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Mervyn Davies (1914-2005)

Sent in by Ron Wynands


Mervyn Mort Davies, BA (Wales). Head of Modern Languages RGS, before he retired, died on 6th March 2005, age 90 years. He taught French to most of us during our time at the school in the 1940s. In 1937 ERT invited Mervyn for interview. Somehow they ended up on the tennis court playing the best of three sets. Mervyn got the job. We don't know the score!

No sooner had Mervyn settled in than WW2 was declared, and he immediately volunteered for active service joining the Army Intelligence Corps, and was trained as a code breaker. Soon the Desert Rats were taking a bit of a bashing, and Mervyn was shipped and flown out to Cairo by circuitous routing, via Canada, common in those days. Having shown a flair for deciphering in helping to send Rommel packing, he found himself posted to Bletchley Park to help break the Enigma messages.

How tame it must have been coming back to induct 11 year old first formers in the mysteries of 'je suis, tu es' Mervyn was an enthusiast in all he did in and out of school, House Master, OTC, CCF, boxing & rugby coach, scrum-half for the Staff Side, Welsh RF national team supporter {How he would have enjoyed this year's Welsh Grand Slam result}, member of the Baptist Church. He was a kindly terrier of a man. A windmill of arms, as he encouraged everyone to give of their best at all times. His well used exasperation was, "Suffering cats!" How refreshing, in contrast to today's expressions.

We shall all miss Mervyn; an inspirational teacher, and a good friend to ex-pupils A sad loss indeed. Mervyn is survived by his wife Iris, and two sons.         




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