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Tom Baldwin

Tom wrote (April 2009):-
Hi Tony,   Tom (then Thomas; T.B.) Baldwin, 1950-1955, here.
Thoroughly enjoyed poking around your site! Great work!! Here are some scans .which I am happy you use if appropriate.

1. Getting on parade, probably 1953. Check out the legs. The general consensus when the shutter fired is that the left leg is planted firmly on the ground, the right leg is off the ground, behind, and the right arm is forward. A good example is the right-front marker in glasses (me! – note the perfect 45-degree angle of the slope…).
To my left is Freddie Iremonger, also in glasses, as always out of step, but at least his right arm is in the correct, out of step, position. To Freddie’s left is ?????. Not only is he out of step but his right arm is forward, producing that strange rolling motion we mere mortals find impossible to maintain for more than a few steps.

Of course, the platoon sergeant up front has got it all wrong!
(August 2012, Ken Bowell identifies the platoon sargeant as J A Norrish )

2. CCF Review, probably 1955. “Boss” (far right) has bagged himself a Rear Admiral (on the left.)
3. 1951 Messiah programme. Yes, we did do serious stuff as well as G&S
4. 1951 Speech Day programme
5. 1951 BBC Contract- just for fun, this supports my claim to be the first Wycombiensian to appear on the box!!

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