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The Two One Unidentified Masters...

The Four Masters
There is still one master in the 1964 Junior School photo who remains unidentified. Above, is a composite photo showing two masters but we are now pretty sure that the gentleman on the right is Herr F Eigler, the German assistant, who that year was Herr F Eigler*. Michael Saunders says he is "pretty sure" this is who he is, and Leo North confirms the same. So we can eliminate him from our enquiries.
My best guess is that the master on the left is one of two temporary masters mentioned in the Sept 1964 Wycombiensian (p615), namely Mr K R Masters or Mr P J Allister - who arrived during 1963/64 and left at the end of the 1964 Summer term. I was taught history by Mr K R Masters but I confess I cannot remember what he looked like. March 2008: Chris Betteley says he is "95% certain" this is KR Masters.

Does anyone have any ideas? If you can help to identify the mystery master, please email

* Footnote: identity of the German/French Assistants in 1963/64 - this depends whether you believe the 'Wycombiensian', Sept 1963 or the 1963 Grey Book - the Wycombiensian says "... the new French Assistant will be M. F. Eigler, and the new German Assistant will be Herr G. J. Cuffia". But the Grey Book says: "French Assistant: Mons. G. Cuffia" and "German Assistant: Herr F. Eigler". I think I'm inclined to trust the Grey Book.