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RGS High Wycombe Old Boys' Pages

Geoff Packman

Geoff writes (8th Dec 2009): My years at school were 1953 to 1960. After which, I went to Leeds University and my first job was in Essex where I have lived ever since. Hence having completely lost touch with with everyone I was at school with. Nice to pick up a little from the websites which I have only recently discovered.

1956 Junior Colts

On viewing Alan Whatley's page concerning the 1955 Junior Colts and Jim Vickers' comment on the invincibility of the Junior Colts of his and former years, Geoff writes:-

He is, I'm afraid, quite right that the record was lost the following year. I know. I was there!
He and Bob Pratley will not be surprised to hear it was Watford and St. Benedict's, Ealing that did the damage. And this was despite the fact that my picture clearly shows we had twenty in the team!
To their undying shame, those responsible were:
Back row: John Ward; Chris Russell; Roger Hollingworth (whose father coached us and all those winning teams before us);Ray Quirke.
Middle row: Ian King; Barry Quirke; Eric Belcher; Julian Scrivenor; Jim Cockburn; Alan Styles; John Simpson; Freddie Marsh; Pete Chandler.
Front: Michael Moore; William Douglas; Geoff Packman; Arthur Ralley; Willie Shackell; Keith Puddephat; Brian Hearn.

1958/9 First Team

But a partial rehabilitation was achieved in time, and this picture of the '58/9 First Team shows that some of us were eventually allowed to play in the good teams too.
Back row: David Ashby (touch judge); Bob Pratley; Ralph Stockwell; Roger Collett; Steve Leader; John Simpson; Ken Miller; Rob Tabner; Billy Knowles; Ray Quirke. Front: Geoff Packman; Arthur Ralley; R.C.Jones; Phil Muller; "Tubby" Blokland; Jim Barkas; Alan Brinn (who later got four caps for England).

1957/8 Seconds

Back row (left to right), Derek Bond; Ken Miller; R.P.G.Owen;Mike Humphries;Bill Torrens-Burton;Alan Styles;Bill Knowles;Ray Quirke;Edwin Mann;Geoff Packman.
Front row (left to right), Steve Leader;Pete Holthorp;Chris Melsom;David Scott-Kiddie;Harry Clark;Teddie Franks;Willie Shackell.



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