Royal Grammar School, High Wycombe - 1967 Jug Band!

Trevor Toms (RGS 1963-69) sent me this photo, which was taken in the RGS Music Room in October 1967.

Names (left to right): Trevor Toms, Philip Engel (playing the swannee whistle), Keith Elias (hands in his pockets, harmonica player), Paul Fulton (playing the tuba), Roger Martin-Fagg, Philip Winter (squatting), Adrian Broadway (playing the bass), Stuart Toms (violin).

Click below if you want to hear Trevor, Adrian and Roger giving a brilliant rendition of San Francisco Bay Blues!

Trevor's comment: " I thought you might be interested in the reunion of three ex-RGS pupils who were members of "Yogi's Disorganised Ragtime Jug Stompers" in 1967.

Adrian Broadway (aka Adie) and I (Trevor Toms aka Smot) had a chance meeting with Roger Martin-Fagg about a year ago, and thought it might be fun to relive some of the music that we were playing in our school days (plus a few newer ones).

The result can be found here:

Revamped Jug Stompers YouTube Channel:

Adrian has also posted a few pictures, including one taken in the old music room of RGS, sometime around October 1967. It has helped that Roger has access to a decent recording studio!"

Email if you have any comments or queries. My thanks to Trevor for sending me the photo.

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