Royal Grammar School, High Wycombe - Form 2B, 1965/66

Bill Barksfield very kindly scanned this photo for me. It is of form 2B and was taken in the summer of 1966. Very commendably Bill had made a note of names on the back.

Back row (left to right): SL (Stephen) Fry, BM Warren, GC Ross, NN, KA (Keith) Weston, DO (David) Taplin, ML (Mike) Hamblin, DJC (David) Marlow, GI (Gregory) Niven
2nd to back row: AF Harris, GD (Graham) Long, JF (John) Crowley, RP (Robert) Woolnough
2nd to front row: JR (John) Dravnieckz, DK (David) Battisby, RD (Robert) Lemon, DP (David) Martin, Mr R W F Palmer, M (Michael) Saunders, MW (Michael) Le Gros, SR (Stephen) Jenkins, PA Pettit
Front row: PF (Pete) Thomas, WH (Bill) Barksfield, PJ (Peter) Coltman, M Solomon, DA (Dave) Czerwinski, GD Morris, GM Wilson, RC (Richard) Lacey

The only ones not already named are NC Keen, MC Perry and J Planas, but Bill says Perry is definitely not there - so presumably the unidentified guy is either Keen or Planas.

.Email if you have any comments or queries. My thanks to Bill Barksfield for helping to identify people in the photo.

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