leader, 7, Peter Hares, 8 Alan Whatley, 9 Colin Wilkins
Front row: 1 David Scott-Kiddie, 2 Chris Melsom, 3 Howard Barrow, 4 "Porgy" Thorne, 7 Roger Collett

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