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RGS High Wycombe: Boys in the 1956 photo

I have numbered each boy according to the Picture, Row (A (top) to H) and numbering from the left.
E.g Mr Tucker is Picture 3, Row F, Number 10 and therefore earns the coordinates 3F10. (Clever stuff, eh?)
A question mark by a name indicates uncertainty, corroboration or otherwise welcome.
My thanks to all who have helped me with the identifications.
Click here for a list of contributors
Some of the identification will be guesswork. Please let me know if you can confirm identification, Christian name, spelling etc. I apologise if I do not know the Christian names, but RGS was like that wasn’t it?
Likewise let me know of any errors
Please email me to add yourself (together with a potted history if you’re not too modest) and others to the list.

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Use the menu bar at the top of the Browser, click on "Edit/Find (on this page)" or alternatively Ctrl F should also work.

Picture 1

A1 Ralph Stockwell
A2 M Clarke
A3 Arthur Watter
A4 Derek Nicholls

A5 CD (Chris) Waller
A6 John "Hoss" Simpson
A7 Trevor Carter
A8 Simon Dell
A9 Willetts
A10 David Nash
A11 John Williams
A12 Brian Hardy
A14 Fred Iremonger
A15 Terry Hemuss
A17 Swain?
A18 Michael (Dennis) Hollingham

Picture 2

A2 Derek Breslin
A4 Aikens
A5 Colin Davis
A6 Ian Tomes
A8 J Kotler
A10 Chanindra Chandrubeksa
A11 Roland “Moth” Dakin
A12 Mick Hussey
A13 Rob Rolls
A14 Jimmy Beckford
A15 Pete Rogers
A16 Ian Swallow
A20 David Icke
A21 Cornwall
A22 Rose (?)

Picture 3

A1 Martin Green
A2 Dave Higgins
A3 Andrew Newton
A4 B. Tettmar
A5 Mick Hodsdon
A6 John Freeth
A7 Paul? Griffin

A8 Smithers
A10 Trevor Dean
A11 Turpin
A13 Robin “Bill” Hackett
A14 Rob Palmer
A15 Gerry Williams
A16 Mike Barnard
A18 George Moss
A19 "Grin" Hansen
A23 R.C.Jones

Picture 4

A1 Jimmy Bath
A2 ? Hester
A4 Peter Severn
A6 Robin Johnson
A7 Chris Lane
A8 Barnard?
A11 Martin Ridley
A15 Michael Turnock
A16 Neil Bolton
A20 Broadley Snr.
A21 Roger Wilson
A22 Col Dowdy

Picture 5

A1 ? Bratchell
A3 Wanless?
A4 R G (Bob) Saunders
A5 Teddy Payne
A6 Alan Hardstaff
A7 Ashton
A8 Michael "Bill" Williams
A9 Robert "Horace" White
A10 Chris Date
A11 David Ashby
A12 Robin Drewett
A13 Alan Williams
A15 M Martin
A16 Walpole
A17 Frank Bellingham

A18 ? Moseley
A19 John Rees
A20 Geoff Palmer
A21 Hugh Walpole
A23 John Barratt
A24 Michael Emmett

B1 Dudley May
B2 Paul “Snowball” Hilliard
B3 John “Ginger” Currell

B8 Geoff Horley
B12 Richaerd Higgins
B16 Davis Noakes

B1 Joe Child
B2 David Flitney
B3 Ian Ward
B4 Tony Cutler
B5 Jimmy Vickers
B6 Pete Dunsterville
B7 Phil Crockett
B10 Patrick Taylor
B11 Ron Taberner
B12 David Bevis
B13 Rennie
B14 John Holmes
B15 Robin Hatherall?
B16 Ivan Youds
B19 Alan Vere
B20 A.J.Wilson
B21 "Fump" Bond
B22 Robin "Arp" Owen
B23 John “Tubby” Blokland
B24 Edwin Mann

B6 Nick Krohn
B8 Harry Hodkinson
B9 Richard Waller
B16 Chris Bramley
B17 Colin Dobson
B18 Margetts?
B20 John Bone
B21 Derek Holloman
B23 Jimmy Dawes
B24 Pat Prescott
B25 S Leader
B26 Nigel Gravette

B1 Duggin
B3 Duffel
B4 B J Rogers
B5 Tubby Brook(e)s
B6 Chris Smith
B7 John Johnson
B8 Alan Whatley
B9 Michael Coward
B13 Colin Rand
B14 Joe Ashford (son of 4F13)
B15 Derek Parkinson
B16 Graham Watson
B17 John Holdbrook
B18 Colin Wilkins
B19 Bob Pratley
B20 Miller
B22 “John” Parkin
B24 Michael Hawkins
B25 Alan D White
B26 Gibson

