Royal Grammar School, High Wycombe - Form 3SB, 1963/64

Peter Burgoyne very sent this photo to me (via Mark Rivlin). It is of form 3SB and was taken in the Summer of 1964.

Back row (left to right): HPF (Hugh) Smallwood, NN, RP (Richard) Gamble, AGM (Alan, "Arthur") Haynes, NN, NN, JC Avery.
Middle row (left to right): MH (Michael) Whittaker, CL McKibben, CA (Christopher) Vecchi, CJ (Chris) Horswell, DP (Derek) Parsons, PA (Peter) Burgoyne.
Sitting row (left to right): PB (Paul) Woodford, CALB (Charles) Wood, C (Clifford) Saunders, MF Chivers, AR (Andy) Gray.

The 1963/64 Grey Book lists 22 boys in form 3SB. Their form master was Mr NL Jones. There are 18 boys in the photo of whom four are unidentified. Names from the Grey Book of Form 3SB boys not in (or unidentified in) the above photo: JE (John) Bailey (not in photo), Peter G Basham, Richard L Crayfourd, J (Jonathan) Evans (not in photo), Paul A Johncock, RS Mackenzie, BW (Barry?) Smith (probably not in photo).

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