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RGS High Wycombe:  Uplyme Boarders

Although not all these photos are from the era for which this website usually represents, Peter Archer (1958-62) is doing great work in driving the efforts to reunite former Uplyme boarders. I am very happy to host these photos on this website (AJH April 2013)

Note for Tyler's Wood boarders:- Take a look at Michael Claridge's evocative look at life there in the fifties.

Uplyme Boarders Reunion 2013

Largely due to the efforts of Peter Archer, there was a good turnout of ex boarders at this years OB's event. John Saunders was on hand to take this photo and Peter did the leg work in providing the names. Click here to view the photo.

The photos on the right and below were supplied by Peter Archer (1958-62) who writes:-

I wonder if the attached photograph might be considered a suitable addition to your collection. It was taken in 1951 by Reg Howard and sent to me by Bob Mitchell to whom I am very grateful.

We have some doubts about a couple of the names but the majority are accurate:

Back Row: Richard Howard-Jones/David Oliver??/Roy Humphries/Peter Agar/Geoffrey Baker/ Peter Reader/David Warner/Alan Sallows/Robert Mitchell/Peter Thatcher

Middle: Reginald Robey/Tony Harcourt/Nessie McIntyre(Matron)/Mervyn Davies/Iris Davies/Ian Waters/Eric Hall/Ian McCreery

Bottom: John Freeth/David Smethurst/Brian Whiting/David Godley/Bill North

The photograph will be subject to discussion at the Annual Dinner on 8th September 2012 but, regretably, only one person in the picture will be with us on that night - Richard Howard-Jones.

The photos on left  feature Peter King (56-62) and Nick Avery (58-62) - and the pictures were taken 50 years apart!


The photo below shows Uplyme boarders in 73/74.

Peter supplied these names:-

Back row: Stephen Hunt - Paul Spencer - Terry Dowdeswell - Andy Iveson - Neil Backhouse - Rob Andrew & Derek Stubbs

Centre Row: Ian Price - Alun Jones - Unknown - Paul Hodgson - John Preston

Front Row: Andrew Hotchkiss - Unknown - Neil Featonby - Tony Betteridge


Uplyme Boarders 1982-83

John Darroch sent this photo via Peter Archer together with the names:-
Back row: Derek Stubbs, Jeremy Welch, Sean Sawyer, Nigel Grace, James ????, Allistair Darling, Rowland Shanks, Steve Grundy
Middle row: Graeme Hendry, John Darroch, Simon Ayee, Mike Irons, Andy McCubbin, Richard Hamiltonr
Front row: James Baker, Roger Dunlop, Simon Allington, Richard Baker, James Hearn

Peter Archer obtained the following photographs from John Edwards. John wrote an article "Years at the Chalkface" for the 2011 OW magazine recalling life at RGS and you can read that article by clicking here.

Uplyme Boarders 1988-89

David Harding  Shane Slater  James Mansfield  Simon Samuel  Paul Huber  Jonathan Gatward

Stephen Todd  Mr John Edwards  Mr Derek Stubbs  Mrs Margaret Stubbs  Jonathan Summers

Peter Northage  Jamie Blackwell  Simon King  Christopher Coster  Robin Callister  Darren Mills

Uplyme Boarders 1990-91

Peter Northage  William Richards  Darren Mills  Stuart McKellar  Miles Nurnberger  Mark Holmes  James Blackwell 

Mr John Edwards  (Tutor)  James Richards  David Harding  Douglas Smith  Ali Shahrukhi  James Vaughan Mr Michael Davies (House Master)

Julian Free  Robin Callister  Andrew White  James Baker  Christopher Coster

Uplyme Boarders 1991-92

James Baker  Christopher Coster  Simon Moody  Darren Mills  Robin Callister

Mr Andrew McNeil  David Bocquet  Miles Nurnberger  William Richards  Stuart Mckellar    Matthew Pepper  Peter Northage  Mr John Edwards

Ryan Wheaton  Andrew White  Julian Free  Mr Michael Davies  Toby Carter  Jamie Cotgreave  Martin Coster

Uplyme Boarders 1993-94

James Baker  Peter Northage  Darren Mills  Miles Nurnberger  William Richards  Christopher Coster  Ryan Wheaton

Brendan Soh  Mrs Corrinne Davies  Mr Michael Davies (with Gareth)   Mr John Edwards (Tutor)  Toby  Carter  Rupert Stephens
Martin Wallwork  Jamie Cotgreave  Christopher Russell-Jones  Terence Teh

Uplyme Boarders 1994-95

Jamie Cotgreave  Martin Wallwork  Ryan Wheaton  Toby Carter  David Dunne  Terence Teh  Christopher Russell-Jones

Rupert Stephens  Mrs Corinne Davies (with Ross) Mr Michael Davies (with Gareth)  Mr John Edwards Brendan Soh                     

Mark Petterson  Russell Lee Robert Hobdell  Nick Duncombe  Alex Turner  Hugo Matcham

Uplyme Boarders Reunion 2013

Largely due to the efforts of Peter Archer, there was a good turnout of ex boarders at this years OB's event.

John Saunders was on hand to take this photo and Peter did the leg work in providing the names.

Uplyme boarders 2013

Pictured L-R are Peter Archer, Graham Watson, Chris Antill, Richard Thorne, Ken Rennie, John Darroch, Isabella Bennett, Paul Beasley, Alan Oxley, Max Wheel, Neil Cooper, David Steele, Edward Barrett, Chris Fewtrell, Anthony Marsland, John Davies, Richard Heath, Peter King, Montie Berry, Guy Moultrie, & John Hume. Photo by John Saunders

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