B1 Tony Hare
B2 Reg Paine
B3 Peter Thompson
B4 Avery
B5 Brian Dempster
B6 Chalky White
B8 David Deacon
B9 David Bryant
B11 John Cockburn (Dicky)

B13 Michael Claridge
B14 Patrick Tomes
B16 Andrew "Mac" Fowler (brother of 1H2)
B18 Brian Savage
B19 DB Tuckett
B20 P Hudson
B21 David Peace
B22 Willy Shackle
B24 Bob "Sparrow" Trick
B25 Lennie Geewater
B 26 Edwin Janes
B27 John Philpot

C1 Charles Wood
C2 Billy Warde
C3 John Ireson
C5 ?
C6 Roger Keeley
C8 Peter Shoosmith
C9 Paul Newitt
C10 Robin Browne

C11 Brian Hearne
C12 Mike Douglas

C15 Victor Brookes
C17 John Lucie
C18 David Cheese
C20 Muston

C1 Adrian Coole
C11 Michael Smith
C12 Robert "Jimmy" James
C15 Alastair Styles
C16 Dudley Tilbury
C18 Brian Barratt
C19 Mike Thompson
C20 Peter Eio
C21 Raymond Smith
C22 Busby
C23 Reeves
C24 Roger Ludgate

C2 Chris Bristow
C4 Jeremy Rendall
C8 Cary (?)
C9 Humphries (“Humph”)
C13 White
C15 John Sagar
C16 David Slatter
C17 P J Holtorp
C18 Peter Icke
C19 Ian Rothwell
C20 Payne
C21 Burrows?
C22 Pete Smith
C24 Tony McWhinnie
C25 Tony Lane
C26 Charlie Belcher
C27 Fred Marsh

C1 Arthur Ralley
C2 Brian Bull
C3 Bill Pender
C4 Russel (“Plurt”)
C6 Vaughan Punton
C9 Darvill (“Dar”)
C10 Ian Butson
C11 Smith ( “Whiff”)
C12 Ray Quirke
C13 Julian Scrivener

C14 Chandler
C15 ? Bell
C17 Alan Gwynn (“Nell”)
C19 Peter Yates
C22 Geoff Gunning
C23 Stan Styles
C24 Munro?
C25 Darvill (“Weev”) cousin to 4C9
C26 A.J.King (“Tinole”)

C3 Roger Vere
C4 Nigel Lodge
C7 Deeley
C8 Packham
C10 ? Priestley
C12 Jimmy Mills
C13 John Watts
C15 Norman Anthony
C17 Monty Berry
C21 Michael Bedford
C22 D Hall
E5 Vernon Grey

D1 Neville Morley
D2 Rubery
D3 David Rance
D4 John King
D5 Geoff Bignell
D6 Philip Slotkin
D7 Barry Davies
D8 Jimmy Portlock
D9 Don Sutton
D10 Michael Vaughan-Rees
D11 J. D'Arcy Richardson
D12 Mike Wilson
D13 Roy Stallwood
D14 G W Ewins
D15 T.W.Brown

D1 Andrew Brown
D2 Chris Packham
D3 Keith (Tiggy) Biggs
D4 Lew Whitehead
D5 Peter Rear
D6 Willie Ashcroft
D7 Tom Elias
D8 Prince Oleg Valentinovitch Volkonsky
D9 Alan (Baggy) Barwell
D10 Alan King
D11 John Kitching
D12 Jack Pettifer
D13 Gerard Gilbertson
D14 Norm Blaby
D15 Symonds (?)
D17 Lawson Aldred
D18a Aldridge
D18 Teddy Franks

D1 John Nurcombe
D2 Syd Sales
D3 Pete Kennard
D4 Peter Read
D5 Ian Bundy
D6 Howard Barrow
D7 Ian Roe (Rosy)
D8 Thomas Klemperer
D9 Michael Wood ?
D10 "Fergy" Ferguson
D11 Clements
D12 Tate/Tait?
D13 Dave Scott-Kiddie
D14 Steve “Pongo” Mardell
D15 A.Edwards
D17 Alan Grainge
D18 Bill Torrens-Burton
D19 Roger Collett

D1 Tom Randall
D2 David Reeves
D3 M.J. "Ginger" Richardson
D4 Gerry Hickey
D5 Chris Hall

D7 CedricAnthony
D9 John M King
D10 Nuttall
D11 Billy Knowles
D12 R. Thirlway
D13 Gunter Fizia
D16 P Galloway
D17 D.L. "Granny" Westcott
D18 Pete Dean
D19 Terry Gilder

D1 Peter Hares
D2 Chris Rake
D3 James "Silas" Quick
D4 Chris Melsome
D5 Mick Jarman
D7 Chris (Ginger) Cunningham
D8 David Muir
D9 Ledger
D10 Richard “Porky” Thorne
D11 Donald Ketch
D12 Harry Clark
D15 Reg Orsler
D16 Mick Southam
D17 Maurice

E1 Ross Richards
E2 Christopher Swaine
E3 R Castle
E4 Keith Maslin
E6 ? Carter
E7 Paul Bowen
E8 Hugh Windsor
E9 A Edwards
E10 Warwick "Rocky" Prior
E11 Barry Cullen
E12 Brian Matthews
E13 Ian Cawson
E15 Keith Sansome
E16 ? Dunsterville

E1 Geoff Packman
E3 Newll?
E4 Montague
E5 Copper?
E7 Angus Paine
E8 ? Pearson
E10 Peter Wilson
E11 Maunder
E12 Taylor
E14 Robert Simmons

E15 Pip Dronfield
E16 Greg Walker
E17 John Owen "Jo" Smith

E1 Ken Wrench
E2 Green
E3 Chris Chadwick
E4 Parslow (?)
E5 Puddephat
E6 Chapman
E8 Phillip Sleigh
E9 John Baker
E10 Michael Wood
E11 Alan Weston
E13 Terry Blackburn
E14 Mick Gerrard
E15 Chris Large
E16 Martin Priestley

E0 Terry Trayhorn
E1 D W Lovegrove
E2 Ian Cockerham
E3 John D Taylor
E4 Brian Fell
E6 John Hume
E7 Chris Brown
E8 Michael Horrex
E9 Donald Collins
E9 Donald Collins
E11 Tony Lawrence
E12 D J Maysey
E13 Richard Searle
E14 Roy Hulbert
E15 Roger Shoosmith
E16 R B (Rolly) Smith
E18 William Chorley
E19 Simon Tomes

E1 Peter Funnell
E2 Geoff Sherley
E3 Everitt
E4 Keith Hunt
E6 Andy Stewart
E7 R W Harding
E8 R N Broadley
E9 John Davies (son of MM)
E10 Chris Griffiths
E11 P F Mayes
E12 Colin Walker
E13 Colin Day
E14 Paul Hewitt
E15 Roger Mayo
E16 Patrick Quinn
E17 Kevin R Pugsley

F1 R. Ping
F2 John D D Greenwood (George)
F4 Tony Babb?
F5 Johnny Speight
F6 Terry Putnam
F7 Gosling?
F9 John Bedford-James
F10 Dennis Bradfield
F11 Mick Turner
F12 Tony Squires
F13 Alan Harvey
F14 Jimmy Briden
F15 Andrew McTavish

F1 Bill North
F2 Roy Humphries
F3 John Cox
F4 Rob Mitchell
F5 “Wally” Barnes (French)
F6 Andre Labratut (French Assistant)
F7 A H Hall (PT)
F8 “Jock” Evely (Maths)
F9 J G "Adolp" Lloyd (History, married to Mrs Lloyd)
F10 Rev. John Skipp (English)
F11 Mr George? Chapman (Physics)
F12 T C "Piddles" Walters, Biology Master
F13 Sam “Barshoe” Male (Latin)
F14 G.M. “Ginger” Jones (Maths)
F15 M. Andre Bur (French)
F16 “Doggy” Scott (Maths)
F17 Mervyn "Taffy" Davies (French & German)

F1 “Patsy” Pattinson (Chemistry )
F2 “Dewdrop” Sladden Chemistry
F3 Horace “Hosh” Johnson
F4 D.T. “Tweet” Nightingale (PT)
F5 T.V.Shepherd “Tus” (Geography)
F6 “Crappy” Hett (French)
F7 “Bulldog” Clarke (Maths)
F8 P.L.Jones “Pilgy” (Maths)
F9 Mrs Lloyd, Head's secretary, nee Miss Grace, married Mr Lloyd
F10 “Boss” Tucker (Headmaster)
F11 “Sam” Morgan (Deputy Head)
F12 G.A.Grant “Gag” (Art)
F13 Mr “Kit” Howarth (Latin)
F14 "Doc" Browning Divinity Teacher
F15 Emlyn “Chunky” Jones, Languages
F16 “Blanco” White English Teacher

F1 Bursar (Group Capt Muschamps)
F2 Lou Piner (Music)
F3 JS Dawes, Music
F4 Mr Leggett (Physics)
F5 Gareth Jones (Latin)
F6 Mr Benson
F8 AC Hills,English
F9 L T .Hollingworth “Holly” (English)
F10 “Polly” Perfect (English & Russian)
F11 Alan Davies (English)
F12 “Beaky” Runswick
F13 “Pop” Ashford (History)
F14 D.R."Drip" Pelmore (Chemistry)
F15 Mr Nicholas (French)
F16 “Pussy” Mewes
F17 George Bates (Head Boy)

F1 Freddie Hawkins
F2 Bob Thomson
F3 John Harding
F4 R "Toddy" Todd
F5 G.Taylor
F6 Jeff Morgans (Mog)
F7 John Moore
F8 ‘Dicky’ Dawes
F9 Matthews
F10 P.Hames
F11 D.Jago
F12 Paul Chamberlain
F13 Tony Wright
F14 "Joe" Smithers
F15 Jimmy Richardson
F16 Gillett
F17 Paul Devlin
F18 Ian Dury

G1 Michael Cresswell
G2 Steve Tyson
G3 Brian Williams
G4 Richard Farrell
G5 Dawes
G7 Smythe ?
G8 Clarke
G9 Roy Hathaway
G10 CB Garner
G11 Dave Willcox
G12 MJ Benyon?
G13 AJ "Mont" Merrell

G14 John Camp
G15 Michael Iremonger
G16 Robin Hammett

G1 E Barrett
G3 Terry Smith
G4 Geoff Stewart
G5 Brian Ashby
G6 Peter Simmons
G7 Watson
G8 P J Perkins
G10 Malcolm Smith
G11 Roger Hollingworth
Roger Hedley
G14 Peter Davies
G15 Pete Sheridan
G16 Barry Quirke
G17 A Davies
G18 John Herring
G19 Pattinson
G20 Roger Wilding

G1 Eric Smith
G2 Mahoney
G3 Claesons
G4 Michael Saunders
G5 Jeremy Janes
G6 Stenhouse
G8 Leslie Macready
G10 Neil Whitby
G11 Robert F Cooper
G14 Robert Parsons
G15 James Andrew
G16 Evans

G1 Trevor Dedman
G2 Michael Welch
G3 Bowman
G5 Hall
G6 Norman Freeman
G7 R Fox
Robin King
G9 Tony Wood
G10 Leach
G12 John Temple
G16 Hancock
G17 John Rogers
G19 David Neill

G1 Roger Hosier
G2 Jim Johnson
G3 David (Goose) Walker
G5 Tomlin
G7 Harding
G8 Geoffrey Boireau
G11 A J Tuffs
G12 Chris Dupond
G13 John Steward
G14 Donald King
G15 Michael Clegg
G16 Peter Keen
G17 Dennis Bedford
G18 Roy Beavis
G19 Robert Layton
G20 C A Fair


H1 Alan Dunn
H2 Fowler
H3 ? Gomm
H4 Barnes ?
H5 Fred Riley
H8 Wingrove
H9 Alan Oxley
H10 James Peach
H11 Fisher
H12 GV Holmes
H13 Eliot Finer
H15 MG Parker

H1 BA Torrens-Burton
H2 Dave Cox
H3 Roger Scruton
H4 TE Chandler
H5 Ian Blyth
H6 Brian Buckley
H7 "Bill" Wilson
H8 Colin Farmer
H9 J Hudson
H11 David Spackman
H12 Boyle
H13 JP Vine
H14 PJ (Peter) Cartwright
H15 Oram
H17 John Colley
H18 David Hubble
H19 Michael Duncan

H1 Michael Duncan
H2 "Tich" Palmer
H3 David Stratford
H4 ? Cooper
H5 BAW White
H6 JB Marshall
H7 R. Gelder
H9 Wooster
H10 Denzil Walker
H11 Denis Hazell
H12 George Stossler
H14 Neil Hailstone
H15 Arthur Davis
H16 Rod Saunders
H17 Adam Platt
H18 Dave Culley?
H13 Phil Snowden

H1 Roger Leech
H2 Jeremy Piercy
H3 Andrew Dinsdale
H4 Peter? Seaton?
H5 Brian Hart
H6 S N M Evans
H7 Maurice Bird
H8 Robert Hedges
H9 Edward Speight
H10 P G Davies
H11 P W Clarke
H12 Gary Hurst
H13 M P Holland
H14 Christopher Coward
H15 Greenway
H16 A B Gravestock
H17 Paul Rogers
H18 A R Hope
H19 Bob Casbeard
H20 Michael Yallop
H20 Michael Yallop

H1 Redvers (Red) Haslam
H3 Richard? Tranter?
H4 Andrew Warren
H5 Roger Barrett
H6 C T Durham
H7 Peter Woodend
H8 Bernard Ford
H9 Jeremy? Clare
H10 Graham Dorsett
H12 R M Moore
H13 ? Newton
H14 Richard Elias
H15 J M Barlow
H16 Richard Puddephatt
H17 A S  (Tony) Peck
H18 Martin King

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